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Literotica: Honey Gin Tonic

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Anthony Devan was a rich, young, and sexy man.  He almost has everything in the world, including a seductive charm and a fresh-looking face. After a year of hard work and lying low from the wild and sexy side, he gets an invitation to a hot beach party in California. There he rekindles his sexy side, when he asks for a special drink from an extremely attractive bartender.

The conference room silenced at the arrival of Anthony Devan. It was a large room with gray carpeted walls, full-air-conditioning system, and two columns of rectangular tables where executives, company presidents, and famous entrepreneurs gathered. Men and women wore dark suits and formal clothes, serious faces, and jewelries on their necks and rings on their fingers. But Anthony Devan was different. When he entered the room, there was a tension, awe, and implicit admiration from the groups of executives.

Anthony took the seat at the front of the conference room. He sat where the two long tables joined together, and where every face in the room could see him. With calculated grace and elegance, Anthony checked the microphone in front of him, exposing his hairless, slender fingers. His face was as calm as a teenage boy.

“Hello everyone,” he said to the microphone, testing it. When his cool voice echoed around the room, perfectly, Anthony smiled appreciatively. His smile was so kind and tender, almost affectionate. But in the middle of the expensive conference room and in front of important people, his smile remained powerful and professional.

Of course, he was Anthony Devan. He owned a chain of hotels in Las Vegas, and a percent of almost all businesses in the state. Every executive gathered in his conference room owed him a debt, or shared a piece of business with him. Anthony was well-respected, despite his warm attitude and cheerful personality. While everyone wore dark suits, Anthony was the only one with a crème white suit and sky blue long sleeves underneath.

Anthony was a very fresh-looking guy, too fresh for a 28-year-old company president. His head was shaved smooth, but he kept traces of facial hair on his chin and jaws. Anthony had blue, narrow eyes, and a proud nose. He moved with the grace of a dancer, but with the dignity and sureness of a gambling genius.

You might think that Anthony had a lot of girls in his life, but you are wrong. Anthony was the biggest disappointment of the female species. Although he was the perfect guy material – clean, fresh, creative, gentlemanly – it was also a well-known fact that he liked other men.

Throughout the conference, Anthony kept his charming aura and smart talk. Every word that he said proved his intelligence in business management and analysis. His new ideas promised to earn millions of dollars in a single project. The executives at the conference listened intently, doing their best not to be distracted by the oozing sex appeal of the millionaire-president. Anthony deserved his riches, and most of it he had to earn and work hard for.

After a hard day’s work of arranging paper works and discussing new business ventures, Anthony would come home to his luxurious bachelor’s pad. Anthony didn’t live in the middle of the city, where all of the entertainment was. He preferred to stay in the outskirts of the city. Anthony wanted to live where there was peace and quiet. He was alone here, but for Anthony there was something calming and nice about being alone.

Nevertheless, he had had his own share of fun and sexy adventures, even when he was already living in the more silent part of the city. Looking around the living room, he could remember the orgies and the sex parties that he had hosted. Men were all around, naked, humping each other and making sex sounds. The sight of firm limbs and anatomical musculatures filled the place. Anywhere he went, there was always a man waiting to service him.

His parties never had less than thirty men, and all of them were extremely gorgeous and smart. Anthony loved seeing them with sexy bow ties tied around their neck. In the middle of his living room, he used to have a stage where the men could dance a strip tease. Now, Anthony just smiled at these memories. He sipped expensive red wine and let all the memories come rushing back like waves in an ocean.

Anthony was white, but race was not a concern to him when it comes to having sexual adventures. He had been with men of all races, and he was never selective. But there was one man that he would never forget. He was a Brazilian named Alejandro, and he changed Anthony’s life. They met at a sex party for gay men in Sao Paolo, and Anthony would swear that they fell in love right then and there.

Alejandro changed Anthony’s life to a great extent. Anthony became happier, more content in life, and more creative because of him. He also became monogamous and went less frequently to sex parties. Anthony showed great devotion and love to Alejandro, but it had not been enough. He spent a year living with him, until a fateful day came and Anthony discovered that his lover was betraying him.

He was ready to forgive Alejandro because he loved him, but the pain was too much for him to take. Anthony decided to banish Alejandro and begin a new life again. He managed to move on from the heartbreak, but Anthony was never the same again. He seemed to have less interest in sex and in hosting sex parties. His life became more of a routine instead of an adventure. But his personality remained the same, and he was still gorgeous even when his sex life was slowly deteriorating.

The next day in his office, Anthony was surprised by an invitation left on his desk. He recognized the sender, Billy, one his friends back in college. Like him, Billy was gay and he loved sex parties. It has been a year since Billy sent him any invitations, because Anthony had always rejected them.

