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Literotica: High School Sweetheart

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Anilda is a young high school sweetheart with a pretty face and naughty adventures. On the outside, she looks like a regular sixteen-year-old, but nobody can imagine how far she is willing to experiment with sex.

One day, she is required to negotiate with a teacher who gives her a Conditional grade. To make sure that she wins his favor, Anilda prepares for the big event. But when danger and adventure knocked on her door, Anilda just couldn’t resist: she makes a detour with a bunch of strangers, just to give her body’s lustful desires.

Anilda nervously checked the exam booklet on her desk. The semester was almost done, and she cannot afford to fail any of her exams, especially in math…

“Hey Anilda! How are your results?” she heard Martin approach her. He was one of the senior students who topped his math class. Once, he has offered to be her private tutor, but Anilda was afraid that things would get out of control.

Of course, Anilda was a slut. Nobody would know it by the way that she wore pink lip balm, fish-tail braids, and thick-framed glasses. But at night, Anilda was a wild animal. She loved to prey on older men, because she prefers more vigorous and experienced men.

Although Martin was undeniably hot and ripe, Anilda was afraid that he is not worth the risk. He might tell everyone that Anilda was the sluttiest girl in their high school, plus she might not even be satisfied with him in bed.

“I’m really worried, Martin,” Anilda confessed, “I haven’t really unfolded my booklet to see my exam results.”

”Why don’t you let me check that out for you, so that you will be less worried?” He gave her a bright smile.

“Oh, sure,” Anilda made a deep breath while handing him the booklet.

As soon as Martin touched the booklet, he frowned. He tried to smile at Anilda to reassure her. “You’re score is not so bad, Anilda. But it’s not so good either,” he trailed off.

“Why, what was it?” there was a trace of hope and worry in Anilda’s voice.

“Your score is a Conditional, which means, you can either pass or fail, according to your lecturer’s decision. He might give you an extra quiz or something so you can have more points.”

Anilda felt herself become nervous, but excited. It means that she will have to negotiate with her Teacher Danny, who was among her favorites. He was her favorite because she found him extremely hot. The man was in his mid-forties, he had facial hair and a sexy beard that Anilda had always fantasized about.

I wonder how his stubbles would feel when rubbed in my pussy… I wonder if he has a large cock, just as his hands look strong… I wonder if he is a good kisser… I want to taste his cum…

These are the wild thoughts that Anilda kept private. She didn’t tell her friends about her sexcapades and fantasies. Of course, her friends were still young virgins, unlike Anilda who was only sixteen and yet so slutty.

“I think I should go see Teacher Danny soon,” Anilda said, trying to excuse herself from Martin, “I might need to get an appointment from him.”

Anilda visited the math department of their high school and asked the secretary if she can meet her teacher after class hours. The schedule that she got was 6 pm at Friday. The secretary said that Teacher Danny had especially reserved that timeslot to a lovely girl in the sophomore class.

She was very excited. Anilda found herself giggling and smiling brightly while she marched out from the high school. The thought of being alone with her teacher excited her. Anilda wanted to raise up her skirts and dance like a little girl, but she fought the urge. I’m definitely going to raise this skirt when I finally meet him in Friday, Anilda thought to herself.

Before she went home, Anilda visited a lingerie shop. She really wanted to prepare for what’s coming on Friday. She must negotiate to have a passing score, but she must also get her away around her biggest fantasy…

To look older, Anilda unbraided her hair so that they flowed freely against her back. Her hair was silky and black, like the mane of a very beautiful horse. She put on some makeup and she looked more like twenty years old. She was no longer an innocent-looking sixteen year-old girl. She can definitely buy herself some lingerie now.

Inside the dressing room, Anilda undressed herself and saw her glorious reflection at the mirror. Unlike her girlfriends, her breasts were fully developed. Her brown tits perked up when excited. When it comes to the size of her hips, Anilda was a bit voluptuous. This contrasted with her tiny waist, giving her an hourglass figure.

