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Literotica: A Touch of Milk, Honey and Lust

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Evan is a tall, gorgeous, hot and dark-skinned guy who everybody wants to have. Of course, young women thought about his “black package” only.

He had been in some relationships, but the women only thought about sex with him. But when he meets Elaine, a pale skinned girl who was honey and milk compared to him, Evan realizes what making love really means.

He drank the last drops of vodka from his fifth bottle. Evan stared at the wall of his room while loud music played. His head was spinning because of the alcohol, and his skin was already getting hot and numb. The alcohol has kicked in, consuming his spirit and calming his mind. But even then, all that he could think of was Lucy, his latest ex-girlfriend. Their picture still hung ion his wall, and the memory of her was still on his heart.

It wasn’t the first break up in his life. Evan had broken up with many girls, and a lot of girls had broken up with him. Evan should be used to this game already. Always, in the end, after some sweetness and some nights at the hotel, the romance and the magic get lost. He would just learn that his girlfriend was cheating on him. If not, she will just limp like a vegetable, stop speaking with him for days.


Evan loved women. He passionately loved them, especially the women who got deeply into his life. He made love with a romance and passion that left girls breathless, delirious, and feeling out of this world. His ex-girlfriends always recollect the memories as the best sex of their lives. Evan was also a sweet guy, never running out of chocolates and flowers up his sleeve. In short, he knew how to give women a good time. He was a gentleman and he knew how to treat ladies well.

The only problem might be the fact that he was just a dark-skinned man. He wasn’t just the “tall, dark, and handsome” kind of guy. Evan was African to the bones. He had dark skin which was dark as the night. Women always dreamed of big guys who were dark like Evan. They wanted to feel the strength of his muscles wrapping their small bodies. Women wanted to be squeezed between his strong and muscular arms. And most of all, they wanted to have a taste of his exceptionally large and dark cock.

Dark men like Evan were the most sought-out species when it comes to sex and making love. They had great bodies and dashing, one of a kind package inside their pants. Many men would enjoy being popular among the ladies, but this fact was just a heartbreaker to Evan. He loved women with his heart, and not just with his cock. But unfortunately, the women he always fell for were those who just wanted to use him as a tool in bed.

Whenever he had sex women, Evan always made love to them. He kissed passionately, and he enter their bodies as a ritual of union, and not simple a sexual enjoyment. But when would women ever see him for more than just a twelve-inch guy? When would he be loved for who he was, when not in bed?

When the next day came, Evan had a hangover from last night’s drinking and mourning for his latest girlfriend loss. He swayed along the corridors, and he ignored the eyes that stared at him. In the midst of the crowd, there was an exceptional voice that stood out from the rest. It was a high-pitched one, almost the sound of a little girl’s. Evan turned around and saw that it was Elaine’s.

He knew her. She had been his schoolmate since kindergarten. They have shared a few classes until middle school. During high school, they simply passed each other, vaguely saying a greeting or nodding each time they passed by. Now, in college, it was quite a wonder why she was being close to him again.

“Evan!” Elaine’s eyes widened at the sight of his familiar face. She quickly rushed to him, careful not to bump against some people in the crowd. Her hand was full of pamphlets and short magazines. These were missionary gospel literature. Elaine was an active member of the local Baptist church.

They were the same age, but Elaine looked five years younger than Evan. She hardly looked twenty because of the way she dressed and carried herself. Elaine was every bit the fair lady: she had honey-colored hair and a milky-white skin. She liked to wear conservative dresses which had run out of fashion. She stood only five feet, in contrast to Evan who was 6’3. She had green eyes and a small, pink-colored mouth. Her cheeks were naturally blush but peppered with freckles.

“Good morning, Evan! How do you do? I didn’t see you last summer.” Elaine spoke to him with the softest of tones and the cheeriest of smiles.

Evan didn’t know how to respond. Elaine was such a sweet, innocent little lady, and he didn’t want to make her feel bad by telling the truth about his situation. She would definitely console him and tell him that everything’s going to be alright, but Elaine would have yet another worry about the troubles of other people.

“I am mighty fine.” Evan responded with a smile. He brushed his slender fingers through his thick nest of curls. His head ached a little, but the sweet sight of Elaine was bringing him up.

“That is good to hear. I’ve been praying for you for a while too. Here, why don’t you have a copy of this magazine? It’s from our local church.”

Evan courteously took the magazine from Elaine. He knew that he wouldn’t read it, but there were only so few things that you could resist from a sweet girl like Elaine.

“We’re having a small program during the weekend,” she explained with glee. “Mrs. Martha’s daughter survived her operation. We are going to hold a thanksgiving party for her. I’d be very glad if you could come, Evan.”

He shrugged before giving her an apologetic smile. Evan wasn’t the sort who would like to go to events like this. Plus, a Saturday morning is too beautiful to be spent in somebody else’s backyard.

“I would understand if you couldn’t come,” Elaine said in an earnest voice, “But I would pray that you will come for me, Evan.”

