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Literotica: A Night of Lust

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Emily is a beautiful and attractive singer who works at a rusty bar. She is the fantasy of so many men, but she never goes with any of them.

Her boss soon realizes Emily’s secret sexual preference, and he sends her to a local all-girls university to play for a college dance. There she meets a long lost lover, revives her beautiful past, and spends a night with ice and lust.

    The bar was filled with lonely men, sad women, fresh couples, and failing college students who drink more beer than they should. Pussy’s was a cheap bar, with unpolished tables and chairs, cheap wine and drinks, poor lighting, and mice in every corner. The place looked abandoned, cold, and even more miserable than the folk who get their sip of gin and beer in a lonely weekend.

    At the stage, a mysterious beauty with long, flowing hair sat on a stool and started tuning her guitar. She didn’t bother dress up in a glamorous dress, perhaps to match the cheap atmosphere of the bar. She didn’t wear makeup, she didn’t wear high heels. All that she had was a bare, pretty face, silken hair, and a pair of denim pants, worn leather boots, and a nice black t-shirt.

    “Good evening folks,” she whispered to the microphone onstage. Her audience didn’t bother to listen or turn their attention to her. They were all busy with chatter and sipping their drinks.

    “This is a song, about a lost love.”

    After a breath of air, her fingers went to her guitar and began plucking some strings and strumming some chords. With the starting melodies of a lovely music, the rusty bar was suddenly filled with life. But it’s still lonely as ever, despite the music.

    The lady’s voice was a siren’s. It was cool to the ears, it had a lonely tune in it, and everyone in the room secretly adored the way her voice moved and changed pitch from note to note. She sang songs that came from her heart. No one dared look at her face while she sang, but a few would steal some glances. She was pretty without makeup. Her face showed the loneliness and sadness that filled the atmosphere. Everyone knew her name, but nobody called her. Of course, she was Emily, guitarist and singer for a cheap bar called Pussy’s.

    Nobody would admit it, but they were all entertained and awe-struck by her voice. However, everyone in town had given up on getting her attention. Men had offered her expensive gifts, invited her to go out on holidays, or simply walked upstage or backstage to meet her. They were willing to do everything to get Emily’s attention.

    But that was years back. Back when Pussy’s was a lovely jazz bar with a good number of customers and great lights and polishing. According to townsfolk, Emily was the reason why the bar suddenly became gloomy, sad, and lost most of its male patrons. People stopped visiting Pussy’s because they were frustrated about their failures of taking Emily home. The woman was fierce in turning down men. She wouldn’t be bought by any gift or seduced by any sexual advances.

    They also said that the bar owner himself was in love with Emily, and he’d rather risk his business than drive away his favorite singer.

    But tonight was a lovely and lonely night, damn the sordid past that this place had. Emily sang onstage with her powerful and emotional voice, pleasing the lonely hearts of everyone. But nobody clapped or applauded Emily when she was done singing.

    Emily owned the stage for almost four hours, and at the end of her shift at Pussy’s, she got payment from the bar owner.

    “It was a great night tonight, Emily. You did well,” the bar owner, Jeff, meant it.

    “Hey, thanks.” Emily said casually as she took the money and stuffed it in her guitar case.

    “Did you see the guys at the bar? Two of them were weeping,” Jeff laughed from his belly.

    There was only a smirk in Emily’s face. “Probably too much beer.”

    Jeff held Emily’s shoulders, squarely. “No, it was your songs. Ever since you settled to my bar, it got the reputation of being the nest for the lonely and heartbroken.”

    Emily gave him a serious look. Despite the smug face, she was still pretty in a plain but elusive way. Her thick eye brows and eye lashes made her face look mysterious.

    “I’ve got some gig for you, anyway. Just in case you’ve had enough singing to a broken audience.”

    Emily raised an eyebrow.

    “It’s just a college party at an all-girls university. They’re looking for some good singers for a dance. You can sing the blues and make the girls sway to the music. What do you say?”

When Emily didn’t say anything, Jeff added: “I’ll pay you my commission from the school.”

