Literotica, Sex with Strangers

Literotica: Doing it with the Neighbour


Geneva and Carl’s fruitless marriage has turned sour and bitter. This caused Geneva let a stranger inside the house while Carl was away. The two of them share more than just a glass of lemon juice, but Geneva is left frustrated. Geneva tries to release her unmet desires with her husband. But instead, he treats her savagely, and she finds a way to find the satisfaction of her heart and body.

The sun was high in the sky, and Geneva’s sweat dripped from her forehead. She wiped it off with her bare hands. Some of her makeup had been smeared from her cheeks, causing some of her age lines to be more apparent under the heat of the warm sun. She looked around the lot, scanning the number of quiet houses, neat gardens, and freshly cleaned driveways. The pavement beneath her feet sparkled with cleanliness.

Her husband, Carl, ignored the warm weather. He was busy sending orders to the movers who carried their furniture from the trailer truck to the new apartment. He had bought it during the winter. It was a two-storey house, with an attic, a garden, and a neat garage and a driveway. The house was perfect for a three-piece family, save for a childless couple like the two of them. Now, it was summer, and it was a perfect time for starting a new life in the suburbs. Geneva and Carl had spent almost seven years in the heart of the city, laboring their days in their respective offices.

“The house looks adequate, Carl.” Geneva mused. She barely moved, but she sounded like she was catching breath. The thirty-year-old wife wasn’t used to hot weather. She was a brunette who rarely got a tan, making her skin a glowing fair white. Her lips had been painted red, contrasting against her snowy chin. She had dark brown hair, which was currently wrapped in a bun.  Geneva was a beautiful woman to say the least, having won prom queen in high school. More than once, she had been a candidate for state beauty competitions. She had a wide smile, a perfect set of teeth, and blue eyes that would captivate anyone who looked at them. If she had been talented, she could’ve been an actress or a famous artist. But Geneva was a typical woman, not really smart, but not dumb as a blonde. Geneva was almost a plain woman, if not for her exceptional beauty.

Her husband nodded at her. Carl didn’t gaze at Geneva’s direction. His eyes were fixed on the men carrying the furniture and appliances that he had worked for in the past several years. Carl was five years older than his wife, and the sign of age were five times more visible in him. He was a middle-aged blonde man with thick beard all over his jaws, and thick blonde eyebrows that almost covered his eyes. His hair was cut short, unruly, and the warmth of the sun had made his cheeks reddish. He had round arms, big hands, and a sloppily carved pair of legs. Carl had a pot belly, was on the verge of being overweight, and if you gazed at him for a long while, you might come to see that he was once a handsome and lovely gentleman.

Well, he used to be handsome, and he was every bit the captivating Carl who was a perfect match for Geneva. Whenever people saw their wedding pictures, they could hardly believe that Carl used to be as handsome as that. But his last seven years of marriage had taken a toll of him. The stressful city life had made him forget the vigor that he used to have back when he was a football player at business school. Now, he was a broker who lacked the thrill in life. He used to be very happy about marrying a wife who looked like a movie star, but that happiness didn’t last for so long. After several years of being together, without managing to carry any intelligent conversation, Carl simply withdrew from the romantic life that he used to dream about. Now, he was just good old Carl, the rich man with a pot belly.

The movers finished carrying all of their furniture in less than an hour. They were all sweaty, grumpy, and tired when the work was done. Carl went over to them and discussed certain matters, leaving his wife alone to explore the interiors of their new house. Geneva, ever the inquisitive wife, went inside their new home, checking out the expanse of space in the living room and in the kitchen. Their new home was definitely wider than it used to be in the city. She nodded happily at the thought. Besides, the suburbs were definitely wider and there was less population. They could have a wider house here with the same value in the city.

Geneva pictured where the sofa should be placed, where the picture frames were supposed to be hung, and how she could rearrange to kitchen to make it look more perfect. When she glanced at the furniture, she couldn’t help but remember the seven years she had spent with Carl. Every furniture and piece of appliance corresponded to a year in their marriage. They bought the new television during their fifth anniversary, the bed during their first anniversary, and the refrigerator and table were from their wedding gifts. She smiled at the thought, reminiscing how happy and romantic their lives had been. It was full of joy and bliss back when they were starting together.

Now, when she looked at her husband, she could hardly remember the stiff and the supple man that she had met from business school. But still, she looked lovingly at him, despite the fact that he seemed to have fallen out of love with her. Geneva rushed to her husband when she saw him enter the door of the living room. She wrapped her arms around him. Geneva smelled the sun and sweat on his skin, but she didn’t mind. It had felt like a very long time since they were locked in this kind of embrace.

