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Literotica: The False Cheater

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Jon and Leslie have been in a relationship for two years now. But, believe it or not, they haven’t gone any further than a simple French kiss. Jon has been thinking about breaking up with Leslie because of this, but a sexy Amanda comes into his way. Jon is almost turned crazy by the events, but eventually he learns about Leslie’s plot together with Amanda.

“Happy anniversary, baby!” Leslie jumped high to reach for Jon. She wrapped her arms around him and peppered him with kisses. Her boyfriend stood tall at 6’2, while Leslie was only 5’3. They were celebrating their second anniversary at a nearby park. It was a happy spring day, and the odd couple was out skateboarding in the afternoon.

Leslie was a half-asian kid. Her mother was Japanese while her father was full-blooded Canadian. This ethnicity gave her a pitch black hair that fell around her face like a curtain. She had light blue eyes with the shape of an almond. Her skin was smooth and soft like porcelain. Leslie’s face was pretty enough to be considered an exotic beauty. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, where both of her parents work.

She met Jon one summer, while she was working part time at a restaurant. Both of them were on the same shift. She was instantly attracted to Jon when she first saw him. Jon had a nest of dark curls above his head. He had dark skin, and he was a tall dude with well-defined musculature. His eyes were dark, and he had thick brows and thick eye lashes. Jon was also very strong and tough in contrast to Leslie. During their courtship, Jon always told her that he would be her strength.

They quickly became friends, mainly because they shared a lot of interests. They both loved skateboarding and watching horror movies. Jon and Leslie took their relationship slowly. Leslie had strict parents and a very strong sense of values. Jon, on the other hand, was patient enough in making his way around Leslie. He didn’t want to rush her. Jon wanted Leslie to be as happy and confident in their relationship. As long as his girlfriend was happy, he was also happy.

Their first year together was full of bliss and excitement. They had their first kiss, first dance, and first night out. They had spent countless dinners with their families. It was all going smooth, and both of them were as happy as they could be.

But nowadays, Jon was feeling different. He loved Leslie, but he wanted more out of their relationship. He had tried mentioning sex to Leslie for several times, but she always declined him. It had always been polite, anyway. She simply told Jon that she wasn’t ready. Then, she’d kiss him briefly on the lips. Leslie wanted to take things slowly. She didn’t want to rush anything. According to her, rushing things might destroy their relationship.

Jon was aware that Leslie was no longer virgin. She had said to him even before they made their relationship official. “He took my virginity when I didn’t expect it,” Leslie once told him. “I don’t want the same thing to happen to us. I want both of us to be ready.”

But today, Jon had been waiting for two years. It was two long years. And two years of wait was a long period of time for a 21 year-old like him. Jon was alive with sexual vigor and desire. It throbs and flows within his blood. Right now, he could feel his balls rotting inside his pants. His palms were almost numb by jacking off every time.

When Leslie hugged him today, he still felt very weak inside. He gave his girlfriend a small kiss on the mouth. Leslie’s eyes twinkled as she gazed at Jon. He wanted to be happy for them, but he couldn’t. Jon couldn’t deny the needs of his flesh.

“Are you okay, baby?” Leslie asked as her feet touched the ground again. Her voice was like the sound of a kitten.

“I am fine, Les,” Jon replied. There was an ache in his voice. “I just think I’m gonna be sick.” He lied.

“Oh, my baby,” Leslie put her hands on the sides of his face. She looked lovingly at her boyfriend. “Don’t get sick. I love you.”

“I love you too, Les,” his throat was hollow.

She hugged him again. But this time, she just buried her face on his chest. “Do you still wanna go to the diners tonight? Or we can just order a takeout at McDonald’s?”

“Let’s just get a takeout.” Jon said finally. Somewhere, he felt happy in an uncomfortable way. Leslie’s presence was a painful burden to him.

They picked up their skateboards and walked out of the park. They held hands, but it was only Leslie who held on.

Jon walked her home while they finished their burgers and fries. Leslie was chatty on the way, like always. She was still very sweet and she acted like nothing was wrong between them. Jon felt more guilt because of this. The problem had been his, and if he broke up with her, it was like ruining a perfect relationship. Nevertheless, staying with Leslie broke his heart even more.