Inside the invitation envelope was a letter and a ticket to a beach resort California. It was a three-day accommodation to the hotel and entrance to the hottest clubs in the resort. With little curiosity, Anthony read the letter:

Hola amigo! It’s been some time since I’ve heard that you had a wild night. Why not come to this party? The ticket was supposed to be mine, but I got an emergency appointment on that day. Can you meet new men and sip some wine for me? I expect to hear from you soon. Tell me hot stories.  – Billy

Anthony felt an excitement rush inside his chest. It had been almost a year since he went to a beach party and experienced wilderness in the night. At that moment, he remembered the feeling of the waves rushing to his feet. He remembered the echo of music inside a bar full of hot men and women dancing. But he could hardly remember how it felt to have a man lay beside him, arms and legs tangled together. He could hardly remember how soft a whisper sounded and how warm could a tongue’s kiss could be.

Arrangements took less than two days, and in the third day since he received the invitation, Anthony was on board a plane to California. As he looked down at the outline of the city, Anthony swore to himself that he would leave his past behind and just have fun. After all, he had spent a year of hard work and discipline. It was about time that he rekindled the fire inside him. It was about time that he brought Anthony Devan back to life, steal the attention of gorgeous men, and lure the handsome men from the arms of their lady loves.

It was just past noon when Anthony checked in at the hotel indicated in his invitation. The rooms he acquired were just barely above-average, and Anthony knew that he could definitely afford better rooms. But he decided to stick with it, since it had a good view of the rest of the resort.

He went to an Asian cuisine restaurant for lunch. The food was great, and while Anthony ate, he saw the number of people looking at his direction. Some of them were men, but some of them were also women. Many men smiled invitingly at him, but there were also guys who deliberately stole glances that teased him. Anthony was flattered by the attention he was receiving. He only wore loose cotton shorts and a white shirt, but men eyed him like he was covered in caramel sugar and nothing more. Anthony kept his cool, fresh face on, although deep inside he was so excited at the events that could transpire sooner or later.

While he took a spoonful of food, a gorgeous man with thick blonde hair took a seat across him. As Anthony lifted his face, their eyes met. For a second there was a spark, and both of them smiled eagerly at each other.

“Hey, I’m Joseph,” Joseph held out his hand and Anthony took it. His hands were rough while Anthony’s palm was soft and smooth.

“I’m Anthony. Nice to meet you,” Anthony courteously replied. As he got a better look at Joseph face, he realized that the man had a very quintessential American face, but there was nothing more to it. He wouldn’t consider it handsome or gorgeous, but it was a kind of face that you could give a friendly look at.

“Welcome to the hottest Californian party, man,” Joseph said. “I have never seen you around. Is your first time in the resort?” He kept smiling as he talked, and the giddiness in his tone was very contagious.

“Yes, it’s my first time here,” Anthony said, chuckling as he spoke. He was extremely charming. “My friend invited me, but unfortunately he wasn’t been able to come with me,” Antony shrugged, but there was no sadness in the tone of his voice. He took another bite of food.

Joseph’s eyes sparked. “I’d be glad to show you the hottest spots around, Anthony, but you see, I’m rather occupied for the night,” he winked at Anthony. “But I’m going to give you a good advice, a really good one.”

Joseph mentioned Anthony to come closer, because what he said next was just slightly louder than a whisper. “There’s a bar at the eastern part of this resort, and it’s called Khaki’s. If you wanna have the best night of your life, let alone the best bit of this resort, go to the bartender and order some French berry gin tonic.”

Anthony’s brow’s slightly furrowed at what Joseph had just said. “French berry gin tonic?” he repeated with slight amuse in his voice. Anthony owned chains of hotels which definitely had bars, but he had never heard of a drink called French berry gin tonic.

“Yes!” Joseph was giddier than ever, like he had just cracked the dirtiest joke in the world. “Just go to Khaki’s tonight and get that drink. I promise you man, you won’t regret this,” Joseph grinned dangerously. “Many of my boyfriend’s said that nothing compared to him.” Joseph made a final blink at Anthony, then he hurriedly said goodbye to come back to his own group.

After that brief conversation, Anthony found himself alone in his table. He was still puzzled at what Joseph had just said, but he was extremely excited to try it out. While he was finishing his food, a wild grin came out of nowhere and found itself painted on Anthony’s face. He had a sure feeling that tonight was going to be an unforgettable night.

At dusk, Anthony got ready for the night by getting a warm bath and pouring sweet cologne all over his chest. He chose to wear an expensive deep blue shirt with several buttons on the chest. He let open a few of them, making his lightly hairy chest more appealing and sexier. His muscular legs were covered by a pair of rich denim pants, which were cut knee-length. A pair of slip-on shoes completed his outfit. Anthony definitely looked like he was dressed for a beach party, but he was still elegant and classy. He was still Anthony Devan, a young owner of a chain of businesses in one of the richest cities in the world.

He easily found Khaki’s by walking eastward. It was a small bar with a dark tropical theme to it, fit for starting a sexy night in the beach resort. It was just dusk, but the bar was already half-full.

Anthony made his way to the bar. For a few moments, he found himself alone. The bartender was still in the kitchen. This gave Anthony some time to glance around the bar, where hot bodies were packed all over. Some men were already in the company of other men, while some displayed themselves by the walls. Most men were actually shirtless, and Anthony felt a bit overdressed.

