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Literotica: That Ivory Touch

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Tanya and Gregory meet unexpectedly at a cafe. Gregory, a white man, instantly falls in love with the dark-skinned Tanya. But things do not happen quite fast. She believes that he must find his way into her life.

They had different beliefs regarding romance destiny. There were only two roads that you could take when dealing about romance. First, you could say that love is a special destiny, something that has been designed for us. We couldn’t control who we fall in love with, and romantically spend our entire lives with.

On the other hand, you could believe that love and romance is something that we choose. We completely decide who to let inside our lives. Love and romance is something that we willfully choose, and we ourselves find our way towards it.

These two beliefs were as different as the shades of Tanya and Gregory’s skin. As you might guess by the name, Tanya was a young African woman who was born in Nigeria. She had skin that was dark as chocolate. But, if you touch her skin, it was as smooth and sweet as melted milk. Her eyes were deep and dark, and her nose was proud and tall. Tanya was a skinny woman. You could trace the outline of her bones and sculpted muscles whenever she wore a bikini. Tanya’s face was like a kiss of sunshine each time you looked at it. There was just something radiant about her, something beautiful and positive enough to light up her day.

But her life hadn’t been as beautiful and easygoing as how she looked. Her parents moved to New York when she was only three years old. They lived a difficult life when they first went to America. They could hardly find jobs and a roof to live underneath. Nevertheless, Tanya’s stay in America since infancy had instilled the good old American values to her blood, and when she was 21, she was old enough to be irrevocably American. This helped her cope with the challenging and fast-paced environment of New York. Tanya always luckily found part-time jobs as a student, from her middle school days until she graduated from high school.

Her parents had always taught her about the persistence and the diligence to live a good life. One should not be distracted by the free, temporary pleasures of the flesh. True happiness came at a cost, which could only be paid by the right efforts and the achieved with the right viewpoints in life.

So, when it came to romance, Tanya always believed that who you choose is who you’d spend the rest of your life with. You have to work your way through finding love and romance.

On the other hand, Gregory didn’t share Tanya’s beliefs. When they first met at a coffee shop (Tanya’s own business establishment, which she luckily bought at the age of twenty-five), Gregory was firm on the belief that there was a right person, a right woman, born for him and waiting for him in one of the busy streets of New York. Sometimes, he would literally wait at the bus stop and look at the passers-by, waiting for that magical moment when he finally falls in love with a stranger.

You could easily tell that he was the prince-charming type of any American romance fantasy. Gregory, ever the masculine type with his blue eyes, fair skin, golden hair, and athletic body, believed in love the same way that a sixteen-year-old girl would. He was a cupid for anyone. Gregory believed that love was everybody’s destiny, and we have no choice but to follow the turn of the world and let our paths entwine with “the one”.

That was what he felt when he saw Tanya. It was a Sunday morning, and she was busily counting money at the cashier of her own café. Her face was bare of makeup, except for the caramel shade that she used on her lips. Gregory never thought that he would have a romantic feeling for a lady this dark, and for a lady who was enigmatic and proud-looking. His family had always found ways to keep him in exclusive, “racist” private schools, where he hardly had the chance to gaze at this exotic kind of dark beauty. When Gregory’s heart beat excitedly at the sight of a young and adorable Tanya, he could only tell that he was in love with a stranger.

He wanted to touch her bare shoulders, and smell the perfume on her neck. Gregory could hardly wait to see her beautiful dark eyes, decorated with thick eyelashes, locked in a gaze with his own pair of expressive eyes. He wanted to feel her body against him. He wanted to know about her. Gregory wanted to whisper the sound of her name.

“What are you having, Sir?” Tanya asked, routinely, as she looked up at the next customer. Her ears patiently waited to hear what coffee he was going to buy. Her tips of her painted nails ticked on the counter. Tanya’s eyes were briefly entertained by the sight of his handsome face, bright eyes, and clean-shaven, fresh-from-the-shower kind of gorgeous face. For a second, she felt her body respond. Her heart skipped a beat.

The man smiled. It was a smile that lingered on his face, inviting Tanya to smile back and communicate with him. She wanted to smile back and ask for his name, but Tanya knew enough that men, especially the white, crispy-looking men, could hardly be trusted. It was simply wrong to fall for a white stranger at a café, on a Sunday morning. It was a romantic idea, but she knew better than that.

She briefly returned a polite, casual smile. As she did so, the man’s eyes sparkled and glittered with joy. She was flattered, but flattery can sometimes earn distrust. Tanya cocked her head to one side. The gesture simply said that she was waiting, and it was important not to wait for too long because other customers were waiting at the queue.

“Can I please have a tall glass of mocha frappe?”

Tanya’s eyes moved from his face to the sketchpad on her hand. Her fingers routinely wrote the coffee order. She didn’t look at him when she asked, “May I have your name, sir?”

He smiled his best smile. “My name is Gregory. Can I have yours?”