“Hey, Gen, I’m full of sweat, okay?” Carl complained. He was on the verge of irritation, and he was wondering why his wife was suddenly acting childish. The few people who did this to him were his nieces and nephews, and he hated them for doing it.

Geneva hugged him even tighter. “I just want to give you a hug today, love.” Her voice was warm and gentle. Every syllable of her words showed that she was a very sweet woman, full of love in her heart and spirit.

Her husband grunted, thinking about what this gesture was supposed to mean. Of course, women did something sweet when they were asking for something. Was she asking for a new piece of jewelry? A new television set? A new car? He was about to push her away, but Geneva pulled back and smiled at him.

“I hope we can start a happy life, darling.” She smiled like a happy child. It was a picture-perfect, contagious smile that you could put up on a billboard and sell for millions.

Carl was about to smile, since he still found his wife to be a very beautiful, charming, and irresistible woman. That fact is very hard to deny. But the years of being with Geneva, witnessing more of her stupidity than her dashing smartness, were enough years to make her too familiar with him. He found nothing elusive about his wife’s beauty.

“What do you say if we take a break from work and spend a week here, alone? Kinda like a second honeymoon, what do you say?” Geneva wrapped her arms around Carl. She smiled at him like a child asking a gift from Santa Claus. Her eyes were wide, excited, and her mouth was curved in a cunning smile.

Carl sighed. What’s the use of a honeymoon? Did his wife expect that it would bring them closer, or that they’d finally have a child in case? Car’s brows made a sorry arch. He wanted to make her happy, but that was beyond his will. How could he make someone happy, if he himself was not happy with his own life?

“Geneva, I guess it should be better if we just stay at work. Right, darling?”

She made a disappointed frown. “Why not take a break with me, Carl?”

“Why take a break with you, Geneva?” He said more harshly, before taking hold of Geneva’s arms and uncoiling them from his shoulders. His face was smug in a stern way, like a teacher who had just punished a naughty student. He briskly walked away from Geneva and said, without looking at her, that he was going to take a shower.

Geneva was left alone in the living room. Cramped and filled with furniture, it was surrounded by the memories of their marriage. She sighed heavily, wondering what could’ve gone wrong between the two of them. Geneva had always tried to be the best wife that she could be. She kept herself pretty, cordial, classy, and an excellent housekeeper. What could Carl ask for more? She fought off the urge to sob, but tears had started to well from her eyes. Maybe it was the fact that she couldn’t give birth to a son. Maybe it was the fact that Carl had simply fallen out of love.

Carl continued his work in the city, which was an hour of drive away. He went to work early in the morning, and he arrived late in the evening. The couple barely spent time with each other, less frequently so compared to the time when they were both working. Geneva stayed at home, taking a break from her secretarial work. She fixed the house, decorated it, and focused her attention on housekeeping instead of her husband. She tried to ignore Carl and stopped asking for his attention. She resolved that maybe, he needed space, and that she herself needed something to occupy her time.

Geneva frequently strolled in the neighborhood. She did it in the morning and in the afternoon. She wore pretty dresses, barely-there makeup, and did her best to look as casual, every bit the friendly neighbor. Geneva tried to look like she was thirty, harmless, and friendly, but nobody noticed her. She rarely met success. The neighborhood was so quiet to begin with, and she rarely passed along others who took their stroll. Some days, she would walk for an hour and never see a living creature. If she ever did, she would smile warmly, like a crazy woman desperate for attention. Her neighbors walked faster, made sheepish smiles in return, if they ever did. But mostly, they were intimidated and preferred to ignore her existence altogether.

But there was an exception. His name was Richard, and he lived two blocks away from Geneva’s house. He was a pretty man, dark locks and fair skin, and he could pass as Geneva’s brother when it came to that essential brunette look. They were both beautiful and well-trimmed. He was three years younger than Geneva, which meant that he was a ripe and sexy twenty-seven year old man. He had a muscular figure which he got from intense workouts. They met during a cloudy, breezy afternoon. It was a perfect weather for jogging outdoors. Richard was wearing his exercise clothes, running for almost thirty minutes already, when his foot took a wrong step and sprained his ankle.

It happened that he was right in front of Geneva’s house. He cried in pain and groaned as he held his foot. Richard’s face was twisted in a mask of torment and pain, and he was seated on the neat pavement. His cheeks had turned red. Geneva heard him cry like he was a wounded bird. From the garden, she rushed to him as soon as she heard his cries.

“Are you alright?” Geneva knelt on the ground, facing him and taking hold of his injured foot. Her face showed an emotion of pure concern.

“My foot, ahh! It hurts, miss. I think I broke a joint or something,” Richard said, panic and fear clear in his voice.

