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Literotica: Sex Next Door

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Juliet suffered a bad heart break and came knocking at her brother’s door. He was her only relative now, and he was the only one that she can count on. Nevertheless, he wasn’t the best at consoling her.

But Juliet found something more than comfort and relaxation inside her brother’s condominium. Just across the window was a stunningly beautiful and sexy lady, and her body was just enough to cure all of Juliet’s heartbreaks away.

    Martin pressed his ear on the telephone receiver, while his hands scrambled through his paper works. It was a Monday morning and he was extremely busy at his office, but no one’s stopping his little sister when she’s drunk, broken hearted, and in need of a friend to talk to.

    “She broke my heart Martin!” she sobbed, her voice hardly understandable through the snot and phlegm in her throat. “I was ready to give her everything, even the moon, Martin, but she cheated with me on a man. On a dirty, disgusting man Martin! Can you believe that?”

    Martin was at loss of words. He wanted to comfort his sister, but half of him also wanted to curse her by calling him in this ungodly hour in the middle of his office work.

But Martin knew that Juliet didn’t have many girlfriends, and he was her only living relative. At this fact he was a bit sorry for her. They had no one else but each other now. Their parents had died early, and Martin and Juliet crawled their way to life. Fortunately, they were both financially stable now, although Juliet had always been unlucky in her love life. Unlike Martin, Juliet was a lesbian with very little chances of ever finding a suitable fiancée and building a family. Martin, on the other hand, had a fiancé abroad and was scheduled to get married in less than two years.

“Sis, I’m at my office now. I don’t know how –”

“Goddammit, Martin! You’re not listening to me,” Juliet paused to gulp a glass of brandy. “I can’t stay here any longer! You know that I’m currently living with my girlfriend…ex-girlfriend, whatever,” there was a sob, and then another. “I need someplace to stay until she gets her things out of here. I need to stay at your place for a while.”

Martin wanted to complain because Juliet, especially the mess that she is now, is no less than a sharp pain in the neck. She wanted expensive food, go to great places, and thrash around the condo. In a few days, bags of chips and chocolate foil will definitely be hidden in the corners of his condo.

“I’m coming there tonight,” Juliet said without preamble. Her voice trailed off with a howl, a final long sob.

Angrily, Martin slammed the receiver to the phone. He brushed his hands along his hair, feeling the misery that was laying itself on his shoulders. He breathed a deep sigh and looked at the picture frame on his desk. One of them was a photograph of him and Juliet, back when she lived with him in Los Angeles. Juliet was a wild, wild girl, always unpredictable and impulsive. In the picture, her hair was a shade of purple and her makeup was dark and heavy. Still, his sister looked pretty, with her dark eyes and caramel skin. Martin looked just like her, brown-haired, caramel-skinned, dark eyes.

Martin worked the rest of his shift, anxious every hour because Juliet might call at his desk again. But when the day ended without a call from Juliet, Martin felt a little relief. Maybe his sister had dozed off in the middle of her drunkenness and never got to the airport. He smiled at his hopeful thought.

But when Martin approached his door, he was surprised to find out that it was already unlocked. His heart jumped out of his chest, thinking that a burglar may have entered his condo and stole his possessions. But when we flung open the door, his living room revealed a young woman in her early twenties, wearing a long, wavy brown hair down to her waist. Her eyes were smeared with mascara, her face was red with tears, and there were about a dozen of beers scattered all over the floor.

“Good evening, sister.” He said grimly. Although his face looked stern, he had a lot of pity for Juliet.

“Hey, Martin. Sorry for the trouble.” She struggled to smile at him, but her lips simply trembled and she started sobbing again. Then, Juliet drew a bottle of beer near her mouth.

“I wonder how you got past the airport, looking like that,” Martin said while he took off his socks.

“Friend Jane works at the airport,” Juliet said matter-of-factly. “Plus, it was just a local flight.”

Martin wanted to ask Juliet about her breakup, but she’s spilled adequate information over the phone. He cannot try to console her, too, because it will only make his sister weep more.

“Have some beer, bro. Let’s wander tonight and go to every Chinese restaurant that we can afford. Let’s lobby at hotels and embarrass the receptionists.”