She gave him her sweetest smile before waving a hand at him and saying goodbye. Evan returned the gesture. He smiled as she turned and scurried off into the corridor. Elaine’s bouncy curls flowed past her back, and her long skirts danced with the motion of her covered legs.

He looked once again at the invitation in his hands. Definitely, it was a too Christian for him. Evan was well-aware of the fact that he had a lot of carnal desires and sins. He was much different compared to Elaine. Their virtues were black and white, just like the color of their skin.

During the days that followed, Evan rarely thought about Elaine’s invitation to the thanksgiving party. He was hardly aware that he had kept the gospel magazine inside his bag. He kept his mind busy thinking about his classes, and Evan found other ways to quicken the healing of his broken heart. He went to the club, got a few drinks, and bedded a casual woman or two.

But when Saturday morning came, Evan found himself waking up too early at 5 am. He couldn’t sleep anymore. He tried to close his eyes and count seep, but it was all in vain. Evan kept thinking about Elaine’s invitation, sitting pretty inside his bag. In a couple of hours, the thanksgiving party was going to start.

Elaine scanned the entire backyard, but there was neither hair nor hide of Evan to be seen. She patiently tapped her feet as she watched the other members of the community make the last minute preparations on the place. Their daughter, Vivienne, survivor of her tumor operation, was happily seated on her wheelchair. Everybody conversed with her an entertained the other members. Only Elaine was looking afar, waiting for the appearance of someone who would never come.

She sighed. Jimmy had already called her twice and it was time to come on stage. She told him to wait for a few minutes more, but Jimmy insisted that everything was all set now. Finally, Elaine nodded in approval and took a last look at the empty street in front of the Walters’ residence.

It was a small makeshift stage. It looked pretty and nice compared to the small backyard of the Walters family. Each of her friends and family were there, but she longed to see the sight of someone else.

After a few words of welcome and thanks, Elaine called to the sound operator and he began to play a minus-one of her song. The first notes of her recorded piano performance played, and people eagerly leaned their heads forward, as if they could get a better listen at Elaine’s lovely voice.

She sang the first few notes with a little pain and sadness. It was meant to be a happy, thankful song, but Elaine felt incomplete without the presence of Evan. All these years, she had secretly gazed at him and admired him from afar. Elaine always wondered how it would be like to stand beside a sweet man such as Evan. She wanted to befriend him. Even with his simple friendship, she would be content.

But Elaine was afraid that Evan wouldn’t notice her. Compared to the other girls that he dated, she was plain and simple. Beyond that, Evan himself was a very beautiful dark-skinned man. He was a gorgeous creature. She was a little dove compared to a great eagle.

Halfway through her song, Elaine noticed a tall man making his way through the crowd. She looked at him closely, and then she realized that it was Evan. Evan! He was more handsome than ever. He wore a checkered polo with green and white colors. His long, athletic legs were wrapped by a pair of denim pants. Evan tied his curly hair at his nape, making him exceptionally gorgeous and pretty beyond belief.

Elaine couldn’t move her lips into a smile because she was singing, but her eyes definitely sparkled and brightened. Her voice became warmer now that her inspiration was right in the audience. She sang her song for Evan. She looked right at him, her eyes twinkled at him. Elaine simply showed him that everything that she did was for him.

It had not been in vain. While he watched her sing onstage, pouring her heart out for him, Evan realized how Elaine had changed and grown into a very beautiful woman. For the occasion, Elaine had worn a tube dress that exposed her silky kegs and her bounty chest. Elaine’s shoulder blades were very sensual and bony. Some strands of her golden hair dangled on the sides of her face.

When she came down onstage, she rushed to Evan and he opened his arms for her. They locked themselves in an embrace that lasted quite too long. IT was long enough for them to feel the warmth and the excitement of each other’s bodies. Elaine caught a whiff of his perfume, and he smelled the flowers on her hair.

“I didn’t expect that you would come!” Elaine gleefully said to Evan.

He smiled shyly. He himself had not meant to appear. “I couldn’t resist not coming for you, Elaine.”

She blushed. Elaine’s red lips opened to say something, but she couldn’t find the right words. She could only look at Evan and express to him her hidden desire and love for him throughout the years.

That was the day when they fell in love. In the next days that passed, Evan and Elaine were rarely seen apart. They went to school together. They frequented the park, talked on the porch of their houses, or simply hung out at the diner and talked. When they were running out of words, Elaine simply leaned on Evan’s shoulder and they watched the sun set.

Everytime she spoke and looked into his eyes, Evan knew that she loved him inside her heart. She was very much unlike other girls who loved Evan because of his body. He spent his days happily with Elaine, knowing that he was fully loved and accepted by her.

One afternoon, the rain suddenly poured while they took a stroll at the park. The day had been bright and sunny during the morning, so the two of them didn’t bother to wear an umbrella. The wind just suddenly blew faster, and bits of raindrops poured from the sky. Before they could find a shade to keep themselves dry, Elaine and Evan were already soaking wet. They danced around the rain for some minutes, but when it got too cold, they decided to come home.