“Hold a sec and calm down,” Geneva said coolly. She knew something about sprain and injuries from a physical education class in senior year. She twisted his foot in a certain direction, rubbed a part of it, and then twisted it again. Richard shrieked for the last time, but after that, his foot was back to normal.

“There, you are all well.” Geneva said and smiled proudly.

“Thank you so much, miss.”

They smiled at each other. Richard saw the whole of Geneva’s sweet face, including her wonderful blue eyes, proud noise, and perfectly-shaped mouth. She was very beautiful in a very modest, quaint, and charming way. Before he knew it, he was already staring at her lovely face.

Richard looked at her like she was an alien creature. Geneva chuckled. She introduced herself to him as a new neighbor, who had moved to in just two weeks ago. The little chat made Richard recover from his awe and shock, and he introduced himself properly to Geneva. After a few handshakes and casual questions, Geneva invited him inside her home.

She led the way. Richard walked behind her, and he couldn’t help but notice her beautifully-shaped ass swaying with each step. He stared at her ass like a child looking at a barrel of candies. Geneva wore a tight pair of pants, showing every curve of her shapely hips. He swallowed. Richard was teased and aroused, and he tried to keep his eyes off her bouncy ass. He had always had a thing for girls with nicely shaped buttocks. So far, Geneva had the best ass he had ever seen.

“Would you like a glass of lemonade?” Geneva called, once more breaking the fantasies inside Richard’s head.

Richard nodded, and while Geneva disappeared in the kitchen, he looked around the living room and saw pictures of Geneva and Carl. They were good shots, but considering the style and the look of Geneva, the photographs seemed old. These pictures were all around the living room. Richard was a bit disappointed, and he could only think about how lucky this man was.

“Those are pictures of me and my husband.” Geneva brought two glasses of lemonade and set them on the table. She sat close to Richard.

“He must be a very lucky, fine man then.” Richard seriously as he took a sip of his drink.

Geneva processed his comment before she chuckled. She remembered Carl’s pot belly, bored attitude in life, and his tired reaction every time she tried to talk to him. “Yeah, you could say that, Richard. But not all things are the way they look.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” Geneva sighed, “My husband doesn’t look fine anymore. He’s nearly overweight,” she grimaced. “Plus, we’re not as happy as you think. We’re married, but that’s it.”


A silence enveloped the two of them. Geneva fidgeted, nervous, thinking if she’d said too much in her last sentence. She started to grind her teeth. Richard thought of polite words to say, but he came up with stupid ones.

“Do you want to be happy?” He said it from a hollow in his throat. He gazed at Geneva’s direction, and he burned in embarrassment and excitement. Richard wished that he could take the words back when he said it, but his heard had poured them out loud. Bits of sweat formed all over his body. The tension grew thicker between them, until it became icy cold and unbearable.

“Can you make me happy?” Geneva replied. She knew that it was also the wrong set of words to say.

“What can I do for you?” His voice was almost a seductive whisper. Richard inched towards Geneva. Inside his pants, an erection was on its way. He stared intensely at her, and he could feel his gaze burn with passion.

Geneva looked at Richard with a serious face. Between her legs, she could feel her clitoris pulse with desire and lust. “Kiss me.”

As soon as she said it, Richard’s mouth was all over hers. They were locked in a kiss that barred their sense of time and space. All that they could think of was to taste and pleasure each other. Geneva’s arms quickly moved and wrapped them around Richard’s neck. She opened her mouth, crashing her teeth against Richard’s, and feeling the warmth of his mouth all over her lips. She ravaged his mouth, giving him the wildest kiss that she’s ever given to anyone.

Richard also opened his mouth. He put his tongue between Geneva’s lips and licked all over her mouth. He tasted her sweet saliva, and found her own sweet tongue exploring his mouth. Their kiss was primitive, wild, relentless, and exotic. The movement of their tongues and open mouths was an obscene sight to watch, but it was sexy and erotic as hell.

Richard’s hands went to Geneva’s chest and grabbed her mounds of breasts. She gasped when she felt his presence on her delicate parts. His fingers were curious and inquisitive. He cupped her boobs, squeezed them through Geneva’s brassier. He wanted to feel the softness of her breasts and the hardness of her nipples, so Richard reached for the hemlines of her shirt and pulled it up. His fingers crawled on her skin, giving her sweet sensations and ripples if pleasure.

His hands and fingers slid beneath Geneva’s brassier. Richard felt her warm skin, and he could definitely tell that she was hot and worked up. Her skin was soft as rose petals. She was definitely aroused by what they were doing, and she loved every second of it. He could tell it by the heaviness of her breath and in the heat of her skin. Richard looked for Geneva’s nipples. When he found it, he rolled them between his fingers. Geneva moaned and her eyes shut tight. She felt a radiating pleasure from her chest, going down to her belly and hips.

