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Literotica: Lesbian Homecoming

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Anita is in a long-distance relationship. While Brandon is away, she finds herself playing a sexy game with her lesbian roommate, Stacey. Love and lust bring them together.

As the days pass, Anita is conflicted about the return of her boyfriend. But she finds out that Stacey was willing to have a threesome with Brandon. The three of them end up happy in the same bed, fucking the night and their troubles away.

Anita trimmed her flowers while humming a love song. Brandon sent her a dozen of white roses early in the morning. The blossoms were still young and half-bloomed, just like Anita who was a young woman of 23 years old.

Across the room was Stacey. They had been living together for 6 months. They shared the rent and occupied the two sides of a studio-type apartment. Stacey was on her messy bed, and she wore nothing but a pair of cycling shorts and a thin sleeveless blouse. It was a cool spring morning, and her brown nipples were visibly tense through the fabric of her clothes.

Stacey pretended to read a book and listen to music, but she was in fact staring at Anita. Peeking at her roommate was one of her rent guilty pleasures. She had been eyeing her roommate for more than a month already. When they first met, Stacey didn’t see anything exceptional or attractive about Anita. Her roommate was just another blonde, a fair-skinned beauty, with average-sized clothes. However, the months that they’d spent living together had exposed more of Anita’s beauty to her.

Being her roommate, Stacey would frequently see Anita walking in her underwear. This impacted her a lot because Stacey was in fact lesbian. Anita’s bouncy breasts were only half-covered by a tiny brassier, teasing Stacey to imagine how her tits look beneath. Anita’s breasts were less than large, but they were soft and smooth like a baby’s ass. One of Stacey’s fantasies was to grab both of Anita’s boobs and bury her face on them. While Anita was away, Stacey would sometimes play with her underwear and masturbate to it. She inhaled the scent of Anita’s panties and imagined that she was licking her clit.

Right now, her roommate was wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt and a lovely black thong to cover up her cunt. While she walked back and forth from the kitchen to the center table, Anita’s tight ass bounced gloriously behind her. Stacey’s eyes peered from her book just to catch the sight of it. Anita had firm butt cheeks, without the hint of unwanted fats. They were like perfect balls stuck behind her hips. And when she bent low to take something from the cabinets, Stacey could almost see Anita’s pussy lips peering through the tiny thong straps.

She was extremely distracted to the point of arousal. Between her thighs, Stacey’s pussy begged to be touched. Anita walked across the room, carrying a rose with one hand, nonchalant and unaware about Stacey’s fantasy. She recognized the fact that her roommate was reading a book, listening to music, and was practically busy. Little did she know, however, that Stacey was doing something else. Anita’s roommate was currently soaked in lust and pleasure for her delicious body.

Casually, Stacey put a pillow above her waist and hips. She bent her left knee and raised one leg slightly, so that her thighs were parted for easier access. Stacey laid her back flat on the bed. She held a book with her right hand, while her other hand crawled beneath the pillow and went inside her panties. She needed to get off, or else she’d go crazy with lust.

Stacey touched the slit of her cunt and found out that she was wetter than expected. She felt the surge of small, rippling pleasures, as the tip of her finger touched her clit. She silently played with her pussy while taking small glances at Anita. Her friend was still happily and busily arranging the flowers on the table. To Stacey’s satisfaction, her roommate hadn’t bothered to wear pants yet. Her legs and butt cheeks were still clearly exposed from her view.

She spread the juices from her fuck hole, wetting her fingers with it and rubbing her clitoris to make it moist. Her eyes peeked at Anita through the book on one of her hands. Stacey wondered if Anita would ever feel the same about her. Could there be a chance that her roommate would be romantically involved with her?

Stacey was undoubtedly a beautiful woman. She was a brunette with light brown hair, and she frequently went to the tanning salon for a gorgeous skin tone. Her body was hot, boasting a perfect 36-25-26 curve. Stacey’s breasts bulged from her skimpy shirts. She had long, skinny legs, which moved with grace like a runway model. Stacey could also smile like an actress. Her nose was narrow and well-sculpted. Pouty lips and dark, deep-set eyes adorned her face.

Men were crazy about her, but Stacey preferred women when it comes to sex. She was more of a pleasure-giver than a pleasure-taker. Besides that, there was just something about the feminine beauty, which Stacey couldn’t resist. She wanted soft boobs, tight ass, shapely legs, and the small waist that only women possessed. The tactile sensations were different compared to touching an erect cock or a rock-hard six pack abs. Bodies of women were, for her, more sensual and erotic to the touch.

Most of all, Stacey loved the sight of a woman’s face while having an orgasm. She wanted them to scream, beg, and cry in pleasure while she screwed their bodies and fucked them tight. Whenever she plunged her fingers inside a young woman’s vagina, Stacey loved the feeling of how soft and delicate her walls feel. She wanted to see the young woman’s face change in reaction, as she moved her fingers, wriggled them, and go deeper. Stacey also had the fetish for playing toys and watching a woman orgasm as she played with her body. With men, Stacey couldn’t have these sorts of pleasure. Only women’s bodies were fit to be played and watched.

Masturbating to the sight of Anita’s body was a bit of pain for Stacey. She had been used to fucking women, not fantasizing about them. But no matter how she tried to gather up her courage, Stacey couldn’t find a way to tell Anita how she felt. She respected Anita and her relationship with Brandon. Although Stacey had uncontrollable sexual urges, her sense of morality and righteousness prevailed…sometimes.