When they finally reached Leslie’s doorway, they stood up facing each other. Jon looked down at Leslie, and she looked up at him. She held her skateboard with two hands while Jon held it with his right hand.

“So, goodnight, babe. Will you call me?”

“Yeah, babe. Goodnight.”

Jon reached down to give Leslie a kiss. This kiss was supposed to be a brief peck in the mouth only. But tonight, no one was around the block. No one could mock them. Jon didn’t pull away immediately, and he let the kiss linger. He kept his mouth crushed against Leslie’s. She didn’t protest. Maybe it was because they were celebrating an anniversary, or they were just extra horny tonight.

Jon decided to go even further and he slid his tongue inside Leslie’s mouth. She was caught with a little surprise, but Leslie didn’t pull away. They had kissed like this for several times anyway. Leslie was enjoying the sensation of Jon’s tongue inside hers. She took the kiss sensuously and leisurely. But when the kiss was getting hotter, one of Jon’s hands crawled inside Leslie’s shirt. He grabbed one of her breasts, and he felt them beneath her bra.

Leslie gasped and her skateboard fell to the ground. Her eyes flew open with shock. She pulled away from Jon’s kiss. Leslie quickly moved his hand from her chest.

“Oh my god, Jon! What were you doing?!” She shouted, shocked and angry at the same time. “I couldn’t believe you would do that!”

“Why? There’s no one around Les,” he said defensively, keeping his voice in calm tones.

“Just because no one’s around, that doesn’t mean you could do that!” she yelled.

Jon felt his anger rise. “Why can’t I? I’m your boyfriend! Don’t I have a right to touch you there?”

Leslie’s eyes opened wide and her mouth gaped at her boyfriend. She was at a loss of words. She couldn’t express how angry and exasperated she was.

“I am your boyfriend and I have ever touched you there!”

Leslie’s anger flew over the top. “Oh, yeah? Well fuck you!” She shouted at the top of her lungs.

Jon shifted his position and started to turn away. “Damn yeah, bitch! I’m gonna get fucked tonight!”

Leslie grunted a noise and stomped her feet like a child. Then, she turned away from Jon and went inside their house. She slammed the door. She was extremely angry.

Jon walked down the block quickly, away from Leslie’s house. He cursed under his breath. He didn’t look back. His hands were quivering with anger. Jon took several deep breaths and closed his eyes, calming himself. He tried to focus on the sounds of the crickets and the birds chirping away. He had argued with Leslie for many times, but this was the first time that they actually yelled and cursed each other.

It hurt him. Jon could feel his heart slowly being torched inside his chest. The he started to ask himself why he’d done such a thing. Why did he touch Leslie like that? Did she deserve it?

The more he thought about it, the worse his feelings went. The guilt inside him became heavier than before. Jon realized that pondering the subject wouldn’t do any good.

As he walked away, Jon passed a small pub about three streets away from Leslie’s house. It was nothing fancy. People just went there to grab a drink, get drunk, and forget their lives. The pub was filled with miserable people who had miserable lives. The low lights and the promise of quiet teased his eyes. Jon was a perfect customer for the bar right now.

It was his first time there, but Jon was no neophyte when it comes to drinking. He went to the bar. He ordered a mug of beer and paid the bartender. Then he stooped his shoulders as he proceeded to drink the night away. The ritual was simple.

Jon was lost in useless thoughts. The bitter beer tasted nothing to his numb mouth. He thought about Leslie and the way she smiled. He remembered how she cheerfully jumped high to give him a hug and wrap her arms around his neck. He was almost teary-eyed.

Then his thoughts went to the pile of semen-stained tissues in the trash bin. He thought about the times he jacked off but never got satisfaction. He remembered the humiliating times when he begged Leslie for sex. It changed the mood of his thoughts.

“Bitch.” He muttered under his sweet breath.

“Hey, Jon. What’s the occasion here?”

Jon turned to see Amanda leaning on the bar. The dark woman smiled wildly at him. Amanda was exposing her cleavage, making it clear that she wore nothing else underneath. She was dark-skinned just like Jon, but Amanda was skinny and well-sculpted. She had black, straight hair like Leslie’s. Right now, Amanda’s dark eyes were glassy. Apparently, she’d had a round of drinks for tonight.