Anilda impressed many men, both young and old. But she’d rather play with the more experienced. She lost her virginity when she was 13, and it had been a messy experience with another thirteen year old. Since then, she preferred older men.

She bought three different lingerie and stuffed it in her bag. Anilda left the store with a naughty smile in her lips. At a corner in the street, she stood by and waited for a cab. But after a few minutes, a shiny blue sports car stopped in front of her. Anilda was confused, but she saw three men riding in the car. They smelled of beer and alcohol, and their faces were filled with fun and excitement.

“Hey, pretty miss, care for a ride with us?” the man in the steering wheel slurred his words. He was almost drunk.

Anilda hesitated, but she saw that they were fine men. Plus, all of them looked old an experienced in sex. They couldn’t be younger than 25 years old. All of them grinned at her, and stared at her boobs and short skirts. She can read their eyes: I’m going to lick those tits so badly and fuck that vagina so hard.

Turned on by the complimenting looks, Anilda couldn’t resist the temptation and the fire that was burning inside her. She could feel her clitoris throbbing inside her wet pussy lips. Her throat felt thirsty to taste the cum of three men…

“Oh yes, sure! I’m just a few blocks away from home anyway,” She agreed to them, grinning wide at the faces of the three gorgeous and dirty old men.

As soon as she got in the car, the two men sat beside her. In the dark, Anilda felt cool hands caressing her thighs, moving up and down, teasing her already wet pussy. She tried to act as if she doesn’t realize this, and just let the two men touch her and squeeze her sexy legs. Their hands felt rough but firm, and Anilda liked the feel of it.

“Do you wanna have fun somewhere else before coming home?” the driver asked. He looked at her from the rearview mirror and gave her a wink, then he licked his lips.

Anilda felt something crawl across her tummy. The fingers of the two men were now searching for the outlines of her clothes.

“Oh, yes, sure, what’s a girl going to do at home anyway? It’s still so early,” she grinned back at the driver, and then Anilda licked her lower lips.

The driver turned the car around and drove into a nearby alley. Soon, the highway lights were gone and the night became darker. Two pairs of mischievous hands continued to fumble Anilda’s clothes. Her bra was now unhooked. The slutty Anilda just gave way to the two men, letting them touch and squeeze her, wherever they want.

When the car engine stopped, Anilda realized that they had parked in a dark area. She could still overview the entrance to the highway several feet away. This means, she can run whenever she want and beg for help. But based on the way things were going between her and the two strangers beside her, Anilda felt that she will enjoy the rest of her time in the dark alley.

One of the men beside her had started to squeeze her breasts and nipples, while one man unzipped his pants to offer his cock to her mouth. But soon, they were interrupted by the car driver who opened the door and said: “Moe, Jeff! Get that slut out of there and let’s share her together!”

After this, the three men pulled Anilda out from the car. She was so willing anyway, and this pleased the men all the more. The man who was called Jeff kissed her passionately in the mouth. He rammed his tongue inside her mouth, and his saliva tasted of wine. Anilda loved the taste of it. She sucked his mouth, too.

They led Anilda to the hood of the car, and she laid there, eagle spread. She stared up at the clear, empty sky, and felt everything that happened in her surroundings. One man pulled up her blouse and bra, then squeezed and sucked her breasts ravenously. Two mouths were sucking at biting both her breasts. Anilda wanted to scream in pain, but the pleasure was also delirious.

Between her legs, one man hitched up her skirt. He started to fuck her juicy pussy, right through her thin panties. He had a huge cock that was tight around her young pussy, and Anilda loved the feeling of it. He gave her long, deep, and quick thrusts. He jammed her so hard with his stone-hard cock and lifted her legs. Anilda could feel her bones collide against each other as he pounded her, right there at the hood of the car.

One man pulled his mouth from Anilda’s tits. “Hey, share us some pussy, Frank!”