Two of her fingers were now inside. She wriggled them, expanding her walls and banging herself to an orgasm. It was oozing and nearly erupting with juices. Stacey bit her lip and moved her book, so that it was covering her blushing and flush face. She was probably turning red now. Stacey could feel the warmth of her body pulse in her veins. She stole one last look at Anita. Her roommate was still half-naked, and she could trace the mounds of her baked breasts beneath the thin fabric. Anita’s tight, shaven pussy, was just hidden by a thin strap of clothing, which she could easily pull down using her teeth.

Stacey struggled to suppress her moan. Her eyes shut tight, and her fingers and arm shuddered as she almost ripped the walls of her cunt. She could feel the insides of her walls throb and respond to the surge of orgasmic waves. Her body was beating fast, and for a few seconds in heaven, Stacey was filled and washed with nothing but sexual delight and lust.

Slowly, she drifted back to earth and to reality. Her fingers were still inside her pussy walls, throbbing and pulsating to the aftershocks of her orgasm. Stacey released one finger and pressed her clitoris. Her body involuntarily shivered.

“Stace!” Anita shouted. Her voice was a loud thunder across the apartment. Stacey’s headphones were actually turned off, so she clearly heard Anita shout. Out of surprise, her wet fingers jumped out of panties.

“Yeah, what’s the matter Anita?” Stacey managed to control the apprehension from her voice.

“Are you having work tomorrow morning? I’m wondering if we could have a happy time here, tonight.”

Anita smiled warmly at Stacey. Her face was a sweet-looking, innocent one, complete with puffy cheeks and almond shaped eyes. The small, barely-there thong seemed out of place with her angelic face.

“Oh, sure, I’m free tomorrow. We can spend the night watching movies and drinking beer. Damn, we haven’t done that in quite some time.”

Stacey moved and leaned to her side. She propped an elbow and rested her head on it. Her dark eyes locked in a gaze with Anita’s green eyes. She smiled meaningfully at her roommate.

“Oh no, not again!” Anita chuckled with some wild happiness in her chest. “I’m definitely not going to play truth or dare with you again.” She suppressed her giggles. During the last time that they played truth or dare over bottles of beer, Anita ended up washing the dishes for an entire week.

“Oh, come on,” Stacey dared her. Her lips pouted like a little child’s. “No domestic stuff tonight. I promise.” She raised her right palm, as if in oath. Stacey could pass for an innocent angel. The only problem was that she possessed a whorish-hot body and a face of a vixen.

After discussing the details of their “fun time” tonight, Stacey quickly took a shower and got ready for work. She worked at an office as an assistant. Both of them were already working girls, in their mid-twenties. Meanwhile, Anita cooked her breakfast and made a sandwich for Stacey. She was always a sweet roommate, and Stacey was forever thankful for her. As a matter of fact, she could hardly picture her life without Anita. If she finally decides to live with Brandon, nobody would cook dinners anymore, sweep the floors, and walk around the room wearing nothing but underwear. There would be a huge hole in her life without Anita, the only object of her lust and desire.

While Stacey took the train and finished the paper works on her desk, she couldn’t divert her thoughts about her roommate. Brandon’s arrival might come soon, and who knows if he would suddenly show an engagement ring to Anita? The thought horrified Stacey. Her heart was suddenly hollow and her chest was empty. She knew that it was wrong, but she couldn’t lose Anita without trying for her first. She couldn’t take the pain of losing.

So, for the coming evening, Stacey swore to herself that she would make a move to claim Anita and steal her from Brandon. She had finally gotten rid of the guilt and the knowledge that it was wrong to have an affair with her roommate. If she wouldn’t do this, the frustration and the pain will haunt her every night.

She brought home three bottles of brandy. Stacey knew that Anita had a weakness for hard drinks. After several shots, Anita could already “lose” herself and do some stupid things. Stacey could easily make a move of Anita was already out of her conscience. She hoped that Brandon could be swiped off her head after getting drunk. And once she’d get the chance, she wouldn’t waste a second of fucking with Anita. Stacey would prove to her that Anita would get better satisfaction in bed with her.

They started their happy hours at eight o’clock. Anita took a shower and wrapped her hair in a bun. She smelled of flowers and honey, causing Stacey to feel more attracted to her roommate. Anita was dressed like a honeymooner. She wore nothing but lace panties. Her breasts were merely covered by sheer fabric. Stacey could almost see the crown of Anita’s nipples. For a second, her thoughts entertained the idea that Anita might be seducing her, after all.

Stacey brought out the shot glass. She brought out their snack bowls and filled them to the brim with chili-flavored Cheetos. Stacey wore nothing but boxer briefs and a loose, oversized t-shirt. She approached Anita, who was seated on the floor carpet. The lights were off, and only the television lights glowed in the room. A happy smile was visible on Anita’s face.

“You look nice, Stace,” Anita nodded approvingly. Her eyes swept Stacey’s body from head to foot.

“I am dressed like this every day,” Stacey said with a low chuckle. “You are the one that looks hot.”

“Nonsense,” Anita smiled out of flattery. She took one bottle of brandy and uncapped it.

“I really think we’re gonna get drunk tonight.”

Stacey mused as she took a seat beside Anita. While popping a handful of Cheetos to her mouth, she lowered the television volume. The voices of the news reporters became ambient around the room.