Tanya’s fingers stopped midway while writing Gregory’s name on a piece of paper. Her doubtful eyes met his gaze, which exhibited nothing but earnestness and pure sincerity. Tanya couldn’t decide whether it was appropriate to let him know about her, or to start a conversation at the cashier desk. But she did find him charming, sweet, and too friendly-looking to cause her any harm. There was a part of her that trusted him.

“I call myself Tanya.” She said with a hint of proudness. Tanya leaned and shifted her posture to say that she was the boss, and that customers rarely need to chat with the boss.

“That’s a wonderful name, Tanya.”

There was something beautiful about the way he said her name. Gregory said it as if he had always known her, cared for her, loved her. In her ears, Tanya’s name sounded sweeter when Gregory said it. In the back of her mind, Tanya secretly wished that she could hear this white man whisper her name for as long as she lived.

She sheepishly looked down while pressing the buttons to print his bill. Tanya felt her cheeks flush, and her knees and feet grew turned lighter, as if she was walking on the clouds. Her skin was dark, but it wasn’t too dark to conceal blushing cheeks. She was afraid that Gregory had seen it, and he had already uncovered the vulnerable part of her being.

While handing over his payment, Tanya’s hand unexpectedly brushed against his. It was a very exciting sensation, something which the two of them found surprising and thrilling. Gregory’s hand was soft and smooth, and it was ivory white in contrast with hers. When she felt his skin against hers, for a brief moment, Tanya wished that she could feel him more for a moment. She wanted to hold his hand. She wanted to feel the whole of his skin on her chilly palms and tips of her fingers.

Again, there was that sparkle in her eyes, and a pair of dimples on her dark cheeks. It melted his heart and made him ache for her. Gregory wanted to touch her face and feel the softness of her luscious lips. He couldn’t take his eyes off her beautiful features. He admired her long neck, and the strong outline of shoulder bones and arm muscles beneath her chocolate-dark skin. Gregory wished to pepper her with kisses, share the warmth of his body with her. Inside the café, it was a fantasy too beautiful to think about.

When he got his coffee, Gregory took a seat not too far from the cashier desk. He flipped open a magazine and pretended to read while sipping coffee. Every half-minute, he stole a glance at Tanya, who busily catered her customers and took their orders. More than three times, he had caught her looking at his direction. During those brief gazes, Gregory’s body responded. His pulse went faster, and there was that familiar build up between his legs.

When he took another look at Tanya’s direction, after actually reading an entire article on sports, Gregory panicked when he saw that she was no longer tending at the cashier desk. Another woman had replaced her. Gregory’s eyes silently searched for a shadow of her across the café. But there was no ghost of Tanya to be seen. His heart sank, but his spirits suddenly lifted when someone approached him from behind.

“Good morning, Gregory.”

When he finally saw her, Gregory marveled at the sight of her beautiful body. His eyes couldn’t have hid it. She wore a pair of expensive denim pants, which hugged her figure just right. Her upper body was only covered by a white sleeveless blouse, that hung loose just above her pierced navel. Tanya had the most beautiful curves that Gregory had ever seen. Her waist was small enough to fit his hands, and her hips were wide and round enough to arouse and tease a man to fantasize. A pair of dark, luscious mounds, hung like tender fruit on her chest.

Gregory smiled at her, but this time his smile was tainted with desire and lust. Nobody could simply take a good look at Tanya’s body and ignore the fact that she was sexy beyond compare. Tanya knew it, and she smiled back him, returning the flirtation and the gesture that she was attracted at him. She took a seat across him. Tanya looked expectantly at Gregory, who was still a bit shocked and awed by her presence.

Gregory did his best to level his voice and to focus his attention. “Tanya, I was going to ask you if I could buy you coffee but,” bubbles of laughter exploded from his chest, “I was afraid that you’d laugh at me.”

They chuckled, releasing the tension in those few bellows of laughter. Tanya laughed and sounded like a dove. Her laughter was like the sound of church bells. She also admired Gregory’s laughter, which didn’t make him any less manly. If any, she was attracted to him even further. She liked the confidence he exhibited. Tanya knew that she could be intimidating, sometimes.

But Gregory didn’t feel intimidated at all. For the most part, he managed to connect with Tanya’s sunny and bright personality. He had the chance to see her friendliest smiles, happiest faces, and the rare sparkle in her eyes. In a couple of hours, they talked about almost everything under the sun. They comfortable discussed a variety of topics, proving how excited they were about each other.

“Would you go out with me tonight?” Gregory asked. He was full of confidence, and his voice was without a hint of apprehension. Heck, he was already in love with her, and he was truly convinced that Tanya was the woman for him. He could marry her tomorrow for all he cared. There was just no chance that he would let her out of his life. She was his destiny, the only woman made for him, capable of making him feel this way.

Tanya’s face made a defensive mask, and her sweet eyes soured a bit. She opened her mouth to speak, but her throat was hollow. She couldn’t find the right excuse to say. Deep in her heart, she liked Gregory, but she felt like everything had been too easy on him. She believed that he should work his way into her life. He had to earn her.