Frank suddenly stopped fucking Anilda, and she wanted to complain about this. But Frank was too quick, and he pulled her up from the hood and made her stand up. Frank laid himself on the hood now. “Come here sweetie, face me and ride up my cock.”

Anilda obediently followed with a smile, and then she mounted the half-drunk man on the hood of his car. The cock slid easily on her cunt, which was a little sore now. But that didn’t stop Anilda from pounding his cock so hard. The car rocked up and down as Anilda rode Frank’s cock. She was like  fuck machine, grinding her pussy into his cock, and feeling her clitoris smash against his body.

“Ah, Ah, Oh! Ohhhh!” Frank grabbed her breasts, and pulled them to make Anilda bend forward to him. When Anilda was positioned low enough, he cupped her breasts and sucked each tit, one by one. He bit one tit and rubbed it with the tip of his tongue. This made Anilda moan loudly in pleasure.

Then, she felt someone move and turn up a handheld light. Then, before Anilda knew it, two cocks were already inside her pussy. She gasped at the sudden pain of her vagina being torn and expanded, but the pleasure became more intense. She moved in a steady rhythm together with the man who was fucking her from behind. His thrusts were deep, but also quick and hard.

After a few more pumps, Anilda exploded and felt her knees go weak. Her entire body shuddered and she let out scrambled moans. “Ah, Ah, Ah,! Motherfucking jesus in my cunt! Oh!”

The pain of the orgasm was so intense that she almost felt it to the tips of her fingers. She felt her hot cum drip from her cunt. When the waves of pleasure subsided a little, Anilda fell on Frank’s chest. The man behind her was still pounding her pussy and clawing her butt. She gasped as he gave her strong and deep thrusts. “Oh, Oh, Oh! Shit!”

“Hey, slut! Get up there and finish us!” Anilda felt someone tug at her hair, causing her to sit up straight once again. She tried to balance herself on the hood of the car. She was starting to feel dizzy from her previous orgasm, but she didn’t care, she wanted more. “Fuck me, yeah! Hard!” she begged.

“Come down here and suck!” She heard Moe said. Anilda obeyed and knelt on the gravel lot. She was surrounded by three long cocks, fucking her throat one at a time.

Jeff pulled her hair and slammed her mouth into his large cock. She had a very soft and warm mouth, which he loved so much. She also knew how to suck like a hungry child. Her teeth tugged at some of his shaft’s skin, but it was okay to him. The sensation was in fact more exciting.

Anilda surrendered to the three men who kept her mouth full. Sometimes they grabbed her neck, sometimes they pulled her hair. Their cocks were salty but they were all hard. While the three men were doing this, Anilda secretly fumbled her clit and poked her dripping pussy. The sensations reached up to her tummy, which was swelling with heat and delight. She squirted cum which caused her thighs to become very wet, as if she’d peed. She came several times, causing muffled moans to form in her throat.

Just when Anilda couldn’t bear it anymore, the three men came together and her face was filled with a lot of warm cum. They howled like wild dogs in a moonless night. The orgasmic sensations caused them to have weak knees and almost fall over Anilda. They panted together while the electric sensations filled and overwhelmed their entire bodies.

Half-awake, they hardly noticed Anilda move and fix her clothes. She was almost limping due to the intense events of the night. Fortunately, she found a faucet near the parking lot wall and proceeded to wash her face. But just then, she noticed the headlights of a car turning to her direction.

Her eyes widened, and she quickly moved back to the car to get her things. Anilda run away from the alley, and she tried to run as fast as she can. With every step, she could still feel the aftershocks of her many orgasms in the past several minutes.

Anilda managed to reach the highway once again, shunning the thoughts of the three men behind there. Now, they were unconscious because of the earth-shattering orgasms that she was responsible of. Anilda felt a little pride for herself, giving so much pleasure to three strangers, in a starless night.

When she had been walking for two minutes, Anilda heard a car blow its horns at her. She almost jumped out of her skin, but she was quickly relieved when she recognized the car plate. For a second she froze there, until the man in the driver’s seat got down.