“Yeah, I do think we are getting drunk. Don’t you miss times like this? Just the two of us, drinking and laughing to stupid jokes.” Anita downed the first shot.

“You sound quite different, Anita. You rarely ask to drink with me. I’ve known you since college, and you weren’t the drinking type.”

Stacey took the shot glass from Anita. Her fingers brushed against Anita’s soft skin, causing the shudders between her thighs. She tried to ignore the sensation, but as the heat of the brandy drew a line of fire through her neck, Stacey became more aware of her lustful desires.

“I’m just looking for entertainment, I guess. You are a good roommate and friend, Stacey. I think it’s good that we have fun, sometimes.”

“You are definitely right. Anita. So, why don’t we start playing games?”

“Alright, Truth.”

They laughed together. Stacey was the one who always asked to play truth or dare. Anita hardly agreed with it, because she was the one who lost, whether through a dare or an embarrassing truth.

“Have you ever cheated on Brandon?”

It took a second for Anita to reply. She downed a shot glass before giving an answer.

“I once gave a blow job to another man. Brandon and I were just starting a relationship back then. I didn’t feel serious yet, so I had some fun of my own.”

Stacey raised a brow at Anita’s wild confession. She felt a heat pulsate between her thighs. Her mind imagined the sight of Anita, kneeling down, puffy cheeks filled with somebody’s hard cock. Stacey wished that she could also stuff Anita’s mouth with one of her dildos.

“Your turn,” Anita’s voice broke her reverie.

“Dare, honey.” Stacey laughed. There was nothing that she wouldn’t do in Anita’s command. There wasn’t much to be done in their apartment, anyway.

Anita eyed her with some playful disdain. “I want you to suck the thumbs of my feet.”


Stacey feigned surprise and disbelief. Her voice sounded shocked, but the naughty smile on her face and the burning in her eyes revealed that she wanted nothing more in the world than to suck Anita, whichever part of her body.

“Suck on it,” Stacey laughed. She raised a leg and pointed her feet towards Stacey’s mouth.

“You’re a dirty, dirty girl, Anita.”

Her roommate smiled a devilish grin. Stacey felt like a slave, but she knew that it was the fulfillment of her sexual fantasies. She put her hands on Anita’s leg, gently carrying the weight of her leg. It was soft and smooth to the touch. Inside Stacey, fire and lust were coming alive like words of the devil. She could peer between Anita’s thighs. Stacey swore to herself that she’d get her face on Anita’s pussy later tonight.

Before fulfilling the dare, Stacey took the chance to rub Anita’s calf sensually, hoping to work her up and arouse her lust. She teased her roommate’s soft legs, brushing her palms and fingers ever so lightly. After a few strokes, Stacey’s hands slipped down to Anita’s thigh. Anita made a small gasp. Stacey felt her skin shudder with the gentle massage. Stacey’s inner devil grinned with satisfaction.

She intensely looked into Anita’s eyes before casually parting her lips and licking them. Stacey leaned forward, claiming one of Anita’s toes inside her warm and moist mouth. Stacey closed her eyes and savored the feeling of Anita’s toe inside her. She licked her toe, sucked it, and she made sounds like an amateur woman giving a blow job.

“Oh, Stacey,” Anita moaned. “That feels…awfully good.”

Stacey’s hands moved again. She focused this time on the inside of Anita’s thighs. Her touch was a little harder now, squeezing her flesh just a little bit. Stacey had done this a hundred times before on other women’s legs. Anita’s skin was the softest, but she was nevertheless the same as other women. She would definitely get wet when touched in the right places.

“Alright, stop, please.”

Anita’s breath was getting heavy when she released her words. Between her thighs, uncomfortable moisture was starting to drool.

Stacey opened her eyes and let go of Anita’s toe. She licked her lips for the last time, before downing two shots of brandy.

“Truth or dare, Anita?”

She couldn’t imagine herself being commanded by Stacey, after the task that she gave her. What if Stacey made her do something equally sexy? Anita knew that she couldn’t resist. Her sex drives were now very much alive in her blood.

“Truth, Stace.” Anita downed a shot of brandy.

“Would you let me eat you up?”

Anita gulped. Her dark eyes widened in shock. Her clitoris pulsed between her thighs, excited about the prospect of oral sex. She hadn’t felt a tongue on her clit for more than a year…but her mind was saying something else.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Anita said. Her voice was shaky. Deep inside, she was feeling sorry for herself. She wanted to feel Stacey, and her body was hungry for her.

“Anita,” Stacey leaned forward and looked seriously at Stacey. She held her roommates hands. “Why don’t we give it a chance? I really like you, Anita. I want you so bad, honey. We could have it just tonight. Will you let me try?”

The brandy had unleashed its sprit on Anita’s blood. She could feel the heat surge all over her, and her inhibitions were already freed by the alcohol. Anita was wide awake to the needs and the desires of her body. There was no denying it. Stacey could see the hunger on Anita’s eyes. Anita’s body was unable to hide it, and the need for sex was apparent all over her face.

Stacey took the chance and claimed Anita’s breasts with both of her palms. Her roommate opened her mouth to protest, but Stacey’s tongue took over and she shoved it between Anita’s lips. They tasted sweet alcohol on each other’s mouths. Anita returned the intensity of Stacey’s kiss. She found herself sucking Stacey’s tongue inside her mouth, pulling her body even closer to her.

