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Literotica: The New Babysitter


Being an older brother is one of Michael’s greatest frustrations. His childhood wasn’t a beautiful one, and he was worried about being a part of a young kid’s life.

So, while his mother is still pregnant, Michael finds an escape from his frustrations. He meets women and instantly gains more confidence when he realizes his sex skills. But during his escapades, there is one woman that stood out from the rest. And just when he thought that she is gone forever, she comes back to him as his little sister’s babysitter.

    Michael didn’t like kids. He didn’t expect that his parents would still have a little baby now that he was already 20. When his mother got pregnant, Michael didn’t think about his mother’s health, the expenses, or the extra attention that they’ll be giving the baby. What Michael was worried about is his becoming a big brother. He didn’t know how to take care of children, besides the fact that he simply doesn’t like children.

    Michael was very eager in growing up and leaving his childhood behind. In his younger days, he was a wimpy kid. He had pale hair, grey eyes, and a slender figure that disqualified him from entering the football or the basketball team. He was a weak, unappealing kid, and the girls and boys didn’t want to befriend him. Michael spent every day of his young life wishing that he would just grow up, so he can finally become a handsome man, work out at the gym, and be the fantasy of so many women and be the envy of so many guys. The fact that he came from a poor family didn’t make matters any better.

    However, things started to make their turn when Michael entered junior hghschool. He was already turning 20 then. His voice had become deep and almost sexy, but his problem was finding the right words and being able to talk to girls. Since he didn’t have friends from his childhood, looking for flings and courting girls was more of a problem.

But when Michael become manlier, the problems concerning his sexuality became less. His hair turned to golden blonde from pale, and his work at the auto repair shop made him build sturdy muscles. He had a caramel tan because of working under the sun. Before Michael knew it, girls have been throwing glances at him, and were practically offering their bodies to him. Michael didn’t realize this at first, since he was bad at communication in general. But when folks encouraged him and told him the truth, Michael was finally swayed into believing how much he’s changed.

“Rosa was looking at you earlier today, Mike,” one of the older men at the shop said. “And we swear, she just wanted you to suck her tits right then and there.”

Mike blushed, but didn’t say a word as he finished his late lunch.

“Yes, that Rosa. But she is a slut, you know boy, doesn’t make a difference if she looks at you like that,” another man exclaimed while he gulped a glass of beer. “But if you know Jamie, that tight bitch who was real picky with men, we also saw her flirting with you. Leaning a little too forward when you’re around. You ain’t noticing, so we just enjoy the sight for ourselves,” the group of older man started laughing and clinking their beer mugs together.

There was a playful smile in Michael’s lips as he took it all in. He knew Jamie, of course, and she was also one of his favorite women who regularly visited the auto repair shop. She was visiting him, probably.

“You know Michael,” one of the half-drunk workers called him, “if we were just young as you are now, we’re gonna hit them sluts and make our dicks as happy as ever. Go find your guts, son!”

The men cheered, and now Michael was almost chuckling with them too. The energy and the excitement of the men was contagious to him. He didn’t know how he might respond to them properly, but Michael just raised his beer to second them. The cheering grew louder, and for the first time in his life, Michael felt proud about himself.

The fact that it was also his salary day made him even more gleeful and happier. Even just four hours of working at the auto repair shop helped him a lot in paying for his education and some bills at home. Michael walked home from his work, also to save money from taking a cab. It was also a good exercise for his legs. They grew sexier every day.

Remembering the cheers and confessions of his older workmates, Michael decided to put to test what they have been saying today. Is it really true that women are drooling over him? He took a glance at his surroundings to find out if women were really paying attention to him.

Michael kept his glance up, instead of looking at the pavement until he reached home. He walked along the streets with some women and neighbors that he has never noticed before. The girls smiled at him, eyed him up and down, and winked at him. They greeted him and tried to have a longer chat with him. Some girls even tried to take him home and ask him to be with their nightly adventures. But coy and shy that he was, Michael politely declined the offers. His handsome face and ruggedly handsome figures only made the girls think that he was teasing them back and was looking for more intense kind of women.

His walk home took a half hour longer than usual. His sprits have lifted even higher, and he was leaping and almost touching the clouds as he reached the corner of their street. Now he was truly convinced that the tides have changed and that he was no longer a loser. Women loved him, they liked him. And his body has definitely changed and he has turned into the sexy man that he has ever wanted.

Michael’s home was a simple house. His parents couldn’t afford a new home, so they just renovated an abandoned house and made it livable. So, the design of their house was quite outdated. The picket fence badly needed repainting, and the doors and floors creaked as he walked through them. There were only two rooms inside the house. Their warm yellow light glowed through the small backyard. Nevertheless, Michael knew that this was his home.

“Mom, Dad, I’m home,” he said calmly as he took off his boots and leather jacket. He hung them on an old hair.

“God bless you, son,” his father was seated on a frail couch at the living room. He didn’t turn to Michael. He was busy watching the evening news from a small tv. “Your mom’s still preparing supper.”

His father’s voice was becoming worse. Over the last few months, Michael’s dad been suffering severe cough. Only Michael and his mother worked to sustain their financial needs.

Michael went to kitchen and peered at her. “Hey mom, Joe’s just given me my salary today,” he handed it full to her and placed it on the counter.

“The lord is kind to us,” his mother softly whispered. While Michael went to his room and change clothes, his mother had prepared their supper and his father had joined the table. Michael eagerly took a bowl of soup and some stewed fish. He ate like a hungry laborer. He was a hungry laborer, anyway.

Michael was so busy eating, that at first he didn’t notice the thick silence of the atmosphere. He has already finished his plate when he noticed his parents especially silent today.

“Hey mom, I had great time at work today,” he said, gleefully. He hoped that it would raise his mother’s spirits just a little.

