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Literotica: In Alice’s Wet Wonderland

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Alice is an adventurous city girl who loves being at the heart of night life and clubs. In one of her adventures, she meets a stranger who asks for a hitch hike.

Attracted by the look in his eyes and in the scent of his perfume, Alice easily lets the stranger in her car. But he also finds himself getting inside her life and in her heart.

Alice was deciding whether to choose the purple dress or her newest little black dress. She had always liked and favored little black dresses, but the novelty of the purple dress was so tempting. It wasn’t something that folks saw every night. While she ran her slender fingers through the soft fabric, she could imagine the eyes and all of the interested glances following her moves at the Red bar.

Alice was a modest woman of twenty-five, but when it comes to being flattered and taking the interest of the crowd, she was just as cunning as a sixteen-year-old prom queen. Alice liked people secretly watching her, but she liked secretly enjoying the attention all the more. She smiled as she took the silken dress from the clothes hanger, and then happily slid her soft body inside the pretty dress.

She had achieved a lot in her young life. Alice was a hardworking student who worked her way to college, where she studied music and helped her aunt maintain her business and work as a florist. During her college days, she had worked part-time as a music teacher and also an assistant at her aunt’s shop. Alice was excellent in both these things, and she always loved what she was doing.

Alice was also a cheerful person. You’d know it by the way her shiny brown hair fell at the sides of her face, how her beautiful lips smile and her brown eyes twinkle. She loved being under the sun, and her caramel-tanned skin was a testament.

Alice knew the secrets of life and of happiness. Although she was orphaned at a young age, she didn’t sulk of thought of her life as miserable. She had always lived with her aunt, who always treated her as an own child. Her aunt had never married, but she died early at the age of 45.

So, Alice was only 21 when she inherited her aunt’s floral business. For some months, she tried to manage the business and continue it, but she found herself selling the establishment to buy an apartment of her own. Alice had since worked jobs as a musician and sometimes as a music teacher. Because she was a diligent person, she never ran out of money and ways to find it.

After wearing her purple dress and finishing her makeup, Alice smiled at the mirror and admired her figure. She was undoubtedly pretty, and the years only made her more beautiful each time they passed. She was as content and secure as she could ever be. But then, there was still something missing in her life. Alice wanted adventures, beyond travelling or meeting new people. She wanted to be swept off her feet, to make decisions that she wouldn’t expect herself to make. She wanted someone who could turn her world upside down.

These thoughts flew inside Alice’s head as she stepped on the accelerator of her car. The bright lights of the city shone through her car window, which was half-pulled down to let some cool evening air inside. Everything about the city was familiar to her. But she was a city girl at heart, and nothing could ever be too familiar.

She spends the night like it’s a ritual. It’s 8 in the evening, and first she’d stop at a drive-thru burger station for a bag of fries, cheeseburger, and diet coke. The employee serving her would look at her and admire her clothes and makeup. Alice would smile as if she thought she was the most regular customer ever. After getting her food, she’d stop at a convenient store to buy cigarettes. She would recite from her memory everything that everyone would say at the store. She might as well consider having a job there.

Then lastly, she would go to Red bar, where the highlights of her night were supposed to happen. For months already since she discovered the place, Alice had expected to find something wild and different in this notorious bar. But nowadays, she felt like even the bar was having its own share of rituals in her life. As if she knew when and where someone would offer a drink, and when would the lights shift and the music changed.

As she went inside the bar, Alice realized that she was right about the dress. Everybody was looking at her with amusement and wonder. She could tell that they were all willing and wanting to be close to her. Alice knew the gaze of those who were tempted to dance with her, rub their bodies against hers, and secretly ran a hand up her skirt.

Alice danced, and she even found some of her friends at the bar. She chatted, drank, and danced the night away. Alice was definitely enjoying her time, showing to everyone that she was a smart conversationalist as well as a beautiful woman with gorgeous body. She was comfortable at best, but she didn’t like the comfort she was feeling. She wanted to be unsure and unable to predict what was going to happen next.

“Hey, Laura,” a voice called from behind. It was loud enough for Alice to hear, even if she was almost deafened by the music in the room. Alice didn’t respond, but when the voice called again, more loudly, she turned to see what the matter could be.

There was a man, standing about two feet from her. Alice couldn’t recognize the man, who wore a long sleeved shirt and a pair of denim pants. Alice looked at his feet, which were only covered by a pair of slippers. He looked intensely at her. It was as if he knew her, and he was passionately mad at her.

“I beg your pardon?” Alice asked, meeting the eyes of the stranger. She tried to be as objective as she could be, but his eyes were simply attractive and beautiful, mysterious, despite the clear display of anger on his face.

