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Literotica: Bright Moon in the Dark

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Julie’s family moves to a black community in Detroit. Because they were white strangers, it is difficult to blend in. From afar, Jaydee watches over Julie and becomes her friend. He introduces her to everyone, and eventually they fall for each other.

Julie’s family was the newest addition to the neighborhood. It was a Saturday when they moved in, and the weather was hot but fair. It was the kind of weather that tempted kids to come out and play with their skateboards.

That kind of weather made people feel bad not to enjoy the beauty of outdoors. In the midday, folk would love to walk on the sidewalks with their gangs, fellas, and homies on this hot day. Everyone in the community was enjoying the outdoors. So, it was quite a wrong time for Julie’s family to move in.

They didn’t have a choice. In the past two years, they had been moving in and out of houses, apartments, and even mobile homes. They almost lived in the streets. Julie’s family always had problems keeping a house, mainly because of expenses. Her dad was a carpenter, and her mother baked pies for a living. They didn’t really earn enough money to support their daily lives. Julie had three other siblings, twin girls and her brother. In the end, they had no choice but to move to a small black community in the far side of Detroit. They got a very cheap offer for a house, and Julie’s father could work extra in the nearby construction offices.

Moving in to the neighborhood shouldn’t be a problem. This would be the best location and home for Julie’s family so far. However, there goes the fact that Julie’s family was white. She was Julie Smith, to be exact. All the other people in the neighborhood, all of them, were dark-skinned people. The neighborhood definitely belonged to their kind. Julie’s family was an intruder.

But of course, on the surface lies a cordial, warm, welcoming atmosphere. The landlady smiled at Julie’s father while she offered the home, and Julie’s father smiled back as he made the negotiations. You would never notice any hint of reproach or contempt in the way that they treated each other. But after doors have been closed and cars have sped by, curses and unkind words were said in private.

While Julie’s parents pushed their furniture from the front yard into the house, every dark eye in the neighborhood stared at their very pale skin and blue eyes. In the eyes of the passers-by, they were simply strangers trying to fit on a community, which has been composed of families and clans for countless generations.

Julie felt shame and embarrassment on her hot cheeks. Even though her parents paid for the house, she still knew that it was a territory that belonged to other people. They weren’t families with this community. She could feel it by the way people stared at them and murmured while they moved about the front yard.

Why else would they stare at her? She never considered herself beautiful. Julie was a nineteen-year old, average, fair-skinned woman, who was almost pale because she didn’t get a tan. She didn’t have the gloss that you’d expect from a Hollywood star. She had curly, blonde hair, with streaks of light brown hair, which she tied into a pony tail. Her eyes were very blue and very round, but they were graced with thick eye lashes and proud eyebrows. Julie had a beautiful pair of skinny cheeks. But, like most white Americans, she had freckles on her cheeks and pale shoulders.

Her body was naturally slim, but her curves were exceptionally beautiful and she was blessed in the bosom department. But, she was conservative and she tried to hide her assets. When Julie moved in to the new neighborhood, she merely wore a pair of dark pants and a rock band t-shirt. She didn’t want to be noticed as someone different.

If she could hide her white complexion, she probably would. But despite her conservative outfit, it was easy to see how wide her fertile hips go, and how shapely and perky her young breasts were. Every man would desire to brush their lips against her long and sensual neck. Julie’s body was the sort which would catch your attention even if she didn’t intend to.

But Julie wasn’t aware about the silent beauty she possessed. She would look at the mirror, but she would never see what other people saw with her. For her, she was just another blue-eyed blonde girl. And when people stared at her when they moved in on a Saturday, she never realized that somebody in the crowd admired her.

He watched her for weeks. Ever since the Smiths moved in, Jaydee Farro always found a reason to pass by their house and street. At first, he was just curious about the new addition to their neighborhood. In his twenty years of existence in the hood, it was only the second time for him to have a white neighbor. The first was an old couple who died two years later after moving in to his community. Jaydee rarely had the chance to be up-close with a fair woman.

Living in a black community all his life, Jaydee rarely went away to meet other people and other communities. Consequently, he had never closely encountered any white females. Julie was the first white female that he could happily watch and have the chance to pass by, if he was really determined about it. Jaydee would wait for hours in front of the Smith’s house. He wanted to see Julie in her bikini, half-naked, body beneath the warm sun so she could get a tan. Jaydee wanted to see the curves of her fair-skinned body. He wanted to see her golden hair spread freely all over her face.

But Julie never came out to get a tan. The only times when Jaydee would see her outside was when she walked the dog, or when she really needed to check the mail. He noticed that she had a bike leaning by the fence of the house. He wondered if Julie ever went out to ride her bicycle, if she ever did.

Early in the morning, Jaydee woke up so he could check the Smith’s house. He woke up at five am for this sole purpose. While cycling the streets under his red hoodie, Jaydee laughed at himself for being such a stalker. The morning dew was chilly on his nose. The glorious sun was still hidden amongst the stars. His heart excitedly pumped adrenaline-filled blood through his veins. He happily rode his bicycle, and he hoped that later in the day, he would share a ride with Julie.