Evan’s house was the nearer to the park, so they had decided to stay there for until the rain stopped. It happened that Evan’s parents were currently out of town, leaving the two of them alone in the house. Evan and Elaine shared the silence of the living room. It was awkward at first, especially when Evan gave spare clothes to Elaine so she could be dry.

“That is my smallest size of shirt, Elaine, I’m really sorry.”

Evan’s shirt fit her like a loose nightgown. The hems of the shirt hung on the middle of her thighs. The neck line was a bit saggy, causing one side to fall off Elaine’s shoulder. She looked very sexy indeed, as if she’d just had sex in the morning. Evan couldn’t help but notice how erotic his girlfriend looked like in his own clothes. He could hardly look at Elaine without growing his erection.

She did notice the sudden change in his attitude, and Elaine completely understood it when she saw the bulge in his pants. At first, Elaine was surprised at scared. She had never seen a man actually having an erection close to her, beside her. But when the idea sunk in, Elaine found herself giggling out of flattery and silliness.

“What is the matter?” Evan asked. But Elaine kept on giggling until she could look him straight into the eyes. She saw the heat in Evan’s eyes, the partial swelling his mouth and the lines of his proud jaws. That second, Elaine saw every beautiful thing there was to lust about Evan. Her body moved instinctively. Her lips found their way to Evan’s mouth.

It was supposed to be a light kiss. But when their hungry bodies touched, Elaine realized that she couldn’t pull away from him. Evan parted his lips and let his tongue come out from his mouth. He kissed Elaine deeply, putting his tongue inside her mouth. It was a very different, wet and hot sensation for Elaine. Soon enough, she found her own tongue and lips moving, sucking and licking Evan’s lips until they were both drowned in a sexual desire.

Evan’s hands moved all around Elaine’s body. He touched her waist, lifted her clothes, and looked for the sweet spots that made her groan and gasp. Evan was gentle, but his fingers were passionate. When he found Elsine’s nipples between his fingers, he rolled hem and squeezed them until Elaine begged him to kiss her breasts. He was surprised at first, but his surprise was merely a fire that burned his blood even hotter. He pulled Elaine’s shirt and buried his mouth on her breasts. He sucked them hard and licked them. He felt the warmth of Elaine’s skin, a testament that she was indeed aroused and ready for his body.

Elaine’s back was flat on the carpet of the living room. Evan was on top of her, and he licked his breasts and touched the sides of her body. Inside Evan’s pants, his erection was already throbbing and almost hurting to be kept inside. He gave Elaine one look in her eyes, asking her if she was willing to go all the way with him. There was a feverish fire in Elaine’s eyes. Her face was pinkish and warm. Her eyes burned in desire for him, and she nodded her head in approval.

Evan was beyond excited. He went back to kissing and licking her breasts, but after a few strokes of his tongue, he moved further down her body. Evan kissed her tummy and her beautiful waist, before he slowly pulled off her panties and rubbed the nub of his nose against her pubic hair. Elaine spread her legs when she finally stripped naked. Evan opened his mouth and released his tongue, licking Elaine’s clitoris and making her howl and gasp on the carpet.

She was about to explode. These sensations were all foreign to Elaine, but she knew very well that she desired every bit of what Evan did to her. He sucked her clitoris, causing her to quiver and shake in response to the huge waves of pleasure. She wanted to feel him inside her hot and wet pussy. She longed to feel how a hard cock would feel inside her walls.

Evan stopped after a few minutes, and quickly he pulled down his pants and released his big black cock. He lifted Elaine’s legs and put them above his shoulders. They gazes locked. Both of their eyes were glassy with desire. Slowly, Evan entered Elaine’s virgin pussy. He was careful not to push too hard, and he always watched out for her reactions.

At first, she cried and gasped in pain. Evan went slower and hushed her, and he touched her nipples to make up for the pain between her legs. But after a few strokes, Elaine’s face changed and it turned into a face of delight and pleasure. Evan went quicker and quicker, inspired by the pleased and satisfied look on Elaine’s face. He was nearing his orgasm. Elaine was also coming for her first orgasm, and Evan knew it by the way that she cried in pleasure.

Their bodies were struck by lightning by the time that they climaxed together. Elaine’s back arched, and she could feel nothing but pulsating pleasure throughout her bloodstream. Her body was filled with overwhelming pleasure, as if she was reaching for the skies. Evan managed to pull off just in time, and his glorious orgasm caused him to spread drops of cum all over Elaine’s body. He came on her tummy, and she felt his throbbing cock rested on her navel.

Evan snuggled beside Elaine when he finished. His body was drained of energy and vigor. They kissed, looked into each other’s eyes, and told each other that it was a beautiful experience. Evan told Elaine that she was the most exceptional girl in the world, and he would never let he go. He couldn’t live without her touch of milk and honey.

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  1. I love reading your stories and hearing that you’re building confidence for what you love to do. No shame in that! I just wish I had someone in my life as proud/willing as you!

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