Her body was so ready for him. Richard teased her breasts, and he watched her beautiful face and her expression of pure lust. He wasn’t content with the way she looked, tormented in pleasure, so he put his mouth on Geneva’s breasts.

“Oh, Richard, oh, lick me like that, please…”

He kept on licking her. Richard passionately played with her nipples using his soft tongue. He filled her huge, round breasts with his sticky saliva. He wanted to follow each of her commands and make her happy. He was so hot for her, and he wanted Geneva to be the one on control. So, when she tried to unzip his pants, Richard offered himself and helped her unsheathed his hard cock.

Geneva was impressed by the sight of his stiff and hard cock. It was a nine-inch cock, with throbbing veins all over it and a lovely pink head. She licked her lips and she looked into Richard’s eyes. Geneva asked for permission if she could have a taste of his gorgeous fucking muscle.

Richard gladly smiled at Geneva and he leaned back on his chair. He spread his legs and his stiff cock erected from his pants. She smiled and was looking ultimately horny when she licked the tip of his cock. Geneva tasted the saltiness of his precum, and she stared into his eyes as she slowly took his large cock inside her mouth.

“Oh, Geneva, oh baby…fuck me with your mouth, ahh…”

He enjoyed the feeling of Geneva’s warm and tight mouth. It was moist and very soft, and he could hardly feel any of her tucked teeth. She moved her tongue expertly around the tip of Richard’s cock. Geneva’s soft lips were firmly wrapped around his shaft. Her mouth moved up and down his length.

She rocked her head wild. Richard’s hand grabbed Geneva’s hair to release some of his tension. This caused her to be turned on even more. She went faster and faster in her blow job, wishing aiming to make Richard come inside her mouth. Her face was already full of saliva because of her hard work.

“Baby, I’m almost there…keep it up and suck…oh…”

Richard could feel nothing but sexual pleasure throbbing and flowing through his blood. He was out of this world, and all that he could think of was the soft mouth sucking and going up and down his cock. His legs tensed and his heart was beat wildly and fast inside his chest. His toes curled inside his shoes, and his hands tightly grabbed Geneva’s hair. Richard’s eyes were glassy, and his mouth was slightly opened. At that second, he looked no less than a man getting the best blow job of his life.

He could hardly control his breath. Richard spread his legs even wider, and his eyes shut tight. His orgasm was building up and was ready to explode. He called out Geneva’s name, telling her to go ahead. He moaned like a well-fucked whore. He was panting. Geneva went faster and harder between his legs. Richard wasn’t able to hold it any longer, and his cock ached at the intensity of his pleasure. His mouth let out a wild cry, and between his legs, thick and hot sperm exploded.

Geneva was surprised by the squirt of sperm inside her mouth. Quickly, she pulled off from him before she gagged and chocked with Richard’s sperm. But because of this, her face was filled and splashed all over with creamy semen. Richard still grabbed her hair, so Geneva couldn’t escape from him and save herself from the cum facial. She just knelt there and let all of his semen wash her face. Geneva’s beautiful face was warm and dripping wet with thick cum, and it was very creamy. She shut her eyes tight, feeling the squirt and pumps of semen strike her lovely face.

Richard’s grasp loosened from her hair. He made a tired sigh, and Geneva went to the kitchen sink and washed her face. The sound of the flowing water on the kitchen was a blur in Richard’s ears. He was still feverish and half-conscious because of his explosive orgasm. He hadn’t come like that in years. It was the best sexual eruption that he ever had.

When he opened his eyes, he was in his right senses. Richard came to the realization that he was in his newest neighbor’s house. Slowly, like the dripping of semen on the floor, he realized that he had spent the last several in lust and malicious attraction. He had given a cum facial to a married woman. His cheeks flushed, and guilt filled his chest.

Richard didn’t know what to do. But right now, he felt like he couldn’t talk face to face with Geneva. He was ashamed of himself. They had just met this morning, but he was unable to control his selfish desires. He was scared of what she might think of him. Richard didn’t want this woman to come from the kitchen and scold him, tell him to go away from her house and never return.

When Geneva returned from the kitchen, she was surprised to find that Richard was no longer there. She scanned the entire house, but there was no shadow of the handsome stranger. She felt a hollow ache inside her chest. Geneva felt dirty and wrong. How could he shoot cum all over her face and just walk away? Didn’t he like what she did? Geneva was disappointed. Geneva was almost definite about starting a dangerous affair with this man, but unfortunately he had chickened out and ran away.

During the next two days, Geneva couldn’t help but think about Richard and the blow job that she had given him. When she woke up every morning, she remembered his nine-inch cock and how it tasted and felt inside her mouth. She still didn’t come back to work, because she was too distracted by her dirty thoughts. For the first time in her life, Geneva thought obsessively about sex. It was driving her mad.

