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Literotica: Deep Dark Nights

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For some time now, William has been living a considerably well life. He has a good health, stable income, and enough entertainment for a 27-year-old bachelor.

But there’s someone from his past that he cannot forget or live without. He meets him once again in an unexpected place and time, almost the same way that they separated. They decide to borrow one night from their complicated lives and share the heat in the dark.

William strolled along the avenue and settled on a quaint park. It was Sunday, and families and lovers had gathered to enjoy the warm sun and cool breeze beside the flowers and beneath the canopy of trees. Like most of the park-goers, William had carried with him a basket of food, a small mat to lie on, and the hopes of having a good day.

Although he had the face of a completely content man, there was still something missing in his life. You could see it by the way he smiled in a lonely way, chuckled in a dry tone, and move his hands like they needed someone to hold with.

He looked older than 27. William had pale blonde hair and pale blue eyes, and his skin was a little too bright, as if it was always winter. He had a slim figure and a bony face. He wore clothes that were sleek enough for him to be considered nerdy. You will only trace a hint of his youth and simplicity by the way he talked, smiled, and laughed. There was a charming spirit inside William, and he always kept his hair trimmed and his shoes polished. Anyway, he was the typical junior accountant who struggled to find happiness in his life.

William lived in a fairly small apartment. Even his life was fairly small, since he rarely traveled or had fun inside the city. But this had not been the case when he was younger. He used to travel a lot, back when he was with someone. But that was a different part of his life now.

Going to the park today to taste the sunshine on his face was almost an adventurous thing for him to do. Perhaps William woke this morning with a feeling that some surprise will make its way towards him. Maybe he had a feeling that his life would change somehow. Or maybe, this was the first time in three years that he was ever positive about something.

After a long sip of strawberry milkshake, William leaned back to enjoy the feeling of the sun on his face. It had been a very long time since he tanned under the sun.

William listened to his surroundings, hearing the sound of laughter, people chattering, and voices singing idly. Then, as if in a dream, he heard a voice that his soul had seemed to know forever.

“…how much would a quarter cost? Thank you, I’ll have two.”

The sound was almost beside him. William’s eyes flew open and his head perked to the right, and there he saw a man turned behind him. The man was buying slices of cake from a vendor.

William’s heart drummed inside his chest. He recognized this figure, or at least the aura of this figure. He knew the way this man stood up and spoke to vendors. And when the man turned around to meet William’s gaze, it felt like the sun had just fallen down and the thousand leaves at the park shattered into pieces.

They knew each other. William could tell it by the way the man’s face looked at him with recognition and tension. His heartbeat stopped. The world froze for a moment, liken William had just traveled into time and was fixed in a frame of a second. It was like being inside a silver screen, and the moment of tension was finally unfolding all around him.

His trance was broken when the man smiled. William’s heart came alive again inside his chest, and he felt bits of perspiration on every inch of his skin. Almost automatically, William smiled awkwardly, just to cope with the strain of the scene.

The man took small steps towards William, who was having an inner debate whether he should stand up or keep himself seated on his tiny picnic mat.

“William?” The man smiled warmly at him, but his greeting was half a question.

“Robert.” William kept his face civil as he addressed the man. He kept his hands between his knees, like always when he was extremely nervous and anxious. William feigned his confidence, and deep inside him he was just screaming and going crazy.

“Can I seat beside you, William?”


William moved a bit such that the two of them were sitting at the edges of the mat. Even now that William could smell Robert’s perfume and the scent of his skin, William still could hardly believe what was happening. After three years, he was beside Robert again. All of the bitterness and anger seemed to drown away.

“Would you like some cakes?” Robert offered, breaking the ice cold silence. “Frankly, I didn’t expect to find you here. I thought you’ve moved out to somewhere else.” He smiled with the kindness of an old friend.

William took a piece of chocolate cake and relaxed his shoulders. He could already feel that Robert was talking to him like a long forgotten schoolmate, not his ex-partner for five years.

“I have decided to keep my accounting job. I’m still junior, but I’m hoping for a promotion this coming month,” William took a bite of his cake. “What drives you back here?”

Robert thought for a second. “My wife asked me as a favor. She was visiting Arizona to attend a reunion, and then she told me that I should also go somewhere where I can touch my past.”

William nodded, and the silence was back again. Then he decided to speak before Robert made a move. “I’m having two days off right now, you know. I changed shifts and there were some minor problems, and then my boss decided to give me two days off,” he turned to Robert and smiled briefly. “If you need someone to walk with inside the city, I can be your helping hand.”

The two men smiled warmly at each other. From that second on, they were back to the past that they had shared together. Robert’s brown eyes sparkled, and his tousled copper hair swayed with the wind. Almost casually, he put one of his muscular arms around William’s narrow shoulders. William felt a comfortable heat surge inside him, and he thought about snuggling next to Robert.