“It’s so nice of you Jeff, but –”

“No buts’, Emily,” he said firmly. “I want you to have some fun with some girls.” He winked at her. “If the rumors are true, then you might finally meet your lovey-dovey there.”

Jeff winked at Emily then turned away. Emily blushed, but Jeff didn’t see it as he had started walking back to the bar. “Motherfuckers,” Emily hissed under her breath. She wanted to toss her guitar case and shout angrily, but she decided to control to herself. So now there are rumors about her. Rumors that Emily was a lesbian. Although she dressed properly, kept her hair long, and acted properly enough to hide her sexuality, some rumors managed to break through.

Of course, she had been without a man for three years. She turned down anyone who showed interest in her. A good conclusion for this was that she was a lesbian, after all.

With tears starting to well in her eyes, Emily quickly took a cab and went to her apartment.

Emily lived alone. Her parents and family lived somewhere else. Her apartment was small and rusty, even rustier than Pussy’s. She lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Emily came from a religious family, and they banished her from home when they couldn’t accept that she was a lesbian.

But it was not as simple as that. Emily once had a girlfriend named Crey, and she defended their forbidden relationship against her parents. This caused her conflict with her religious parents. Crey asked her to stay with her in this town, where Crey had been sent to study for college. But when Crey’s parents knew about their forbidden relationship and living in together, Crey’s family locked her up in the dormitory.

Emily couldn’t come back to her family, so she worked at the bar as a guitarist and singer. For someone without college education, this was a rare opportunity for her. Nevertheless, her life was miserable and lonely. She missed Crey so much.

But now, she couldn’t believe her luck. She might see Crey at the college dance. But what if Crey was with someone else now? What if she’s forgotten their promise? Three years was a long time, after all…

That night, Emily had a dream. It was one of those days when she was living secretly with her lover, Crey. They lived in a shabby apartment, since it was all that Crey could afford for them. Emily cooked for her and cleaned up, and when Crey came home from school, all they did was make love to each other.

Both of them had smooth and silky white skin. Crey was slightly smaller than Emily, slightly thinner and with smaller boobs. But Emily was more of a woman. She had curvy hips, melon-shaped boobs and a lovely navel. Emily had straight dark hair, while Crey had brown locks. They were both fine women, and they loved having sex in front of a huge mirror.

Emily dreamed of Crey’s mouth and her sensual kissed. She had a pair of lusty lips that sent waves of pleasure to Emily’s mouth when they kissed. Crey’s tongue would explore the contours of Emily’s mouth, while Emily moved her hands around Crey’s slender body. The two girls would move in a steady rhythm and a sensual embrace. And when both of their clothes were off their bodies, they would grind their bodies against each other.

Emily loved being on top. She would sink her mouth into Crey’s breasts and lick her nipples over and over. Crey would make soft moans in her throat as she pulled her lovers hair. Emily’s kisses slowly go down and down to Crey’s entire body, then finally disappear between Crey’s legs.

But just before Crey shouts to her orgasm, Emily would wake up. And she would wake up with an ache in her chest and a pain in her stomach.

After a few days since Jeff’s offer, Emily dreamt of Crey even more often than usual. Sometimes it was a sexual dream, but sometimes just about ordinary days like going to the park or buying grocery. But when it was only two days before the college dance and Jeff had to confirm to the school about the attending performers, Emily gave a firm and cold “Yes”.

She played at Pussy’s that night; all of her thoughts were about Crey. The crowd was just the same but Emily was a bit nervous. The next day, Emily bought a black and pink dress just to have something special for the occasion. She was going to play for an expensive school, and as a musician, she couldn’t afford to be underdressed. She also bought a lipstick to match her outfit. Curling her straight dark hair, Emily was now assured that she’s beautiful enough to set foot and sing onstage.

An invitation and letter of introduction written by Jeff allowed Emily to go past the gates of the prestigious university. As soon as she stepped foot into the place, all she could think of was Crey. She had probably been here, and she might be anywhere right now. The thought of being close to her long lost love made Emily more anxious. She walked along the university, hoping to see a shadow of Crey. However, only the smiles and waves from unfamiliar students greeted her.