The stranger responded with an icy cool voice. “You owe me ride, Laura.”

Alice creased her eyebrows. She was about to ask who the hell Laura was, but then she realized that the stranger was most likely drunk, and he had mistaken her for a woman named Laura. She looked more closely at him again, and she saw that his dark eyes were in fact glassy. His legs were trembling, and at any moment, he might fall on the floor.

She was right. The stranger staggered when he attempted to come where Alice was. The man fell on her arms and rested his face on her shoulder. His weight was heavy and she nearly fell on her feet, too. Alice wished she could ask someone to help her with the drunken man, but she simply looked like she had been dancing and wrapping her arms around him.

Nevertheless, she tried to call for a bouncer. While Alice carried him across the dance floor, she smelled the scent of his perfume. It was definitely an expensive brand, making him smell masculine and strong despite his current situation. The stranger smelled of some alcohol, beer, and other mixed drinks that she couldn’t identify. He had probably drunk too much.

After several minutes of carrying the stranger, Alice managed to get some help and have the man taken to the parking lot. The bouncer was particularly silent and had not asked her about the circumstances that brought them together. But when the big man asked her if he was supposed to call a cab for the stranger, Alice found herself saying that she would take care of him, and he was going to board her car.

When they were finally alone in the car, Alice took some time to think about her situation. She had taken a stranger to her car, and possibly to her home later on.

In some angle, she was technically kidnapping this poor man. Alice shook her head at the idea. She sighed and turned to the helpless man beside her. His eyes were closed, revealing the thick eye lashes on his lids. The man’s face was a bit greasy, and he had some stubble on his jaws. His nose was proud and straight. His chin was shaped in a way that begged to be touched and kissed.

Before she could admit it to herself, Alice was already attracted to this man. She couldn’t blame herself if he was just so gorgeous. She could feel her womanhood respond with desire and some lust. Alice wanted to touch his broad chest, and feel if there were soft hairs on it. She touched his hair, and she felt the dark, curly locks lace against her fingers.

She drove him to her apartment. How could a woman in her right mind abandon this Adonis of a man? Alice knew that what she was doing was wrong to an extent, but the concept of right and wrong didn’t matter anymore. This was her heart’s desire, not her conscience. She just swore to herself that she wouldn’t take advantage of this man. But maybe, she’ll just take a peek at him. Alice blushed at her dirty thoughts.

It was a struggle to get the man out of the car. The thirty-minute ride didn’t make him any more sober. Alice struggled to carry his weight, but she barely succeeded. First of all, he was quite a heavy man with an athletic build, though his arms and legs looked lean under his shirt. She was only at the living room of her apartment when both of them fell to the floor in a tangle of limbs. Alice was lucky that they fell on the carpet and not on the cold floor, because it took her some time before she managed to wriggle away from his body.

While she struggled to wake him up and get his body off her, Alice couldn’t help but notice how intimate their position had been. They were chest to chest, and their faces were so close to each other such that she could smell his sweet breath. When Alice had managed to get out from him, she had brushed her entire body against him. Alice had been tempted to hug him for a moment and feel the warmth of his body on her, but she decided to pull away before she got all worked up and hot for this unknown man.

Besides, what did she know about him? She didn’t even know his name. For the love of god, he might be a married man, a criminal, or a math teacher with STD. Alice chuckled at herself for the range of crazy possibilities that went through her head.

But there were some things that she couldn’t deny about this man. First, he was gorgeous and sexy as the devil. Second, she didn’t want to lose sight of him. And third, she was falling in love with this dangerous stranger, who could be both the best and the worst thing to happen to her life.

Alice lovingly looked at the man, in the same way that a mother would do to her new child. She brushed the stray strands of hair on his forehead. Alice bent closer to catch a whiff of his hair, and she was beyond surprised when the man lifted one of his heavy arms and pulled her closer to him.

Alice gasped, since her mouth almost crashed against his. But Alice comfortably fell on his chest, where she felt that she could sleep on during the entire night. She smiled, before she lifted one of her own arms to hug the man and snuggle close to him.

When he woke up, his mind was blurry and he could hardly recall the events of last night. He tried to open his eyes, but the morning light was almost blinding. His head spun every time he moved. But in his ears, clearly, he could hear the sound of someone playing the piano. It was a sweet melody, something which he could say that he had heard before.

He laid on the carpet for some minutes more, listening to the music that soothed his nerves. He realized that he was in a place that he didn’t know. But deep inside, he trusted that he was safe there. It was like being in the cradle of an angel. When he could finally move his legs and get up, he followed the direction of the music. He also began to see the beautiful surroundings of the house.