When they looked up at each other, their faces almost touched. The lust and the desire that’s been kept inside for three years woke up like a young volcano.

Robert and William decided to finish their snacks before going somewhere private. The two of them smiled and laughed like teenagers, and they made sweet gestures and comments to each other as if they were a freshly married couple. The feeling of their hands holding each other and their skin brushing each other was like a spark that could arouse a great fire.

Robert still looked hot, partly because he had a wife to dress for. He still went to the gym, kept his muscles well-shaped, and he retained a very masculine and handsome face. He was a great contrast against William who had forgotten to keep a tan and exercise his frail muscles. But still, they adored each other and considered themselves as one.

There was no mention of Sarah, Robert’s wife. Perhaps the thought about her had always been silently discussed inside their minds for three years. There was no need of speaking about it now. Many tears had been shed because of it, and much time had been spent in despair.

Robert and Sarah’s marriage was only a matter of convenience. But the convenience that it brought was an escape from the law and the possibility of imprisonment. At the time, it was either Robert gets married to Sarah, or he will be sued by the court due to illegal stay in the country. Either way, Robert and William would have to part. And either way, the end result was bitterness.

But now, after three years, Robert and William had found their way to each other. Tonight was going to be a borrowed night, made possible by casting away their fears and doubts for just a day. Fate and serendipity also had important parts to play. But in the end, it was only the two of them who were responsible for each other’s happiness.

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When twilight came and they had visited more than half of their favorite places in the city, Robert and William decided to come home to William’s apartment and snuggle from dusk to dawn. At first it was a bit awkward, and it felt like things were going a little too fast. But then, could anything be too fast for people who have always entangled their lives as one?

At first, they moved steadily and slowly. They started by looking into each other’s eyes and not saying a word. Before they gave into the desires of their touch and flesh, they first gave to each other what has been lost from their sight.

Robert looked deeply into William’s eyes, searching for the desire and heat that he had always expected to see there. They fell in love at first sight, when they bumped into each other at a carnival. As they apologized to each other, Robert held gazes with William, and he saw something deep beneath his blue eyes that no other person could have see. William’s eyes were shaped as if they were always meant to see Robert. William could caress Robert and turn him on simply with an intense stare.

When Robert’s face had imprinted itself on William’s sight, William asked Robert if they could see more of each other’s bodies. Robert gave him the sexiest of smiles and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, one by one. William kept his hungry eyes on Robert’s broad chest, tanned with a rich manly colour. His slender and strong fingers fumbled over the buttons, moving the fabric aside to reveal a moderately hairy chest with tense muscles that were hard to the touch. But William didn’t touch him just yet.

Robert licked his lips as he slowly slid out from his shirt. Now, the nakedness of his torso was in front of William. His lover ravaged him with a stare that showed hunger and thirst for his body. William’s hands fought hard not to grab Robert right then and there. Robert’s arms were thick with muscle, and they showed manly strength that was beyond beauty and gorgeousness. William ached to be cradled by those arms once again.

After a deep breath, Robert decided to tease his lover some more by running the tips of his fingers all over his chest. This caused William’s eyes to move feverishly. Robert’s fingers invited William’s fingers to join him in a caress. He squeezed his firm abs and made circles on his skin. William simply stared with burning lust and desire. His mouth opened a little, awe-struck by the body that he owned down to the bones.

Robert started to unzip his pants. The sound of his fly crawling down the length of his flesh almost drove William mad. He remembered the times when he would use nothing more than his mouth to undress Robert and pull down his pants.

After seductively unbuttoning his pants, Robert pulled it down just a bit, exposing his pelvis in a very provocative way. There were definitive lines that showed the lines of his supple supper thighs, and of course there were the narrowing lines that led to the shape of his manhood. The strands of curly chest hair crawled down there. In the middle of his hips, Robert’s manhood was bursting and bulging inside his pants.

William couldn’t control himself anymore. With both regal elegance and animalistic eagerness, he jumped onto Robert and crashed his body against him. Robert’s arms welcomed William’s embrace. Their mouths started to explore each other, and their tongues made their way to trace lines in the corner of their mouths. Robert firmly rubbed William’s back and started pulling off his lover’s clothes. William yielded to Robert with the helplessness of a starving child.

While their mouths and tongues were tangled in a wild kiss, their fingers and hands explored each other’s chests. They felt the aching muscles beneath their skin, and with every light touch, they felt the quivering of flesh in response to the ticklish touch. William grabbed Robert’s thick hair when his lover kissed the hollow of his neck and shoulders. William gasped aloud as he felt Robert’s tongue move all the way and lick his shoulders.

“Oh my god Robert, oh!” William exclaimed and gasped as he felt Robert’s hand caress the inside of his thighs. Robert’s touch only barely brushed against his balls and the base of penis, making William beg more and more for Robert’s touch. At that moment, all that he wanted to do was to put his penis inside Robert’s mouth, and fuck him all the way down his throat.

