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Literotica: A Backyard Experience

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I’m a 35 year old woman. Married with no kids, not yet anyway. I live in suburbia. I’m not very special. I have what they call a “normal” face. A face that’s easy to forget. My hair is curly and falls to my shoulders. I run for almost an hour every morning and are quite fit. My husband and I have been married for seven years now. We like each other, but the spice has left our relationship. Nothing special there either.

Over the street across from our garden lives a family with two children. We don’t speak much, just say hello when we meet and occasionally we exchange pleasantries over the fence when we do the gardening.

This spring, life has made a turn that is making me very upset. It all started four months ago in early spring when I was outside helping the garden come back to life after the winter. I was on my knees tending a rose bush when I heard a sound behind me. I looked around and didn’t see anything. I continued my work. I heard the sound again, almost like a sigh. I turn around again. And this time I saw him.

A boy was standing on the other side of the fence looking at me. I smiled at him “Hi there, nice day”. Then I saw the strange flushed look in his face, stood up and walked towards him “Are everything all right Ken?” Ken was the neighbor’s son. He was short and skinny. I can earnestly say I cannot remember having seen him before, but I know I must have. He has been living on the other side of the street all his eighteen years and five of the last I have been living here. So lets say he up to this moment had not made any impression on me. That was to change.

When I approached him I saw that he was trying to hide something from me. I remember I fleetingly wondered why he was trying to hide his baseball bat and why he had stopped by my fence to do that.

Due to the hot weather he was dressed in long basketball shorts and a tee-shirt. Now he stood pressed against my fence clutching a baseball bat he had put underneath his tee-shirt. His mouth was open as if he tried to speak, but only sounds came out. “What is the matter Ken” I said while I put a hand on his shoulder over the fence.

As I did, three things happened. First, Ken lowered his gaze from my eyes and stared right in front of him. Then Ken made the strange sound again, tugged on his baseball bat, it twitched in his hands and a large black stain started to spread over his tee-shirt. Then I got hit by a smell and then a realization so strong I almost fell to my knees.

In a split second I understood what was happening. When I do the garden in the early spring I put on a coverall to protect my clothes from the mud. This time it was uncommonly warm so I had just put on the coverall and no clothes underneath. The coverall has holes in it, it has a tear in the back and in the front.

Ken had been looking at my backside and he had a free view to my hairy pussy. Just now he was looking at my left breasts through the tear in the fabric and the baseball bat he is clutching so tightly was an enormous cock that just now was gushing semen.

Maybe it was the smell, the combination of the smell of dirt and the strong smell of semen. The situation was overpowering. My mind filled with furious fucking. I had an urge to throw myself on my knees, press my face to the ground and offer up my pussy. I saw myself sucking his tool, semen all over my face, I saw myself throwing myself at him with abandon and pleasure.

I think “oh god” was the only thing I said, and I think the moment passed quite fast. At least Ken was still gushing semen when I started to come to my senses. When I looked up from the shape under his shirt and met his gaze, I became acutely aware that I held on to his shoulder very firmly with my right hand while the fingers of my left hand were sunk deeply into my pussy.

I was obviously crazed, because I said: “But Ken, you must not carry your milkshake under your tee-shirt. See what a mess you make”. And then, as if to indicate how stupid this was, I grabbed his cock with my right hand and shook it slowly while I caressed his face with my other hand, smearing him with pussy juices.

He closed his eyes and pressed his face towards my hand. I knew then that I had to break this contact immediately or we would be fucking on the street in ten seconds. I let go of him, stammered something like “I, I, want, I love, Ken you have such a big boy, I mean nice, bush, I have some bushes to do..” And with that I turned around and went straight to the nearest flower bed that was right in Ken’s sight and fell down on my knees, spread my legs and looked very intently at flowers close to the ground, while I offered Ken the best imaginable view of my hairy, swollen count.

It took almost twenty minutes before Ken left. I was posed on my knees, completely still, during the whole period. Or, not completely. My pussy twitched and I hyperventilated the two times I came and the last time I fell to the ground.

But, apart from that, I did not move a muscle. I came the first time when a gust of wind made my pussy hair shiver and at the same time I felt the strong smell of semen from the boy. I think Ken new I came because I heard him make his sounds almost immediately.

The second time I came was when the stray dog smelled me. First he smelled my face, then my hands, and then he went behind me. I heard Ken sound as he was about to explode again. Then I felt the dog sniffing my thigh. When it muzzled and probed my count with its cold snout, lapping up juices with its long wet, tongue, I came instantly. This time I fell to the ground. The dog didn’t mind. It must have licked me at least two minutes before it left for other adventures. I came almost continually while it licked me. Ken left shortly afterwards. I don’t know how many times he came. I was able to collect myself and get into the house.

My life has changed after this incident.

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