Dusk soon came. Emily had to stay backstage while the ceremony masters and hosts made their opening remarks. There were about ten musicians inside the backstage with Emily. She conversed with a few of them, but deep inside her heart she just wanted to go down and find traces of Crey.

It was about 10 in the night when the host called Emily up to the stage. Her fellow musicians bid her good luck, and Emily’s heart was thumping as she went to the stage and took a seat. In the dark, she set her guitar on her lap and scanned her audience. There were now only about sixty people in the dance hall, and she cannot see more than half of the faces because of the dim light.

When Emily started to sing, lights flickered onstage to show everyone who she was.

Emily closed her eyes and focused on her playing instead. Her performance was just like any other night at Pussy’s, but only the crowd and the atmosphere had changed tonight. Also, the thought of Crey was all over her mind. When she was at Pussy’s, Crey was just hiding in the corner of her mind.

When Emily had already finished two slow songs, the couples in the dance hall were all deep in an embrace and swayed and danced to the music. Emily took this opportunity to stop singing and just play some chords, while she scanned every face in the room. It was a bit easy now since some couples dance near the stage. Her eyes scanned long and hard, and when her eyes saw what they were looking for, there was a choke of surprise that formed in her throat.

She saw Crey, in the arms of another woman. Crey wore a fluffy pink cocktail dress and her brown hair was tucked in a bun full of beautiful braids. Her eyes were closed as she rested her head on her dance partner. Crey’s cheeks were also very pink, a sign that she might have drank a little too much alcohol.

Right then, Emily wanted to jump down from the stage and chase Crey, grab her into her arms, and kiss her entire face. So before she loses sight of Crey, she finished the song that she was playing, eyes the host with eagerness and anxiety in her eyes, and fled away from the stage in the center of the dance hall.

Emily rushed to the crowd, among the couples who were dancing and swaying to the songs that she was playing a while back. Then, within an arms reach, she finally saw Crey once again. Although seeing her lady love in the arms of another broke her heart, there was a spark of hope and happiness that surrounded Emily’s lonely heart.

“Crey! Crey!” she shouted from the crowd, amidst the loud music played by the next performers.

Over the small distance of several feet, Crey managed to hear Emily’s call. She didn’t recognize her voice earlier, but her attention was only caught upon hearing her name.

Crey lifted her head from her partner’s embrace, and the other girl also stopped to pay attention to Emily. The other girl held Crey’s waist possessively.

After running through the crowd and searching, Emily’s hair had become tangled, and some of her makeup was already smeared. She was catching her breath, but she focused on Crey’s face still. It hasn’t changed. It was still the face of an angel, of her lost lover, of the beautiful and pretty young Crey.

“Crey,” Emily croaked, her voice starting to choke into sobs.

“Do you know her?” the other girl asked Crey.

Crey looked back and forth between the two girls, then focused on Emily’s desperate face. At this point, all of her drunkenness had faded away. “Wait till I get back, Josie.”

Crey kissed Josie on her lips, and it broke Emily’s heart in a flash. However, Emily still stood there, anticipating an explanation from Crey.

    Crey coldly took Emily’s hand and led her to the back of the dance hall. As soon as they have stopped, Emily grabbed Crey and held her in a tight embrace.

    “I missed you so much, my Crey!” Emily exclaimed, as she squeezed Crey into her arms. “I missed you, really!”

    After a few seconds, Crey broke the embrace. She looked intently into Emily’ eyes. “What are you doing here?” she hissed.

    Emily’s heart almost melted into disappointment, but she tried to keep up her composure. Three years is a long time, she just assured herself. “I found a way to perform here, Crey. And I really hoped to see you again,”

    Words were not enough to express Emily’s excitement and happiness in seeing Crey once again. She wanted to kiss Crey’s mouth, hold her close, and make love to her.

    But in front of her, Crey was only surprised as if she was just seeing an out-of-place clown.

    “I’m glad to see you too, Emily.” It’s been a long time. Crey’s eyes were apologetic, and it was full of regret and pain hidden for a long time.