“Amanda.” Jon recognized her presence.

After a brief moment of silence, Amanda frowned. She spoke in a foxy voice. “Ain’t you gonna buy me some drinks?”

“I went here to drink alone.”

Her eyes sparkled with interest. “Oh. It’s Leslie, isn’t it? Did you have a fight or somethin’? You break up?”

“None of your business, Amanda.” Jon said rudely as he took another sip of beer.

“Well, I wanna make it mine, homey,” she moved closer to Jon and laced her arm around his. “I can help you take away the pain.”

Jon rolled his eyes, but he couldn’t help but notice Amanda’s exposed breasts. They were large and bouncy. Leslie only had small breasts, which he had barely touched today.

Amanda saw Jon looking at her. She took advantage of it. Her mouth curved into a sexy smile. She looked deep into Jon’s dark eyes. “You can squeeze them, if you like. I might even let you lick them,” she ran a hand along Jon’s thigh. “I have a thing for heartbroken boys, you know.”

He made his mind. Jon drank the last drop of his beer then set it down on the bar, hard. “Alright, Amanda. Your place or mine?”

They settled at an inn close to the bar. Amanda and Jon didn’t bother waste time. As soon as they entered the room, things got heated. They kissed hungrily, moving their tongues in ways that were too scandalous to watch. Jon’s hands immediately grabbed Amanda’s breasts. Like he guessed, she wore no bra. He squeezed them hard and rubbed Amanda’s nipples against his palms.

“You don’t get breasts every day, do you?” Amanda teased him. “Oh, baby, they’re just for you.”

Jon pulled off Amanda’s dress. All that remained on Amanda now was a black thong. Jon took a moment to look at Amanda’s body. She was skinny and dark. Amanda had the body of a model, but Jon didn’t realize it until now.

“Oh, you’re gorgeous!” Jon exclaimed. Amanda was also a tall woman, so he didn’t have to bend too low when he ravaged her breasts.

“All yours, baby,” She said as she grabbed Jon’s curly hair. “Ahh, Oh,” Amanda moaned as Jon played with her breasts. His tongue moved back and forth between her nipples. Jon’s hands couldn’t choose which breast was his favorite, but he liked them both. He squeezed and massaged them with eagerness. His mouth sucked Amanda’s tits and made sounds all throughout the room.

With the same eagerness, Amanda reached for Jon’s pants and easily pulled them down. Although she couldn’t see it, she knew that his length was impressive. She moved his penis up and down her fist.

“You’ve got a big black cock down there, Jon! I could hardly grab it!” Amanda teased him.

Amanda’s hand felt wonderful around his cock. For the first time in a long time, somebody else’s hand was down there. His eyes shut tight in pleasure. He sucked Amanda’s tits even harder.

They stayed like that for several minutes. Jon sucked Amanda’s breasts while she grabbed and massaged his cock using both hands. They gasped and moaned together. Their sexy sounds showed the intensity of their need for each other.

“Now I want you to suck me,” Jon nodded. He pulled his face away from Amanda’s breasts.

She chuckled. “I thought you’d never ask, sweetie!” In a second, she was on her knees. She looked up at Jon as she put his dick into her mouth.

Amanda took the tip first. She sucked the head of his penis while she moved one hand up and down the length of his shaft. Amanda saw the pleasure and excitement in his face when she licked his cock. Jon was an appreciative man, making all sorts of sounds and pleased faces. This caused Amanda to suck even harder.

She took the whole of his large cock and shoved it down her throat. She nearly gagged and choked, but Amanda focused on her job. She met Jon’s gaze as he fucked her sweet mouth.

Amanda was a lovely sight. Even though her cheeks were filled with cock, she was still undeniably lovely. Jon grabbed her hair and slammed her head even deeper down his cock. While he did this, he imagined Leslie. How would Leslie look like if her mouth was full of his cock? Would Leslie gag?