“We’re having a slow night here. People seemed to be packed somewhere else.”

Anthony turned around and saw a sexy and gorgeous bartender leaning at the bar. As he turned, their faces were only several inches from each other. Anthony could almost smell the guy’s minty breath, and he was sure that the other man also could smell his cologne.

Anthony smiled at him. “But still, most of the hot people are here,” Anthony said, flirting with the gorgeous bartender. The bartender laughed at his comment. His laughter sounded like deep bells. They introduced each other and talked about interesting things. Anthony felt the heat and excitement in James’ voice. James had curly ash grey hair, blue eyes, and fair skin like Anthony. He kept his face shaven smooth.

Anthony wanted James, and he would do anything to bed this gorgeous creature. He wanted to see the muscles beneath James polo shirt, and feel them using his mouth.

“So, what drink are you having tonight, Anthony?” James winked at Anthony.

Anthony remembered a conversation earlier that day. “You have something like French berry gin tonic, don’t you?” Anthony almost chuckled at himself, not quite believing that such a drink really exists.

The bartender’s expression suddenly hardened, but there was a flicker of flame in his eyes. “Oh yes, Anthony. We definitely have it. Would you like to see the storage room? It’s quite a fine drink.”

Anthony went behind the bar and joined James to the kitchen. The bartender called someone to fill his place.

Inside the kitchen, James opened another door which led to a small cubicle. It was cool inside, and he led Anthony by taking his hand.

There was only a small flicker of light, but it was enough to see a faint image of each other. Anthony’s eyes were cautious, wanting to ask James what kind of place or surprise was this. But James caught him first.

“Everything’s okay, Anthony, no need to worry,” he said in a very gentle voice, then one of his hands went to Anthony’s waist. It made shivers run down Anthony’s sides. Anthony gasped when James’ touch began to crawl down his hips.

James smiled at Anthony’s reaction. “This is French berry gin tonic,” he giggled a little, then gently brushed his lips against Anthony. Anthony didn’t hesitate to receive James’ warm mouth, and quickly they turned into a warm embrace. Their mouths explored one another’s tongue, while their hands touched each other’s chests.

Anthony touched James with his knowing and talented hands. He knew when to dig his nails into his skin, and he knew when to touch lightly. But compared to his previous experiences, this encounter was different. It was unplanned and spontaneous, a definite surprise to his senses.

James was an equally skilled lover, and he made the heat rise between them even higher. When his lips left Anthony’s mouth, the gorgeous bald man was gasping for breath and fighting off the extreme heat. He kissed Anthony’s chest, slowly moving his lips down the length of Anthony’s stomach.

“Oh my god, oh, oh!” Anthony gasped as he felt James fingers unzip and unbutton his pants. He looked down to see the gorgeous man find his way to his cock. In a few moments, Anthony’s cock was on James mouth. He was getting licked and sucked with an intensity that made him curl his toes and grab James hair.

Anthony pushed and pulled James head from his hips. The bartender didn’t fail him by sucking him in deep throat. James didn’t choke, but he only sucked hard. At the same time, he used his fingers to gently stroke Anthony’s balls.

He could feel his orgasm coming close, but suddenly James stood up and quickly pulled down his pants. In the dark, Anthony panted as he watched James sexy buttocks glow on the dark. Then and there, all he wanted to do was thrust his cock on James’ tight ass.

James spit on his hand and used his saliva to lubricate his asshole. Then he went closer to Anthony. He used both hands to spread his butt cheeks and show his tight asshole to Anthony.

“Enter me and make me yours, Anthony,” his voice was sexy and silvery.

Anthony pushed two fingers inside James’ asshole, wriggling them inside and making the hole a little loose. Then he spit on his hands and lubricated his own cock.

After a few push, heavy moans, and grunts, Anthony’s cock was perfectly inside James’ asshole. James’ was tight, and together they swayed and moved, sharing the pleasure caused by their union. Anthony kissed James nape, while his right hand was wrapped around James’ long cock. His hand went up and down James’ length, eager to give the man his own share of pleasure and orgasm.

“Ahh, James, let me come inside you,” Anthony pleaded. His thrusts were becoming faster and faster.

“I’m yours, Anthony. Let’s come together!”

Their bodies twisted and rocked together, until both of them had a muffled scream inside their throats. Anthony’s semen poured and his cock throbbed inside James’s warm and tight asshole. James threw his load on the floor, and it also pumped hard while wrapped inside Anthony’s palms.

When the two of them finished, they fell on the floor and panted like tired horses. Their bodies quivered with pleasure, delight, and pulsating heat.

Then, James said to Anthony, whispering on his ear, “That’s your first shot of French berry gin tonic, sexy. Ready to drink from the bottle this time?”

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  1. Absolutely true! You can really like someone, but just not place relationships on that pedestal as “most important thing in my life.” So if something more important takes you away from it… you just go. And it sucks. But you live.

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