    “Let’s get away now, Crey,” Emily took Crey’s hands. “I don’t care about what’s happening now. I don’t care if you’ve found somebody else,” the words were heavy in Emily’s chest, but they were true. “Let’s get away and let’s have one night together.”

    Crey felt her heart suddenly melt. What Emily said was true. She had managed to find a new life of her own, and she had hoped Emily would never appear in her life again.

    But Crey considered. She felt a longing and ache inside of her, and it was for Emily.

    “We can’t make things the way that they used to,” Crey said in an emotional voice. “But we can pretend for just one night,” she squeezed Emily’s hands.

    Emily felt painful as ever, as if Crey had cut a knife directly through her chest. But it was the inevitable truth. You cannot expect someone to wait for you and stay exactly the same after three years. Even Emily had begun to stop all hopes of Crey ever coming back to her life. She almost wouldn’t accept Jeff’s offer to visit the university again.

    But hope changes all things, even the mistakes of the pasts and revives all of the forgotten promises and memories.

    That night, Emily and Crey wandered through the university, hand in hand, never letting each other go. They felt like three years had not passed at all. They had forgotten every terrible thing that happened between in the past three years…at least for tonight.

    As they went out of the university, Crey called a cab and they jumped into it. Emily and Crey laughed together, just like the old times. They were hiding, escaping, finding a way to steal some hours together. While they settled into the cab, they looked into each other’s eyes throughout the ride, unaware of everything around them. The city lights reflected into Emily’s dark eyes, and Crey looked at them intently, with a hint of a lusty smile in her lips. Crey’s hands caressed Emily’s thighs throughout the ride, and Emily did the same to Crey’s silky legs. Soon the passion was burning again inside of them.

    They stopped at a busy boulevard, and bought a bottle of whiskey, which they drank throughout the walk to Emily’s apartment. They simply didn’t care. They walked hand in hand as proud lesbian girlfriends. They passed the bottle of whiskey to each other and kissed as they walked. Pedestrians glanced and stared at the oddity of what they were doing. There was a pretty little woman in a pink cocktail dress, and another in a black dress meant for performance in a live stage.

    But Crey and Emily didn’t care. All they could care about was how much they loved each other, and how they were going to spend the entire night making love to each other the way that they used to.

    After climbing a flight of sturdy stairs beside a dirty and forgotten alley, Emily unlocked the door to her rusty apartment. Crey put her hands around Emily’s waist and she briefly kissed Emily’s nape.

    “Here is my home sweet home, honey Crey.” She smiled at Crey, gesturing to the entirety of her shabby room. “Believe it or not, you are the first visitor in a couple of years.”

    Crey looked around the room, and felt grief and pity for Emily. While she stayed at a luxurious dormitory, Emily’s apartment was almost rotting. She tried to fight off her feelings to avoid any discussion.

    Emily emerged from her small kitchen, and she held a bowl of ice cubes in one hand. She gave Crey a smile that was purely savage and sexy. She didn’t mind the worry and pity that had been looming on Crey’s face.

    “Let’s have some fun, like old times, sexy,” Emily took a cube of ice on one hand and approached Crey. Without a word, she crushed her mouth into Crey’s lips. It tasted of the wine and gin that Crey was drinking earlier. Emily smelled Crey’s sweet skin and neck, and it was just as sweet as she remembered.

    Emily’s runs crawled down and reached for Crey’s dress. Emily pulled up Crey’s skirt with one hand, also running the cube of ice against Crey’s skin. The ice sent a shivery, lusty sensation to Crey, especially when Emily’s hands reached her pussy. Crey shivered, gasped, and put her arms around Emily’s neck. Her kissed became harder and hungrier.

    Emily proceeded with her hand in between Crey’s legs. Her other hand had started pulling down Crey’s dress and finding her stiff nipples. Once Emily had found Crey’s breasts, she squeezed them and flicked the nipples. Meanwhile, her hand between Crey’s legs focused on her vagina. She put her middle finger inside Crey’s cunt, which was now starting to drip with juices. With care and skill, her palm pushed the cube of ice against Crey’s clitoris.

    Crey moaned and grinded her hips into Emily’s. “Oh my god, Emily, oh fuck!”