During the days and afternoons, she took longer strolls outside in the hopes that she would come across Richard. She didn’t know anything about him except for his name and a few other irrelevant details. Geneva was already tempted to knock at every door and look for Richard, but she knew that it was an immature thing to do. As adults, they should fuck and play with each other in full consent. This means, he should come to her house willingly.

She ached for Richard, and at least for the promise of great sex. Geneva had tried to seduce her husband, Carl, but he always complained about being tired from work and from his daily responsibilities in the city. She was almost angry at him for rejecting her like this. She had never felt like this way before, although her husband had rejected her a hundred times in bed. Geneva couldn’t believe that her husband could still deny her, even though she came to bed naked and wet between her legs. Carl merely told her that she was a desperate woman, and a slut.

To take a revenge on him, Geneva slipped some aphrodisiac and Viagra to his tea in the morning. Because of these medicines, she was sure that Carl would drive home and fuck her before he even reached the highway. It was a very mean and bitchy thing to do, but Geneva was running out of options. She felt like a desperate witch while doing it. However, Geneva knew that it was the only way in which she could make him submit to her. Besides, as a husband, it was his duty to satisfy her in bed whenever she needed him.

Geneva gave Carl a brief goodbye kiss. After that, he gulped the remainder of his tea and he headed for the door. Everything was a matter of routine, but Geneva was very excited and thrilled about it. She patiently waited and watched him from the front door as he made his way to the car and sped away. In the back of her head, Geneva felt sorry for her husband, and she felt almost guilty about it. She wondered how he might feel while his erection became uncontrollable inside his pants. But beyond these thoughts, she was happy about her upcoming success in releasing her sexual frustrations that had been bothering her in the last few days.

When his car was finally out of sight, Geneva came to the bedroom and stripped her clothes off. She threw herself on the bed and felt happy about the feeling of her naked skin against the sheets. She sighed, pondering what she had been doing in the last few days. She had never felt this lusty and dirty before. Did it have something to do with having Richard’s semen on her mouth? She chuckled. Since Richard came to her life, she was no longer the boring wife and the intriguing neighbor.

Her hands crawled all over her body. Geneva imagined that it was Richard’s warm touch. She thought of his soft hands, curious fingers, and how he played with her nipples and rolled them between his fingers. She licked her fingers and put them on her breasts, imaging that it was Richard’s tongue. She whispered his name while she massaged her breasts. She was getting in the mood, and between her legs, her moisture and juices was starting to ooze.

She massaged the inside of her thighs. Geneva spread her legs wide, wishing that Richard was able to see the beauty of her fully naked body. She imagined that he would lick her and play with her sexy body. While one of her hands cupped and squeezed her breast, the other played with her clitoris. She was filled with a ticklish pleasure as she played with her own lusty body. Geneva arched her back and tensed her ass against the sheets. The tips of her fingers tugged and rolled her nipple, while she massaged her clitoris using the juice that was coming from her wet cunt.

Geneva’s mouth was opened wide, imagining that Richard’s lips would enter her mouth any soon. Her warm tongue licked her luscious lips. After playing with her clitoris, Geneva inserted her fingers to her wet pussy. It was oozing and dripping wet, and her fingers were filled with thick cum as she went in and out of her fuck hole. She put three fingers in, which was almost as thick as Richard’s nine-inch cock. Geneva moaned in pleasure. She plunged her fingers deep, reaching her sweet spot.

Then she heard a knock on the door. It knocked three times, and Geneva didn’t respond until she heard her name. She was very lost in the thoughts of her own pleasure and desires. The man behind the door shouted her name, and only then did Geneva found the strength to get up and move her legs. When she set down her feet to the floor, her knees were jelly because of the suspended pleasure and orgasmic build up that she was having.

She didn’t bother wear a robe. Geneva wouldn’t waste time wearing something that she would just strip off, anyway. She answered the door with a drunken smile. There was no apprehension when Geneva fully opened the door of the living room. Her naked body was exposed in the light of the doorway. She liked the strange sensation this caused her.

Geneva was welcomed by the sight of her angry husband. Carl’s face was red with shock and anger. He was very surprised to find his wife completely naked, with her hair unruly and uncombed. What had happened to her? Was she drugged, mad, or going crazy? The first thought in his mind was that Geneva was having an affair with someone, having sex with a man in their bedroom. But why would she drug him with Viagra and cause him to come home early?

He knew better than to stand there and think, while his naked wife was exposed at the door way. Carl stepped inside and closed the door. Geneva merely smiled at him, and her arms were crossed below her freely breasts. She looked like a stupid whore, or some crazy and idiot sixteen year old picking up a fight with her boyfriend.