The pleasure was sweet, but it was also tormenting. William’s manhood ached in excitement and extreme arousal. Soon he started wailing, begging for Robert to take him. But his lover wanted to take the excitement and the lust over to the top. He wanted William to scream, ache, and beg some more.

William released himself from Robert’s burning touch, and decided that he wanted to reciprocate the pleasure. He pulled Robert over so that his lover was laying flat on the bed. William grabbed Robert’s pants and savagely pulled it down to his toes. Briefly, he stared at Robert’s nakedness. The muscles of his arms, legs, and chest were firm and strong, and the most interesting flesh in his body was also well-erect, hard as stone, and full of veins that throbbed with hot blood.

They were both panting and breathing heavily because of the steam and heat inside the room. William positioned himself on Robert’s thighs, so that he was facing his body. Their eyes, hazy and glassy with dizzying lust and pleasure, met for a second, and without further adieu, William put Robert’s hard cock inside his warm and moist mouth.

“Arrrrgh! Uhmmn!” Robert made incoherent sounds, and his face twisted into an indescribable mask of pleasure. William’s head moved up and down Robert’s hips. He firmly rubbed his lips along Robert’s impressive length, sucking the head of his lover’s penis. He could feel the ridges along Robert’s cock, caused by his throbbing veins. William held on to Robert’s thighs, and he squeezed and caressed them while they tensed beneath his palms.

“Come over here, sweetie, let me taste you,” Robert begged in a hoarse voice.

William moved around and put his knees between Robert’s face. But before he could put Robert’s cock back to his mouth, Robert had already started sucking his hard dick. Robert sucked him like a hungry infant. William’s eyes rolled back deliriously and his mouth drooled as he felt Robert’s tongue flick the spaces right below the head of his penis. The pleasure was so sharp, and he could feel it throbbing down to his toes.

William moaned and gasped, making loud noises. The room was filled by the sexy sounds he made. He tried to suppress these noises by stuffing his mouth with Robert’s cock instead. William struggled to focus on giving Robert a blowjob, since his partner was exceptionally talented in what he was doing. William could hardly grasp his own sanity.

William moved his hips up and down and gyrated while Robert sucked his dick. William made sure that his dick was stuffed down the way to Robert’s throat. His lips were only loosely gripping Robert’s cock this time, and his slightly opened mouth was watering with saliva.

While William fucked his mouth, Robert squeezed two of his thumbs inside William’s asshole. As he pushed his fingers in, there was a muffled sound of pleasure inside William’s throat. William was definitely enjoying the fuck that he was getting. Robert wiggled his thumbs inside William’s asshole, giving his lover some more exotic pleasure. William’s movements became faster and faster, and Robert throat was almost sore. He knew that William was about to come soon.

After five more deep pumps inside Robert’s throat, William’s butt cheeks tensed together with his legs and arms. He squealed like a pig. His hands gripped and clawed at Robert’s legs as an intense orgasm exploded from his cock. “Ohhhh!” He moaned aloud, his face twisted in an expression of torment. His mouth drooled with saliva. Robert swallowed all of the semen that had been directly squirted to his throat. William’s orgasm lasted about thirty seconds, and his cocked throbbed inside Robert’s throat as he unloaded his thick cum.

William’s knees weakened at his explosion, but his cock stayed alive and hard. He was just getting off from his shot to the heavens when he felt Robert shift and moved behind him.

“I want to come inside you too, my darling,” Robert pleaded as he guided William’s shoulders to go straight. Together, they knelt on the bed, and Robert rubbed his muscular chest against William’s back.

Robert spit on his hand and wiped his saliva on William’s asshole. There was already much lube on his own cock, caused by his own precum and William’s saliva. Then William spread his butt cheeks so that Robert could come in more easily. With only one string thrust, Robert was already inside William’s slippery asshole. He steadied himself a bit and let William adjust to his size. Robert caressed William’s chest and one of his hands grabbed his lover’s cock.

Then they started to move. Their bodies rocked against each other as they made sounds of tormenting pleasure. They wailed, cried, and moaned, and their bodies quivered and shook together. Sweat poured down their tense muscles. William felt Robert’s huge cock slide inside him, wriggle and throb, and this caused him a new pleasure that was building up towards a new orgasm.

They crushed against each other to let out the wild heat and desire building up inside them. Then, as if lightning struck, the two lovers shouted as their bodies tensed and they exploded into a simultaneous orgasm. Robert came inside William, and William poured his load on the sheets. They leaned their heads backward and their eyes deliriously rolled, like they were levitating to the heavens.

They fell on the bed with a blurry motion and sensation. Robert and William became a tangle of limbs, tired and quivering from their explosive pleasure. As their breaths slowed and they fell unconscious into an embrace, their borrowed night started burning away.

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