Juliet’s voice was still thick with snot, but it was lovely as ever. Her voice was cool and had a very feminine tone. Adding to that was the grace of her naturally brown hair, falling freely at her sides, although tangled and uncombed.

Martin smiled at his sister. They used to do those when they were teenagers. “You have such wild spirits in you, sister. But we can’t do that anymore, you know. I might get lost my job at the accounting department when some hotel receptionist reports me.”

Juliet laughed. “I was just kidding, Martin. But they’re good times.” Juliet has almost forgotten about her heartbreaks. “Do you see that I haven’t dyed my hair in a long time?”

Martin nodded.

“Since I moved from here, I told myself that I’d be serious in my life from now on. Find some mate and have a really stable life,” then she trailed off, tears coming down her cheeks. “And I was good at fixing myself, but unfortunately, she wasn’t ready for this yet.”

Martin tried to console her. “There are other pretty ladies out there, sis. You’ll find someone.”

“Yeah, damn right I’ll find someone,” she snorted. “I’ll find some woman who will stay with me for the fun of it. And then, after a few months, she’ll realize that she wants babies, a good husband, marriage, a beautiful condo,” Juliet wiped the tears from her face. “And I’ll be left alone, cold and lonely.”

Martin patted Juliet’s shoulder. “Maybe you should just relax and concentrate on your happiness now.”

Juliet smiled at him, for the first time her sobbing had completely stopped. “That’s what I’m here for, bro.”

The next day, Martin was surprised at how matured his sister had learned to act. She cleaned the condo, cooked him some meals, and she was actually tidy. He almost didn’t want to leave the condo just to see the new energy within his sister, but of course he had work to attend to.

Alone in the condo, Juliet didn’t have much to do. She didn’t feel like going outside because the weather was too hot. She might burn her skin due to much sun exposure. The same goes for tanning, which was one of her habits.

Speaking of tans, how badly does she need it now? Juliet rushed to Martin’s bedroom and checked her reflection in the mirror. She quickly took off her shorts and shirt, until she was stripped naked in her panties. Juliet had a stunning body, which was naturally caramel in complexion. Her curves were smooth and her breasts were firm and small. Her butt stuck out behind her, and it bounced off as she walked.

While eyeing herself at the mirror, Juliet realized how beautiful she was. Looking like this, dozens of men would drool over her just to have a taste of her sun-kissed skin and peachy mouth. Her eyes were brown and deep, and it can send anyone into a trance. But beautiful as she was, she liked other women, women who were beautiful like her.

Juliet began to touch her own body, starting from her boobs down to her waist. She imagined her past lover doing this to her, licking her entire skin, rubbing her soft palms across the sides of her waist…

Then, at the corner of Juliet’s eye, she saw some motion from the open window. Across was the condo unit of another woman, and she was peering through her window. Like her, the woman was checking herself on the mirror. She had pale skin and red hair, probably dyed, and it was cut short to her nape. The woman wore tattoos on her thighs and some in her lower back. Juliet thought the woman was sexy to the bones, and she started to reach down to her clit.

“Fuck, she looks good,” Juliet muttered to herself. Her forefinger flicked her clitoris harder and harder, until she felt some moist in her panties. “Damn she’s prettier than Jeanette,” she said, damning her ex-girlfriend.

The other woman across the window kept checking herself at the mirror, possibly looking at how her new set of underwear fit her body. While looking, Juliet flicked her clitoris a little faster, and her legs soon grew apart.

“Look here, look here,” Juliet whispered to herself, and in a magical moment, the woman at the other side turned to her. Although they were far apart, Juliet managed to pierce the woman through her eyes. As their gazes locked, Juliet licked her lips. The fingers inside her panties moved faster.

The woman across the window saw this, and she smiled lightly at Juliet. Without preamble, she reached for her bras and pulled them up for Juliet to see. They were a full pair of fleshy mounds, with dark brown nipples at the top.

The sight of the gorgeous pair of breasts made Juliet explode. She felt an itch release itself into the whole of her body, causing her knees to tremble and fall. Her entire hips tore apart with pleasure and a piercing sensation. Juliet closed her eyes and opened her mouth, relishing the experience.

