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Literotica: Warm Nights in the Office

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Veronica is a young woman who works hard to earn. She has failed to prioritize her life and add spark to her love life. With a dare from her female boss, Veronica manages to find a man who could warm her lonely nights. She instantly finds someone who brought her back to life, but he is also the person who will ruin her trust.

Veronica nearly buried her face on the stacks of papers. Her thick jet black hair hung like a curtain, flowing past her narrow shoulders neatly. She had a pretty, sensuous face, free of makeup, but graced with dark circles under her golden eyes. She hid these dark spots under her thick-framed pink glasses.

She was a fashion blogger, but she was more than that. Veronica was also a photojournalist, freelance photographer, and news writer. Plus, she was a bread-winning sister who raised her ten-year-old brother.

It’s an understatement to say that Veronica worked herself to the bones. Closer to the truth was that Veronica worn herself out to the soul. She barely had time for herself, and for her young life, which was supposed to be full or erotic adventures.

“Hey Veronica,” Melissa, one of her bosses, approached her desk. She leaned one hip on Veronica’s desk. “What are those papers?”

Veronica didn’t look up from what she was doing. “These are nothing, Mel.”

Knowing that her worker wouldn’t mind, Melissa picked up a sheet of paper. She scanned it with one glance. Her eyebrows furrowed. “What in the world are you doing with old magazine prints, baby?”

Veronica’s slender hands carefully moved on the table. She had been folding the papers, and she did it with the care of a perfectionist. “I’m making Tommy’s project at school.” Her voice was a cool sound, sweet as the chirp of a bird.

Her boss’ face fell down. “Oh my god, Veronica. Why do you do that?”

“Pardon?” Veronica glanced up to meet Melissa’s concerned face. Veronica’s face was blank as a sheet of paper, but it had charcoal-sketched circles.

Her loving boss touched Veronica’s cheek. “Why overwork yourself? Don’t you want to have some time going out, meeting people? Finding a boyfriend?” Melissa stressed the last word then rolled her eyes. “Ever since you broke up with Jake, you have been like that.”

Veronica’s soft mouth gaped open. “This has nothing to do with Jake, Mel,” her expression was annoyed “God! We broke up three years ago.”

“I didn’t mean to say that you were still under his influence. I’m just using Jake as a time marker.”

“Whatever, Mel,” Veronica went back to her paper-folding. Then, she said in an almost playful, soft voice. “You’re still not giving me a raise, so I need to work my sexy ass hard.”

Melissa almost laughed, but she had a coffee mug on her lips. “Alright,” she said in a cheery voice. “I’ll give you a raise if you find a boyfriend. Heck, I’ll give you one if you even manage to date.”

The two women laughed. After a minute of chuckling and thinking about their folly, Veronica spoke seriously. “Well, I’m definitely getting a raise, boss.”

Veronica was filled with new spirits for the day. She knew that her fat raise was overdue, and that Mel would give it to her anyway. Her boss just wanted her to have some fun. It was also a sign that Melissa was going to give her more time and rest days, so she could start fishing and hooking up a gorgeous, extremely masculine boyfriend.

Her ex, Jake, was just like that. He was a college football player with the face of a sweet cherub. Typical heartthrob. Jake was an Adonis who also rocked her bed. This man has been given the nickname “cock for pussies”. Veronica wasn’t a very conservative woman, and they spent most of their time locked in the privacy of a room. All that they needed to do was to hump like rabbits. Jake made Veronica scream whenever he entered her tight body, and together they made the neighbors complain.

But that was old days. Recalling it was just a happy memory for Veronica now.

She could feel her life expand to new horizons, just like the passing of a season. Autumn was very ripe and the leaves had yellowed, but for Veronica it was going to be the spring of her life.

All that she could think of was her raise, and also the her boss’ cue that she needed to have fun, or “date”.

