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Literotica: Three’s Got Your Back

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Daniel and Eric are the perfect gay couple. They have been together for several months now, and their love proves strong when they decide to move together. However, a distracting neighbor gets Eric’s attention and somehow betrays Daniel’s trust. But when the three of them try to jump together in bed, the affair turns into a sexy, friendly threesome.

Daniel held Eric into his arms. He put one of his long legs over the young man’s hips, brushing his chest against his lover’s back. Beneath the covers they were naked, sharing the cool sensation of dawn. Daniel stroked his lips against Eric’s smooth hair. Both of them had pale blonde hair, and the smooth strands mixed together on their pillow.

“Good morning, honey,” Daniel whispered behind his young lover. His voice was still throaty from a long night’s sleep. Eric stirred a bit, almost half-awake. Daniel put his hands over Eric’s body and started stroking his firm, smooth chest.

“Wake up hun, I’m gonna prepare us some breakfast now.” Daniel’s voice was gentle, soft, and almost motherly. When Eric made a gentle grunt that let him know he was already awake, Daniel jumped from the bed and walked to the kitchen.

Their new place was just small and shallow, and it was made even more cramped by the unpacked boxes on the floor. Daniel and Eric had been dating for about half a year now. Just last month they decided to move together, and now they were living comfortably in the southern part of Los Angeles.

They met at a local fashion school where Daniel taught. Eric was only twenty years old, and he was a fresh college graduate from Canada. Eric was looking forward to enter the fashion industry by earning a certificate diploma in Fashion. Eric had pale blonde hair, which freely ran down to his shoulder blades. He kept it trimmed at that length. His face was very feminine and soft, especially when he puts on some mascara and a hint of makeup to accentuate his features. This grooming suits his body nonetheless, because Eric had a slim figure that was almost womanly.

Daniel, on the other hand, was an older man who had just celebrated his 30th birthday. Like Eric, he was a pale blonde guy, but his hair was only chin-length and he kept it tied at his nape. Daniel’s features were manlier than Eric, but he was just slim enough not to be considered muscular. Some age lines had been forming on his forehead and face, making him envy Eric’s completely smooth face.

Although different ages set them apart, the love between them was enough to close the gap. They understood each other’s needs and desires, and their relationship together was simply perfect.

But even perfect relationships require some compromise. It was against the fashion school’s policy to tolerate romantic relationships between a mentor and a student. And so, Eric had to leave school so that Daniel could resume his career as a mentor. In return, Daniel supported Eric’s finances and invited his lover to live with him. Eric helped Daniel in some projects so that he could make use of his time. But sometimes, Eric couldn’t help but feel that he was stuck inside the house. After all, he had the blood of a young man.

Eric was already wide awake at the bed, staring at the ceiling. It was decorated with carnation pink flowers and painted with some cherubs dancing.

“Breakfast in bed, sweetie,” Daniel came closer to the bed and kissed Eric’s cheek. Like Eric, he was still naked, only wearing a bit of apron to cover some of his skin.

“Wow, this is so nice, Dane.” Eric looked at the appetizing bacon strips, scrambled eggs, and toast bread. There was also a bowl of fresh fruits topped with whipped cream.

“Everything for my beloved sweetie!” Daniel kissed Eric’s mouth briefly. They proceeded to finish their breakfast in bed, while teasing each other and making sweet gestures. After Daniel emptied his plate, he dressed up. Eric still lay on the bed, naked, as he watched his lover dress up for a day of work at school.

And after a bid of sweet goodbyes and reminders from Daniel, Eric was left alone in the house once again. The silence was heavy. It was heavier than the boxes that lay on the floor. Eric was supposed to unpack their things, but he had been feeling lazy since they moved in together. Daniel didn’t approve Eric to go out of the house while he was at work. This was an unspoken rule, which Eric hard to learn after getting a cold treatment from Daniel.

Eric never wanted to hurt Daniel, but today he decided that buying coffee from a nearby shop and strolling outside for fifteen minutes wasn’t harmless. The atmosphere of the apartment was almost suffocating, and he needs to breathe some fresh air.