Jaydee wasn’t disappointed. He peeked behind a large tree, and he saw Julie getting ready for her early morning stroll. She was taking her bicycle from the chain on the fence. She also wore a red hoodie, almost the same color as his. Her golden hair freely hung below her shoulders. Julie’s face looked fresh, lovely, and always as beautiful as Jaydee remembered it.


He called her as she passed the gate of her house. Julie turned her head like an owl, and she almost jumped from her skin. Her blue eyes widened, and her lips impaled for a second. She didn’t know that Jaydee had been hiding, watching her from the tree.

“Hey, miss,” Jaydee said. He gave her a nervous smile. He raised both of his hands up, to show that he meant no harm. His mouth said silently, almost stammering, “I was just wondering if we could ride together, you know, because we, we both have bicycles.”

Stupid, stupid! He bit his tongue. Jaydee wondered how he could have said such stupid words.

Julie stared at him. She didn’t understand what he meant at first. She was overwhelmed by her shock and surprise. She looked back and forth between Jaydee and his bicycle, and she realized what he meant. Jaydee had a thick accent, but his voice was a beautiful, warm and silvery one on her ears.

He smiled nervously at her once again. Julie saw his perfect set of pearly white teeth, set against the darkness of his skin and lips. Jaydee had masculine jaws, a perfectly-shaped face, and a proud and tall nose. His eyes were very dark, but they gleamed and sparkled. He had a boyish face like a high school boy, but he oozed with masculine appeal. Jaydee had broad shoulders, a sexy waist, and shapely limbs. Strands of curly hair dangled from his forehead, making him look exotic. Jaydee was an undeniable attractive dark man. He could be an actor if he wanted to, and he would definitely win the heart of ladies.

“What’s your name?” Julie asked. Her voice was very soft, almost inaudible. She sounded like a little creeped kitten.

“I’m Jaydee.” He offered a handshake.

Julie looked at his dark, large hand. It looked inviting and harmless. At first she was reluctant to take it, but the gleeful smile on his face was rather fascinating. She felt a lock on her heart click and open itself. She felt a strange feeling of warmth all over her. Julie took a step closer to Jaydee, before she warmly took his hand and out her small hand inside it.

“My name is Julie.”

She gave him a small smile. For Jaydee, it was a golden smile that melted his heart.

“Hey, our name rhymes.”

They chuckled. The sound of Julie’s laughter was like the ringing of silver bells on Jaydee’s ears. She laughed softly, modestly, but it was deeply contagious on his heart. While he gazed at her beautiful, charming face, Jaydee realized that he felt something different for Julie.

They were still holding hands when their laughter stopped and they had run out of words. With a blush, the two of them pulled away. They looked into each other’s eyes once again. There was warmth, a flame and a scorching fire, contained in their brief gazes. It was undeniable, and they felt it inside their bodies.

“Shall we take a ride?”


They happily wandered the streets of the hood. The wind was cool on their faces, but their hearts were warm and close to each other. It was a miraculous feeling to have. They were like little doves across a blue sky. Some might say that Julie and Jaydee fell in love at first sight, but there was so much more than that. It was as if their lives had been intertwined right from the beginning. It was as if their hearts had always been beating as one.

Jaydee and Julie talked and joked while they rode, and they talked to each other like good old friends. They never cared about the differences in their color. For a few times, they stopped and took a rest beneath a large tree. They talked about their lives, their strange beliefs, and some of their dreams at night.

Julie planned on coming home before the sun fully rises, but Jaydee convinced her to stay. He told her that he would introduce her to the neighborhood. Now that she was staying, she must be introduced and consider herself a part of the community. Julie was reluctant at first. She was afraid of what the neighbors might think of a stranger, a newcomer like her. But Jaydee reassured her and said that everything is alright now. He was with her.

They took their bicycles once again. Jaydee uplifted Julie with his warm and friendly smiles. He reassured her that everything was going to be alright. One by one, the houses and the shop opened up, and members of the community saw Julie and Jaydee passing by. Jaydee waved at them, made a hand gesture, and introduced Julie very briefly. But even with such a small, informal introduction, Julie came to earn earnest greetings and smiles from everyone in the community.

She knew about everybody during that morning. Julie learned who the best baker was, who the schoolteacher was, the nurses, doctors, and everybody else who served as the backbones of the community.

“What did you tell them? That kind of hand gesture while we passed them?” Julie asked. They were already in front of their house.

Jaydee confidently combed his fingers through his hair. He looked at her intensely “I was just telling them that you’re my girl.” His face was serious for two seconds, and after that he laughed at his own joke.

“You’re crazy.” Julie said, blushing. “But, do you like me?”

She nodded with a hint of a smile. “I like you, Jaydee.”

“Can we see each other again?” They stopped right in front of Julie’s door.

“Sure, anytime.” She looked up at him. They faces were close to each other.

“Alright. Then I’ll be seeing you, Julie.”

“I’ll see you around, Jaydee.”

Before he could turn away, Julie kissed Jaydee’s cheek. She held both of his strong and broad shoulders. It was a very brief moment, gone almost right after it began, but the effect lasted long on Jaydee. The touch of Julie’s lips was like the kiss between a butterfly and a rose.

