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Literotica: Our Life Changing Decision


Hi, my name is Jack and as you anticipated, my wife’s name is Jill. We are real people who live in Northeast Ohio.

For those who care to know, the actual town is Beechwood, but that doesn’t really matter, because we have found that everything that goes on here happens almost everywhere in the US.

We have been involved in many sexual activities in many different states and in most cases the neighbors would be absolutely shocked to know what was happening just next door on a regular basis.

You wouldn’t be able to pick us out in the mall as anything but normal, healthy, conservative citizens who dress and act almost non-sexual I public, well, at least most of the time. But the fact is that we are always very sexual just underneath our exterior and are ready to fuck on a moments notice. And not just each other, we will both fuck almost anyone if we get excited enough. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me back up and start with what happened a couple of years ago.

Jill and I were in our bedroom cuddling and allowing our hand to gently roam our each others body as we watched our favorite show “Law and Order.”

Let me tell you, nothing feels better than my wife’s tits in the palm of your hand as she fondles the hair on my chest while watching TV. There is something so exciting about handling the breasts of a beautiful woman while doing the mundane.

Her tits look and feel divine. Soft, yet firm with nipples the size of silver dollars when soft and about the size of a dime when she is cumming.

Right now, they are soft and fill my hand. We were both naked as we lie there with her lying on her side and me on my back. Her pussy was softly pushing against my leg as we watched TV.

Subtly, things began to change. My cock was beginning to engorge, just as her nipples reacted to my ministrations and slowly began to harden.

I could feel the hardening under my palm and squeezed a little harder. Her pussy reacted on it’s own by gently rubbing up and down my leg in short, slow movements that apparently rubbed her clitoris in a way that started to flow of her lubricating juices between her lips of her pussy.

My cock grew, her nipples hardened and we lost ourselves to the show continuing on TV. Her lips found mine as we kissed and she rolled slightly until she was straddling my left leg with her ever-increasing juicy pussy. Her mouth opened and I pushed my tongue over her front teeth beginning the exploration of her warm, wet senious mouth.

The grinding continued as she explored my mouth with her tongue pushing deep into my depths straining to reach the back of my throat. Her first moan escaped as she released the tight lock our lips made when combined like this.

She was getting hot and so was I. Usually we like to explore each other’s genitals with our mouth, lips and tongue, but this was the exception. She quickly heated to a place where her lubrication was sufficient to sustain our intercourse.

“Fuck me!” she whispered into my ear, “Fuck me now!”

She lifted her left leg over my right and positioned her pussy above my now hard cock! She didn’t wait for me to take control, but she reached between her open legs and grabbed my 6″ cock and slide it into her hot box.

We kissed and fucked until she hit a point of no return. I love it when a woman goes over the edge, and my wife goes over like no one else I have ever fucked. That might be why we can stay together and live the lifestyle we do.

I have never in all my experiences ever found anyone else I wanted more than Jill.

I suppose Jill has the same experience, because to the best of my knowledge, she has never been tempted to leave me for any of her other lovers. Anyway, back to her reaching the edge of reason and then passing by.

Her eyes glazed and she began rubbing her clit against the top of my buried cock as she used her pussy to suck in my extremely hardened prick. Sitting up and placing her hands on my chest, she began rubbing in earnest and I could actually feel her cervix rub against the tip of my cock.

I could feel her heat increase as her juices began flowing out of her box freely and flowing down over my balls.

I started to cum as she was lost in the moment and her cumming was accompanied with load moaning and “Yes, Yes, YES!!!!!”. We came together and she collapsed onto my chest crushing her tits in the meantime.

Her pussy was still pulsating and my cock was still occasionally squirting more cum into her hot box. As her breathing quieted and my cock began returning to its’ normal size, our combined juices slowly escaped from her pussy after they flowed out between her lips and down over her clitoris until they reached my cock and balls and finally onto the bed.

It was now that our daughters arrived home and we heard downstairs, “Mom, Dad, we’re home!”.

It was our oldest daughter April who was 2 years older than our youngest, Cindy. They were at the time 17 and 15, but that doesn’t really matter to our story. My wife got up after she kissed me and went down to see her daughters.

I, in the meantime, couldn’t forget our recent experience quite as quickly and reached for the swinger’s magazine I bought a couple of days before.

I leafed through the pages looking at the ads and wondering if these people are real. Who would advertise for another couple to join in on an orgy at their home?

As I was pondering this question, my wife entered the bedroom and seeing my magazine in my hand, asked, “Are you still looking at that?

I thought we were done with that!” She was not as aggravated as she seemed on the surface, because I found out just the other day, that she has her fantasies as well and one of them is enjoying more that one guy at once.