    The sensation of the ice on her clit and Emily’s finger wriggling inside her vagina caused Crey to go mad with desire and pleasure.

    “Oh please, please, Emily, goddammit!”

    “Have you never been fucked like this again, huh, my sweet cunt?” Emily whispered into Crey’s ear.

    “Yes! Yes! I miss the way you fuck my fuck hole, ohhh! Ahh! Emily!” Crey’s sounds became sharper as Emily wriggled her hand between Crey’s legs. Crey’s spread apart even wider, to that Emily can finger fuck her more easily.

    When Crey’s cries were getting delirious, Emily’s mouth went to one of her breasts and sucked hard. She thrust as deep as she could into Crey’s pussy.

    “Ahhh! No no no! Ahhh oooh!” Crey moved her hips as she welcomed her first orgasm, and she rocked Emily hard. Her arms almost choked Emily’s neck, and one of her legs was around Emily’s hips.

    “Come for me honey, yeah yeah, come, you slut!” she whispered into Crey’s ear. Crey writhed and leaned on Emily until her orgasm slowly subsided. Emily’s fingers moved in and out of Crey’s vagina, still.

    One of Crey’s legs was about to collapse, and Emily supported them. She carried Crey and took her down on the bed, where she undressed Crey down to the last of her garments. Emily also started taking off her clothes, and in the pale light of the apartment, her large boobs and curvy waidst was illuminated for Crey to see.

    “Ah, you’re still so beautiful, my lover,” Crey whispered as she held together Emily’s breasts and sucked it one by one.

    Emily’s face twisted in pleasure and she leaned her head backwards. Then, she spread her legs apart and positioned them against Crey’s hips. The two of them grinded and felt each other’s clitoris rub against each other.

    The two girls were mad with pleasure. Emily closed her eyes and focused about nothing more than Crey’s smooth skin and juicy pussy beneath hers. Crey was also busy sucking and licking Emily’s boobs.

    When Emily was already getting so, so hot, she grabbed the bowl of ice and gave one to Crey. She also took another one, and then she shifted her position as she mounted Crey. This time, her vagina was facing Crey’s mouth, and likewise Crey’s pussy was within a tongue’s reach from Emily’s mouth.

    The two slutty girls played and sucked at each other’s pussy and clitoris. Crey took a longer ice cube and used it as a dildo for Emily’s pussy. Emily cried and shouted while Crey did this. She returned the pleasure back by stuffing Crey’s vagina walls with a small piece of ice cube, then she fingered it too and she licked the clitoris.

    She two girls grinded their bellies together as their mouths were so busy eating each other’s wet and cool pussy. Their moans and gasps were muffled inside their throats.

    While wriggling her fingers inside Crey’s pussy, Emily whispered and panted, “I’m coming Crey, ahh, fuck, come with me sweetheart!” the last word was a whimper.

    “I’ll come with you, Emily, fuck me harder! Ow ow  ow!”

    Emily sucked Crey’s clitoris like a hungry baby, and her fingers moved in and out of Crey’s vagina in a steady but fast rhythm. She was starting to feel an explosion build up inside her swelling pussy, as Crey did the same to her dripping wet cunt.

    After a few more thrusts and pussy licking, the two girls howled into the night and exploded with their own orgasms. While Emily came, she slapped Crey’s pussy and this sent shocks after shocks orgasm to her lover. Crey also did the same and slapped Emily’s butt…

    When they were finished, the two girls laid beside each other, panting because of the tiredness and the explosion of lust inside them. Emily crawled to Crey’s side and kissed her lover’s mouth and caressed her breasts some more. Their legs were locked in a lace, and their pussy’s juices dripped into their slimy thighs.

    “I wish this night never ends,” Crey exhaled into her breath. “I love you, Emily.”

    Emily kissed Crey’s mouth briefly. “We’ll find a way my lover, we’ll find a way.”

    And as Emily’s hands crawled between Crey’s legs, the night of fire and lust began again.

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    To this day, I’m not sure how he had the restraint to not decide to fuck me then for health reasons, but he backed off. The baby was born five hours later, and we didn’t have sex for about the next six weeks!

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