The two of them looked at each other for the last time. They gave each other their final goodbyes and smiles. Julie watched Jaydee speed by until he was out of sight. When she turned and headed for the door, she knew that her life had changed.

Every morning and during the afternoon, Julie and Jaydee cycled all over the neighborhood. Their two bicycles raced along the highway, like two lovebirds chasing each other in the wind. Soon, Julie felt that she had become a part of the community family.

“Thank you so much for introducing me to the community,” Julie said. It was dark already, and she was walking with Jaydee in the middle of the silent woods.

“It’s nothing, Julie. You’re a very special person, and everybody just deserves to know that.”

He gave her his most familiar, warm and loving smile. Julie had seen it countless times before, but the beauty and warmth in Jaydee’s face would always be new to her. Her heart happily moved inside her chest.

Julie leaned forward and kissed Jaydee. She parted her soft lips, letting Jaydee’s tongue find a way inside her warm mouth. Her heart throbbed. It was the first time that they kissed deeply, and Julie couldn’t explain the new sensations brought by that kiss. Jaydee’s strong and big hands grabbed her waist. His fingers squeezed the soft muscles of her lower back and buttocks. After that, one of his hands went to her left breast.

Julie gasped. Her body throbbed with pleasure upon feeling Jaydee’s touch on her firm breast. She looked Jaydee in the eyes, telling him that they should go somewhere darker. They scurried like frightened squirrels. The young couple easily found a secluded place, where they could only hear the sound of their excited hearts.

They locked themselves in a deep kiss once again. Their fingers explored even deeper, too. Jaydee’s hands fumbled beneath Julie’s shirt. He rolled her tense nipples between his fingers, making her grab his hair and bite his lips in response. Between Julie’s thighs, she felt her clitoris throb and respond in pleasure. Her panties were already soaking wet.

“I’m so wet Jaydee,” she whispered into his ear. Jaydee busily played with her breasts and he kissed her neck. He was drowned in desire for her. Julie reached between them and her fingers found his hard cock. She grabbed him through his pants, making Jaydee groan.

Jaydee lifted Julie’s skirt and put his hands inside her panties. He touched her soft butt cheeks, grabbed them, and squeezed them against his body. Julie gasped when she felt Jaydee’s erection on her belly. She wrapped her arms around his neck. While kissing her neck, Jaydee’s fingers moved farther, reaching the moistness of her sweet pussy. He slid his middle finger inside her pussy hole.

“You’re so warm and wet, Julie.” Jaydee whispered to Julie’s ear and kissed it. “Can I put my cock inside you, love?”

“Yes, Jaydee. I want to feel you inside me.”

Julie’s panties fell to the ground. She leaned against a tree trunk and spread her butt cheeks for Jaydee. Jaydee’s hands moved like a fugitive’s, hurriedly unzipping his pants and unbuttoning them. Julie turned her head and watched him. When his big black cock was already out, she gasped with surprise upon the sight of its length.

“You’re so big, Jaydee.” She said.

“Don’t worry, my love, I will go gentle.”

Jaydee grabbed her fair white butt cheeks and guided the head of his black penis. He felt the entrance of Julie’s wet and pink pussy, which was dripping with love juices all for him. He rubbed the head of his cock just a bit, before pushing swiftly and filling the walls of her tight pussy. Both of them gasped and bit their lips. Their union was not complete. Julie’s pussy was very tight on Jaydee’s black cock, and her walls expanded to accommodate his large size. Jaydee moved. Each of his thrusts sent glorious waves of pleasure throughout their bodies.

“Do you like this, Julie?”

“Yeah, yeah! Oh, it feels good, Jaydee. Go faster, please…”

Julie’s face was rosy red. She grabbed the tree trunk even harder when Jaydee pushed even deeper inside her. She could feel nothing but the movement of his cock inside her vagina. The pleasure was beyond belief, and she wanted nothing more but to be fucked deeply by the man that she loved. Julie cried in pleasure, whimpered, and howled each time Jaydee’s large cock hit her sweet spots. She couldn’t believe that she was in a heavenly pleasure like this.

Julie’s played with her clitoris. She wanted to catch up with Jaydee’s orgasm. They were getting nearer to the climax. Jaydee moved deeper, harder, and faster, rocking Julie against the tree trunk.

“Babe, I’m coming! Oh, Julie!”

“Come all over me, Jaydee!”

After one last push from Jaydee’s cock, Julie cried sharply and her legs tensed. She made a wild groan that signified her orgasm. Jaydee pulled away, spilling his cum on Julie’s butt cheeks. She felt the hot and thick fluid, which dripped to her legs. He dug his fingers on her soft skin.

Julie was still feeling the aftershocks of her orgasm when she turned to kiss Jaydee. He welcomed her soft mouth and sucked her lips in response. They locked each other in an embrace. They were both panting and breathing deeply. The flesh beneath their sweaty skin quivered and trembled.

The two of them smiled. Julie touched Jaydee’s cheek and he kissed her forehead. They out their clothes on before making the way out of the forest. Above the skies, the full moon was bright in the dark sky.

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