Sex with Strangers, Wild Sex

Back to Cabo For a Sex Trip

If you have not read Part 1, read it here. 

Yes bitches. I was cordially invited to Cabo again. The plan was I going to leave sunday (the day of halloween) at 4AM. I was going to leave CAbo on tuesday because my teacher would kill me if I missed his class wednesday.

Luckily, I did not get too shitfaced so I was able to make my flight and I did not fall asleep on the way to the airport this time! I did pack when I was drunk though so when I reached security I was treated like a terrorist because I packed my entire bathroom into my carry on. I had to throw out all my face wash, lotions and hair products…lesson learned-do not pack while consuming alcohol, especially on the saturday night before Halloween.

I successfully got on my plane and woke up in Dallas, to that over enormous airport. I guess everything in Dallas is bigger! I sit by our terminal for Cabo and was waiting for my man to get off his plane. I tried to look really busy and not like I was anxiously, waiting for him (not that I was or anything….).

I got on my laptop and then I looked at my phone and he messaged me that he landed. I told him where I was and I looked up and saw him walking holding a box of chocolates for me! He knows how much I love those chocolate covered oreos and strawberries 🙂

The first thing he said was that we have to change my ticket to leave wednesday with him. I thought for five seconds while biting my scrumptious oreo and said to myself…I am going to Cabo for free until tuesday with a sexy man…

I would be crazy to say no. After too many first class bloody marys on the plane to Cabo, and many pesos later we changed my ticket to wednesday. On the plane we kept sneaking kisses and could not wait to reach our destination. He was so happy when we arrived, flaunting his spanish skills and saying hi to everyone who remembers him. He loves feeling like a little celebrity to those mexicans, god he is so cocky.

We made love late that day and did not plan on leaving bed until the next morning. In our hotel room there was even a little pool! We did not take advantage of that like I thought we would. The next day his friends came into town. Uh oh.

They each brought a girlfriend as well. One of the men was single, and the other was what they call “I am going through a rough patch right now,” (meaning i am married but it sucks so I need to have a girl on the side). His friends were happy to see me and wanted me to come on this trip because I keep the party alive and more importantly find them all girls.

After we saw the boys and their accessories, the man and I took a long drive out to the middle of nowhere so he could get some Surf in.

On the way there I decided to excite him into giving him a little roadhead. He naturally went wild and we had to pull over in the middle of the desert to have sex. There is nothing better than some hot sweaty mexican sex, only if you have a nice cold Pacifico (mexican beer) afterwards

That night all the “couples” headed over to the pregame house so his butler could prepare us Maragaritas, then we were going to grab sushi, more drinks, and then dance our asses off. I was on a mission to get shitfaced that night because I had a nurse costume I wanted to wear when we got back.

After dancing we all squeezed in a cab and every one was attacking their dates, one of the girls even went down on her man in the cab. I don’t know if I could do that yo. She had some skill though, I could barely tell she was!

I dressed up in my sexy costume and he loved it. We role played a little which is always fun to me and stayed up for a very long time.

The next day and night, we basically hung out and made love-same old same old. I was so sad to leave Cabo again, but I think I will be back there sooner than I think! THe fun did not end there either.

On the plane ride back to Dallas, we were drinking bloody marys like we were flying into our deathbed.

When we got off the plane, he could barely walk and I was just giggling. We talked about sex probably the entire two and a half hour flight. He was hard, I was horny and sad he was leaving and wanted him once more. Before our connecting flight departed we went to the shower room at the Admirals Club and had steamy passionate sex.

It was so great because they were closing up the showers so we had to be quick and quiet and it would be the last time until I see him again on a random weekend. Airport sex and desert sex. I love firsts!


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