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Literotica:The Diamond Affair

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Michelle is an over-achieved boss. She is the editorial head of a nationwide magazine publication, and she has a lot of people working under her command. But a young man makes an exception. Melissa couldn’t resist this fresh intern, and she risks it all for a blissful romance and an affair with him.

Michelle contentedly sipped her fresh latte. It was adequately sweet and fairly warm, just as she liked it. She silently nodded to the obedience and the keen attention of her newest assistant. While the sweetness melted inside her mouth, Michelle set down the cup on her glass desk. The editorial head brought back her attention to the client inside her room.

“How many interns exactly do you think my office needs?” She said in a half-sarcastic, half-professional voice.

“There are twenty of them, Miss Sullivan,” the middle-aged college teacher almost stammered. “But of course ma’am, your HR Department gets the final say.”

Michelle moved her head in an appraising nod. She looked like she was pondering a philosophical question. Her hazel-colored eyes were fixed on an empty corner to the left. She pursed her red lips in a tight line, and her caramel hair of curls tensed down her shoulders.

“Well actually,” she said in a firm, authoritative, yet a very foxy voice, “I get the final say.”

The woman in front of her flushed. She knew that she was nothing compared to the popular journalist and the now-editorial-head Michelle Sullivan.

“I’ll send you my decision tomorrow. The stacks are going to arrive today, right?”

“Yes, Miss Sullivan,” the guest brightened with excitement. She knew that her students who would manage to get an internship with this company will be successful. Part of the success would be hers.

“Tessa,” he gestured to her assistant, “give me the students’ files this afternoon, okay? I want them exactly at three o’clock. Also, please escort our guest here.” Her last words were full of disdain. She didn’t look away from her computer screen until the two fellows were out of the door.

Michelle breathed deeply, releasing her exasperation and irritation. “Opportunistic people,” she muttered under her breath. She knew the opportunities that came with getting an internship from her publication. When she started out as a journalist, she never clung to opportunities like this, or impressed people with her connections instead of skills.

She worked her way to the top-ladder of the editorial board. The years of hard work and struggle had almost worn her out, but Michelle never neglected her body. Her tight skirts always emphasized the curve of her hips and revealed the majesty of her long, skinny, legs. The latest fashion always looked good on her averagely-sized body. Michelle was slender, but not quite skinny. The right parts of her body were filled with the right amounts of flesh and fat.

Many men wanted her, even desired her. But certain things kept them from courting Michelle or spilling their romantic ambitions about her. Michelle was a tight woman, full of high standards. Her career was equally towering like the skyscrapers where she worked. She shook hands with presidents, billionaires, actors, actresses, and all the powerful people. Michelle’s day-to-day conversation pals were the people ordinary folk could only dream of meeting.

She lived an interesting life, but right now it was all going down. Michelle ached to feel something genuine. Her life was full of buzz, facts, and symmetrical lines of printed words. She wanted someone or something that could knock her on her feet, make her feel nervous and at a loss of words. Michelle wanted someone who could throw her off from her comfort zone.

This was something that she never expected to happen when she saw Simon’s file. Michelle thought of him as somewhat odd, irrational, yet extremely full of zest with life. In his picture, Simon wore round, old-fashioned glasses, and his blonde, unruly hair hung like a curtain on the sides of his face. He was also significantly older than the rest of the college applicants. Simon was almost as old as her.

When Michelle checked, she found out that he used to be a painter. Simon decided to enter the journalism industry because “pens and paper are a lot cheaper than oil and brushes”. Michelle chuckled at his funny reason, and decided that this man’s humor could add color to their office.

When they first met, Michelle mistook Simon for a janitor. There was completely nothing remarkable about him. Simon tied his hair to his nape and didn’t wear his glasses. He had stubbles on his jaws, and he wore tattered jeans and a brown shirt, printed with the logo of a 70’s rock band.

He was as rugged as that. Michelle asked him why he didn’t wear uniform, and Simon simply replied that his uniform was in the washer’s. Michelle was exasperated but amused at his candid answer. She told him to mop the entire east wing of the third floor, and Simon happily grabbed the buckets.

She met him again the next day, and Michelle was caught off guard when Simon in the editorial wing. He was fixing paper works together with the other interns. Their gazed instantly met each other, and Simon smiled at her like she was a classmate from his preschool. He waved a busy hand at her. Strands of hair fell from his pony tail, and Michelle found it extremely sexy.

“Intern?” She approached the man and asked with a stern voice.

His smile was laid back and full of humor. “I’m one of the interns, but also a part time floor mopper if my boss requires me so.” His eye sparked, and Michelle almost saw it blink at her.

“Simon,” he extended a hand at her. The gesture was so casual and the smile was so warm, Michelle almost felt offended.

But she didn’t feel so. She had a fear, a fear that she might break something precious. There was grim excitement at the back of her mind. Her blood burst through her veins as if something happened for the first time. In front of her was a man who barely knew her, but acted as if they’d always been together.