Before going home, Veronica visited the department store to buy some makeup and new clothes. She hadn’t done this in a while, so the experience was quite bizarre. Her adrenaline rose. While checking the stock of cosmetics and trying the tints, Veronica realized how much of a nightmare her face had been. She put on a dab of makeup and gave herself some smokey eyes.

While exiting the department store, Veronica noticed the book sale at the last stall of shops. Since she was a writer and a literati geek, Veronica didn’t waste the opportunity to check out the hottest titles on the shelves. In the back of her head, she expected to find something like, “Bring Back Your Flame: Sex Advice for Women Who Had Been Single for Three Years”

There was a thick pack of people in the bookstore. Veronica could hardly check the shelves. Bodies came close together, and every now and then somebody brushes against her hip or was secretly looking at her chest. From a far gaze, she saw a misplaced erotic book on the “spiritual” section. For heaven’s sake, it was obviously a sex manual. On the cover was a nude man and woman locked in a heated embrace.

The price was a bargain at 2$. She felt a guilty pleasure surge inside of her. This book could serve well as a source of entertainment in the bed, if not informative. She swam through the sea of bodies and reached out for the paperback.

Just when her hands grabbed hold of it, another hand pulled the book from her. The owner of the big, brown hand was not in sight.

“Asshole! That’s my book!” Veronica shouted. A number of eyes turned to her, and Veronica’s hand flew to her dirty mouth.

She frequently lost her social manners when stressed. At the moment, she was more stressed than a laboring farm animal.

“I’m sorry Miss,” a man emerged from the crowd. He held the erotic book in one hand, and flapped it in the air like a flag.

Veronica was still a bit shocked, but she managed to look up at the stranger. She unintentionally cursed this man in public! She wanted to apologize and kiss this man’s feet, but she was at a loss of words. He was a gorgeous young man with thick brown hair, and a richly-tanned complexion. His V-neck shirt exposed a little too much chest skin. There were thin hairs there, and Veronica controlled herself not to knock over this man and ravage him sexually.

He smiled apologetically at Veronica, who just stared at him with awe and shock.

“Here you go, it’s a shame to ever read this anyway,” the man chuckled. In Veronica’s ears, this was the prettiest chuckle to be heard yet. The man did nothing explicitly sexual, and he could never appear sexual with a tattered vest, but for Veronica he oozed with sex appeal.

She reached out for the erotic book and took it. Veronica couldn’t take away her gaze from the man’s face. “I didn’t mean to curse you in public,” she said it automatically. Then she realized how stupid it sounded.

The man chuckled again. “Nah, that’s okay. My friends curse a lot and I’m used to it.”

They expectedly stared at each other. There was no reason to keep standing there, in the middle of a thick crowd, but their feet couldn’t let them walk away. There was something that pulled them closer.

“I’m Nash,” he smiled at Veronica, extending a hand at her. He showed a perfect set of white teeth. He had stubbles, making him look older than his actual age.

“Veronica.” She took his hand and put hers inside. She felt a different kind of warmth when their skin touched. It was not just the warmth of somebody else’s body on a cold day. The feeling was almost sexual, like it crawled and teased every inch of her eager skin. She almost wished that she wore a more plunging neckline to reveal her supple breasts.

They smiled at each other like idiots, until a grumpy old man passed by, cursing like a sailor then said, “This ain’t no park, you little love birds!”

Veronica and Nash found themselves laughing together while drinking coffee. The rain had poured outside, and none of them brought an umbrella. Veronica was secretly thankful about this tiny mishap.

Nash was a very charming conversationalist. He was also sweet, just as sweet as his lovely face. Veronica loved his down-to-earth, attentive attitude. He stared deeply into Veronica’s eyes whenever she talked. She felt like all of his attention and soul was focused on her. This wouldn’t be so bad if Nash’s eyes weren’t distractingly pretty. They were blue, like the Caribbean, and Veronica found it hypnotic.

“Oh, oh my god,” Veronica said in the middle of her speech. She looked down at the floor and chuckled.