When Juliet opened her eyes, the woman across the window was nowhere to be seen. She felt a pang of emptiness and sadness break apart in her heart. After closing Martin’s window, Juliet felt that she had a new purpose in this town.

Then suddenly the rain poured down. It was cold, hard, and heavy. Juliet laid on the bed and sighed. She fought the urge to knock at the other condominium building, and ask for the woman with the red hair. But of course she knew that this was a silly thing to do.

“I’ll get you when I get you, and I’ll fuck you when I see you,” Juliet muttered to herself.

The heavy rain poured harder, and the cool atmosphere made Juliet yearn for a hot bath and a freshly baked apple pie. Good for her, Martin kept enough baking supplies and a bottle of shower gel.

When Martin came home for the day, he was surprised to find his sister in the living room. She was all recovered, watching the television with a fresh face and a hair beautifully tucked in a bun. She didn’t look like the distressed and brokenhearted Juliet he met yesterday.

“Hey bro,” Juliet called to him. She was wearing a thin-framed pair of binoculars, and an oversized white t-shirt that served as a dress.

“Is that a pie?” Martin motioned to the plate in front of his sister.

“Yeah, I baked it this afternoon. While it was raining,” there was a flicker of wonder in Juliet’s eyes, a sparkle that was itching to tell something.

“And something definitely happened. You look like you encountered some fairy goddess and gave you a new life,” Martin proceeded to his room.

“Oh, Martin, however am I going to tell you this,” Juliet was blushing, then she followed her brother to his room.

Martin was only a little irritated to let his sister see him in his underwear. She didn’t care about men anyway, and besides they’ve lived together in the same room for many years.

“I saw her Martin, I saw her,” Juliet walked towards the window, holding the panes. They trickled with tiny drops of rain water. “You never told me that you were hiding a pretty chick across your condo.”

Martin had finished wearing his home clothes. “Oh that? She was a snob, you know. She never opened her window whenever I’m home for the night. She keeps it open only during my office hours.”

“Oh, I see.” Juliet looked at the window across Martin’s condo. It was far, but not far enough to recognize brown tits, let alone the image of a woman. The window was closed tight.

“You were lucky that you saw her. Did she show you any of her new tattoos?” Martin teased.

“How am I supposed to know,” Juliet said sarcastically. But something bubbled in her heart, because she knew that she’s seen more. “Do you know her name? How long has she been here?”

“I don’t know, perhaps more than three years? Maybe five. She’s been here before I bought this unit.” Martin relaxed himself on his bed. “As for her name, I’ve had the chance to ask a few friends. I think I’ve got names like Samara, Samantha, whatever. But you’ll never get through her door, you know.”

    Juliet looked across the window with intense yearning. “What do you know about her?”

    “I know for a fact that she’s a tattoo artist. I’ve seen her on a tattoo magazine.”

    An idea sparked at the back of Juliet’s mind. “I’ll get an appointment with her, then.”

    That evening, Juliet ran a thorough search of the internet to find a trace of a Californian tattoo artist that goes by the name of Samara or Samantha. Considering the tattoos that she has seen, although from afar, she was able to decide pretty neatly who exactly was the one she’d been looking for.

    After two days, Juliet gathered up her courage and went to the lobby of the neighboring condominium. She wore a red sweater, and beneath it was nothing more than a thin strip of oversized t-shirt and lingerie. The guard had looked up and down at her, especially the receptionist, thinking that her outfit was a little scandalous.

    But Juliet knew her standing, of course. “Do you want me to report you to your management? I’m a customer, not a whore, you idiots!”

The receptionists blushed at Juliet’s threat. The other heads at the lobby turned to her direction.

“Now, I want to be ushered to the room of Ms. Samara Smith.” She demanded with a cool authority. She handed a business card across the counter. “Sam cannot fetch me here as she’s busy preparing equipment.”

When Juliet raised an eyebrow at the receptionist and threatened to shout, the panicky woman escorted Juliet to a nearby elevator.

It stopped at 25th floor, the same room where her brother Martin was. Juliet was filled with excitement, thrill, and worry as she walked the halls to where Samara stayed. What if she refuses her? What if she asks the receptionist to turn her away?

Juliet swallowed whatever doubt that was inside her. She hoped that Samara will recognize her for who she was: the naughty woman who was secretly masturbating by her window.

