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Literotica: The Ebony Lover

Abigail is sick from the flu. Friendless and without family, she is bored on her hospital bed. Luckily, her nurse is an angelic and lovable one, despite their differences in color, race, and lifestyle. He nurses her, brings happiness to her life, and sparks the sexual desires of her womanhood.

Abigail stared at the white ceiling of the public ward. It was a dirty white, and some cracks were forming from the old white paint of the ceiling. The ward was filled with dozens of patients. It echoed with the silent noises and murmurs of the other patients, who were all bored and feeling hopeless just like her. Some patients cried because of the ache of their injuries and the pain of their diseases. Some were having the same flu that she was having, and their friends and families grieved with hopelessness at their side. There was no one beside Abigail. She imagined that there were a bunch of roses or a basket of fruits on her bedside table.

She didn’t intend to be there. For the most part, she didn’t intend to catch the flu and feel helpless and weak. Abigail was used to being strong and swift. You can see it in the way her firm muscles tensed beneath her dark skin, whenever she moved and carried a tray of food in Samwill’s. Her legs were made for running. Abigail was a big, dark woman, whose skin was ebony dark but was smooth as a petal of rose. She had supple and round breasts that swelled from her broad chest. Abigail’s waist was small in contrast, and she had hips that the men could hardly get their eyes off.

Abigail was made to be a strong woman, firm and supple. In her twenty-five years of existence, the last time that she felt helpless was during her last years in the foster house. She spent her childhood days moving from one house to another. Abigail always tried to find a good home, which would nurse and take care of a dark-skinned, orphan girl like her.

She was a resilient woman. If you’d see Abigail for the first time, you might think that she was a timid person, hardly able to find the words that she meant to say. But this wasn’t the truth about her. The silence that enveloped her personality was due to her grace and elegance. Her face was a charming one, with pretty eyes and a soft-spoken mouth. She was a like a stallion. Dark, large, strong, but she was also elegant, firm, and graceful.

The sound of footsteps approaching her bed caught her attention. Abigail’s eyes moved to a corner in the room. She saw some nurses checking in on the other patients. The nurses conversed and talked to the friends and families of the other patients. Abigail worried about what the nurses might think about her, if they saw a black, friendless woman, sick and alone on a hospital bed. Most of the nurses in the public hospital were white. Abigail simply closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. She didn’t want to see sympathy, contempt, and discrimination all rolled into one glance.

The sounds of the footsteps were persistent. They stopped at the edge of her bed.

“Ma’am? Miss Abigail?”

It was the sound of a young man. She didn’t see it from her eyes, but she could tell it from her ears. His voice was a soothing kind of voice, like the voice of a father to his newborn son. It was gentle, calculating, and careful not to distract her. Abigail had never heard a voice as beautiful and tender as his. It was like the voice of an angel.

He called once more. “Can you please wake for a second, Miss?” He probably knew that she was pretending to sleep. Nurses could tell this, since they were always around with people who were genuinely asleep. A patient, pretending to sleep, would infuriate any nurse in the world. It was a waste of time to deal with them. Abigail knew this, because she also hated customers who pretended to choose from the menu.

She opened her eyes before he could say another word. Abigail was slightly blinded by the sudden flash of light on her vision. But, the beautiful sight of the man looking down on her was the more overwhelming one. If his voice sounded angelic, bright, and soft, his face looked even more pristine. His face was young and smooth. It was a beautifully-shaped oval face, clean-shaven, and the outlines of his cheeks and chin were very smooth. He had pale blue eyes, a sweet pair of cherry-colored lips, and a halo of blonde hair on his head. He was a very lovely man. She couldn’t help but look at the name-plate attached to his chest.

He smiled at her. “How are you feeling, ma’am?”

Again, she heard that patient, soft and gentle voice that warmed her frigid heart and melted it. Her heart squirmed inside her chest. Abigail couldn’t believe that this man, this stranger, could have such a strong effect on her. It was the first time that she could say she was captivated. When his eyes and lips smiled at her, and when he spoke with a voice that was full of love and concern, Abigail felt a feeling of warmth that she had never felt before in her life.

“I feel fine.” Abigail said with a silvery, slightly broken, breathy voice. It also had a thick accent.

The nurse, named Chris, smiled and nodded at Abigail. “Let’s check your vital signs, Miss Abigail.”

She moved from the bed, lifting up herself to a seated position. Abigail groaned when she felt her head spin after a sudden move. Her face crumpled and her temple ached. Quickly and cautiously, Chris bent closer to her and helped her move around the bed. He held her elbows and lifted her up until she was comfortably seated on the bed.

When their skins touched, Abigail noticed how feverish her skin was compared to Chris’. His skin was cool and soft, with soft blonde hairs growing on it. She was very dark compared to him. They were almost night and day in contrast to each other. Abigail suddenly felt embarrassed and ashamed of her secret admiration for this milky-colored man. Although there were already a lot of black and white couples in the city, it was still frowned upon for a fair and beautiful man like Chris to have an ebony lover such as Abigail. The fact that he was a professional nurse, and that she was just a waitress, was enough matter to frown upon.