His mother smiled briefly. She was a young woman with only very few lines across her beautiful face. Unlike Michael, her hair was a smooth flowing ash brown. She had olive smooth skin, but the worries and obligations of being a mother made her look older. She was only 38 years old, but she looked as old as 45.

“That’s nice, Michael. Your father and I also have something to tell you,” the corners of her eyes sparkled. Even his snobbish father looked giddy and excited for a brief moment.

Michael was anxious about this kind of news. Did they win the lottery? Is his father cured of his ailments, finally? Did she get a high-paying job?

“I’m pregnant, Michael. Pregnant for 3 months now,” she smiled warmly, and his father half-embraced her.

Michael’s face fell apart, and his eyes reflected bitterness, anxiety, and terrible worry.

“You’re pregnant? Really mom?” he was almost angry.

Her parents were surprised at Michael’s behavior. They didn’t expect this. “Why, son? This is a god’s gift!” His mother exclaimed in the gentles of her tones.

“But mom, how are we going to manage taking care of the baby? Just imagine the expenses, the responsibility…”

“If you’re not ready to be big brother,” his father cut in, his voice firm and strong despite the sickness that pained him, “then we’re not forcing you to be. You can keep your job, and your mother and I will support your little sibling.”

When Michael’s eyes didn’t become less harder and defying, his father added: “And we’re going to get a babysitter, in case you cannot get your filthy hands on a small child.”

His father’s hard words ended the night. Michael stood up from the dinner table and didn’t say a word. He hurried to his room where he vented all of his frustrations and anxieties. He punched the wall, trying to release his anger. What he said earlier wasn’t really so true. He could actually work extra to support his sibling. He could take care of it. But Michael can never stomach the idea of seeing a young version of him, having a better childhood, better friends, and a happier life. He also doesn’t think that he can be a good brother, because he himself was a lonely child.

So, Michael just decided to sleep his frustrations away. His real problems were yet to come in half a year, anyway. Maybe during his mother’s pregnancy, he can do something to lift himself up. He might find a way to get rid of his whole life’s worth of frustrations and lack of self-confidence.

The first place to start with was women. They were his biggest frustration, and the nights when he jacked himself to sleep were becoming more frequent. When Michael dressed up for work and school that day, he made sure to wear clothes that hugged his musculature and show off what strong and broad shoulders that he had. He took a slab of wax and tousled it in his hair. He wore his ragged denim pants, torn at the knees, because women found this punk style attractive. Michael shaved his face smooth, accenting his strong jaws and the lines of his masculine tan. He had a small bottle of musk, and he rubbed at all over his neck.

“Hey mom, bye,” Michael pecked at his mom’s cheek, who was busy with her laundry. Even she noticed the change in Michael’s mood and new style. Though she was his mom, she couldn’t deny the fact that her son was so hot. If only she were a young woman, she would pin him down and screw him!

“What’s the occasion son, you look all dressed?” she looked him up and down. His body looked young and ripe, more beautiful and masculine than her husband in his young age.

“I’m planning to get a date mom,” he smiled innocently at her. There was a little embarrassment in his voice, and he hid it with the dignity of a grown man.

“Well, well, I have never seen you bring home a woman,” her smile was motherly, but it was also full of desire and anxiety for her son.

“I may not bring one just yet,” Michael smiled at her. “But when I do, I will tell you all about it.”

Michael rolled off to the streets and the neighborhood. He had the most confident and the sexiest smile in the world. It wasn’t a boastful smile, but it was so confident and self-assured. One can hardly see the curve of his face unless one looked closely at him. His face was like that of the underwear models in the billboards. He was nonchalant, but ever so slightly aware of the hungry and lusty glances making his way. The early morning breeze blew off strands of hair from his face, making his grey eyes stand out from his blonde hair.

After a few steps, a lusty Samantha had rushed to his side and gripped his arm, squeezing it as if she was testing a meat from the market.

“Hey sexy, looks like you’re having a fine morning,” she said seductively as they walked together.

Michael didn’t flinch at her sudden appearance. This morning, while he was dressing up, he’d half-expected that women will come jumping at his side, quite literally.

Samantha wore very short skirts and a red sleeveless shirt. It was slit just in front of the boobs, and it revealed a lot of skin and the deep cleavage of her supple breasts. Just by the edge of the cloth, Michael could almost see a trace of pink skin, the crown of her gentle white breasts.

She grinned at him as she caught Michael taking a peek at her breasts. “Like what you see, hmm?” her hand lowered and squeezed one of his butt cheeks.

Michael almost blushed at this public flirtation, and little by little he began to feel overwhelmed. He didn’t expect that women were willing to jump to him so quikly. It was the first time that he had made himself available anyway! And now that he was displaying his oozing sex appeal, almost everyone in the hood just wants to fuck him.

Almost at a loss of words, Michael simply smiled at the woman and said, “I would like to say that I’m happy seeing you,” he put an arm around her shoulder, “But I’m not yet seeing enough of you, so to say that I truly see what I like,” the words flew out of Michael’s mouth like words stuck there for a long time. He couldn’t believe that his flirting skills just developed overnight.

Samantha’s eyes flared with lust and desire. And when she felt Michael’s strong arms wrap her bare shoulders, she couldn’t help but desire to lay naked in his arms. She wanted to feel the rest of his body. If all of him was truly hard and muscular, especially when it comes to the muscle between his thighs.

She kept her hand on his hips. “Skip your classes today, and I’ll show you more,” she put her mouth near his face, almost kissing his ears. Michael felt her warm and moist mouth. It was a tingling sensation, sending shivers and waves of pleasure down his legs. Samantha was so seductive, and she’s clearly sending signals that are turning him on. But to the onlookers, they simply looked like two young lovers who are deeply in love with each other.