“What is wrong with you? Goddamit, Geneva!” He thundered in anger. Carl looked like he was going to hit her anytime.

Geneva’s face was flush with shock, nervousness, and a small dose of fear, but she knew that her husband wouldn’t do anything to her. Carl may be a frigid, easily irritated man, but he was never the violent type of anything.

“You’re still not gonna fuck me?” She asked with anger and impatience in her voice. It was loud and proud, like a little child threatening an adult. Geneva herself was surprised when she found herself saying these words. She was a classy woman, who was never dirty when it came to bed or with words. She swallowed. Geneva could hardly convince herself that this was all a product of her sexual frustration with Richard.

Carl was angry at her. He couldn’t believe that his wife was capable of doing something wild like this. For the first time in seven years, he almost couldn’t recognize her. But now he knew that his modest wife was hiding a wild side. She was capable of being a whore and a slut. He wasn’t sure if it truly was his wife standing in front of him now, naked, threatening him if he didn’t gave her what she wanted. But the bulge in his pants and the desire in his chest knew what he was looking for.

He came to her and he grabbed her hard. Carl mercilessly kissed Geneva, and it was a passion so great that the kiss felt like a punishment. He ravaged her mouth and crushed his teeth against hers. He sucked her lips very hard and he bit her lips, until he began to taste blood on his tongue. Geneva began to whimper and free herself from his hard and rough touch. But his nails dug deep on her breasts, almost hurting her. One of his hands grabbed her butt cheek and squeezed it very tight inside his palms. It was a combination of pleasure and pain. Geneva almost cried in pain but she resisted it. She didn’t want her husband to have the pleasure of hearing her beg.

Carl scrambled for his pants and unzipped his fly. He quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled it down. The erection between his thighs was massive. It was throbbing, swelling and bulging. Geneva swallowed when she saw it, and she thought and considered how it might have felt to have an erection like that. She couldn’t believe that this huge piece of flesh will fuck her mercilessly in a few seconds.

“Turn around, slut!” Carl grunted. Geneva followed, fearing that he might hit her if she didn’t obediently follow. She bent low and leaned her hands on the wall. Her ass was angled up so that he could easily go inside her. Geneva bit her lips, realizing the trouble she had put herself in. She closed her eyes and expected to feel the tip of his tongue go inside her wet pussy, but instead she felt a hot slam of palm across her butt cheek.

Geneva screamed in pain. Her ass was hot and swelling. She could feel the sting through her smooth and delicate skin. Carl hit her once more across the ass, harder this time. She was begging Carl to stop, but she knew that he wouldn’t listen to her pained pleas. Finally, he grabbed her hips violently and dug his fingernails on her skin. Geneva cried in pain once more, fearing that the way he grabbed her would cause her some bruises.

In one swift thrust, Carl filled her cunt with his thick piece of fucking flesh. Geneva screamed as he fucked her deep and hard. He relentlessly went in and out of her swollen pussy. Carl grunted happily at the feeling of her warm and wet pussy around his cock. He thrust forward, hard and swift, reaching the depths of Geneva’s vagina. He was so deep inside her that it was almost painful, but nevertheless it was full of pleasure. He rocked her hard, so hard that Geneva’s hip bones almost ached with the intensity. He pushed her against the wall, and Geneva’s head almost bumped with the wall.

“Ahh, you whore…you dirty little whore…”

Her husband cursed her. Carl’s fucking didn’t seem to stop, only getting faster and faster with each minute. There was nothing that could satisfy his drug-driven lust. Geneva couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the pleasure that he brought her. Although it was painful and rough, the pleasure underneath was undeniable. She wailed and she cried, until she was already deafened by her own sounds. She could hardly feel her legs. Her vision was already swaying because of being continuously shaken by his thrust.

After a solid minute of hard fucking, Geneva exploded. Her knees nearly fell due to her intense orgasm, but she knew damn well that Carl wouldn’t let her to stop. Her pulse was very strong, and her heart was almost leaping out of its cage. From her clitoris to the tips of her fingers, she felt the waves of pleasure hit her like a tsunami. She screamed aloud, begging Carl to stop, but he didn’t. He kept on and on and he fucked her angrily and passionately. He wanted her to cum until she couldn’t bear it any longer.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her hard, causing her back to arch in a painful way. Geneva’s scalp was sore because of the way he pulled her hair, but he didn’t care. He wanted his wife to feel punished because of her incessant bravery and stupidity. One of Carl’s hands reached for her breasts, but he did not sensually touch it. Between his two fingers, he pinched her nipple very hard until Geneva begged and screamed in pain. The worse part about it was that she was coming again. Her vagina couldn’t help but clench and contract because of his intense fucking.