As she stepped closer, I reached under the dress she quickly put on when April and Cindy arrived, and finding her pussy completely exposed, slipped two fingers into her snatch and bending my fingers slightly forward found that slippery spot the size of a quarter on the front of her vagina, just behind and slightly above the clitoris.

Her knees bent and she was tempted to ride a couple of seconds longer, but pushed my hand out saying something about the girls. I licked my fingers clean and she laughed at my unabashed sexual demonstration.

My wife wants me to stop here so she can tell you her side of the next part of our story.

* * * * * * * *

Hi, I’m Jill and I have read everything my husband said so far. While he exaggerates, everything he told you so far is true.

I have never considered leaving him, even when I watch him make love to another woman as I ride the cock of another man right next to him in a living room of a stranger’s house late on Saturday night after a party that allowed us to get acquainted to the people we would soon be naked with.

I looked at his magazine and found myself wondering what it would be like to finish a party the way most of us flirts kind of have always wished it would end. I have always thought I was a pervert, because I didn’t want to stop a guy when things got heated in the front seat of his dad’s car.

But I knew I was supposed to be a good girl, and would push his hand away from my breast and acted like I didn’t want his hand inside my sweater underneath my bra, feeling my hard nipples.

At exactly 11:00, I would make them all take me home and while I would allow them to walk me to my porch and kiss me goodnight (no tongue).

I would turn and enter my house and after the door closed, I would run upstairs to my bedroom. Leaning against the inside of my door, I would pause in the afterglow of my sexual experience.

With Bill, something changed. After the kiss and the run to my bedroom, I couldn’t wait to get into my nightgown. As I undressed, I would watch my new girly figure emerge from the clothes I removed in the full-length mirror across the room.

First my dress and shoes. After carefully placing my dress across the back of my desk chair, I reached behind t release my bra.

It fell off my shoulders and my still excite nipples stood out amazingly far. I would sit on my bed, and remove my pantyhose being careful not to get a runner, and threw them over the same chair. Here I was now standing before my mirror in just my purple panties I had bought just a week before.

A small wet spot was easily seen where my vagina leaked my pussy fluid onto the panties. I reached into my panties to feel how wet I was, and when I touched my clitoris, my knees buckled. I fell on my bed face down and couldn’t stop reaching under my body and back into my panties. First the clitoris, then a finger found its’ way into my cunt.

I masturbated to a climax and dreamt of Bill’s fingers feeling the inside of my hot pussy.

Back to the magazine.

After just receiving the good fucking from my husband Jack, and after the quick feel he just gave me, I agreed that we would look together tonight after the girls went to bed. Anything to get out of his grasp so my daughters wouldn’t see me beg to get fucked again!

We were both surprised to find a party advertised just a small drive away in Mayfield. Of course, we didn’t go that month, but we both did fantasize about it. Next month, new magazine, another party in Willouby.

After another session together where he came in my mouth (I love the taste of his cum and yes, I do swallow – every drop!), we talked and agreed to go, just for the first part of the party. Nothing past midnight!

Saturday came and I couldn’t wait for the time to get ready. I looked at my sweater I was going to wear with my tight jeans and decided, “what the hell, no bra tonight”.

After all, these people were going to expect experienced people and I didn’t want not to fit in. Jack wore his jeans and sweater as well and when I walked into the room to get my coat to leave, my nipples almost were tearing the sweater from top to bottom. “God!”, he said, “look at you! Those nipples are flashing high beams and are going to be noticed by everyone there!” “Shit, I hope so!” I unashamedly thought to myself.

We got to the party and found some of the most normal people you would ever want to meet. Not the most attractive or even the most fit, but completely normal!

We fit into this crowd and felt very comfortable from the minute we entered. We knew no one! We hung together and mingled.

I was really weird feeling all those eyes looking at my nipples and not feeling uneasy. I wanted them to see! I actually wanted them to picture me naked! Never before had that happened except with Jack.

While I writing this, I’m in my bedroom with my laptop, wearing a silky nightgown with nothing on underneath. Jack just walked in the room and since my daughters have since moved out, I don’t care what I show where.

So even as we speak, I am lifting my legs and bending my knees allowing my nightgown to rise off the bed. I think, I’ll let him get a peak of what he is about to eat. Writing this is getting me hot!

* * * * * * *

Hi, Jack again. Wow! What a woman. I ate her pussy and still can taste her juices on my lips. She came three times as I ate and then fingered her.

I fucked her doggy and came deep in her fucking cunt! She is lying next to me, naked and lying on her stomach.

My cum can be seen dripping from her freshly fucked pussy and she doesn’t seem to care! Amazing! Woman over forty as so comfortable with themselves, they finally relax and allow the normal functions, like leaking cum, to flow out of their pussy’s in the presence of their husbands.

Anyhow, back to our first party.

I found a wonderful redhead who was smaller than Jill, but had an ass to die over wrapped in her tight, tight jeans! I could see the outline of her pussy as the seam on the front of her jeans spread her lower lips and climbed between them.