Nash didn’t know why Veronica broke into laughter, but he also found himself chuckling with her. He asked why.

“Your eyes,” Veronica said, folding her hands on her lap. “They’re just so beautiful, so blue. When you look at me, it’ just,” She flew up her hands, trying to gesture the words. “I don’t know if you feel it, but there’s a spark,” she was uncertain about the last word, but she said it nevertheless. Her eyes gleamed with some embarrassment and strained desire. She wanted to run her hand along his thigh.

“Well, I find your face beautiful,” he said in a smokey, silvery voice. “And your lips…I love the way they move when you talk.” But he also wanted to kiss them, clash his teeth against hers, suck her tongue…

Their faces were only inches away from each other. She could smell his breath. Her cheeks were being torched with this sudden attraction and romantic desire for a newfound stranger. When the passion was too much, she looked away with a coy grin on her face.

“Would you let me drive you home?” Nash asked. Or rather, he teased.

Veronica met his eyes. The lust and desire there said yes.

The rain drizzled as they sped away. The couple shared eager conversations, thoughts, and opinion about almost everything under the sun. Both of them were writers, but Nash was more active in the publishing industry right now. They had the same wheels inside their heads, and Veronica found this extremely addictive.

When they reached Veronica’s apartment, she popped the question. “Why did you stay with me and let the rain slow down, if you had a car?”

“I wanted to spend more time with you, I guess,” Nash said. “I’d actually decided to offer you a ride home even earlier, but what would be my hopes of getting into your apartment?”

Veronica threw a pillow at Nash. He quickly got it and smiled warmly at her.

“You nasty, nasty man,” she said playfully.

“What could you expect with someone who’s going to buy a dirty book?” he sat on the bed. He watched Veronica’s shadow, as she stripped off her clothes and changed to more comfortable ones. Through the shadows, he could see how her breasts hung pleasantly on her chest.

She laughed. “So that makes me a terribly horny, dirty, and sexual person right now, huh?”

Nonchalantly, Nash turned his attention to the pile of boxes on the bed side. There was a small red box. Without asking for permission, he opened the lid. Nash whistled at his discovery.

Veronica rushed out from her dresser. She was now in her jeans and shirt. A happy smile was painted on her face, but it turned into a horrified mask when she saw Nash. She was red with embarrassment.

“Oh my god, Nash! Gimme that!”

She ran and dived towards the bed. She wrestled with Nash, who playfully grabbed her dildo in one hand. He waved it up in the air to tease her. The two of them laughed as they struggled to get hold of the sex toy. Like two children, they giggled and rolled all over the bed.  Their skins touched but they didn’t mind. Veronica felt Nash’s hands idly brush her sensitive spots. Sometimes he grabbed her breasts, but she couldn’t tell if it was intentional. Her hands also did the same to him. Her slender hands managed to grab between his legs, and there was a bulge there.

They were running out of breath when they stopped. Veronica was on top of Nash. The dildo was already on the floor, and it had been there for minutes. They realized that they had been wrestling with each other for the sake of it.

“You’re so beautiful, Veronica, and you’re so energetic on the bed, too.” Nash joked as he panted.

She laughed. He could feel her sweet breath on his face. Veronica’s face moved closer to him. “I like you, Nash.”

“I definitely like you too, Veronica,” He gazed deeply into her dark eyes. Their hearts drummed together inside their chests. Nash put one of his hands on the back of Veronica’s neck. Slowly, gently, he pulled her face down to his soft mouth. She felt his tongue against her lips.

Their sensuous lips touched for a long minute. It was a very light kiss, full of sweetness and caution. Nash’s palms rubbed the length of Veronica’s back. His fingers went beneath her loose shirt, and Veronica couldn’t help but squirm and gasp to the feeling of his soft touch.