After a knock, the door to Samara’s room flung open. She was wearing a blur silken robe, and beneath was nothing but a pair of panties and brassier. Samara was a smallish woman, with red hair cut short to her nape. She was perfectly what Juliet expected. But up close, Juliet realized that Samara was prettier. She had wide blue eyes, and pair of thin, pinkish lips with a piercing in the corner.

Samara looked at Juliet, questioningly, but she had a hint of recognition in her eyes. “Yes?” she sounded delicate, almost like a little girl.

“I’m here to get the leg tattoo I’ve asked of you,” Juliet smiled widely, bravely.

Samara blinked twice, her expression blank. Then to Juliet’s relief she said, “Oh, come in.” Juliet tipped the receptionist and the door closed.

Once inside, Juliet inhaled the scent of roses and other assorted flowers. The room was the same size as her brother’s, but it was a bit cramped. The wallpapers were pink, and scattered all over were posters, pictures, and so much more. Clothes were also strewn at the floor. The entire room looked like a small parlor. Perhaps it was.

“Hey, I’m sorry for intruding, I’m just –”

“Are you really going to get a tattoo?” Samara cut off Juliet’s apologies but her voice was ever calm and smooth. She moved around the room, fixing some strewn clothes and hanging them on the wardrobes.

“I might,” Juliet said, gently. Then she decide that she’s better off telling the truth. “I just wanted to meet you, that’s all.” Juliet smiled at Samara, blushing.

Samara chuckled, but it was so graceful and sweet. She was like a bird chirping in the spring. “And you managed to come here, so sweet of you.” She smiled warmly at Juliet. Then she leaned on one of the wardrobes, exposing the strips of clothing beneath her untied robe. “I supposed you already know my name, otherwise you wouldn’t get here. But anyway, I’m Samara Smith.” She extended a hand.

Juliet came closer to reach it. “I’m Juliet Traum. And I was staying at my brother’s condo, across this one, when I first saw your stunning beauty.”

Samara laugh, and asked Juliet if she would like to have an early dinner at a nearby restaurant. After changing into clothes more suitable to the weather and outdoors, the two girls went out into the small city, hand in hand. They went to restaurants and movie houses. They visited galleries and shared their wits and some jokes.

When the night was already deep, Samara invited Juliet to sleep in her condo. Juliet could never decline the offer.

The two girls decided to take a bath together. But Samara was never the slutty girl that Juliet had first thought of her. She was actually friendly, sweet, and nice. She was glad that Samara didn’t judge her too quickly when she was caught masturbating by the window.

After the discussion about her recent breakup and her stay at her brother’s condo came up, Samara comforted the now teary Juliet. “You’re very pretty. There’s no crying over mean girls for a girl like you.” She kissed Juliet’s nape. Samara sat behind Juliet as they were bathing and washing themselves. She soaped Juliet’s shoulders, bringing all sorts of pleasure and sensation upon her.

    “I can make you happy while you stay here,” Samara whispered to Juliet’s ear. Her sensuous whisper echoed across the bathroom. “I like beautiful girls like us, you know. I want us to be happy.”

    Samara’s hands soon fell from Juliet’s shoulders, and they touched Samara’s ripe breasts. She was so skilled at what she was doing, and only with several strokes, Juliet was gasping and moaning.

    Samara moved closer to rub her slimy breasts on Juliet’s back. Juliet felt the pair of hard nipples brush at her back. She wanted to touch them, squeeze them, and suck them. Samara was having a good time touching Juliet’s boobs, and she fumbled them with suck skill that made Juliet tremble with striking pleasure.

    While one finger wildly played with Juliet’s left breast, the other of Samara’s hands went into the water, looking for Juliet’s clitoris. When she found them, Juliet squirmed beneath the water.

    “Ah, oh, oh,” Juliet closed her eyes  shut as Samara stimulated her clit and tit.

    “Hush, hush,” Samara whispered to Juliet’s ear, then licked it. “Take it slowly.”

    Juliet bit her lips to stifle the moans and gasps, while Samara took her time to explore Juliet’s body. She fumbled the folds of Juliet’s vagina, slid a quick finger in, touched and rubbed Juliet’s clitoris and nipples.

