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Literotica: Three in the Corner

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Samara is a sexy woman who is proud of her body and her wild attitude. While dressing up for work, she and her only friend, Marcella, talk about their sex lives. Things get steamy between them, and an innocent, surprised, and sexually-aroused Julio joins them in the dressing room.

It was a Monday morning. From the apartment to my workplace, I rode a pink scooter. Some of my neighbors were already up at seven in the morning, and they would see the lovely sight of my body, speeding across the highway. My neighbors’ heads, especially men, would turn to the sight of me as I passed. They would stare at my half-nakedness so early in the morning. I wore a pair of skimpy shorts that are just as small as my panties. Beneath them was a red thong, with the tiny straps exposed on my lower back. I wore a small blouse with a plunging neckline, exposing the mounds of my fleshy breasts.

In my town, it was rare to have a perfect 37-25-37 curve. I have a Latina heritage, so my body is always bikini-ready. I was always meant to go skinny-dipping in the beaches. I have a long dark hair, which flowed with tiny waves down to my waist. I have a naturally tanned complexion, complimenting the sexy and exotic look of my face. I inherited my mother’s dark eyes, thick lashes, and a pair of pouty lips.

I had quite an attitude, you see, and I’d be upfront and tell you that I was allergic to ugly people. I want people who were beautiful and fit. How difficult was that to attain? People should work out, boost their self-confidence and enhance hat they already got. Most of the time, that was the secret of beauty.

The only person that I could talk to at work was Marcella Rodriguez. She was a full-fledged vegetarian. Like me, she had a gorgeous, fit, and sexy body. Marcella was an American brunette, a milder version of my beauty. She was a humble, down-to-earth person, who didn’t know how to put on makeup before I met her. I was the one who told her how to choose the right shades for her eyes and lips. We were store clerks, and we needed to look groomed up for the customers.

“Good morning, Samara.”

She greeted me. She was the only one who did that, anyway. Most of my workmates were grumpy, thinking that I was a snobby young woman.

“Hey Marcella,” I smiled at her. I noticed that her eyes were practically glued to the small, tight skirt, which I wore to embrace my fertile hips. This morning, I felt like exposing my panties to the public as I rode my scooter, so this had been my choice for clothes.

“The guards let me in after I gave them a blow job.”

I said in a moderate voice. Some of the other workers in the dressing room turned to my direction, but I didn’t care. Why should I care about these hypocrites? I could tell from their faces that they go home and blow their husbands or eat the shit out of their wives’ pussies. Why be embarrassed about it? It was just sex anyway, such a normal thing.

Marcella remained causal, knowing that I was just kidding. Before, she used to turn blush and get embarrassed whenever I joked about sex. For all I could remember, she was a virgin when we met two years ago. Right now, we’re both 24 years of age. I’m about to celebrate my 25th next week.

“Speaking of blow jobs,” she said in a lower voice, “I just gave Luis a deep-throat blow job last night.” She giggled.

I raised a brow and slightly parted my lips. Marcella coyly smiled like a conservative, modest woman.

“No way!” I exclaimed in surprise. For the sake of her privacy, I said in a hushed tone, almost a whisper. “Did you swallow?”

My friend gave me the simplest, most courteous nod that I’d ever seen.

“Yeah, I swallowed him up. He’s been drinking pineapple juice for three days, just to make it sweeter for me. But I kinda choked on his dick, especially when it was throbbing, pumping cum down my throat. Luis said that the sight of my gagging face was freaking sexy.”

I looked at her with genuine happiness, like that of a proud mother. My face curled into a mask of appreciation and tenderness.

“I’m so glad that you have Luis. That guy is one piece of yummy meat.”

I proceeded to open my locker and take my uniform.

“Uhm, we’re not yet official, for your information.”

“Oh, so you’re like, in the getting-to-know-his-cock stage yet?”

Marcella made a low chuckle. “Yeah, kinda. We’re seeing the chemistry between us. Anyway, how are you with Thomas?”

I was dressing in a corner, replacing my skimpy skirts with the longer ones for work. Work-friendly size of skirts, that’s what I called them.

“Which Thomas? I’m fucking two Thomas’s right now.”

Marcella didn’t look surprised. “The one you met at the gym. Dark hair, curly locks.”

“Oh, yeah. I remember. Well, he started fucking the gym manager. He’s now considering to dump me for her.”

“That’s weird. You always told me that he was kinky. Didn’t he offer a threesome with you, instead?”

I eyed Marcella meaningfully, feeling satisfied about her sexual growth. My friend’s slutty juices and whorish thoughts were being activated. I could be a successful sex guru, after all.

“He said he’d love to, but the manager is a possessive woman in bed.”

Marcella leaned on the lockers. She frowned. “That’s a shame. I thought threesomes were every woman’s fantasy.”

“Oh, did you think so?”

My meaningful gaze lingered at Marcella’s face. My eyes were naturally sexy and seductive. So, when I intended to make them sexier and more provocative, they sometimes get too much to bear.

Marcella chuckled. Her eyes became glassy and her cheeks were extra rosy. She got my message.

“Hey, I am entitled to some fantasies, you now.”

“Like threesomes? Two wet cunts and one hot cock? Fucking in a tight space where no one could hear you scream?”

Our workmates had left the dressing room, leaving both of me and Marcella in complete privacy. I could speak as dirty as I wanted.

With a seductive face and a half-buttoned shirt, I walked towards Marcella. She was hot, flush, and probably fuck-ready all at the same time. Maybe she was in the mood for some sexy play. My friend could really look hot if she intended to. She had the face of an angel, with a pair of grey eyes which were as innocent as a child’s. She had a mouth that was so small, you could hardly imagine that she spoke dirty words, too.