Of course this was not the fact. Samantha was just one of the schoolgirls who denied his existence until Michael became a hot, grown, and sexy man. Michael felt a little bitterness about it, but this was a general fact between him and all of the people in his town. But perhaps he can put up his reputation.

“But I need to take my lessons today,” Michael whispered back. “But if you can give me more interesting lessons, I might give you some of my time,” Michael’s hand slid down her silky arm, slightly bumping her breasts. Samantha felt a little tickle arise from the tips of her nipples.

Without wasting another second, they turned to a corner to get a cab. Samantha grinned at Michael like an excited child who’s going to the carnival. The desire and excitement in her eyes were so intense, she looked like she hasn’t had sex in years. But of course, this wasn’t true. Samantha nearly had the reputation of a whore.

“My parents are not around,” she said casually to him, as she gathered up her thick bouncy hair. She exposed her long neck to Michael, making sure that he found it seductive and attractive. She smiled at him like a student trying to please a new teacher.

Michael was good at camouflaging his own desires. Even though his penis was already hard and struggling to get out of his pants, he was able to hide his overwhelming excitement. He was going to lose his virginity today, to one of the hottest women in the hood. He could hardly believe his luck, but he didn’t want to look too excited. He’d rather have Samantha drooling for him, begging for him.

“Then we’ll have the entire house to ourselves,” he moved closer to Samantha and inhaled the sweet perfume from her neck. With one finger he touched the lines of her neck, and it was so smooth and soft as a fair complexioned skin can be.

Before things got steamy between them, the cab pulled over into a stop, in front if Samantha’s residence. She led the way and opened the door from a key in her pocket. Michael quickly followed in, and soon as they were inside the living room, Michael grabbed Samantha’s waist and pinned her to the door.

Samantha wielded to him, and she raised one of her long legs to wrap it around Michael’s waist. She smelled his perfume and felt all muscles in his body tense. Her palms traced the sturdy muscles in his back. They bulged beneath her soft palms, and they were smoothly sculpted throughout his body.

“Ahhhh, Michael, oh gosh,” she exclaimed as his wild kissed crawled down her neck. Using his strong hands, Michael harshly pulled up Samantha’s blouse and bra to reveal the beautiful pair of breasts that had been teasing him since they walked together this morning. The crowns of her breasts were also pink, as he had guessed, and her fine tits felt very nice against his hot tongue.

One of Michael’s hands caressed and squeezed Samantha’s waist, slightly tugging down her skirt to her hips, while his other mouth and hand were busy with her boobs. Samantha’s head leaned back and it crushed against the door. Her arms and hands had nowhere to go but to grab and pull Michael’s blonde hair.

Michael’s lips made loud, sucking sounds all over Samantha’s breasts. As he kissed and sucked them, her entire chest was already wet and full of his saliva and kiss marks.

“Your breasts are very soft and smooth,” he complimented her, as he started moving his kissed down to her flat tummy. Samantha had a navel piercing, and Michael spent some of his time kissing it and playing the tiny gemstone between his teeth.

While his hands caressed the inside of Samantha’s shapely thighs, she began to push down his head, urging his kisses to go farther down. “Ohhhh, please please!”

Samantha felt Michael’s chin nudge her clitoris, and this made her tiptoe a little and brush her butt against the door. “Ohh, Michael, Ohh,” Michael’s hands didn’t wait for any longer and pulled down Samantha’s skirt. It quickly fell down her long and slender legs. In front of Michael’s face was Samantha’s pussy. For the first time in his life, now he has seen one. It was a very beautiful sight compared to the pictures in his cheap porn magazine.

Her pubic hair was dark and it was well-trimmed. If felt soft against Michael’s lips. Between the folds, he could see a swelling pink flesh, moist and shiny against the light. Atop the two folds was a small pea, and Michael assumed it was the woman’s pleasure spot. Following his brave instincts, Michael licked the pink flesh between the folds. His hands never stopped caressing Samantha’s fine legs.

As his tongue went up and down the wet folds of Samantha’s cunt, the slutty woman began to spread her legs apart and fuck Michael’s face. She slammed her vagina into his face, so that he could her pussy even harder.

“Eat me, Michael, I wanna feel your teeth on my clit!” she said in a raspy voice.

Michael did as he was told. Gently, he pushed his teeth onto Samantha’s clitoris, and she moaned aloud. It could be heard around the room, and it was turning him on. He continued teasing the nub of her vagina using his teeth and tongue. Then, he decided to run one finger up Samantha’s pussy hole. It quickly slid inside her.

“Owwww, Michael! Finger fuck me, yeah yeah yes!” Michael focused on Samantha’s pleads, and then he wriggled his fingers inside her cunt. Samantha’s body began to shake in so much pleasure as Michael ate her pussy and fucked it with his fingers. It was so soft inside her pussy, and also warm. Michael tried to imagine the sensation wrapped around his cock. That feeling of something warm and velvety soft…that firm grip around a hard cock…he wanted to feel her coming up and down his shaft.

Because of his own excitement, Michael stood up in front of Samantha. She was quicker than him, and she did the work of unzipping his pants and unbuttoning them. While her hands were at it, Michael kept on kissing her hungry lips and squeezing her breasts. He rubbed her tits against his hard and callused palms.

“Oh Michael, you’re so huge!” Samantha looked down at Michael’s erect penis. It was long, wide in girth, and was full of veins like his strong arms. The tip of it was a bit pink, swelling with desire and lust. It was also already wet with his precum. Samantha gripped Michael’s cock with her soft hand and began to masturbate it. She liked the length of it, the warmth, and the tenderness. Her hands soon became lubricated with his cum and her hands quickly moved along his cock.

Samantha’s hunger and itch was beginning to take the best of her, and in a few moments she turned around from Michael and bent low. Her ass was up, in level with Michael’s waist. She held on to the door for support.

“Fuck me from behind Michael! Fuck me like a hungry dog!”