She came over and over again, until she felt that she was drained of energy and power. Geneva began to limp, and although Carl grabbed her hair, she couldn’t keep up her posture. She was simply falling down because of tiredness. Plus, her pussy was sore, and she felt like it was going to bleed already after too much fucking. This wasn’t enough to stop Carl, and he cursed as he pulled up his wife and nailed her to the wall.

Geneva couldn’t protest. After all, this was all her fault. She had drugged her husband, and now she reaped the fruits of her stupidity and desires. Carl wrapped her legs around his waist, and he grabbed her buttocks as he fucked her on the wall. Geneva was very sore between her legs, but Carl kept on and on. Juices and sperm spilled from Geneva’s pussy down to her legs.

She couldn’t count how many times both of them had cum. He still fucked her mercilessly, pounding her like she was nothing but a piece of limp flesh. Geneva gasped every time he pushed his cock inside her, but that wasn’t out of pleasure. It was simply a reflex for being pounded and smashed.

Geneva found herself staring out the window. She was almost out of her senses. She had pulled off the curtains last night, and anyone who cared to look inside their house would clearly see her and her husband fucking. She couldn’t care any less. Her face was tired, and she felt tears fall down her cheeks. She stared lifelessly at the window, until she saw a figure come closer to view. It was a familiar figure. Geneva narrowed her eyes a little, and her spirits were lifted when she saw that it was Richard.

How long had he been watching the two of them in the living room? How much had he seen? For a brief moment, despite the fact that her eyes were blurred with tears, Geneva felt Richard’s gaze lock in a connection with her. She wished that the brief gaze made him know how much in pain she was, how frustrated she was, and what kind of trouble she had put herself in.

Geneva was almost blacking out when Carl pulled out of her. Her husband sighed in satisfaction, after perhaps two dozen orgasms, and he let go of her legs. Geneva fell on the floor, where she could hardly feel her limbs. Her head was dizzy, and she started to crawl on the floor. She sobbed, but her husband didn’t pay attention to her. She could feel a puddle of juices and sperm between her legs. Geneva had never felt so dirty in her life before.

She was ruined. When Carl was already gone and had sped off to go to work, Geneva could hardly walk because of the soreness between her legs. It was a struggle to go to the bathroom when she washed herself. And when she managed to do it, she felt that her vagina was indeed sore and almost torn up. She cried as she turned on the shower and washed herself. She couldn’t believe that her husband had done this to her. Geneva knew deep inside her that their marriage had ended. Carl was clearly pushing her out of his life. He was already fed up with a stupid wife like her. She couldn’t bear to be hurt like this anymore.

Geneva spent the afternoon treating her body and having a warm bath to lessen the pain. She realized that she had a few scratches, and some bruises on her hips and arms. She fought hard not to cry as she put on her clothes. Geneva lied on the bed, feeling hurt and kicked like an animal. Tears fell from her eyes as she welcomed a deep sleep.

She had slept for barely thirty minutes when she woke up. Geneva looked at the time, and she realized that it was still early at 6pm. She decided that she didn’t want her husband to find her there, lest he might savagely fuck her again. Geneva started to cry at the thought. She did her best to walk up straight and head for the door. She carried nothing more than her purse. She didn’t know where to go, but at least she had to move away from this house.

Twilight had almost passed, and the sky was a purple shade. Geneva walked along the streets and pavements like a mad woman who didn’t have anywhere to go. She had a lot of money on her wallet and she had her credit card, but she felt like there was no place for her. Her life was ruined. She aimlessly walked along the silent streets. In the middle of her reverie, she heard someone call her name.

She turned to see who it was. Geneva’s eyes were dull and almost lifeless, but they sprung back to life when she saw Richard standing by her. She could believe it. Her heart pounded inside her chest, supplying her blood with adrenaline. A few feet away from her, Richard looked deeply concerned and worried about her. He hesitated to come forward. But, when Geneva started to sob, his arms and shoulders yielded for her to cry on.

He took her to his home and nursed her. Richard lived just three blocks away. Upon entering his house, Geneva knew that Richard was a bachelor, who only lived with three dogs. His home was a warm and happy one. He didn’t press her for questions at first. He merely served her warm food to eat, and he prepared the guest room for Geneva. He entertained her like she was his guest, though he knew that something terrible had happened to Geneva.

Before they slept, Geneva gave Richard the details about what happened during the day. She couldn’t help but cry as she related the story to him. Richard understood her, but he told her that Geneva also had a mistake when she had drugged Carl. Geneva nodded, acknowledging her mistake and stupidity. But she didn’t expect that her husband would do this to her.