Wearing tattered jeans and a blue shirt, Eric strolled outside with his hands in his pockets and his heart drumming inside his chest. He kept assuring himself that everybody was a stranger, and that no one would tell Daniel about his morning stroll today. Eric walked with a carefree grace that was very feminine if you would look closely, but he kept his eyes on the ground for fear of discriminating glances.

There were only a few customers inside the coffee shop. Eric quickly ordered a warm cup of cappuccino, and took a seat on a secluded place. He picked up a newspaper from a stand and pretended to read it. Eric was actually looking at the various faces of the people inside the shop. While he was doing this, it felt like a long time since he had seen other people. Over the past months, his life had only been centered on Daniel.

When Eric’s coffee arrived, it wasn’t brought by a waiter. A tall man with olive skin and dark hair approached his table, holding a mug of coffee in one hand.

“A hot cup of cappuccino for Eric Croix?” The man smiled warmly at Eric, and even though he hardly peeked from his newspaper, Eric swore that the man was extremely handsome and gorgeous.

“I do not mean to intrude your privacy,” the man settled on the seat across Eric. Eric shifted uncomfortably on his seat. “But I have never seen you around. I was debating if you were a guy or just a ragged lady,” he winked at Eric. “But now I’m guessing we’re on the same boat. My name’s Gregory. I’m afraid I have already stolen yours.”

Gregory was charming, intelligent, and he was a photographer. Their conversation immediately eased from the talk of strangers into the chat of good acquaintances. Eric mentioned about Daniel and his line of work, and Gregory willingly offered projects that they could work on. Two hours before noon, Eric came home excited and thrilled about his newfound friend Gregory. Because of this, he even had enough spirits to unpack the boxes and tidy their contents into the house.

Eric spent the entire afternoon reading a fashion magazine, napping, and preparing dinner until Daniel came home from work. They had a lovely dinner together, as usual, and they snuggled to bed comfortably in each other’s arms. As their conversations lulled into silence, Daniel’s mouth moved all over Eric’s body. He caressed the inside of Eric thighs, and his lips encircled the head of Eric’s penis. He began to suckle leisurely.

Daniel was an expert in giving blow jobs. Eric writhed and quivered by Daniel’s touch and the clever movements of his mouth. But while they were locked together in an intimate and sexual position, Eric had thoughts of Gregory. He remembered the dimples on the side of his face, his sweet smile, his broad shoulders, and his olive skin. He remembered the way his hands ached to touch the muscles beneath Gregory’s shirt. He wanted to feel the warmth of Gregory’s mouth, and he also wanted to feel it around his hard and throbbing cock.

Filled with dirty thoughts, Eric came quickly inside Daniel’s mouth. He grabbed the sheets and his back arched. He made a sound which was a cross between a moan and a shout.

“You came fast, darling,” Daniel said after swallowing Eric’s semen. There was a little amazement in his voice. Almost automatically, Eric turned to lay his tummy flat on the bed. He was still drowned by the pleasure of his orgasm and his thoughts of Gregory.

Eric reached over to the bed side table and put a dab of lube into his hand. He also wiped a large amount into Eric’s asshole. Gently, Daniel mounted Eric, and his cock slowly made its way inside Eric’s asshole. Daniel gasped as he felt Eric’s tight ass wrap around his cock. He closed his eyes and slowly began to stride Eric.

“Oh, Eric, I love you!” Daniel exclaimed. Beneath him, Eric squirmed and made movements that intensified the sensations from Daniel’s deep thrusts. Both of them felt the waves of pleasure that built up inside their hips. But while they were having sex, Eric was still filled with thoughts of Gregory. He wanted to feel how the three of them could move together in a sexual dance.

“Oh, Oh, Dane,” Eric was beginning to reach his second orgasm. Daniel wanted to follow him this time, so he moved even harder and faster. He bit Eric’s shoulder to intensify his love making. Eric squealed helplessly, and his entire body tensed. Daniel paused and to load his semen inside Eric’s asshole, making hoarse noises in the process. Eric instantly came after feeling the throbs of Daniel’s cock and the downpour of semen inside him. His anal muscles clenched, as he orgasmed from their anal sex. He cried helplessly.