Michael looked down at Samantha’s swelling pink cunt and his equally excited penis. He shoved one of his fingers inside her pussy once again, just to make sure where the fuck hole was. When he got the familiar feel of her cunt again, he pointed the head of his penis and thrust it into her vagina.

“Ohhh!” both of them gasped in their union. Michael was overwhelmed by the feeling of a woman’s warm and soft vagina around his shaft. For a few seconds, he just closed his eyes and savored the new sensation. Then, he began to fuck her gently. He slid in and out of her walls, and every push and pull was a mild shock of electric pleasure. Down to the edge of Samantha’s pussy he pushed, and Samantha shouted whenever he reached her sweet spots.

    After several thrusts, Michael’s desires started to become more wildly. He gripped Samantha’s thick dark hair and pulled it like he was driving a horse. With firm strength, he pushed and pushed his cock against her. He kept his eyes open and looked down as he saw his long cock, going in and out of her. It was smooth and slimy because Samantha’s thick and dripping juices.

    “I’m coming, Michael,” Samantha was now clawing at the door. “Fuck me harder! Harder!”

    Michael was also starting to feel an explosion begin inside him, and so he focused on pounding Samantha’s flesh. The mounds of her buttocks quivered and shook at Michael violently fucked her, deep, hard, and quick. His legs were becoming tense, and he was starting to feel his orgasm at the surface. Instinctively, he grabbed Samantha’s breasts, and squeezed them so hard. Samantha panted and shouted as her orgasm claimed her sanity. She moaned aloud, echoing around the living room.

“Ohhh, ohhh! Ahhhh! Ah! Shit!” her body quivered and Michael felt her vagina tightened even more around his cock. In return, he made one hard push that almost made Samantha’s head hit the door. He pinched her nipples hard as it was now his turn to explode into a mind blowing orgasm. Michael shouted and groaned like a man in pain, but truth was he was going to collapse in deep pleasure. For a while, it felt like he was going to levitate in the extreme sensation. He shut his eyes tight, causing him go blind amidst the extreme pleasure.

As he finished filling his semen inside Samantha’s cunt, both of them fell down and tangled themselves on the floor. They were panting, breathing unevenly and hard. Michael kept his eyes closed, and his face twisted in pleasure as he felt the aftershocks of his orgasms claim his sanity.

Samantha crawled to him. With one hand, she toyed Michael’s cock, which was now wet with semen and tender after a hard fuck.

“You have a great cock there,” she licked the tip of it, and Michael flinched in the sensation. “I wanna fuck you some more,” Samantha’s mouth claimed Michael’s cock, and between the two of them began another wild episode for the morning.

Michael stayed there until noon, fucking Samantha until she was dry and they have run out of erections. She was a very wanton woman, but after a few hours she became sore with too much fucking. It was one hell of a day for Michael to lose his virginity, and he went to his work feeling gleeful and happy as he talked to his workmates. He told them about his sexcapades for the morning, and they toasted to his glories and held up their glasses of beer.

His experience with Samantha had awakened a sense within Michael, and now he was more aware with women and the sexual cues that they were sending him. At work, he had an extra air of confidence, and an ego that bragged to everyone how he made a slutty woman twist and turn on their first fuck together. For a virgin, Michael realized the intensity of his sexual powers. He was now overcoming his frustrations when he was just a young man. Now, everybody wanted to talk to him and get a few minutes of his time.

Michael was happy as ever when he came home and laid himself to bed. He felt like he was beginning a new life. For the first time, he didn’t have to jack off to sleep. Just the thought of having his orgasms for the day and sharing them with a hot woman sent him deeply into sleep. Michael never knew that sex could change a man’s life so suddenly.

When he got up for the next day, he didn’t even think about Samantha. She had just been a sex object anyway, someone that he used to spark his lusts and carnal desires. Besides, there are lot prettier woman than her and probably even better in bed. He didn’t mind her anymore, but only for now.

As he walked down their streets, going to school, Michael was still met with lusty gazes and some women greeting him a beautiful morning. He was confident as ever, like yesterday, but now he was fresher and even braver. Michael knew his capabilities and talents when it comes to bed. It is also most likely that Samantha had gossiped to her friends how much she enjoyed having sex with Michael. Like fire, everyone in the town will know about his reputation and his great skills.

Michael didn’t bother the women at his high school, because he wanted to look for more mature girls with fresher faces. He had already known almost everyone at his school. Luckily, he had a job that allowed him exposure to older, more mature women, who were only about 2-3 years above his age. They were ripe women, of course. They were experienced in bed, if not masters of pleasure, and they could surely match up Michael’s expectations. But above, they were also not the kids who have thought of Michael as a perpetual loser back when he was just a little boy.

Towards the end of his shift at the auto repair shop, Michael could no longer count the number of women who flirted with him and he flirted back. They were all beautiful, of course, and also rich with money and full of coins in their pockets. Many have asked Michael to go out and share a drink with them, but Michael was kinda picky when it comes to choosing women. If he was going to choose from an ocean of women, he’d rather have the best.

And so the one that caught his attention was a pair of twins. They were blondes like him, and they both wore they hair in the same way. They were identical twins with slender bodies, light tans, and pretty faces. Their makeup was a bit heavy, certainly painted on their face for a night out at the club.

When Michael first saw the twins, he was filled with desire for the two of them. Both pretty, the two of them also reeked with lust. One of them kept staring at the bulge of his pants as he wrote their records in the ledgers.

“I am Micah,” one said, “and I am Dianna,” the other said. Dianna was at the driver’s seat and discussed her car problems with Michael while Micah leaned forward and checked him out. She had pink highlights on her, and this was the only distinguishing point between the two girls, besides their clothes.