Jon leaned his head back. He was starting to feel his orgasm come near. His legs tensed, and he motioned Amanda to move faster. Like an obedient dog she sucked his cock even harder. Jon’s face was full of torment now, and then finally he screamed. Jon wailed like a kicked puppy as his cock exploded with semen. Amanda grabbed his butt cheeks and slowed down. She gulped every drop of his semen. Amanda choked a bit, but she was still fine. Some drops of semen feel down to her chin, but she fairly swallowed all of it.

“Ahh!” Amanda said as her mouth let go of Jon’s cock. “Damn that was sweet! And your cock is still stiff, honey,” she flicked his cock using one finger.

“I wanna fuck you more, Amanda.” Jon said, panting.

“How would you like me served, babe?”

Jon could hardly decide. Fuck, he wanted Amanda in every way possible. He would come inside her in fifteen different ways, if they could.

“Lay on the bed.”’

She laughed. “Of course! We paid for it, better make some use of it!” she giggled like a slut and then went to the bed.  She spread her legs apart, waiting for Jon to enter her.

He swiftly moved closer. He stood up near the edge of the bed and lifted Amanda’s thighs. He pulled her close so that her hole was right in front of his cock. Amanda reached between her legs to move aside her thong and take hold of Jon’s cock. She let him penetrate her through her underwear.

“Oh, you’re so wet,” Jon said as he began thrusting inside her pussy.

Amanda arched her back and spread her arms on her sides. She said in a breathy voice: “And your cock is so large, and so strong, and so nice!” She returned the compliments. All of them were true. Amanda’s body rocked with pleasure and she gasped each time Jon reached the bottoms of her pussy.

Her body was a sight to behold. Although Amanda was mostly skinny, she had large breasts that bounced up and down each time Jon rocked her body. Her pussy had a strip of pubic hair, and her clitoris burst out on top of her folds. Her cunt was meaty. Jon loved the sight of seeing his cock go in and out of her juicy pussy lips.

“Oh my god, Amanda, I’m coming!” Jon said in a raspy breath. He focused on the sight of Amanda whimpering, shaking, and back arching as he fucked her pussy real hard. Amanda was a wild woman, and her expressions were also entirely seductive. She shouted a couple of times and twisted her face in severe pleasure. Jon took these reactions as orgasms. He was made even hornier by the sounds that she made.

“Oh, oh, oh! Damn! Spill your cum all over me, Jon! Fuck me hard!” Amanda begged.

Jon’s grip even grew harder on her thighs. He rocked his hips against her, very hard, and he could almost hear the sound of Amanda’s bones. His cock slammed inside her tight walls, and Jon couldn’t help it anymore but blow his orgasm.

He was struck by lightning. He was blinded for a second. Jon was conscious enough to meet his own orgasm, and he pulled out his cock just as he came. His thick semen flew across the bed. Bits and drops of semen landed on Amanda’s body. Even though it was his second time to blow his load, there was still a handful of semen all over Amanda’s body.

Jon felt his hands weaken. He suddenly let go on Amanda’s legs and they fell to the bed. He was painting. He could hardly support his legs, and like a wimpy tree he was blown by the wind. Jon fell on the bed beside Amanda.

“Oh, sweet baby,” Amanda moved over and briefly kissed Jon’s forehead. “I came five times, you know. It was heaven!” She sounded like a happy whore.

Jon could still feel the orgasm on his penis. His thighs were quivering with pleasure. But deep inside his consciousness, he thought of Leslie. As he regained his senses and his orgasm subsided, Jon realized the mess he’d made.

Beside him, Amanda lay naked. His semen filled her entire body. With eyes half-opened, he saw Amanda lick a finger that was full of cum.

He thought about his girlfriend. He remembered their fight during the last hour. He realized what a stupid dick he was.

“Where are you going?” Amanda asked. Jon stood up from the bed. He was barely in his balance yet, and he swayed a few times while he picked his clothes on the floor.

“I’m going to my girlfriend.”

Amanda laughed as she saw Jon’s face. He was almost about to cry. Jon had the face of a pup. “Oh, come on! We’ve got a few rounds to go!”

Jon didn’t reply. His guilt had burst inside his chest, intoxicating him. He doubted that he could last a night like this. He had to tell Leslie everything, or he would die of guilt and torment. He loved her to his bones.