When the heat and the pleasure washed over their body, the two lovers were tangled in each other arms.

“I love you,” Eric whispered, then kissed Daniel’s cheek. It was wet with perspiration. They snuggled until they slept, but the last thought on Eric’s mind was Gregory.

Early morning the next day, Eric headed to the coffee shop right after Daniel went out for work. He wore the same outfit, only changing his t-shirt to orange. It also had a vintage print on the chest. Today, Eric was more confident in his strides, and he had a feeling of excitement and hope as he went inside the coffee shop.

Eric made a quick scan of the faces present inside the café. This morning, the café was almost full. From a far corner, Eric instantly recognized Gregory’s dark hair and his warm smile. Gregory waved at him, and Eric gladly approached his table and sat at the vacant chair.

“Quite early this morning huh,” Gregory teased Eric.

Eric blushed a little. “I was hoping to catch you here. Lucky me, you saw me first.”

Gregory went to the bar and ordered drinks for the two of them. Eric had asked him for a stroll by the streets, so he ordered take-home coffee for each of them.

After a few moments, they left the café and made slow steps along the street, occasionally sipping coffee. Eric was still enchanted by Gregory’s charm, and to a certain degree, he was attracted to him. But he didn’t like Gregory in a selfish kind of way. Eric wanted to introduce Gregory to Daniel, and he would like to see how things might progress between the three of them.

After almost a half hour of slow walk, Gregory found himself inside the cozy home of Daniel and Eric. In the neatly arranged desks, he found some photographs of Daniel and Eric together.

“You and your boyfriend look so sweet together,” he said appreciatively, then sighed. “I kind of miss my own now. We broke up a year ago.”

“I’m sorry about that,” Eric said sincerely. Gregory was just a few years older than him. Perhaps Gregory was only 24 years old. He looked slightly older and had the body of a sailor. He worked as a seaman, sometimes a carpenter.

“Some things just end,” Gregory said with a sport smile. “But I am very willing to meet your beau. He looks hot.” Gregory winked.

Eric chuckled. “That was also my plan,” he said, leaning on a wall. “We haven’t really introduced anyone to our relationship. Not even mutual friends. We’re kinda possessive with each other.” Eric sighed.

“Too much possessiveness is not healthy for a relationship,” Gregory stood up and moved closer to Eric. He moved at a distance too close, and Eric could almost smell his breath as he talked. Eric only stared at his eyes and tried to focus, though inside him desire was burning.

“It’s like eating the same dish every day and every day,” one of Gregory’s hands moved to Eric’s waist, down to his hips. Eric gasped. He tried to fight the temptation, but soon found his palm pressed against Gregory’s chest.

Eric spoke. “I’m inviting you to dinner tonight, Gregory. Will you come by eight?”

Gregory grinned. “It will be my pleasure to accompany the two of you, Eric.”

That evening, Daniel arrived home with a certain curiosity drawn on his face. Eric was extremely busy fixing the looks of the living room, and he was also preparing a little too much dinner.

“What’s the occasion, hun?” Daniel asked as he changed his clothes.

“Oh darling,” Eric said with a bit of reluctance and unease in his voice. “I am inviting someone to dinner tonight. He’s a friend that I’ve met at the coffee shop. I hope you do not mind, love, I just wanted him to meet you.” Eric didn’t look up from cutting vegetables.

Daniel stood in silence for a while. The room was filled with tense air.

“So you’ve been making friends,” he said casually. “Well, that’s just fine, dear,” he shrugged. “At least you had thought about introducing him to me.” Daniel moved behind Eric and hugged him from behind.

“Thanks, Daniel. I hope you like him.” Warmth and excited feelings bubbled inside Eric’s chest.