Micah eyed Michael’s face with lust and admiration. It could easily be said that she liked boys with broad bodies and sun tan like Michael’s. Her eyes were painted with smoky makeup, and her lips were a flamingo pink. She stared at Michael’s abs like she was looking at a menu in the restaurant.

Michael decided to break the tension and flirt them. “Would you like a some wine and other alcoholic beverages from the canteen? I can also get you some fine roast beef and tender chicken breasts,” he made a raspy breath and looked directly at Micah’s eyes. She looked at him back, and her lips twitched into a happy smile.

“I like the chicken breasts,” she said in a high pitched, throaty voice. Her voice was a little like her sister’s, too. “But I’ll also like some of those hard abs,” she chuckled as she pointed at Michael’s body. Micah tried to turn the situation into a funny lustful moment, but Michael was more than ready to pick these two girls up.

“I like offering myself to pretty ladies like yourselves,” he smiled at winked at them.

“You’re gorgeous,” Dianna said in a deeper voice. “I bet you get all sorts of women ruining their cars just to get a taste of your service,” she said seductively.

Michael caught the pun, and decided to toy with it. “Many women aspire that,” he said, leaning closer to them. Micah leaned even more forward to him to show the sparkle in her eyes. Michael continued, “but only women fine as you two are can enjoy my services,” his voice was raspy and deep. It was a clean lie of course. He was a virgin all his life only until yesterday.

“Come with us, then! You’re shift’s ending anyway, right?” Micah said in an excited voice. She was like a little teenager, charming and pretty, except that she was charming in a sexy, vicious way.

“We’re coming to the club, get us some drinks,” Dianna added. “If you can spare us some of your precious time, we’ll enjoy your company.” She grinned at him.

Michael leaned forward to give each of them a brief kiss in the mouth. “You girls are at my service. And the pleasure is mine.”

After a half hour of flirtations and introductions, Dianna and Micah’s car were finally fixed. They sped through the city highways, but not getting too far. They stopped at mid-class pub where there were drinkers of all sorts. Some were old, some were young, some were dressed and some were not. The lack of dress code partly explained the girls’ choice of pub. Coming from work, Michael wasn’t as well dressed as his company.

Dianna and Micah’s eyes glittered against the lights of the club. There was music for dancing, but they didn’t mind going to the floor. In front of them were a number of drinks, all paid for by Micah. Michael sat between the two blonde girls, and from a distance, he looked like a rich guy seated between two fond whores.

Dianna and Micah both wore tube tops, but Dianna’s was purple and Micah’s was black. It revealed the curve of their breasts, which were not overwhelmingly huge. One tit was just the right size to be cupped by one hand, and it also matched the frame of their tiny bodies. If they had been only several inches taller, they could’ve been models at the run way.

Dianna ran her hands along Michael’s thighs, which were spread apart beneath the table. Micah rubbed his chest. She had a fondness of guys with tough abs, just as she had mentioned earlier. The two girls conversed with Michael and simply enjoyed his company. He had nice stories to tell them, although most of it was fabricated. The girls cocked their head to one side with their “oohs” and “ahhs” while listening to Michael’s stories.

He was getting in the hang of drinking with women and telling proud stories, when suddenly, a familiar voice called to them.


The girls and Michael turned to one direction, and Michael’s story about being in a band when he was 14 was suddenly cut short. He narrowed his eyes to recognize the figure in front of him, and there he realized who it was.

It was no other than Samantha, the woman he’s been having sex with yesterday. She looked pale and haggard despite the lights of the club. Her hair hasn’t been combed and was tucked in a messy bun. She didn’t wear makeup, and her face looked like it hasn’t slept a couple of days. She wore only an old t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans that hung loose around her hips.

“You didn’t call me yesterday,” she said coolly. There was a grave edge in her voice. She stared hard at Michael, who was stricken with shock. Of course, he didn’t call her after they had sex at her house. As a matter of fact, he easily forgot her right after that day. All that mattered to him was losing his virginity.

And that explained why he was with a couple of pretty young women tonight. But he liked Micah and Dianna so much, he didn’t want to let them down. Compared to Samantha, who looked like a desperate housewife now, he preferred to be with the lovely strangers at his side. He wasn’t out of his wits yet!

Michael out on his most shocked at proud face, and asked. “Excuse me ma’am? I don’t understand what you’re saying.” He put both of his arms around Micah and Dianna, who snuggled closer to him. The girls stared at Samantha as if she was a strange, crazy woman.

Samantha began to open her mouth, but Michael continued speaking. “I think you’re mistaking me for another person, Miss. Why do you think I would have a reason to call you?” There was a chuckle in his voice, mocking her. He turned to one his right and kissed Micah’s lips. The two of them showed a bit of tongue from this open kiss. All the while, he kept his eyes at Samantha.

“I have fine women here, Miss. What makes you think I am going to go for you? You look like a wilted vegetable, please!”

Michael laughed as he ridiculed Samantha. Dianna and Micah also laughed with him. Dianna mouthed the words “pathetic bitch” to Samantha and shooed her off like she was a dog. Then they started stroking Michael’s body again, simply denying the existence of Samantha at their table.

In a moment’s time, Samantha was out of their table and was nowhere to be seen. But when Michael followed the sight of Samantha walking away, he saw that she was wiping her arms across her face. Perhaps, Samantha was crying.

For a minute he was worried about her, but the touch and kiss of Micah and Dianna easily erased Samantha from his mind. He continued conversing with them and telling stories that aroused their interests and made them more attracted to him. For that night, Michael had his worries aside and he had somehow become the cool kid that he wanted to be, at least in his stories.

Michael parted ways with Dianna and Micah with a promise that they will see each other again. They had been quite too drunk with their drinks, and Micah told him they wouldn’t want sloppy sex with a gorgeous man like him. Luckily, they were just fine enough to drive despite the alcohol. Michael considered Micah and Dianna as one of his good friends, and they frequently visited him at his workplace, constantly dragging him to parties and other wild stuff.