    “I want to touch you,” Juliet sighed.

    Slowly, Samara and Juliet stood up, and Samara turned on the shower, washing the soap off them. The two girls grabbed and rubbed each other, while their mouths crashed against each other. Their soft tongues moved back and forth, gently kissing and caressing each other. Juliet could feel the cool water enter their mouths, run past their necks, breasts, and down towards their gentle bodies. Samara was very gentle as she touched Juliet, but Juliet’s fingers were a little hungry in making their way around Samara.

    When the two girls have finished washing each other, they tumbled into the bed while they were still dripping wet. Juliet pushed Samara onto the bed, then she crawled towards her. Juliet kissed Samara’s mouth while touching her breasts. Then, as her kissed grew fiery and hotter, it crawled down to Samara’s neck, nipple, tummy, and in between her legs.

    Samara grabbed the sheets as Juliet licked her pussy lips and clitoris. For Juliet, Samara’s vagina smelled fresh and sweeter than flowers. Up and down she licked them, sometimes shoving her tongue inside Samara’s vagina.

    “Ah, oh oh! Juliet, ahhh!” Samara was nearly delirious when Juliet wriggled her skilled fingers inside Juliet’s walls. Then, trying to fight the intense pleasure, she turned up and pulled a chest drawer at her side. Samara produced a dildo that Juliet has never seen.

    “What’s that thing?” Juliet asked.

    “It’s a double dildo, meant for lesbians like us,” Samara set it on the bed. She smiled at Juliet, and she was still breathy. “We can ride the two ends, see?”

    The dildo made a U-shape when set on the bed, and the ends of the dildo were set apart to accommodate two women. Both wet, Juliet and Samantha quickly eased into the dildo.

    “Ahhhh, ohh,” they both sighed as their pussies became filled. It was an exquisite sensation.

    Juliet was starting to rick herself, when Samara turned on a switch, and the double-ended dildo vibrated itself. “Dance with me, honey,” Samara whispered to Juliet.

    Juliet grabbed both of Samara’s breasts and squeezed them hard, as they both rocked together in the bed. Their clitoris bumped against each other, and they grinded hard and hard until both of them felt the spark running inside their blood.

    The two girls rocked and the bed quaked and shook to the rhythm that they made. They made loud moans and sighs, and Juliet began to push Samara down the bed and kissed her nipples.

    While the dildo was vibrating inside them, Juliet rocked herself into Samara and fucked her like a man. “Do you want to get fucked hard, Samara? Do you, do you?”

    There was fierceness in Juliet’s voice, and Samara couldn’t help but submit. Juliet turned Samara so that her ass was facing up. Juliet arranged the dildo between them, and she began to thrust at Samara with great intensity and depth.

    “Oh, oh, please please!” Samara screamed at every thrust that Juliet made. Juliet herself was becoming really turned on, and she was nearing her orgasm. But she leaned a little backward, just enough for her to see Samaras ass. Then, using a quick finger, Juliet shoved a quick finger inside Samara’s asshole, then she wriggled it inside.

    “Oh my god fuck, oh oh oh! Please!” Samara screamed and screamed, while Juliet fucked both of her holes. Juliet concentrated on her pleasures, which were now running through her blood and were claiming her sanity.

She began to wriggle at Samara’s asshole even wilder and wilder, and she fucked their pussies even faster and faster. Soon, everything was becoming blurry, and their moans and screams become nothing than vague noises. Juliet fucked harder and harder, until she felt her legs melt, then a huge thunder of an orgasm struck here.

She came and she came with every hole and with every thrust, and she could tell that Samara was also coming like her. After about ten lashes of mind-shattering orgasm, Samara’s legs crumbled beneath her, and so did Juliet. The two girls were exhausted, and juices of orgasm dripped between their legs. They were both half-awake, feeling the aftershocks of orgasms, the sweat on their skins, and the sounds of their lusty sighs.

When their breathing was even, Samara snuggled closer to Juliet. “That was the best fuck of my life, I swear to god. I’m glad you came here,” She kissed Samara on the lips.

Juliet laughed at the pun. “And this was my best sex next door ever,” she hugged her new ladylove, then returned the passionate kiss.

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