Gregory arrived home exactly around eight. He brought strong liquor with him. Eric brightened at the sight of Gregory, while Daniel was simply awe-struck. Just like Eric, Daniel’s attraction to Gregory was undeniable. Daniel looked at Eric and mouthed the words, “He’s cute.”

The first hour was spent in courtesies, greetings, and introductions. The trio quickly finished their dinner, vegetable stew and grilled fish, and they proceeded to take their alcohol. Daniel was feeling good about the gathering, and soon the alcohol kicked in and freed his wild spirits.

It all started when Daniel and Eric openly kissed in front of Gregory. They had intended it to be a mild one, but the alcohol and their attraction towards Gregory made it wild and deep. As they parted from a hot kiss, they realize that Gregory had come close and was willing to offer his cock to the two of them. The gay couple smiled and licked together Gregory’s huge dick, causing him to moan and gasp aloud in the dinner room.

“Oh, god damn! Oh, Oh! Fuck!” Gregory didn’t run out of words and curses to say as the couple licked his cock. Daniel wrapped his mouth around Gregory’s cock, while Eric gently sucked his balls.

The three of them started undressing each other, tasting each others’ mouths and passing the tastes of their saliva. Daniel and Eric took turns at tasting Gregory’s saliva and taking shots of liquor from his mouth. The three of them felt very hot, and their cheeks flushed with desire and with the spirits of the liquor.

Gregory asked the couple to stand at lean on a wall, while their pants were pulled. He crouched between the two, and started giving Daniel and Eric a blow job and a hand job. While he was sucking Daniel’s huge cock, Gregory’s strong hands moved up and Eric’s shaft.

Daniel and Eric watched with malice and desire as Gregory sucked their dicks. Gregory sucked real hard, and often he showed his tongue to the couple. Even though his cheeks were full of cock, Gregory still looked handsome and attractive.

“Oh, I’m coming, oh my god!” Daniel said as Gregory sucked hard his entire penis. He could feel his length down Gregory’s throat. Gregory’s tongue flicked the base of Daniel’s cock, driving him mad as he hit the pleasure spots.

“Let’s come on him, baby,” Eric said in a raspy breath. He inhaled deep as Gregory’s mouth switched to his cock. It was warm, wet, and very tight.

Daniel and Eric held hands as Gregory grabbed and sucked their penises. They kept their eyes on Gregory and watched him as he busily gave the two cocks a solid job. His hands were strong, and the muscles on his chest tensed while he poured his energy on the strength on the blowjob and the hand job that he was giving. Gregory was a damn sight, and perspiration began to trickle down his forehead, down to his cheeks and chest. He was more handsome than ever.

Daniel and Eric came, shouting aloud and quivering and pleasure. Gregory pointed their cocks to his chest and let the semen squirt there. The two dicks throbbed inside his hands, and hot semen washed his entire sexy chest. Gregory moaned a satisfied “Hmmm!” as he felt warm semen throughout his broad chest.

Then it was Gregory’s turn to come. Eric willingly offered his asshole to Gregory, and he dabbed enough lube to his asshole. Gregory was mouth-watery as he fit his cock inside Eric’s asshole. It was tighter and warmer than a woman’s cunt. Daniel got another hard on at the sight of his Daniel being fucked by a gorgeous man, and so he asked Gregory if he could fuck his asshole too and give him some anal orgasm. Gregory did not hesitate to say yes. The three of them rocked against each other and fucked each other with their own dicks and assholes.

“You’re so tight, Gregory, dammit! I’m gonna come again!” Daniel exclaimed as he held Gregory’s chest and dug his nails into his skin.

“Fuck, I’m gonna unload inside Eric!” Gregory’s voice was husky. He slapped Eric’s tense butt, and after several wild thrusts, the three men whimpered to their own orgasms. The shook and quivered as the waves of pleasure slapped their muscles and blinded their eyes. Gregory had the most intense orgasm, and he felt like his hips were going to explode with so much pleasure.

After they were done, the three of them lay on the floor and eased their heavy breaths. Daniel crawled beside Eric and briefly kissed his mouth. Gregory quickly snapped into a sleep, filled with tingling sensations throughout his body.

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