Anita moaned to the sharp feelings of pleasure brought by Stacey on her nipples. Her roommate rolled her tits between her fingers. The sensations of pleasure made her feel like her breasts were swelling, glowing with an indescribable sensation. The waves of pleasure from her nipples were bringing her close to an explosion. Anita didn’t want Stacey’s fingers to stop. She wanted her breasts to be squeezed and savagely massaged.

But Stacey stopped. Anita wanted to protest, but her moans came back to life when Stacey licked her breasts and sucked her nipples. Her mouth was already moist and hot from their previous kiss. Anita loved the feeling of Stacey’s soft mouth ravaging her mounds. It was a ticklish, naughty, gratifying feeling.

“Oh, yes, Stace, yes, yes! Bite my tits, baby!”

Anita squealed when she felt Stacey’s teeth. Stacey locked Anita’s nipple between her teeth before licking it with the tip of her tongue. Anita rolled her head back and made a wild groan. She grabbed Stacey’s dark hair, pushing her head and grinding her mouth against both of her breasts.

Stacey’s hands were busy, too. She reached for the straps of Anita’s underwear and slid them down her silky legs. Stacey’s heart drummed loudly inside her chest. Finally, her fantasy was coming to life. And it felt very real in her hands as she plunged two fingers inside Anita’s fuck hole.

“Ah! Jesus!”

Stacey’s fingers wriggled like a vibrator. While her mouth sucked Anita’s tits, her hands were busy with screwing her holes. She inserted three fingers inside Anita’s cunt and her thumb did the work of rubbing Anita’s clit. She pulled Anita’s legs closer to her, causing her roommate to fall out of balance and lay on the carpeted floor.

Anita’s legs were spread wide apart. Stacey admired the sight of her roommate’s fleshy cunt. The inner folds of Anita’s pussy were meaty, and it was the type that Stacey wanted to suck and pull using her teeth. But she still wanted to finger bang Anita. Stacey happily looked at the sight of Anita’s pussy, where her slimy and wet fingers went in and out with ease.

“You’re so hot, Anita. You’re body is so sexy. Here, have a taste.”

Stacey pulled out her fingers and put them inside Anita’s mouth. She happily received Stacey’s fingers and licked them. Anita licked her lips before biting them, moaning to the feeling of Stacey’s fingers tug and squeeze her tits once more.

“Oww! Oh my god, Stacey!”

Anita’s back arched when Stacey licked the slit of her cunt. Her tongue moved up and down Anita’s pussy with adequate pressure and absolute skill. Stacey consistently squeezed Anita’s breasts while she went down on her and ate her pussy. Her mouth was indeed an oral sex machine, and she knew the right time to suck Anita’s clit and shoot her to the heavens.

“I’m coming Stace, fuck. Keep on sucking, damn, damn, owww!”

She whimpered and cried. Stacey made a final suck at Anita’s clitoris and her mouth lingered there. Her tongue lightly stroked Anita as she released herself and gave in to the power of her orgasm. A surge of juices and cum dripped and oozed from Anita’s fuck hole. Stacey happily and contentedly sucked all of them, smearing Anita’s cum all over her face.

Anita was heavily breathing now, almost at a loss for breath. Her body quivered and was filled with a thin layer of sweat after her eruption. Anita’s head was slowly spinning, and her thoughts were dazed.

But it wasn’t over for Stacey. She pulled down her boxer briefs and positioned herself above Anita’s body. Between her thighs, her cunt was also dripping wet and oozing with juices. She spread her legs and rubbed her pussy against Anita. When she pressed against her clitoris, Anita’s body shuddered in response.

“Oh my god, Stace. What’s that between your legs? Oh!”

Stacey moved slowly at first, savoring the feeling of Anita’s wet and slimy pussy against her own. Their juices mixed together, causing further smoothness between their shaved pussies. The sensation was sharp, ticklish, and it cast tiny surges of pleasure from their wombs, to the tips of their fingers.

“I’ve got a pierced clit, honey, in case you would ask.”

“Ah, oh…that feels so great, Stace. My god…oh,”

“I’ve waited a long time to fuck you like this, Anita.”

Stacey suddenly banged her hips against Anita. Anita cried out loud, but it was due to the pleasure of feeling her pussy flesh pounded. Stacey repeated the same motion again, quicker and deeper this time. She pounded Anita’s cunt and crushed their clitoris together.

“Fuck, Anita, shit! Come for me again, baby!”

The two of them moaned and cried out loud. Stacey rubbed and grinded herself against Anita’s body, which completely surrendered to the passion and lust between them. The flow of juices never seemed to end from Anita and Stacey’s cunt. Both of them reached their orgasm step by step, getting closer to the throes of passion with each second. Stacey hurried with her fucking and rubbing, giving Anita one last pound on the cunt. Their bodies shuddered and were carried away by a huge wave of bliss, and together they plummeted to an earth-shattering orgasm.

Stacey collapsed on top of Anita’s body. Their breasts were squeezed together, and their soft skin dripped with the same, salty sweat. Between their legs, Stacey and Anita felt the aftershocks of their orgasm, causing their legs to tremble every now and then.

Anita gently caressed Stacey’s back. Her fingers traveled south, down to the curve of Anita’s hips. She never imagined that they could feel so soft to the touch. When Stacey had caught up with her senses, she shifted her position and laid beside Anita. Stacey’s eyes looked tired, but they looked at Anita with pure love and satisfaction.

“Did you like your dare, Anita?”