Right then, he had swept her off her feet.

Since they formally met, Michelle couldn’t get her mind and her eyes off Simon. She stole glances at him. She kept an ear for the sound of his cheerful voice. Michelle used her authority to secretly keep Simon from working with other women. She found herself fidgety whenever Simon was in the company of others, or when he talked sweetly to someone in the phone. Michelle wanted him badly, but her faith in her career and reputation stopped her.

Days got drearier. Michelle couldn’t sleep at night. Most of the time, she found herself drowned with lust and thoughts about Simon. In the privacy of her bedroom, Michelle would touch herself, rub her hard tits against her palms. She would pretend that the heat of her fingers belonged to Simon. She would close her eyes and imagine his beautiful mouth kissing her cunt, licking her clit. Michelle fingers would go between her legs, feeling the river of desire that flowed there. She would push inside, imagining his hard-cock stabbing her like a dagger. The sensations were sweet, but she couldn’t satisfy herself.

She wanted him, and it was frustrating. Michelle wasn’t used to frustration.

It was a surprise when Simon came to her one morning. He casually opened the door without knocking on it, and then locked it behind him with the same nonchalance. He walked towards Michelle and stood in front of her desk. Simon’s face was serious, and he looked down at Michelle like she was a pet dog. He leaned his hands on her desk.

Her co-workers didn’t do this thing to her. Simon was just an intern, making matters graver. Michelle’s authority was offended.

“I beg your pardon, Mr. Gates?” Her voice was polite, but her brows furrowed in annoyance.

“Tell me that you feel it.” he demanded. His voice was calm, but there was an intense emotion in it. He nearly whispered, and the tone of his voice aroused a flame between Michelle’s legs. It was undeniably erotic.

“Tell you what, intern?” Michelle feigned innocence and irritation beneath the desire and lust, which made her flush skin shudder.

“That we desire each other,” he stressed the word. It was like a fire that sprung from his throat. “I want you, and I feel that you want me.”

“What makes you think so?”

“You haven’t called your security yet.” Simon glanced at the blue button on Michelle’s desk. It was right beside her hand. “You want me, and you like seeing me here, right?” He grinned at her. It was the sexiest grin that Michelle had ever seen.

“Shut up!” She intended to say it fiercely, but her voice betrayed her.

“Kiss me then,” Simon dared her. There were no hidden cameras inside Michelle’s office. She was the boss, and the boss valued her privacy. “Kiss me, and tell me that we haven’t been playing hide and seek during the past few weeks.”

Michelle stood up from her swivel chair with a rush. She met Simon’s mouth very easily, and he quickly grabbed hold of her hair. Their mouths ravaged each other with all the eagerness and the hunger that they’d hid inside their conscience. Their kiss was an open-mouthed seduction that urged their hands to explore each other.

Simon’s hands were quick, relentless, and firm. He got Michelle moaning loudly and sensuously in a matter of seconds. His touch was beneath her clothes, squeezing her breasts and rubbing her buttocks. She was helpless. When Michelle looked down at herself, she could hardly believe that Simon managed to unbutton her blouse.

She wanted his hands back to her body. Michelle moved closer to him, closing away any distance that would prevent the union of their thirsty bodies. Simon’s skin was as warm as hers, and the delirious heat that claimed his senses was very apparent. His hot fingers quivered as he ran them along Michelle’s silky thighs. She felt his nails tease her skin, and wanted him to go further, deeper. She wanted him to fill her empty nights, when she needed his touch so badly.

Simon discovered Michelle’s heat inside her slippery pussy. He pushed two fingers inside. When he pulled away, her juices dripped from the tips of his fingers. He wanted to take her now, right then and there. Their lust and passion for each other couldn’t wait any longer. It was almost too painful now to be kept for any longer. Michelle’s flesh had never felt this hungry, and she spread her legs wide for him.

They twisted and moved together. Their bodies fit tightly together like they were made for each other. He slid hi cock in and out of her wet pussy. All that they could think of was to follow the need and the drive of their hungry bodies. They moaned and they whimpered together.

At the end of their dance, they collapsed into an explosion that left them helpless, tangled, panting, and delighted in each other’s arms.

During the next days, it was difficult to act normally again. Whenever they passed each other, Michelle and Simon couldn’t help but remember their secret encounters. Their moans of pleasure echoed inside their ears. The feeling of each other’s skin lingered.

Their affair brought them closer. Simon became more attached to Michelle, and he was the first to notice significant changes with his boss. She smiled more often. Michelle started choosing clothes with brighter and deeper colors. She was more tolerant of her workers’ mistakes, and the atmosphere simply became lighter around her.

Michelle longed for Simon’s company, even in friendly ways. They drank coffee together, had snacks in the sky gardens all over the city, and did several writing projects together. They laughed, watched movies, and told each other about the thoughts deep in their private minds. They were both happy, and Simon himself told her that he had never been this crazy before.