“Anilda, are you fine?”

Anilda didn’t know what to say, but she couldn’t believe that her Teacher Danny was actually in front of her.

“Teacher Danny, I didn’t expect to see you here!” the surprise in her voice was genuine.

“You seem to be lost, Miss Anilda. And I wonder why your hair is dripping wet?”

She tried to return the smile. “I got a little lost, Teacher Danny. I tried a face powder at the store, which unfortunately, caused me some skin irritation. So I had to wash my face, but I was hurrying so I also wet my hair,” she lied.

“Would you like to share a ride with me? I can drop you off at near your street.”

Compared to Anilda’s adventure just about half an hour ago, riding home with her math teacher was rather less exciting. Of course, he’s not going to park her into some dark alley and fuck her savagely. But still, he caused the butterflies to flutter in Anilda’s belly.

They hit the highway. Anilda wondered if her teacher could smell the scent of sex in her. To be sure, she discreetly sprayed on a jasmine perfume.

“My wife used to wear that back when she was alive,” her teacher suddenly remarked.

Anilda didn’t know what to say, “I’m sorry about that, I guess.”

“Don’t be,” he said, “she has been gone for six years now. Her memories are sweet, but I’ll always miss her, somehow.”

The rest of the ride was spent in conversation about simple things in life, and some matters that were close to the heart. Anilda easily became comfortable talking with her teacher, and he opened up personal stories with her. Anilda learned many things about him, including his favorite color, tv show, and so many more. He filled Anilda’s heart with a warm fire, taming her soul down.

When he dropped her off near her home street, Anilda couldn’t believe her luck. Earlier, she had one of the best and most dangerous sexcapades in her entire life. But thinking back now, the simple car ride with her favorite schoolteacher had been more preferable and more exciting for her.

Could it possibly be that he was also looking forward to see her on Friday? Anilda smiled at the thought of it.

When Friday came, Anilda decided to continue the best of her plans. She wore a French lingerie that showed up when she bent too low. She combed her silky black hair and curled it. Anilda made sure that she looked extra prettier for the afternoon that she will meet her Teacher Danny. And she wanted him to like her back and give in to her temptations.

The faculty room was almost empty except for her Teacher Danny’s room. It was lit with a yellow incandescent light. With a deep breath, Anilda came in and locked the door behind her.

“Good afternoon, Teacher Danny. I thought I might need to meet with you today,” she said with a casual voice.

Her teacher acted very professionally, as if he didn’t just drive a student back home a few nights ago. “Come in, Anilda, would you like to leave your things on the table over there?” he motioned to a small furniture just across his desk.

Anilda took her bag from her shoulder and bent down, quite too low, and made sure that her teacher was seeing her behind. She felt the cool air blow against the skin on the back of her thighs.

“I’ll just bring out my exam booklet in a minute, teacher,” Anilda said. She took a long moment fumbling her things, allowing more time for her teacher to stare at her lingerie and her inviting ass and pussy lips.

When she turned around to see him, his face was flushed and his eyes were glassy. Her Teacher Danny was anxiously grabbing his pen, waiting for her to sit on the chair in front of his table.

Anilda began turning the pages of her exam booklet, but her teacher interrupted. She looked up at his face. “I’m sorry Anilda,” he said, “but truth is, I gave you that conditional score so that I might have a chance to speak to you in private. I wanted you to seek me out here, in my office,” he said, meekly and slightly embarrassed.

Anilda’s eyes gleamed with questions, but she felt her nipples perk up with a different kind of excitement. “What is the matter, Teacher Danny?”

The man stared at his hands, acting quite sheepishly. “I’ve always liked you, Anilda. But I just didn’t know how this might turn out,” her teacher was fumbling for words, “but I really like –”

Danny’s speech was cut short by Anilda’s mouth, which crushed into his. She kissed him, lightly, gently, then soon they were both ravaging each other’s mouths. Anilda sat on Danny’s lap, turning his swivel chair so that they had enough space.