Over the months, Michael’s social life and sex life grew large around him. His charisma and charm with women did most of the work. Although he didn’t have enough money in his purse, he found a way to get women buying drinks for him. They rented the hotel rooms to spend a night with him. All that Michael had to do was to spread the girl’s legs and fuck their pussies. He had tasted so many kinds of women, and over the months he has lost control.

But whenever he came home, the bits of reality would kick the back of his head. His mother was very much pregnant already, and he was still in poor terms with his father. He hadn’t been able to provide for his family anymore since he started going out with women and whoring with them. The money he earned at the auto repair shop was spent in buying clothes, perfume, and some gifts from women.

Whenever he also laid to rest, there was one woman who popped at the back of his head. Women and girls came in and out of his life, but he couldn’t seem to forget Samantha. She was his first woman, after all. He remembered her not in the way that ladies thought about their very first lovers, but there was a hint of guilt that killed Michael from the inside. She had been generous to him when they first met and had sex, but he repaid her by shaming her in front of other women.

Some days, Michael would spend hours sitting by the porch of their house, overlooking the entire street and see if Samantha would magically appear. He remembered that day when she rushed to his side and laced her arm around his. She had very beautiful legs, soft skin, and she sounded like a dove when she moaned and gasped to his kisses. Sometimes, the thought of it kills him.

After more than half a year of being with a different woman almost every other night, Michael soon realized the insanity of it. Sometimes, he couldn’t feel the pleasure anymore. The women never stayed in his life. They all come away as easily as they went away. The taste of them had drunken his senses, but now it felt like he was having the biggest sexual hangover of his life. He was filled with so much sexual desires and experiences, it almost saturated him.

Michael didn’t feel the months and days pass by, until it was his mother’s day of giving birth to a daughter. Michael’s neighbors had only told it to them when he finally came home from work. He rushed to the hospital, and he was relieved to see that his mother was fine and the baby girl was healthy. When he looked at her tiny features and angelic face, Michael once again felt the frustration kick at his guts. Then he realized that the months he spent didn’t actually help him heal his childhood wounds. They were only worsened now.

More than ever, Michael didn’t know how to be a good brother.

But he tried to make up for it by working hard and giving most of his salary to his parents. His mother was thankful that he was finally helping them with their finances. At this point, Michael realized how much he had disappointed his mother by never coming home and disappearing for a set of days.

After a few weeks, things were just getting well for Michael. He was learning that he could, maybe, deal with his little sister. And he could also have the option of just leaving home so that he wouldn’t have to deal with it. But one day, his father’s illness got worse.

His mother told Michael that they will be going to another state, so that his Dad could be treated by special doctors. Of course, his mom wouldn’t be able to take Michael’s little sister with him. At first he was shocked, not knowing what to say. He couldn’t take care of his little sister.

“Don’t worry, Michael. A good lady from the health center has volunteered to babysit your sister for a week.” She smiled at her son. Deep in her she knew that Michael was in fact concerned about his sister. “I hope you could stay here in the house and make sure your little sister is taken care of.”

“Sure, mom. I’ll extend whatever help that I could give.”

In three days, his parents have finished packing for their trip to Washington. It was a rainy afternoon when Michael stayed at home and took a day off from work. His baby sister was wrapped in a crib, and his mother gave her last kisses for the baby.

“Sam knows what I have provided for the baby,” his mother said in some of her last goodbyes. “Just show her way around the house, and make her feel at home. She also studies in your school, so you probably know her.”

Michael felt a growing tension and nervous feeling inside his gut. He tried to hid it, but minutes later he was choking with excitement and tension. He suddenly wished that he took a shift at the auto repair shop.

The door bell rang. His mother quickly scrambled to the door, letting him take hold of his little sister.

Full of anxiety, Michael turned his sight from the doorway. He pretended to watch television, but his consciousness and alertness was focused by the doorway.

“Sam! You’re here! God bless you sweetheart,”

“Hello, Auntie Mae.”

The sound of her voice stirred complicated emotions within Michael. He felt excited, happy, nervous, and regretful at the same time. Instead of fidgeting, he focused on carrying his little sister and pretending to watch tv.

“Michael!” his mother called to him. It sounded like doom in his ears. When he wouldn’t turn to their direction, pretending that he didn’t hear, her mother escorted Sam to where he was seated.

When she was just barely three feet away from him, Michael had no choice but to look up and meet Samantha’s eyes. His heart leaped from his chest. “Hello, Samantha,” his voice came from a hollow throat. Grains of sweat formed at his forehead.

“Hi, Michael. I haven’t seen you in a while,” she said coolly. Samantha smiled. There was sweetness and warmth in her voice. She wasn’t the same Samantha that Michael had embarrassed in the pub months ago. Besides the fact that she has cut her hair short, and she wore light makeup today, Samantha didn’t have a hint of regret, anger, or contempt in her eyes. She even had the guts to wear short, torn up shorts, and an off-shoulder blouse that exposed her soft and beautiful shoulders. Now that she was standing in front of him, she was five times prettier than Dianna and Micah from many months ago.

“Make yourself at home, Samantha,” Michael smiled at her. There was less tension in his voice now, as if the sight of her had tranquilized the worry and pain inside him.

“We’re going to miss the train now,” his mother cut in. Michael and Samantha turned to her. “I hope the two of you take good care of the baby.” She touched the sleeping baby’s forehead once more, and then she went to the door with her husband. Behind the door, Samantha and Michael waved goodbye at them.

When the door was closed, tension filled the room again. It was only Michael and Samantha inside, and of course a little innocent soul of an infant.

They were silent for a second, then Samantha said, “Oh, let me have her and put her in the crib.” She went closer to Michael, their skin touching together as Michael handed her the baby in his arms. He smelled the light perfume on her neck.