Her roommate laughed softly. “Oh my god, I liked it very much, Stace. Why didn’t we do that before?”

Instead of mentioning Brandon, Stacey wrapped her arms around Anita’s naked body and kissed her. She hoped that the night would never end. If only Anita could stay in her arms forever, she would dedicate a lifetime to keeping her bed warm, and her pussy satisfied. There were many things that she wanted to do her roommate. Tonight was just an appetizer.

In the days that passed, Stacey and Anita’s relationship grew deeper. They always slept together, fucking in the evening before they slept, and woke up each other by licking and sucking their clits. It was a sexual heaven while the two of them were together. Anita had almost forgotten about Brandon, until his regular supply of flowers came again on a Friday.

She didn’t know what to do with the flowers, when the delivery boy handed it to her. Anita took it to the table and looked at them with guilt humming inside her chest. She hadn’t told Brandon that she was already fucking and having a sexual relationship with her roommate. She always forgot Brandon whenever Stacey was around, and especially when they were having a private moment in bed.

“Good morning sexy!”

Stacey walked towards Anita and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. It was an open-mouth kiss where the two girls sucked each other’s tongues. The tip of Anita’s tongue touched Stacey’s, tasting the sweet aftertaste of coffee on her mouth. Their kiss lingered, and Anita gasped when Stacey took hold of her bare breasts.

“I wanna fuck you up for breakfast. What do you say honey?”

Before Anita could reply, Stacey claimed her lips again. The fire and the lust sparked inside Anita, who couldn’t do anything but surrender to her roommate. Her panties fell on the floor after Stacey quickly pulled them down. Her wet cunt was exposed for only a second, because Stacey’s mouth found itself licking and kissing it.

“Oh, Fuck, Stace…”

Anita’s eyes rolled in delirium and her head leaned backwards. She savored the feeling of Stacey’s wet mouth on her cunt, which was already swelling and pulsating with lingering pleasure. Her roommate knew the right places that would bring her quickly to an orgasm. But Stacey’s tongue lingered on her clitoris, gently sucking it, before going back to the slit of her cunt and brushing her tongue against the dripping fuck hole. Anita begged that Stacey would just take her, shove a dildo inside her pussy and fuck her savagely. Anita howled and moaned in painful pleasure, unable to resist the thrill on the way to her orgasm.

Stacey responded to the desires of her lover. She inserted two fingers on Anita’s cunt and she wiggled them around her walls. Anita moaned when she finally felt something hard fill her empty and hollow pussy. She grabbed Stacey’s hair between her thighs.

“Ah, yes, Stace. I want you to fuck me hard, baby!”

Anita’s voice was angelic to her ears. The naughty cries and pleads of her roommate turned her on even more. She asked Anita to lie down on the floor so that the two of them could pleasure each other. Stacey eagerly positioned herself on top of Anita. She spread her long, silky legs and mashed her cunt on Anita’s face.

Stacey moaned and gasped when Anita hungrily ate her cunt. Anita was like a wild dog being fed for the first time. She licked, sucked, and chafed her teeth on Stacey’s fleshy cunt. She loved it so much, especially when Anita worked up her clitoris and massage it with her soft lips.

She wanted Anita to cry aloud and scream. Stacey’s put two fingers inside Anita’s cunt, wiggling them inside and making room for the third one. Anita was juicy and was practically drooling with sex juices. Her pussy lips were rosy red and they seemed very ripe for a good fuck. Stacey pushed a third finger in, moving the inside and expanding further the walls of Anita’s cunt. After a fourth finger was in, Anita’s cunt was already responding. She clenched Stacey’s hand, but her roommate resisted it and shoved her fist inside Anita’s walls.

“Oh! Fuck fuck!”

Anita let go of Stacey’s cunt so that she could cry and beg. Stacey screwed her cunt using the whole of her fist. She turned it around and felt Stacey’s wetness and softness all around her hand. She pushed her knuckles to the depths of Anita’s cunt.

To soften her cries, Anita went back to the job of eating and sucking Stacey’s cunt. But even then, there were suppressed cries and moans on her throat. Stacey’s fist was the largest thing that she had ever had inside her walls. It wasn’t painful, but it was the most pleasurable sensation that she had ever felt. She could feel the bones of her hips react and almost melt to the sensations. Her entire walls were expanded and stretched to accommodate Stacey’s powerful fist.

Stacey was the one to come first. She let out a harsh and loud cry as Anita sucked her clit for the last time. Her face twisted in agony while she felt bolts of electricity flow through her veins. Her orgasm made her shudder, and her fist trembled and throbbed inside Anita’s cunt. Anita’s glory soon followed. Her entire body felt like it was on fire. Her orgasm exploded and shattered her senses numb. All that she could feel was a powerful surge of pleasure ripping her apart.

The two of them collapsed side by side on the floor. They were both breathing hard, and Anita’s pussy felt jelly between her legs. Her body trembled now and then due to the aftershocks of her orgasm. She closed her eyes, deeply, waiting for some sleep to claim her.

After a few minutes, they were breathing normally again. Nothing could be heard in the apartment except from the subtle sounds of the city. Stacey wasn’t moving beside her, causing Anita to feel different and awkward. Her roommate always hugged her and pulled her closer after they fucked.

“Stace? What’s the matter?”

“You have flowers, again.”

Stacy’s voice was dry, like the sound of a tin can. Her eyes were fixed on the table where Anita had put her flowers.