She tried to convince herself that it was wrong to be attracted to him. But Chris moved around with such care and grace around her, like he passionately wanted to love her and nurse her. Abigail told herself that, maybe, Chris was just like this with the other patients. Maybe he was simply sweet. Maybe he was just charming. And she was just another patient who had a crush on him.

While he said goodbye after checking her temperature, blood pressure, and the IV hose connected to her veins, Chris gave her such a beautiful smile that she couldn’t resist. Abigail smiled, half out of courtesy, half out of attraction and feelings for him. When the door closed and the other nurses exited the ward, Abigail felt like the entire atmosphere had changed around her. She felt giddy, warm and happy inside, and she could only wait for the next time that he would enter the ward.

A few hours later, she did see him again. Chris came to her bed, nursed her, and gave her food and medicine. His voice sounded angelic and saintly as he gave her instructions on how to take the medicine. Chris always told her to get well soon, and that she would overcome the flu if she fought it. And always, whenever he said hello and he said goodbye, he gave her the same charming smile, which Abigail happily returned.

But still, she hid her admiration from Chris. Abigail always kept her eyes at the foot of her bed whenever she heard footsteps coming close. She didn’t want him to see her happily and excitedly waiting for him. Abigail still felt embarrassed about her feelings for this white man. But, whenever she looked up, she always hoped to see Chris’ lovely face and beautiful smile. He was the only one who came to her, anyway.

After three days in the ward, Abigail began to wonder if Chris did realize her lack of friends and family. Unlike other patients, she didn’t have fruits and flowers on the bedside table. She didn’t have visitors. There was no one to talk to. Did Chris realize this? Did he fail to see the emptiness and the loneliness surrounding her? Was he simply a pretentious man?

It hurt her to think about it. It was early in the morning, and thoughts like these tend to ruin the day. So, Abigail just decided to stare at the silent wall and stop thinking about Chris. She went still for a few seconds. In the midst of silence, her ears perked up when she heard footsteps coming close. Contrary to what she meant to, Abigail quickly turned to the door and saw Chris approaching her. He smiled when their gazes met. Her face burned. She wondered why he was there so early.

“How are you feeling, Abigail?”

She couldn’t help but look at his clothes. Chris wasn’t wearing his uniform. Chris wore a pair of denim pants, unpolished rubber shoes, and a neat checkered polo with blue and white colors. His hair was combed in a different way, and she could tell that he had put some wax on his blonde hair.

“I am feeling well, Chris.” Abigail looked intensely at him. He looked more beautiful in civilian clothes. But still, he was as gentle and angelic as before.

“Why aren’t you wearing your uniform?” She managed to bravely ask.

Chris chuckled. “Because it’s my day off.” He came closer to her bed and looked down on her. His eyes looked at her with warmth and love. “And since I’m free from work and other patients today, I can take you for a stroll outside and stay at your bedside. Alright? What do you say, Abigail?”

Her heart melted, drummed, and screamed inside her chest all at the same time. She couldn’t believe it! She felt like a high school nerd who was being taken to prom by the hottest guy in her class. The experience was beyond belief, and it was a rare opportunity. Abigail’s cheeks blushed, and her lips made a shy smile.

It was the most beautiful day of her life. Abigail and Chris strolled along the hospital gardens, ate at the beautiful restaurants scattered along the hospital compound, and they shared lovely conversations on the park benches of the hospital. They clicked almost instantly, and both of them were very confident with each other. They talked and conversed like good old high school friends. They laughed at each other’s jokes and stories. In the brief time that they spent together, it was clear that the two of them could share more than just a happy day.

Chris managed to get inside her heart. When he asked, Abigail didn’t hesitate to tell him that she was a waitress, orphaned woman, and relatively friendless at twenty-five. She wasn’t ashamed. She told him about her frustrations, aspirations, dreams, and hopes in life. Chris showed nothing but respect and admiration for such a strong woman like her. He told Abigail that he had been a wealthy merchant’s son all his life, and his greatest struggle was finding a place where he could belong and completely express himself.

Abigail smiled at Chris and she touched his hand. She told him that he would always belong with her. He could always count on her, and he could freely express himself around her. She was a friend that he would always have. Her eyes were full of sincerity and warmth. In response, Chris smiled at her and touched her cheeks. He looked warmly into her eyes for almost an entire minute, before giving her a gentle kiss on the lips.

Her world stopped. It was Abigail’s first kiss. She never expected that it would feel as sweet and romantic as this. Her heart skipped inside her chest. Abigail’s lips moved on their own. She brushed against Chris’ soft lips and returned the sweet passion of his kiss. It was a very light kiss, but the effect was very intense on Abigail. When they parted, she gasped for breath, and she was already feeling a distinctive heat between her legs.

