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Adventures of Anthea (Part 3)

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Spark or the horniness?

Had a poor convergence of circumstances happen to me starting this week. Rock left to go on a business trip and Rebound much too why I nicknamed him Rebound found a girl he is infatuated with and therefore will no longer use my body for his sexual needs until next time he is completely single.

Shock said he would try to come over sometime this week but I could tell from the words he sounded like I should not hold my breath. On top of that I have various regular stuff that has a lot of my time this week that even if I got the desire to go out looking for a good time is somewhat limited and I try to be careful in doing that.


I am not a Craiglist type slut. I feel I am often torn between the two realms, the group that takes their time and lays a foundation before partaking in sexual pleasures with others and the adrenaline need now quick and basically anonymous. I refuse to do the place an ad and meet, fuck and go our separate way thing. Too close to my history and battle with sexual compulsion and safety issues. I think people get behind their computer and lie too often that without meeting them off guard or take the time to see them when they let their guard down you are really throwing the dice.


Now I am not judging those who do this even remotely. I have a long list that will continue to get longer of all the quick spontaneous blows and fucks I have done and many more picking up a person and into a bed with them shortly there after maybe an hour or so of talk. I know that in the end that this is just splitting hairs.


But I like and feel more comfortable with out there meeting first then turning it into something sexual over the gearing sexual and just that only or ending up sexually after meeting them but where both have invested in making it sexual. There is some pressure in that to me at least.


I like the spark determining things. Whether a innocent casual conversation turns into afternoon tryst or two people are so physically attracted to one another that the words seem to be only slowing what we both know what is going to happen down. Granted that only happens on a rare occasion but a girl can fantasize.


So I am stuck with my hands and some toys for most of this week for my sexual fun. I started to write this entry based on the poor substitute masturbation is to the real thing but got a little side tracked.


The Way to Make Cookies

Had one of those weekends where there were more things to do then hours in the day. Nothing all hotwife and sex like, sorry, but just between work related stuff, spending time with my little sisters and some social obligations with Rock left little chill out or have any type of fun despite that the weather warmed up a little. In fact Rock and I did not even have sex on Saturday which has probably happen only a handful of times since we have known each other where distance or physical health has not been a factor.


Anyway, it was Sunday night and I was scrambling in the kitchen making homemade chocolate chip cookies for Rock as it is my tradition to make him cookies when he goes on a business trip which he is on for most of this week. ;( I was wearing a short canary yellow dress with just tied shoulder strings for support holding it up. I looked like a real old fashioned 1950’s housewife if they were not wearing shoes and hand no underwear on.


Shocked knocked on the door and I invited him in. Shock would be an acquired taste and when I mean by that is not many women would care for him but we get along perfectly. Shock is not a big talker in anyway and when he is over he is over to fuck. I know that and I love that about him. When we do talk we often talk about movies we have seen as both of us tend to be intellectual when talking about films so we often bore other people. Tonight between him seeing me busier then I normally look he showed up at a time he normally just gets down to business but tonight he talked some.


We talked about the movie Flashbacks of a Fool. If you like a movie where it does not flow that well or build up to really anything special but some great individual scenes along with a melancholy story it is a very good but movie more after the fact then when watching it. Plus sexy stud Daniel Craig is in it!


Enough sidetrack, anyway why Shock is perfect for me is he only wants to fuck me and he loves it hard, fast and rough. Shock also is perfectly comfortable with the arrangement of sex only and does not care if Rock is home or not. This is the great thing about regulars that the ones who do get it and embrace it can treat me like their own personal sex toy. So in a way, the opposite of Rebound treats me.


Well after about ten minutes of talk Shock had gotten my dress off me and was sitting in a chair next to the kitchen table. I was sitting in his lap letting his hands roman over my body getting us both aroused plenty. Unlike the writing of fiction sex life’s little inconveniences happen like we both wanted to fuck with the kitchen table being the setting but no condoms in the kitchen. So I proceed to walk at a quick pace to the spare bedroom where the quickest source of condoms were and back.


By the time I was back Shock had gotten his pants and boxers to his ankles and I dropped to my knees to give his cock some oral attention before slipping the condom on. This is when Shock gave me the pleasant reminder of how much I like my life. Shock just grabbed my hair pulled me up and grabbed the condom from my hand. He then bent me over the kitchen table face down, put on the condom and started to fuck me very hard and very fast. While he was fucking me I held onto the table for my great ride while shock held my hair always tight and more the occasionally yanking my head back pretty good. No multiple position or sweet nothing type talk just one position pound away and he came but not until I had a really great orgasm.  


Then within five minute we were both dressed. He was out the door and I was back to making cookies. Now that was a fun way for my last weekend project to go!


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