When their eyes met, it was a breathtaking experience. Michael could swear that time stopped right then and there. He had a hundred questions to ask Samantha, but he couldn’t say them aloud.

Samantha took the baby in her arms and put it in the crib. It was sleeping silently, almost like an angel. She took a seat in the sturdy sofa, looking everywhere but Michael’s direction.

They spend the night like this, in an anxious atmosphere. They didn’t speak to each other, unless it concerned the baby or some immediate matters. It was made clear that Samantha will stay in his parents room, because the crib could fit there.

In the middle of the night, Michael couldn’t sleep. The idea that Samantha was just in the next room made his body ache and twist in the sheets. He wanted to talk to her, but it seemed like she has forgotten everything about him. The only resolve that Michael could resort to was to think of the fact that she was a babysitter in his house, and not his personal guest.

Unable to sleep, Michael stood up from the bed and decided to take a drink in the kitchen. He only wore a pair of boxer shorts, comfortable enough in his own home.

As he took a glass of cold water, he heard some trickling noise coming from the bathroom. To his right, he saw that the lights were turned on from there.

Since it could only be Samantha at the comfort room, Michael decided to take a peek. He felt sexual tension and desire burning inside him, instead of just plain curiosity.

The door of the bathroom was slightly opened. Of course, Samantha had to be alert in case the baby suddenly cries and needs her attention. She also was able to take a bath only in the middle of the night, when the baby was deeply asleep.

Michael was able to see her and watch her through the crack at the door. Their bathroom was just small, so Samantha’s body was particularly closer to his eyes.

Samantha was washing her hair when he decided to take peek. Her naked body was full of soap and bubbles. Unlike when they first met, Samantha’s body was leaner now. Her arms were skinnier but her legs remained smooth and slender. She had cut her hair short, which gave him the better opportunity to see her round breasts. They were still round and bouncy. Although Samantha lost weight, her boobs remained large. They were still a handful of flesh.

While looking at her body, Michael began to feel a bulge in his boxer shorts. His cock was now getting hard at the sight of Samantha’s beautiful body. Then Samantha turned the shower on and bits of water came pouring down her body. It was so sensual and erotic, Michael found himself reaching inside his boxers to grab his cock.

Samantha’s hands went all over her body, and she did it slowly, almost as if she was performing a strip tease dance. Her hands cupped her breasts and teased her nipples. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, letting some water fall into it. Her slender fingers made their way along her long legs and on the insides of her thighs. Then, it stopped between her legs.

Samantha leaned by the bathroom wall and she raised up one leg on the toilet bowl. From his angle, Michael could see the babysitter’s pussy between her legs. She touched her boobs and one of her thighs, allowing him to see the beautiful sight of her body and exposed cunt. Inside his pants, Michael’s hands began to quickly move around his cock.

But when she heard a noise come out of the room, a baby’s cry, Samantha’s eyes flew open and she quickly turned off the shower. She grabbed a towel quickly and wrapped it around herself.

Michael quickly scrambled away and went to his room. There, he heard Samantha attend to her babysitting. She put the baby in her arms and cradled it. He even heard her singing some lullabyes. But all through this, his cock remained erect, and he didn’t know what to do with it. He hasn’t had a woman for about two weeks now, and it was aching to have a taste of some pussy.

When the noises in the other room have subsided, Michael pushed all his worries aside and bravely opened the door. He saw Samantha seated on the bed, cradling the baby in her arms. Samantha was still unclothed, as she had to tend to the baby immediately.

“Oh my god!” Samantha exclaimed as she met Michael’s eyes, in surprise. “What are you doing here?” she hissed as silently as she could so as not to wake the baby.

Michael only stared at her as she put down the baby on the crib. When Samantha has settled the baby, Michael walked towards her, grabbing her waist and pulling her close to him.

She couldn’t shout because the baby might awaken. Samantha tried to free from Michael’s grip, but he was too strong. His mouth crushed against her neck, sending her hot sensations around her body. Samantha was naked, and her skin was still cool from the shower. But Michael’s body was hot, full of desire, and she could feel his large erection struggling inside a thin piece of boxer shorts.

“Michael stop! Stop!” Samantha tried to push him away, but he didn’t move away. To shut her mouth, Michael kissed her with his tongue.

Michael was an undeniably good kisser, and Samantha soon fell under the influence of his skilled mouth. She let him suck her lips and bite some of it, and Samantha wrapped her arms around his head. Michael’s hands rubbed her breasts and slid down to her sides. His strong hands grabbed her buttocks and squeezed her firm ass. Samantha rubbed her legs against him, grinding her hips against his.

In a quick move, Michael pulled down his boxers and pressed his erection on Samantha’s belly. It was a warm contrast to her cool skin.

“Oh, Michael,” Samantha exclaimed as she felt his flesh against her. “I missed you, I want you so much,” she whispered.

Samantha’s words made Michael even hotter. Now he knew why she came back to his life, and why she volunteered to be a babysitter. She wanted to get a taste of him, in the end.

“I missed you too, Samantha,” Michael whispered to her ear then licked it.

He grabbed Samantha’s thighs and pulled her up. He carried her to one side of the room and pinned her on the wall. Samantha kissed Michael’s mouth with burning desire and passion, as he made his way between the two of them. They grinded against each other for a moment, savoring the feeling of their skin touching together.

Michael felt the heat between Samantha’s legs. It was also wet, and sticky, and very much ready for him. The feeling drove him mad, but he wanted Samantha to be the one begging for him.

When she couldn’t take the heat any longer, Samantha reached out between them and grabbed Michael’s cock. She quickly guided its way to her fuck hole, and both of them made a loud gasp as their flesh clicked together.