Richard consoled her. Geneva asked if she could live in Richard’s house for a couple of weeks while she fixed some matters regarding her marriage. Richard happily welcomed her. Geneva shared home expenses with Richard and compensated him well for letting her share a room in his house, as well as keeping her presence a secret. They spent a very civil relationship together, almost completely forgetting the circumstances when they had first met. They started anew, and while the days passed, they became very good friends.

During the night, Geneva sometimes had nightmares. Since her room was just beside Richard’s, he was frequently awakened by her sobbing and cries. He would come to her room, hug her tight, and assure her that nothing was wrong. He was able to calm Geneva by sleeping beside her until the sun came up. Richard knew how wounded and scared she was. But deep inside, he was still attracted to her, and he still found her as the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen.

One afternoon, Geneva asked Richard if he could simply spend some time with her. She said that she was feeling lonely inside her room. Richard came in and conversed with her, cheering her up until both of them were laughing so hard that their tummies ached.

“Thanks for being there for me.” Geneva sincerely said.

“No problem, Geneva. I’ll always be here for you.” The words came from his heart. Geneva also knew this, and she felt guilty about the fact that he was in love with her.

“I’m getting my divorce processed.” She said silently.

Richard merely nodded, acknowledging that he heard what she said. He didn’t know what to feel about the situation. Should he be happy because she was getting free of her abusive husband? Or should he be sad for Geneva’s ruined marriage?

He decided to swim the safe waters. “So, what’s your plan after it’s done?”

“I don’t know,” Geneva shrugged. “I don’t think that anything needs to be done. Maybe, I’ll go on a vacation.”

“Where would you wish to go, in case?” Richard wasn’t able to hide the sadness in his voice. He knew that after all of this, Geneva might be permanently gone from his life.

Instead of giving him a direct answer, Geneva merely smiled and gazed lovingly at Richard. “I’m not sure yet. But would you like to come with me?”

Richard smiled, laughed softly, and he gave her an irresistibly sweet look. He wanted to be with Geneva, but he was afraid that he might just end up disappointing her.

He opened his mouth to protest, but Geneva quickly leaned forward and lightly brushed her lips against his. It was a very delicate kiss, like the way a butterfly comes to a soft rose. Richard felt the world come to a stop. All that he could feel was the lightness of Geneva’s lips and the faint smell of her perfume.

“No excuses,” she whispered. “Are you coming with me, or not?”

Richard smiled. He knew that there was going nowhere when it came to questions like this. He definitely couldn’t hide what his heart meant to say. His body would betray him, and Geneva would definitely know it.

He returned her kiss. But this time, it was more passionate and romantic. Richard lightly parted his lips and brushed them against Geneva’s. As they kissed, it felt like the first time that they have ever touched each other. The past behind them seemed to be erased, and right now they were entering a time of their lives that was only meant to be spent together.

They touched. Richard and Geneva held each other with exploratory, feathery light strokes that never fail to tease and arouse. They were able to bring each other in a trance of romance, passion, and desire. In a matter of seconds, their clothes were being thrown off the bed. Their bodies moved gently, feeling each other’s heat through each other’s skin. They were both naked. Richard felt Geneva’s warm and soft breasts beneath his hairy chest. She ran her hands all over his back, feeling his hard and well-sculpted muscles beneath his beautiful skin.

On her tummy, Geneva felt his erection. Their gazes locked for a second, and Geneva whispered to him that she was all his to have. She spread her legs wide, giving Richard enough space to move and get inside her. Geneva’s pussy was already wet and excited for him. Richard moved his hips and found the entry to her womanhood. Gently, he found her hole, and she went inside her slowly, savoring the feeling of her velvety walls.

Geneva hugged him tight as she felt their flesh unite with each other. She wrapped her long legs around his waist, and she pushed his hips even deeper inside her. Beneath him, she squirmed and writhed. She wanted to feel his hard body against her. She wanted every inch of their skin to touch.

“Come inside me, Richard.” Geneva whispered. She licked his earlobes after saying it. After this, he began to move faster and harder inside her pussy. Geneva held him tighter, and she whispered her sensual moans on his ears.

“Come faster baby, I’m coming with you babe…”

Richard gasped, thrusting deeper inside her. Geneva felt the sharpest of pleasures that making love has to offer. She knew that Richard also felt the same. They both moved towards a very strong orgasmic build up, and soon enough they were rocking the bed and their bodies were quivering against each other. Richard looked at Geneva’s face, and they locked into a kiss as they reached for the hard-won orgasm that was a product of their love.

It was a slow but lingering explosion. They felt their orgasm pulse through their veins. They both howled and they sighed. Richard’s cock throbbed as he filled Geneva’s pussy with his love juice. She felt him pump inside her walls. Even after he was done, he stayed inside her. Geneva smiled at him and kissed his lips before he put his head on his breasts. The two of them breathed deeply, waiting for sleep to cradle both of them.


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