I thought two things. The first, of course was, what does she look like naked, and second I wondered how that didn’t hurt! We talked for about an hour and then drifted apart, mingling with others.

Slowly Jill and I started also drifting apart until by 10pm, we were back to back talking to other people entirely.

We accidentally backed into each other and I could feel her butt pressing into mine. I think she felt it also, because she pushed back a little harder. I was engrossed with a little blonde honey who was flirting with me.

I flirted back and she hung onto my arm the rest of the night. Midnight came and I found my wife between two tall men having a discussion on the war in Kuwait. We decided to push this thing a little farther.

It was agreed at midnight, we would all be given a bag to place our clothes in as we undressed. My wife and I found a corner together and took our bag and began t undress each other.

* * * * * *

Hi, Jill back again.

I’m reading as Jack writes, but he forgot a few things here. First of All, I didn’t know about the redhead! I know he fucked her, but didn’t know he met her before. We’ll talk about that later! The tow guys he talked about we lawyers and we were talking about Kuwait because we had just started dessert storm.

No feelings of lust were there, at least from me! I showed them my nipples and hopefully they thought about me naked, but I didn’t fuck either of them that night. We did go to our “corner” and I allowed Jack to take my sweater over my head releasing my tits for all to see. God did that make me hot!

I kissed him and took his sweater over his head and placed it in the bag. All I could think about was that I was half naked in front of people I had never met before. My tits wiggled and I could feel them move as I mover.

My pussy creamed the inside of my panties. I couldn’t wait to get them off. Jeans, panties, and shoes all cam off in one fell swoop and I was immediately naked! I took Jack’s jeans and briefs off and his cock sprang free, fully erect.

I didn’t ask, but I hoped it was because of me, not that redhead! I bend over and liked his penis right there in front of everyone. I didn’t know and didn’t care if anyone thought.

I didn’t even spend a second thinking about it.

I just needed him in my mouth and I slowly lowered my head taking his cock into my mouth until my nose touched his pubic hair.

I didn’t even realize that I had just deep throated him! I was too hot to notice! My hand found it’s way to my pussy and I, squatting right there, fingered myself as I sucked his prick!

Well, a signal I probably shouldn’t have made. Next thing I knew, a hand found my left breast! I jumped!

Fortunately, Jack’s cock as only about an inch deep, so when I jumped, he wasn’t hurt! I thought for a second – run or enjoy? Which would I do? I decided to enjoy and went back to the blowjob before me.

Two hands, one on each breast! My fingers found their way back to my crotch! “Fuck!” I thought, this is the way if feels? God, why did I wait? Two fingers in my cunt, two hands on my tits, two balls bouncing off my chin! Fuck! I was ready for this!

Right there, just 10 minutes after I was stripped naked, a head slipped between my thighs and my fingers were replaced by one tongue.

I forgot my husband’s cock for a second and rode the tongue between my pussy lips. Looking down, I saw the eyes of a guy I had talked to earlier, John, I think!

The blonde who was hanging onto my husband all night replaced my mouth and was now blowing him just a foot in front of me!

I didn’t care as much as I thought! In fact it was incredible watching his prick slide between the lips of another slut, like me!

* * * * *

Jack back! You should see my wife typing away next to me! I just had to fill in about the blonde! Short hair (I think they call it a page boy haircut) with a mouth made to fuck. My wife is good, but this bitch was different!

Not better, just different. I think that is what is so fascinating about swinging. The sex is not necessarily better, but it sure is different.

Pussy and tits are pretty much the same, but the number of differences is amazing! My blonde slut (Doreen) had nice tits although they drooped a little.

Her pussy was the same color as her hair, so unless she used the same dye below the waist, her hair above the waist was natural.

When I looked over to my wife, the tongue of a strange man was assaulting her and her legs were wide open as she rode him unashamedly. I watched as another man approached with a hard-on in his hand.

He placed his cock before her face. I can’t describe the feeling of seeing your wife look into the eyes of another man and then looking down to his cock, reaching out to touch the forbidden fruit.

I watched as she slurped and sucked that engorged beast. Clearly she came on the tongue of the guy below and just a clearly, she was sucking down the cum of the man fucking her mouth!

We fucked several people that night.

When we got home and fell exhausted on the bed, we slept in our clothes that were haphazardly pulled on just before we left at 4am.

We woke up at 9am, Sunday. My wife got up, changed into her bathrobe, and fed our daughters before sending them off to the mall.

She came back to bed, got naked and put her pussy on my nose, rubbing her clit and she teased me about the blonde. I could smell the remnants of her lovers and ate her with gusto! She flowed until her juice entered my ears.

She came loudly and screamed, “I’m your slut! Fuck me cowboy!”

Jack and his slut JILL


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