“Oh my god, Michael, Oh!” She buried her face on Michael’s shoulder as she felt him go deep inside her. He nailed her to the wall and pushed her there, his cock going to the deepest parts of her vagina. To keep herself from shouting and waking up the baby, Samantha bit hard on Michael’s shoulder.

“You’re so tight, Samantha,” he whispered to her ear. The feeling of her pussy lips clenching his cock was amazing. She was sweet, warm, and was very eager to have him. Of all the women he has fucked, Samanta was the most willing, the most hungry for him.

Samantha’s body tensed and Michael felt her legs go stiff with each of his hard thrusts. He knew that something was already exploding inside Samantha. He wanted to give her an explosive orgasm that will shatter her senses. He went faster faster and faster, deeper and deeper, until the walls behind them shook. He grabbed her ass even harder until he heard a muffled scream from Samantha’s throat. She gritted through her teeth as she felt her hips explode. Her legs squeezed Michael’s buttocks to make him dig deeper into her.

“Ohh, my god!! Ohhh!” Samantha’s cries were only slightly louder than a whisper, careful not to wake the sleeping baby.

When her body went limp after an orgasm, Michael changed his position and put her on the floor instead. He knelt in front of her and tilted his hips from the floor. Michael took both of her legs and pulled her close to him. before starting to fuck her again, Michael took the chance to glance through Samantha’s entire body. He could never get enough at the sight of her large breasts with pinkish tits. She still had a piercing on her navel, and her pubic hair was still trimmed into soft stubbles.

Her face looked tired, but it was flush with desire. Her cheeks were rosy after having a sexual eruption. Her lips were only slightly parted, and when Michael put two of his fingers inside her fuck hole, her lips parted wide.

Michael enjoyed the look on her face. Unable to scream for fear that the baby will wake up, she just let huge amounts of air escape her throat and she sighed. Michael wanted to see how far she could go, controlling her sounds. He wriggled two of his fingers inside her, and he pushed one thumb on Samantha’s clitoris. Her hips raised up from the floor because of the pleasure. Michael didn’t stop and he continued to finger fuck her as she laid on the floor.

“Oh, Oh, Ohhhh!” Samantha controlled the sounds from her mouth, but she was now whimpering because of the sexual tension. Her face was now redder and looking hotter than before. Michael could tell that she was about to explode once more. But nothing was so much more beautiful than the sight of a woman making her way to a sweet and glorious orgasm.

His cock was beginning to throb in intense desire. Michael grabbed both of Samantha’s legs and out her cock inside her dripping wet cunt. It slid so easily inside her, almost effortlessly. Michael began to thrust in and out of her vagina, marveling at the sight of Samantha being fucked.

Michael’s mouth was open and his tongue was sticking out as he looked at Samantha, laying on the floor and getting fucked mercilessly. His throbbing large cock went in and out of her red and already-swollen vagina. Her pussy lips were so wet and they shone pink against the light of the room. His cock went in and out of it, and he loved the sight of her cunt rub against the shaft of his flesh.

As he pounded her body, Samantha’s large breasts bounced from her chest. They rippled like wild rivers and her tits pointed to different directions. Sometimes they moved sideways, sometimes up and down. They were teasing his hands to grab hold of them and make them stay in one place.

So, for a brief moment, Michael let go of her legs and put them near her chest to squeeze her tits and put them together. They formed a deep and long cleavage. The sight of her pink tits pointing upwards made Michael extremely hot and savagely wild. He was starting to feel his orgasm build up inside him.

He grabbed her legs again and focused on Samantha’s cunt instead. He stared at his cock as it became a blur, moving swiftly and quickly around Samantha’s fuck hole. Then, after a few pumps, his orgasm struck him like lightning. His eyes shut tight and a wild groan escaped from his mouth. his body felt like it was going to shatter into a thousand bits. And just in time, Michael pulled off his cock and let his semen squirt all around Samantha’s body. Some of it were on her breasts, tummy, and a few drops of it also fell from her mouth.

Michael took several deep breaths as he settled himself. He felt tired as a horse, but his body was trembling and shaking with so much pleasure. Every muscle in his body tingled and glowed with the pleasure of his orgasm.

On the floor, Samantha made small movements to sit properly on the floor. Her joints felt painful because of the way Michael had grabbed her. Her knees felt weak after she has orgasmed for several times. Samantha’s mind was spinning in great pleasure that almost tormented her. But still, in the back of her mind, she thought about the child that she had to babysit.

Without a word, Samantha picked up one of the baby’s towels and she wiped off the semen from her body. She didn’t look at Michael, as if she felt ashamed at what she has done. She turned her back against him. In a corner of the room, she quickly scrambled for clothes in her bags. When she finished wearing her clothes, Michael was nowhere to be seen from the room. She glanced at the baby, which was still deeply asleep.

She went out of the room and decided that she wanted to confront Michael. Although her legs were still jelly and weak from their sexual encounter, Samantha felt strong enough deep inside her.

Michael was drinking water from the kitchen when Samantha approached him. She went close to him, hesitating, when Michael suddenly grabbed her and locked her in his arms. He was silent for a moment, but Samantha eagerly hugged him back.

“I’m sorry for being a bastard back then,” Michael said, pulling apart just a little from Samantha. She met his eyes.

“I understand, and I’m also sorry for being a bitch back when we were kids,” she smiled at him. Samantha looked at Michael’s gray eyes, and for a moment she could see once again the lonely, wimpy child that everyone at the school avoided. She had been one of the mean kids who treated Michael with contempt. But now, they understood each other.

“Where have you been?” Michael asked her. He was referring to the times when he waited at the porch for hours, hoping to catch a glimpse of her.

“I was trying to get an internship at the medical center,” she grinned. “I wanted to get back in your life so bad. And when I heard that your mother was going to have a baby, I needed to make sure that I’ll be able to babysit for some time.”

They smiled at each other, then shared a long, passionate kiss until a baby cried from one of the rooms.


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