“Ah, yes. Brandon sent a delivery boy, again.”

“Have you told about this to him? Does he know that we are fucking?”

There was an ache in Anita’s heart. “No, I haven’t told it to him.”

“I heard that he is coming home on the next day,” Stacey paused for a second before meeting Anita’s surprised eyes. “He wanted to surprise you, but I’m spoiling all the fun.”

“Holy shit!”

Stacey got up from her positioned and rubbed her face with both palms. For the first time in her life, she was conflicted and didn’t know what to do.

“When did you know about it?” Anita asked.

Stacey hesitated to give her answer. “I met your boyfriend two days ago.”

“No, you didn’t! Why didn’t you tell me, Stacey? How could you?”

“Don’t be a cry-baby about it, sweetie. First, I didn’t intend to meet him. I came across him on the grocery store.”

Anita was shocked, but Stacey had a different reaction. She was almost blushing. Stacey had the eyes of a child who was struggling not to tell an interesting story.

“So? What do you think of him?”

Stacey shifted her position into a more comfortable one. “I think he’s a total slut, Anita. But he is sooo hot.” She said like she was a sixteen-year-old teenager.

Anita leaned over to Stacey. Excitement was bubbling up her chest. “Tell me all about it babe.”

“Are you sure you want to hear it?”

“Fuck yeah, Stacey.”

“Alright. As I’ve told you, we met at the grocery store. The first time he laid eyes on me, Brandon was already attracted. He probably got a boner after looking at my tits. He wanted to hook up, I was definitely sure. But I didn’t recognize him at first. I only recognized him as your boyfriend when he said his name, and his occupation.”

“Did you guys talk about me?”

Stacey nodded. “Yes, we did. And he planned to give you a surprise visit on the coming day.”

“Did you tell him about us?” Anita almost whispered.

“No, I didn’t.” Stacey reassured her. Anita breathed a sigh of relief and brushed her fingers through her hair. Stacey gave her a meaningful look. “But he will know about it, soon. Nobody has to tell him.”

“What the fuck, Stace? What do you mean?”

Stacey got up from the floor and proceeded to the refrigerator. Breakfast was already too late.

“You will know about it, Anita. Just wait a couple of days. And arrange your flower vase, in the meantime.”

The puzzling idea boggled Anita. She could hardly pull herself together at work and at home. Anita tried doing things to make Stacey tell her the entire story, but her roommate barely gave clues. She could feel that something unexpected was going to come up. Luckily, she didn’t have to wait for long. Brandon’s arrival came on the following day.

He was still gorgeous and handsome, looking young and agile for a 27-year-old. Anita couldn’t believe that it had been two years since she last saw her boyfriend. Brandon was a tall, muscular, blonde guy, with strong jaws and a crooked nose. He took Anita into his arms and pulled her up when they finally saw each other. He spun her around the room. From the look in their eyes, it was easy to tell that the couple was deeply in love with each other. Stacey was at one side of the room, awkwardly watching as the love birds kissed and hugged each other.

“Hey love birds, let’s eat the pasta while it’s still hot.” Stacey arranged the plates on the table.

“I’m so glad to see you again, Darling! I thought Stacey was joking when he said that you were coming.” Anita sounded like a squeaky girl.

“Ah, I should’ve guessed it. Stacey had half-messed my surprise arrival.” He said in a baritone. Brandon chuckled with a deep voice. Stacey looked at him with a meaningful gaze while she poured sauce on the pasta.

The three of them spent the dinner time laughing, telling stories, and catching up with one another. Anita’s hand always rested on Brandon’s hand, never letting him go. Stace watched with some jealousy while Anita acted very sweetly towards Brandon.

Their plates were easily emptied. Anita ate like a starving child, and almost as messy as an infant would do.

“Baby, you’ve got some sauce on your mouth.”

Anita leaned over to let Brandon wipe it, but he kissed her instead and licked the sauce from the corner of her mouth. Anita thought that it was sweet, until Brandon claimed her entire mouth in a kiss. She was thrilled by the sensation of his mouth against her. Anita smelled his manly scent, felt the stubbles on his jaws, and she was taken into a realm of sexual euphoria. She made out with Brandon, nearly forgetting the presence of Stacey.

Their lips moved together, bit each other, and sucked each other’s tongues. Anita couldn’t feel too much of Brandon’s mouth. Then she felt his hands move along her sides, squeezing her waist, then moving up to cup her breasts. Anita gasped when Brandon swiftly crawled his fingers through her shirt, tugging and flicking her nipple.

“Oh, Brandon, gosh,” Anita’s face was flush. “Excuse us, Stace.”

“You can ask her to join us, baby.” Brandon whispered on her ears and licked her earlobes. He continued kissing her, quite unaware of Stacey’s presence.

Anita’s eyes rolled in response to the ticklish sensation. Brandon played her breasts while they were still on the dinner table. Between her thighs, Anita’s clitoris throbbed in response to the thrill and sexual excitement.

Stacey stood up from her seat. She slowly walked towards Brandon and Anita. A satisfied smile was painted on her face. She looked at Anita’s face, all rosy and hot from Brandon’s feverish kisses.

“Stace…” Her eyes were full of questions.

“Shhh, just enjoy Anita.”

Stacey pulled up her shirt and exposed her beautiful breasts. They bounced from her chest and she cupped them with both hands. The sight of her naked body aroused Anita, whose heart was already thumping and drumming. Anita’s mind was only filled with sexual thoughts.