Everything about them was perfect, but it was also a bitter secret. Simon could never tell anyone about his relationship with Michelle. They both knew what would happen to Michelle’s career if her reputation as a boss gets damaged. Simon had to lie to everyone regarding his close company with Michelle. He would lie that she was mentoring him, or that she was just happy to tell him about somebody she met at a conference.

Simon couldn’t help but feel pressed about their situation. The end of his term as an intern was also drawing to a close, but Michelle never seemed to notice. All that she seemed to care about was to get off and have fun in his arms. They remained physically close, but Simon was feeling like everything was falling apart. He even felt like Michelle was using him simply to attain happiness.

One morning, while both of them lay naked in each other’s arms, Simon asked Michelle. “Do you love me?”

She was silent for a minute before she said yes.

“Would you marry me if I asked you?” There was pain in his voice, but he hid it well.

Michelle felt a surge of irritation. “What’s the use of that question?” The tone of her voice spoke better than the words.

“I just wanted to know if you wanted to be with me.” Simon said calmly. Inside his chest, his heart was being torn to shreds.

“Don’t I look like I want to be with you now?” Michelle was equally pained. They didn’t speak of it, but she knew what Simon meant. Suddenly, the warmth on Simon’s skin was almost too hot to bear to the touch. Michelle pulled away and picked her clothes on the floor.

She turned her back to him, so he wouldn’t see the tears on her face.

Simon stopped attending his internship, which was to end in two weeks anyway. Michelle didn’t ask him about it too. She knew well-enough that it had something to do about their previous argument, which was not well-debated. There was a crumbling feeling inside Michelle’s chest, which told her that she might never see Simon again.

It was a horrible feeling, but she had no choice but to feel it and to hide it. Michelle held on to her authority and power instead. She used her achievements and comforts in life to mend her broken heart. It was a difficult life without Simon, but she knew that there was bound to be no other life than this one.

During his last day of internship, Simon miraculously appeared inside Michelle’s office. She could hardly believe that he had come back for her. He walked nonchalantly towards a corner of the room, then leaned a 3-foot wide and long canvas on the wall. It was wrapped with dark cloth. Michelle vaguely noticed it, and her attention was focused on Simon. Her mouth gaped open in shock as he approached her table. Simon smiled warmly at her. When he was about to laugh at Michelle’s horrified expression, she caught herself and fixed her face.

“Good morning, Mr. Gates,” she formally said. He was still her intern, anyway. “Are you here to inquire about your internship? Well, you met the minimum number of hours required, albeit your unexcused absences in the past few—”

Her speech was cut short when Simon rushed to her side and embraced her. It was a very tight embrace, full of longing and ache. They were both silent for a while, letting the pain of the moment subside, but soon their hands found their familiar ways around each other. Their lips met in a sweet reunion, and they both tasted the bitterness of the days and nights they spent apart from each other.

They both knew that they needed each other. Without their kiss and the heat of their touch, the nights would turn into an endless winter. The days would become nothing but a burnt out summer. Simon’s kiss was like water to his lips. And the heat of her body was the warmth of the sun upon his barren body. Soon, their garments fell off from their bodies. Inch by inch their flush skin were revealed, and it was warm as if torched by desire.

He laid Michelle on the length of her desk, and his body covered her and claimed her right there. Michelle’s cunt was already wet when his cock went inside her. He moved elegantly but swiftly, building enough pleasure that could numb the pain in their hearts. Michelle yielded to him with all the eagerness and devotion of a bride. She wrapped her legs around his waist. The heat of the moment was almost enough to burn the bitterness, but whenever their eyes met, a piercing emotion shot through their hearts.

The climax of the moment caught them off guard, and a wild moan escaped their thirsty lips. For a split second, there was nothing else but the pleasure of their union, and they were up at the skies. But the fall was as hard at the high that they could get. When they gathered their sense, the grief had become worse.

She wanted to tell him, “I love you,” but it was a lie at the core of it.

Then they said goodbye to each other, both as respectfully as they could. He gave her his last smile, and she gave him the last sight of her proud face. When the door closed behind her, Michelle cried like an orphaned girl. Her heart was nothing but shards of broken flesh.

She turned to the wrapped canvas, leaning on the wall. With quivering hands, she slowly unwrapped Simon’s final present. Her eyes were filled with tears, but as she gazed upon it, amazement and regret reigned.

It was a sketch, a quite hurried one. It was a portrait of her and Simon, wrapped in a loving embrace. They were very happy and full of love as they looked into each other’s eyes. They resembled a newly married couple. Everything was black and white, except for a shiny detail in Michelle’s hand.

It was a diamond ring that sparkled with a realistic glow. It was placed right on her ring finger, right where wedding rings were supposed to go.

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