It was filled with warm colors, floral upholstery, and it was filled with sunlight. Not far from the living room, he saw a long-haired woman seated at a piano. He watched her for a few minutes, and he was about to make a sound and say “hi” when she turned to look at him.

They smiled at each other. Alice happily introduced herself and explained what had happened last night. She also learned that the stranger was named Antonio, and he was deeply sorry about getting drunk and giving her a burden last night. She just laughed it off, trying to hide her attraction which had become more intense. Although he still smelled of alcohol, something about being awake made him look more handsome.

They happily spent the morning together. There was just too much to talk about, too much to explain, and everything else. She learned that Antonio was trying to become a theater actor, and during his college he had waited tables and worked at a car shop. They shared many things when it came to surviving life and finding a way to make a living every day.

He consoled her when he knew about her lack of family, and Alice also consoled him when she knew that Laura was his most recent flame. He met her at a bar three days ago, and then stole his money after giving her a ride in his car. Luckily, Antonio was able to recover everything, but he drank last night because he was frustrated about it.

At noontime, Antonio asked if he could take a shower in Alice’s bathroom. He was ashamed to ask about it, but he couldn’t drive smelling like alcohol despite sobered up. Besides, Alice had considered him friend of her, and she had some spare large shirts to lend to him.

While she was in her room, gathering things that Antonio needed to use, Alice couldn’t help but feel how lucky she was in her situation. She had earned a very sexy and gorgeous friend named Antonio. Besides that, he was on her bathroom downstairs, naked, having a shower.

She was very excited at the thought. Alice felt her womanhood pulse between her legs, making her cheeks blush in embarrassment. She knew that she liked Antonio so much, but it’s a shameful thing to assume and ask a man if he liked her back. Fantasizing about having sex with a newfound friend also seemed inappropriate.

But there were some things that she had to do. Alice nervously walked downstairs with a fresh towel and a spare shirt on her hands. Her heart trembled, especially when thinking about the fact that she was delivering these items to a naked man in her bathroom. She tried to keep her imaginations of his sexy chest exposed, and whatever sexy part of his body that she might see.

When she neared the bathroom, she heard Antonio panic and ask for help. She was alarmed at first, but then she realized that the faucet had probably leaked terribly, and water was splashing all over the bathroom. She handed over Antonio’s towel as she went inside the bathroom. She fixed the faucet which had been leaking like this for a month now.

When she was finished with the job, she was already dripping wet, and the outlines of her underwear were clearly seen on her damp shirt. Her round breasts were very visible inside the thin, wet fabric.

When their eyes met after the unfortunate plumbing problem, both of them could tell that their hearts were drumming inside their wet chests. Antonio fought hard not to look at Alice’s body, but he couldn’t take his eyes off her lovely breasts. Alice’s eyes were also not able to avoid looking at the bulge inside Antonio’s wrap of towel on his hips. She wanted to take it off him. She wanted his body to be all around her.

Before they knew it, they were grabbing each other and rubbing their hands all over each other’s bodies. Antonio’s towel had fallen off the floor, making Alice’s hands easily reach the firm muscles of his ass. She could feel his hard cock pressed against her tummy. Their mouths hungrily kissed each other. Antonio’s hands relentlessly explored beneath Alice’s shirt. He took her clothes off, and he made her gasp and squirm as the tips of his fingers massaged her tense nipples.

When they were both naked, Alice could hardly contain the burning desire and lust that she had been having since last night. She wanted Antonio to take her, right then and there in the bathroom. Antonio also wanted nothing else, but to get his hard cock inside her wet and warm pussy.

Antonio’s fingers went between Alice’s thighs, feeling her juices drip from her hole. Alice turned around and leaned on the wall. She bent low, positioning her ass in an angle so that Antonio could easily enter her.

She felt his cock plunge inside her. Together, they gasped. “You are so warm, my baby, oh, you are so sweet, Alice.” He whispered lovingly, as he moved and thrust his flesh inside her. He made love to her sweet but hard, making Alice moan and howl every time he pushed to the depth of her walls.

Antonio’s hands gripped her breasts and squeezed them hard. Their movements became faster and faster, picking up rhythm and speed. Soon enough, they exploded in an orgasm that left both of them shaking and quivering, as they fell on the floor. It was a very explosive, overwhelming orgasm.

As they fell on the floor, hugging each other, both of them couldn’t help but smile at the miracle that had just happened. Alice and Antonio’s eyes met. Although they didn’t say a word, they both knew that something beyond sex had happened between them. They were romantically involved with each other, and they gave it a kiss once more to express what they felt.

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