Anilda put her hands on Danny’s head and wildly scramble through his hair. She finally felt his stubbles brushing the side of her cheeks, and this turned her on in flames. Teacher Danny’s hands were quick, and soon they were inside her bras, cupping her breasts. She helped him pull off her blouse, so that he could bury his mouth face into her large-sized breasts.

Anilda moaned and moaned, feeling the pleasure lift her up and send her to the clouds. Her Teacher Danny was so busy kissing and devouring her breasts. When Anilda couldn’t bear it anymore, she climbed down from his lap and started to fumble his pants. Danny helped her unbutton and unzip his pants, and soon his gigantic cock with thick veins was inches away from Anilda’s face.

He stood up from his seat, and Anilda knelt in front of him like a prudent dog. She cupped his buttocks and jabbed his cock into her throat, sucking as hard and fast as she could. But he was just so big for her, almost too big, that for a few times Anilda gagged and almost threw up.

But she was enjoying it. Although her throat is being practically ripped off by his cock, Anilda didn’t care. She has dreamed of this cock for so long. She just held on to this but cheeks and tightly shut her eyes. She let him grab her hair and slam her head in and out of his cock. Although she could hardly breath and was gagging with his cock, she didn’t care.

His thrusts went deeper and deeper, almost tearing her throat, until he pushed deep for once and went steady. Anilda made muffled coughs in her throat, while thick, hot semen filled her throat and esophagus. She swallowed the salty cum that he gave to her. Some filled her mouth and escaped her lips.

When he pulled his cock from her mouth, it was still damn hard and ready for more. He gestured Anilda to lay on his table, and she followed him with no hesitation. Finally, he’s going to fuck my pussy, she thought. She spread her legs wide and left her teacher rip off her panties. He cleaned his cock using the fabric of her underwear.

Danny was very pleased to see that her pussy was dripping wet and was very slimy. He licked her clitoris, and Anilda’s back arched up, feeling the tingles of pleasure shiver across her body. “Oh, please, Teacher, oh!”

“Do you like this, Anilda? Want my tongue on your clit?” this time, he inserted three fingers inside Anilda’s pussy, and his tongue flicked up and down Anilda’s clitoris.

She could hardly contain the pleasure that was ringing from her body. After a few flicks of his tongue, Anilda reached a glorious orgasm. She shouted across the room, confident that no one would hear it. Her hands scrambled for something to touch, but she only knocked down the books that rested on his desk.

She wanted more, and she wanted to come some more. “I want your cock, teacher, please!”

Teacher Danny teased her clit some more, but when he was also hungry for the taste of her warm and slippery walls, he quickly inserted his cock into her fuck hole.

They both moaned in their sudden union. Danny grabbed one of her legs to support her, while Anilda tried her best to grab the sides of his desk. He slammed his cock inside her, while two of his fingers went deep into Anilda’s asshole.

She has never felt this kind of sensation before, and it caused her to go mad and make screams and moans that were a bit like pleasure and pain. After a sudden wave of orgasm, Anilda was barely sane. Her toes twitched and her nails were already scratching her teacher’s table. Her tongue fell out of  her mouth as if she was a panting horse. Her teacher made more deep thrusts into her, such that she was now banging her head against the wall. Thank god the desk was strong enough, although it was starting to creak.

Anilda wanted to shout that she couldn’t take it anymore, when suddenly, her teacher Danny made his own release. He shouted and grunted as thick sperm flew across the air and landed on Anilda’s body. Most of it was on her belly, but some were also on her boobs and face.

When her teacher was done unloading all of his cum, she collapsed on top of Anilda. They breathed and panted together. While she had the chance, Anilda wrapped her arms around him.

“You’re getting a perfect score for this,” her Teacher Danny said, still panting, voice husky and sounding tired.

Anilda still couldn’t mutter a reply, but she was grinning so hard and widely because of what he said.

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