“Brandon,” she said in a breathy, trembling voice. “Can we fuck with Stacey?”

“Sure babe,”

Brandon stopped kissing Anita’s neck and looked at Stacey’s naked body. They looked at each other with devilish, hungry gazes. Brandon pulled his hands from Anita’s breast and he stood up from his seat. He approached Stacey. He grabbed her breasts and passionately kissed her open-mouth.

Anita watched intently while her boyfriend’s tongue moved in and out of Stacey’s lips. She didn’t feel jealous, but she was in fact excited and turned on. Her boyfriend cupped and massaged Stacey large boobs. They were like jelly mounds on her roommates chest. Anita imagined herself doing the same thing a few days ago. She didn’t realize how hot Stacey looked when being touched like that.

She decided to join in the fun. After pulling down her pants, Anita went behind Brandon and reached over to unzip his fly and unbutton his pants. Her arms grabbed his clothing and bared his muscular legs. Brandon’s impressive erection flew out from his briefs. The head of his cock was moist with precum and definitely ready to fuck. He was a solid man with a nine-inch penis. Anita could hardly wait to see her boyfriend go in and out of Stacey. Anita reached behind Stacey and pulled off her skirt.

Anita touched Brandon’s shoulder and pulled him to her. Automatically, their lips locked into a hungry kiss. Stacey’s mouth freely let go of his lips and tended to something else. She cupped Anita’s butt cheeks, and on the other hand she massaged up and down Brandon’s length.

Brandon and Anita sat side by side, occupying the couch. Stacey knelt in front of them. While Brandon kissed Anita, he played with breasts and squeezed them. Anita’s pink nipples rolled between her boyfriend’s playful fingers. Meanwhile, she spread her legs so that Stacey could touch her pussy. Stacey put two of her fingers inside Anita’s hole. She slid them in and out of Anita’s wet and juicy cunt.

Stacey wanted to pleasure the couple at the same time. So, while she fingered Anita, she sucked Brandon’s dick and shoved it down her throat. He made a harsh moan after feeling her wet and tights lips wrap around his cock. Brandon’s fingers and hands pinched and squeezed Anita’s breasts even tighter. Stacey’s mouth was warm, soft, and velvety. She also had a mischievous tongue that played with the head of his cock while she sucked it.

Anita opened her eyes and saw everything. While Brandon kissed her and massaged her tits, Stacey’s mouth was also all over his cock. Anita muttered a curse while she watched Stacey’s cheeks, full and puffed because of Brandon’s cock. She could also feel Stacey between her legs. Anita could hardly believe that Stacey was capable of pleasuring two people at the same time. Stacey’s fingers moved faster and deeper, synchronized with the way she moved her head up and down the length of Brandon’s shaft. Anita’s cunt reacted to the dirtiness of Stacey’s situation. After a last wriggle and pounding from her fingers, Anita exploded and felt a surge of waves wash over her body.

She squealed sharply and her body trembled. For a few seconds, Anita was up in the sky and she was sailing on a cloud 9. Her cunt splashed with a surge of thick juices, accompanying her orgasm. After recovering, she moved from her position and joined Stacey. Anita touched Stacey’s breasts.

“I wanna eat you up, baby.” Anita whispered, pressing Stacey’s nipples between her fingers. Stacey moaned in pleasure, excited at the prospect of getting her pussy eaten again. She shifted her position and spread her legs. Brandon also moved, too, so that Stacey could still suck his dick.

On the floor, Anita bent like a dog and ate Stacey’s pussy. She held her legs and massaged the inside of her thighs. She licked and ate Stacey’s cunt, which oozed with salty and sweet juices. Anita licked her lips after getting a long suck of Stacey’s juices. Brandon delightfully watched her while she was on all-fours, licking and sucking Stacey’s clitoris.

“Yeah, Anita. Lick your friend and be a good pet…”

She exposed her tongue to Brandon and looked up at him. Anita used her fingers to spread Stacey’s folds and suck up her clit. Brandon licked his lips in approval. Stacy suppressed a moan inside her throat. It was clear that she was getting near to her own explosion.

“Make Stacey cum, baby. I want your friend to orgasm while she’s sucking my dick.” Brandon grabbed Stacey’s hair and pushed her deeper onto his shaft.

Anita nodded at her boyfriend. She inserted her thumbs and index fingers inside Stacey’s cunt. Stacey cried out again after her pussy was filled and fucked by four fingers, which were aimed to make her orgasm aloud. Anita resumed to her pussy-eating. She licked Stacey’s cunt even harder, and she sucked her clit again after moving four of her fingers inside Stacey.

Stacey was lost in a sea of pleasure and desire. She felt like her hips were going to melt and explode after Anita’s oral service to her. Stacey could hardly feel Brandon’s hand grasp her hair and shove his duck further to her throat. But Stacey was going to come. She could feel the pleasure bubble up and explode. Anita pushed her fingers deeper, and her tongue sucked harder. Stacey was getting lost, soaked, and absorbed by the waves. Her body relented and she screamed aloud while Brandon’s cock was on her mouth.

Her body shattered into fragments and pieces. Stacey panted and choked on Brandon’s dick. Her toes curled and her legs tensed. Her skin was filled with a thin layer of sweat, but her cunt was a well of thick, overflowing juices. Anita happily rubbed her mouth on Stacey’s cunt once more.