But that didn’t stop him. Every morning, Gregory visited Tanya’s café, and he dropped a long-stemmed rose for her every day. He wasn’t able to stay for too long, since he had work to attend to in the morning. But at night, he always visited Tanya to share an hour of conversation with her over a warm cup of coffee. It took him two weeks before he was able to take her to the cinema and hold her hand. After a month, he had pecked her cheek, and after another week, their lips ever so slightly brushed against each other.

Gregory took everything slowly, agreeing to Tanya’s desired pace. And he was always consistent with his offerings of affection and adoration for Tanya. Gregory knew that this woman would eventually be his, if only he made the right ways to woo her patiently.

In the third month or so, they met each other’s families. Their different colors hadn’t been an issue in this event. Tanya’s parents accepted Gregory warmly, and they gave blessings to their relationship. Gregory’s white family was a bit apprehensive about accepting the dark-colored Tanya into their lives, until after learning that Gregory was completely in love with her. He told them about the achievements that Tanya had made with her young life. Gregory did everything to make his parents proud with Tanya.

Everything went perfect between them, and Gregory didn’t waste the chance to make the best night of their lives when Tanya asked for it. He felt like he had won the lottery when Tanya invited him to spend three days with her in a hotel and beach resort. After a week of preparations, Gregory felt everything come to a happy ending when Tanya, confident and sure about him, was finally in his arms.

They overlooked the beautiful beach from their window. The sound of the waves was faint compared to the sound of their beating hearts. Gregory’s arms were around her waist, and his lips brushed against Tanya’s nape and shoulders. She felt the warmth of his breath, soft and arousing, and Tanya closed her eyes as she whispered the words, “Make love to me, Gregory.”

He gently moved his fingers around her, finding his way inside her thin night gown. He lifted the soft fabric up and put his hands inside. Gregory felt the delicate curves of her waist, as well as her flat and firm tummy. Her skin was very smooth to the touch, and he kissed her nape while doing so. Gregory reached up until his hands cupped and felt the softness of her breasts. They were firm inside his touch. He had waited a lot of time before he could touch them, but now they were free and uncovered in his touch.

Gregory felt Tanya’s nipples tense, and gently he massaged them with his cool fingertips. He played and flicked them, tugging them gently and rolling them between his fingers. Tanya’s head leaned back, and she moaned while he played with her breasts. He sent shivers and tickles down to her belly, arms, and legs.

“Do you like this, baby?” He whispered to her ear before licking it.

Tanya gasped, feeling the moist of his tongue inside her ear. She felt feverish and warm, consumed by her lust and desire to make love with Gregory. She nodded, and then she added, “Let’s go to the bed, my love.”

He took her there, pulling her clothes off until she was naked beneath him. Gregory looked at the entirety of her nude body. He admired her like she was a goddess. Beyond that, he loved her. Tanya sat on the bed and began to undress Gregory. Her dark fingers contrasted against the paleness of his fair skin. She touched him and felt the tense, strong muscles of his shoulders, arms, and chest. Then, Tanya leaned forward to share a kiss with him.

It was full of love and passion. Gregory held Tanya’s nape as their lips locked and their tongues explored each other in a deep kiss. They felt the warmth of each other’s mouth, as well as the sweet taste of each other’s saliva. Tanya was an expert in kissing. Gregory felt like he was being transported to another space while she skillfully sucked and brushed her mouth against his. He was lost in a feverish desire. Meanwhile, Tanya’s hands went further down, and she reached for his cock which was hard and begging for her.

Tanya felt dampness at the tip of his cock. She moved her hand up and down his wet shaft, which was large and could hardly fit around her palms. He was truly ready for her, and he desired her so badly. She felt it also by the way he kissed her more intensely as she touched him. She was turned on even more, and the wetness between her thighs was almost dripping.

She spread her legs and positioned Gregory’s cock to enter her pussy. Once he was at the entry of her womanhood, she swiftly slid him down and took the entire of his length inside her. They both gasped, and Gregory grabbed Tanya’s waist as she went up and down his hard cock. She was so soft, very wet, and yet so tight. He kissed Tanya’s breasts and sucked her nipples while they made love in a seated position.

Tanya howled and moaned, her hips moving faster up and down Gregory’s cock. Her eyes were closed, but her mouth was open. Gregory cupped her ass and he sucked her nipples even harder. Tanya said something that he could hardly understand, but he realized later on that she said she was coming. Tanya cried out loud in pleasure. Gregory also felt his orgasm come close, building up, into a piercing sensation inside his hips. His muscles tensed, and his eyes closed tight. Time froze as they reached the climax of pleasure. Together, they exploded and screamed aloud inside the room.

They paused for half a minute, panting, Gregory still hard and inside her. Tanya kissed him, and she met his eyes with a loving and tired gaze. They were too tired to speak, but they communicated how much they loved each other. Their bodies were, a contrast of chocolate and ivory, but they were perfect for each other.

Then, Tanya started to move up and down his length once again

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