“Oh my sweet lord,” Veronica gently pulled her head back and she broke off their kiss. They both breathed deeply. Veronica licked her lips. She slowly opened her eyes and gazed lovingly at Nash.

His eyes were full of lust. Nash begged for Veronica’s body, and she knew it. He wanted to take it slow, like the sipping of tea. He wanted to feel every inch of her, touch every part of her, and put his mouth wherever it pleased her.

They made love that night. It was warm, gentle, and careful, like a flowing stream. Their bodies moved together like two shadows dancing by the fire. He went inside her for many times, and she grabbed and pulled him even closer. They moaned the same uneven breaths. When they woke up, tangled together in the morning, both them swore that they’d found their “missing piece”.

Everything went great for Veronica and her career. She got her raise, and she definitely got a boyfriend and a wonderful love life.

These turn of events gave her an indescribable inspiration. One night, while Nash lay sleeping on her bed, Veronica started to finish a long piece that had been locked on the depths of her heart.

It was a manuscript for a novel. The first one to know about it was Nash. She excitedly told him that she had begun this novel five years ago, but she never managed to finish the entire manuscript. Veronica’s life got extremely busy, and consequently she lost her inspiration.

But when Nash came into her life, everything changed.

“You were my muse, you were the caffeine that helped me stay up at night,” Veronica jokingly said to her boyfriend before kissing him. They made love like it was the last day of their lives.

Little did she know. It was the last time where they could be completely happy together. Over the next few days, Veronica noticed changes with her boyfriend. He was getting more phone calls, and sometimes he canceled their dates because he had to meet someone. Nash could hardly look into her eyes when they talked. Veronica grew anxious about this, but Nash assured her that everything between them was fine. But she was distressed by the fact that Nash might be having an affair, or worse.

Her trust crumbled away. His lack of time spent with her caused their relationship to wither like a rose. Veronica needed his company and time, but it was the last thing he could give to her. Life and colour began to drain out of their relationship, and soon it felt like they were good as strangers.

One night, Veronica came home to her apartment feeling different about everything. Her life was a mess. She opened one of her dressers. To her shock, she realized that her manuscript was gone.

She turned pale as a ghost. Only Nash knew about this. He could be the only one who might steal it from her.

Veronica felt dirty, like a cheated wife. She loved him with all her heart and body. She cried all day, and tears never seemed to endlessly pour from her eyes. She trusted Nash. She couldn’t believe that he would take advantage of her and repay her with dishonesty.

During the week that followed, she didn’t hear anything from him. This was only logical since he stole something from her. God know where Nash was, but Veronica knew that he was gone forever. He had slowly been slipping out of her life, anyway. Like a knife cutting her silently.

A month passed, and no word came from Nash. No shadow of him came close to her distance. This wasn’t much of a shock for Veronica. He had slowly adjusted her to this setup, by the way.

One rainy afternoon, Veronica found herself inside a bookstore. She was like a ghost inside the store, staring at nowhere, feet fluidly marching. Her eyes recklessly scanned the shelf of books, until one title caught her attention.

It was a freshly-pressed romance novel. Printed on the cover was her name: Veronica Welts. It was a beautiful French script.

She rubbed her eyes, but when she opened them it was the name. Her mouth gaped open.

“May I have your autograph?”

A familiar voice said from behind her. It was like a streak of lightning across a starless sky. When Veronica turned to meet his eyes, tears were already on her face. Her heart drummed with tremendous bliss and happiness. She ached, but she was glad. It was Nash.

She quickly rushed to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. “You asshole,” Veronica cursed in tears. “You should’ve told me, you idiot!”

He caressed and hushed her. “Well, you never asked,” he laughed his familiar chuckles, like when they first met.

Nash and Veronica’s mouths crushed in a kiss. Its warmth filled the long dreary nights when they were apart. Its heat almost dared them to undress each other in public, and rediscover each other’s bodies. But more than everything, it was a kiss that burned with their passion, a flame that would turn their nights to summer during a cold winter.

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