He took her to his arms. Chris rubbed Abigail’s back and told her that she meant a lot to him. She hugged him back, and her heart melted once again inside her chest. Abigail could hardly believe that her life could be as sweet as this. It lingered for a while. When they pulled away and their eyes met, Abigail asked why Chris had chosen to feel like this for her.

“I don’t know,” he said with an innocent smile. “When I first saw you on your bed, pretending to sleep and just let the world spin away, I just knew that you were the person I should be with. I just felt that I wanted to care for you, hold you, and love you. Plus, I really thought that you were beautiful.”

Abigail blushed and told him to cut off the flattery. But, Chris merely glanced at her with hot eyes. His reddish cheeks showed that he was indeed sincere. She looked down at her feet, and then decided to ask him a significant question.

“Aren’t you discouraged, because I’m a black woman?” She asked silently.

“What are you saying?” he gently said, with a very slight hint of reproach. He touched her shoulders. “It doesn’t matter to me if you are white, dark, brown, or yellow for the heck of it.” He kissed her forehead. “I don’t care what people say if I have chosen you. The only thing that matters is what I feel for you. I love you, Abigail.”

Tears began to form around the corner of her eyes. “I love you too, Chris.”

In the next few days, Abigail’s health improved. The doctors made clear that she could get out of the hospital soon. She told Chris that she wished she could stay, but he said that she was silly for thinking like that. He was happy now that she was cured of the flu. Chris promised that he would visit her almost every day, and he would come to her work at Samwill’s and buy a drink for her.

He stayed true to his promises. Every night, before or after his shift, Chris would pay a visit to Abigail’s workplace. They would chat for a while, and he would buy drinks for and from her. Abigail’s improved health had also made her more vigorous, energetic, and lively than before. Back at the hospital, she was sheepish around Chris and could hardly hold his hand. But now, she laughed a little more loudly, was a little naughty around Chris, and sometimes she was the one who called him for some “private moments” together.

One night, after a heavy make out session by the parking lot, Abigail asked Chris if he would prefer her sick, timid and shy self, or her vigorous, lively, and sexy self. He just laughed at her and said that he would love her and prefer her, even if she’d become as wild and untamed as a wolf. He was also happy to have a very energetic and charged lover such as Abigail.

She looked intensely into his eyes, teasing him, bringing to life his hidden lust and desire. In a very seductive whisper, Abigail asked Chris if he was willing to go all the way with her, right then and there. Abigail’s arms were wrapped around his neck, and there was no escaping the venom of her sexy gazes and the naughtiness of her mouth. Before Chris had the chance to speak, Abigail kissed him and entered her tongue between his lips. Chris didn’t relent. He also moved his lips and tongue in harmony with Abigail, deepening the kiss and awaking the flames inside their bodies.

His pale hands moved along her dark and firm thighs. Chris pulled up her skirt and cupped her solid butt cheek with one hand. It was very firm and large; he could hardly cup it with his palm and fingers. He was enjoying every bit whenever his fingers dug onto her fleshy ass. His other hand squeezed and touched Abigail’s breast through her shirt. Her mounds were also a handful, but he could feel her large tits tensed through the fabric of her shirt.

They moved to the backseat of the car. Abigail sat on Chris’ lap, and her legs were wrapped around his waist. Quickly, she pulled up her shirt and brassier, exposing her glorious, half-naked body to Chris. Abigail smiled at him and told him that she was only his. She held and grabbed his hair while Chris licked her breasts and sucked her nipples. Abigail’s head leaned back, and she opened her mouth into a gasp from the pleasure on her breasts.

The pleasure was intense. It was enough to drive them delirious and forget about the moment. Between her thighs, Abigail’s heat and juices were already flowing. She wanted him inside him, and she wanted to feel his cock inside her walls. Her quick hands reached between their bodies and proceeded to unzip and unbutton Chris’ pants. Abigail did it in a fraction of a second. Before he knew it, Chris’ hard cock was already out of his pants, making its way inside Abigail’s soft and tight pussy.

She rocked him hard, going up and down his thighs relentlessly. She felt the head of his penis stimulate the sweetest spots inside her pussy. Abigail’s clitoris brushed against his body, intensifying the sensation. They both moaned and grabbed each other, moving towards an orgasm that would shatter their bodies together. Chris grabbed Abigail’s hips, pushing her even harder against him, feeling every inch of her warm and tight walls clenching his cock. They were getting closer with each move, and it was heaven when they got there.

They came together and screamed inside the car. Abigail buried her face on Chris’ cheek. She moaned against his ears and let him feel the warmth of her breathy gasps. He poured his semen inside her, and together they felt the throbs and pumps of his huge cock. Both of them were drenched in sweat. When their orgasms subsided, Chris and Abigail locked their lips in a passionate kiss. Their hands explored each other once more. They were black and white figures inside the car, moving, twisting in a dance of love.


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