“Won’t you take a shower?” Amanda rolled and lay on her tummy. “She’d smell me on you!”

Jon’s answer was simply the slamming of a door. Amanda laughed at his reaction until her tummy ached. Then, she grabbed her phone and dialed a number.

As he walked down the streets, Jon felt naked.

He felt dirty, as if Amanda’s kisses had been marked, stamped on his skin. He felt as if every pedestrian stared at him from head to foot, and then shook their head in disappointment. His feet walked briskly back to the direction of Leslie’s house. Jon wanted this to be over as soon as possible. He fought back tears as he walked. He rehearsed everything that he would say to Leslie.

Jon didn’t care if Leslie would break up on him. He was guilty anyway, and he had been the faulty one.

He knocked on Leslie’s door loudly. He almost punched it.

“Leslie?” He sounded like a tired horse. He sounded like a homeless child. He sounded like a wounded soldier looking for shelter.

After half a minute, Leslie opened the door. Her eyes widened in shock. Jon was at her door, on the verge of tears. Her mouth gaped open. Leslie’s face clearly expressed that Jon wasn’t meant to be there in that shape.

But the shock on Jon’s face was even more intense. He was white as a ghost. He looked down on his girlfriend, from head to toe, then from toe to face. Leslie wore nothing more than underwear. Besides that, her garments seemed to be put on in a hurried manner. The cups of her bra barely covered one of her tits. The garters of her panties weren’t even around hips.

“Les, why are you on your underwear?” The tone of his voice was pure surprise. The sight of her body was enjoyable, but Jon couldn’t find a way to enjoy it. Not right now.

“And why are you crying? Where’s Amanda?” She demanded.

Jon looked blank. He looked like he was faced with an unanswerable question. How could Leslie possibly know about Amanda?

After a few seconds of blankly staring at each other, Leslie buried her face on her palms. “Oh my god, that bitch. She didn’t tell you anything, did she?” Leslie wasn’t angry or frustrated. She was simply humiliated, embarrassed, and felt like she’d been tricked on.

“Tell me what, baby?” Jon’s voice started to crack.

“Oh my god baby, come inside! I’m on my fucking underwear,” she pulled Jon to the living room.

Once inside, she hugged him so tight. Jon was shocked, but he hugged her back anyway. He wanted to start his speech, but Leslie took the floor before he could.

“Oh, I’m sorry, babe. It was supposed to be a threesome, you know?” Leslie looked up at Jon.  Her face was completely apologetic.

“It was supposed to be a set up, you know. We’ll have an argument, and then Amanda would come to you and tease you. Then she tells you about everything, about my plan. After that, we all end up happily in a threesome, right here on my bedroom!”  Leslie explained.

Jon’s face glowed with understanding. But still, his guilt was pressed inside his chest. “Leslie,” he grabbed her arms. “Amanda and I –”

“You fucked?” Leslie finished her sentence. She looked intently at Jon’s face. “Did you like it?” she causally asked.

“Uh, yeah, I kinda did,” Jon said as he blushed. He was filled with embarrassment.

Leslie giggled. “I’m so sorry, dear. It was fine,” she stroked his cheek “I wanted us to play with someone we both liked. I had to be sure that you also liked Amanda. I’m so sorry.” Leslie tiptoed and kissed Jon’s mouth. The kiss lingered a bit. “I’ve made you wait a long time, Jon. I just wanted it to be exciting now that we’re going to have sex, finally.”

“Oh, damn you Leslie,” he said sweetly. “You didn’t have to do this. You alone are enough for me.” Jon started stroking Leslie’s naked skin. It was smooth and fine, just as he expected.

Without warning, Leslie grabbed Jon’s cock. She was surprised and flattered to see that it was hard inside his pants.

“Oh, I thought you’d run out of erections for me!” she said like an excited kid.

“I can always be hard for you, Leslie,” Jon whispered. He bent down to claim her lips. Her fingers moved around her body, pulling off her clothes and touching her sweet spots.

“Fuck me, Jon. Fuck me harder than you did with Amanda.” Leslie pleaded.

That night, Jon made her howl and shout like a wild animal.

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