“Now, baby, I’ll fuck this bitch while she eats you up. Okay?”

Brandon stood up from the couch. His cock was dripping with Stacey’s saliva, and it was still very hard with throbbing veins. Stacey was back to her senses after a mind-shattering orgasm, but her body was still rippling with sweet aftershocks.

Anita sat on the floor and spread her legs. She smiled at Stacey, who approached her with a devilish, satisfied smile on her lips.

“That was a great fuck, my sweet Anita.”

Stacey gave her roommate a brief kiss on the mouth before she went down on Anita’s pussy. She licked Anita’s cunt and proceeded to insert her tongue inside the slit of Anita’s pussy. As she did so, Stacey went down on her knees and raised her ass up in the air. She felt Brandon’s strong hands grab and squeeze her butt. Between her pussy lips, Brandon positioned his cock and slit inside her with one, swift thrust.

Brandon moaned as he felt Stacey’s warm and soft walls. Her mouth was a heavenly comfort around his cock, but the woman’s cunt was a more blissful delight. At first, he moved slow, letting Stacey feel the length of his member. He gave her shallow thrusts first. Stacey moaned and gasped as she felt Anita’s boyfriend behind her, screwing her slowly and sweetly.

“Come on, Brandon,” Anita called to him. “I want to watch Stacey being pounded in the ass.”

“As you wish, my baby. Here we go now…”

He grabbed both of her butt cheeks for support. What followed was a series of quick and hard thrusts from Brandon’s cock. He didn’t stop, like a hurricane smashing itself on Stacey’s body. Stacey cried like a tortured animal, feeling him go deep inside her, pounding her flesh. The sounds of Brandon’s cock beating and hammering Stacey’s pussy echoed throughout the room. It was filled with juices and sweaty skin slapping against skin. Stacey’s mouth pounded against Anita’s cunt because of the pressure on her body. Anita loved the feeling on her cunt. Stacey’s teeth, tongue, and chin pressed against her clitoris. She looked up at Brandon, who was biting his lips and leaning his head back in enjoyment.

The waves and shudders of pleasure grew stronger inside Anita. Her filthy mind was provoked by watching her boyfriend savagely fuck her beloved roommate. Stacey cried like a helpless child being tortured sweetly. Anita could hardly control the entertainment and the pleasure that she was getting. She closed her eyes deeply, and her mouth opened to release a scream from the throbbing in her vagina.

Her body twisted and quivered with relentless pleasure. Anita fell on the floor while the surges of orgasm claimed her. Her legs were still spread, letting the juices drip and flow freely from her cunt. Her chest heaved up and down to her heavy breath. She suddenly heard the fucking noises stop, and her boyfriend approached her.

“It’s now time to get you fucked baby. Here comes your cock,”

Brandon grabbed her legs and pulled her body closer to him. Anita moved across the floor, where her hair was spread like a rug. She could see his movements from her half-opened eyes. Brandon reached his cock between their bodies and positioned his head to the slit of her cunt. He brushed the head of penis around the folds of her pussy first. Then, He pushed inside her, causing Anita to feel a thousand volts of electricity surge to her body. She made a breathless gasp. Her two previous orgasms had left her body extremely sensitive to pleasure. Every movement and push that Brandon made was almost enough to bring her to another orgasm.

“Yeah, yeah, babe. I missed your cunt, Anita. Oh, oh!”

Brandon pounded her. His cock was deep inside her, and Amelia could feel his power in every inch of her walls. The width of his orgasm caused her hole to stretch and clench him tight. Her body completely surrendered to him, and her breasts bounced up and down her body. Anita closed her eyes, savoring the feeling of his cock inside her. She wanted him to rip her apart and fuck her body until she couldn’t take it anymore. Beside her, she felt Stacey move and lean closer. Stacey kissed her mouth and shoved her tongue between her lips. Anita caught a whiff of Stacey’s sweet-smelling skin, filled with sweat and the smell of cum. She loved it. There was nothing better in the world than having her beloved girlfriend on her mouth, and her boyfriend’s powerful cock between her legs.

Anita’s body shuddered with the delicate but sharp feeling of sexual pleasures. Brandon began to cry aloud and make harsh groans like a beast. Anita knew that he was coming close, and she wanted to come with him. Stacey filled her mouth with sweet saliva. Anita grabbed Stacey’s breast to release her tension. It was now flowing to the brim. Her orgasm was getting closer, taking her, elevating her…

“Oh, baby! Oh! Fuuuuuuck!”

Anita moaned and cried to the delirium of her climax. Inside her walls, Brandon’s cock exploded and pumped semen inside her. His thick cum was a gush of heat. She felt the warmth of his fluids spread all over her body, which was now limp and yielding. Anita was barely conscious of anything. She could only feel the waves of pleasures continuously hitting her body. Stacey was beside her, stroking her hair and calming her. Everything felt perfect, everything was great. Brandon was still hard inside her, and Anita could feel another round of thrusts claim and tear her body…

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  1. My best lesbian was also my first, being the huge dork that I am I did a lot of research on what to do but to nervous to put it into practice. Whelp on my first visit to see my LDR, I confessed I was a virgin and she thought it was cute and didn’t pressure me the first night.

    In the morning, she looked so amazing laying there I couldn’t help myself but to wake her up with kisses. Which then led to a 7 hr session with a few Gatorade breaks thrown in there. Never thought marching band skills would help my sex life

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