But it wasn’t the truth about Marcella. She was hiding a slut beneath her creamy-colored skin.

“I can bring your fantasies to life, Marcella. Would you like me to?” I ran my fingers through her silky hair, going down to her neck, then finally tracing her shoulder bone.

She bit her lips after licking it. Hey eyes were filled with the hunger for sex. God, I was getting wet at the sight of her. I saw her press her thighs and massage her hidden clit between them.

“If you’re willing to do so, Samara, let’s go ahead and fuck. Though sometimes, you have standards that are too high.”

“Alright,” I rolled my eyes at her. “Who do you want us to fuck, anyway? Do you want us with Luis?”

Marcella shook her head. There was a naughty smile on her lips. She came closer to me and whispered a certain name.

“What the hell, Marcella?” My eyes widened in disbelief. Julio was our cleaning service guy.

“He’s a hot candidate,” she quickly responded, defensively. “He’s got muscular arms, and I do believe that he doesn’t smell because he’s not a mopper. We can easily catch him alone in the dressing room, when he’s emptying the garbage bins.”

Marcella eagerly held my hand. “Let’s quit work today, Sam. For all I know, Julio will be here in minutes. He’s going to empty and check the garbage bins. If we’re doing this, let’s do it now, Sam.”

I was going to protest, but Marcella locked me in a kiss. She meant to silence me up, but her lips made me feel hot and wild. Her tongue probed inside my mouth. The softness and the sweet taste of her mouth were surprisingly erotic.

I responded to her passion by shoving my tongue inside her mouth. I sucked her naughty tongue. Our saliva mixed together, and I felt the fire burning inside of me.

She was the first to grab me. Marcella cupped my large ass. My perky butt cheeks were bit too large to fit her hand, so she struggled to squeeze me and claim my tight flesh in her touch. Her impatient fingers hitched up my skirt and reached for my panties. I felt the straps of my thong come down. Marcella put her hands between my thighs and touched my pussy.

I was already wet. She jabbed a couple of fingers inside me. Marcella rubbed my clitoris using her palm and wrist. I moaned like a high school virgin, getting finger-fucked for the first time.

I wanted to feel her, too. I hurriedly unbuttoned her uniform so that I could access her boobs. As soon as I unhooked her bra, I moved my eager hands to her mounds and squeezed her tight. Marcella gasped. My slender hands grabbed her breasts as if I was going to milk her. They fit right in my hands.

When I could hold it no longer, I leaned down and put my lips around her tits. I sucked her nipples. Marcella moaned, and I licked her entire breasts. She was soft but firm, and I loved to see her breasts bounce off her chests. I slapped them.

Three in the Corner - Hot Sensual Bangs Erotica

I looked at Marcella’s face once more. I wanted to be reminded of how she looked like while she was all hot and worked up. But instead of seeing her eyes closed and her lips parted and drooling, Marcella was looking at the door of the dressing room. She licked her fingers and stuck her tongue out, like a pole dancer inviting some customers. I was confused at what she was doing at first, so I followed her gaze.

By the doorway, I saw the dark-skinned janitor looking at us with plain shock on his face. His lips were slightly parted, and through his brown uniform, I could see a large bulge beneath his pants. Damn, he was large! It was like he had stuck an entire twelve-inch ruler inside his briefs. There was nothing handsome about Julio, and his body was definitely average. He didn’t work out, and I didn’t expect to see sexy abs and a firm ass behind him. However the package inside his pants – damn, it was something that I didn’t see coming!

“Join us, Julio,” Marcella invited him.

His face was a mix of confusion and guilt, but the bulge inside his pants was definitely sure about what it wanted to do. Marcella rubbed one of my sexy butt cheeks, and then she slapped it hard. I smiled at Julio and exposed my sexy eyes, and I showed him my tongue as I licked Marcella’s nipple. In response, Marcella gave a sexy moan and rolled her head back. Julio’s fingers were already trembling, tempted to unzip his pants and release his serpent.

I swore to myself that I wouldn’t let him out of this room, without fucking me and Marcella first. I moved my tongue further south, licking Marcella’s navel and belly while I pulled down her skirt. Marcella’s nakedness revealed a sexy pair of stockings. This was just perfect. Her pussy was clean shaven, and I could see the swelling of her clitoris inside her pink folds.

She parted her legs so that I could position my face between her thighs. I licked her up while I knelt between her legs. Marcella leaned back on the lockers, and her mouth consistently let our harsh moans and pleased gasps. I did my job well, licking the slit of her pussy and sticking my tongue inside her vagina. I caressed the inside of her thighs.

The door knob turned and locked. Damn, I never thought Julio would have the brains to remember it. I kept on licking Marcella, focusing on the wetness of her cunt against my mouth. She tasted sweet, and I sucked the juices coming from her pussy and I swallowed it.

“Would you tell my manager if…if I ever fuck both of you?”

Julio’s voice was trembling. If my mouth wasn’t busy with Marcella’s pussy, I could’ve laughed at him.

“No, Julio. The three of us would just have fun. Would you join us?”

He probably nodded stupidly, because I didn’t hear him say a word.

Marcella ordered him. “Why don’t you pull down those pants, Julio? We want to see your cock.”

I heard the unzipping of his fly. My curiosity took over, and I parted my mouth from Marcella’s pussy. She didn’t protest, anyway. My eyes widened at the sight of Julio’s eleven-inch cock, hard like a branch of wood from his hips. His balls were large too, almost like two pairs of tennis balls.

“Holy shit,” I mumbled. Between my thighs, my clitoris responded and throbbed to the exciting look of his cock. Julio began to move his hands up and down the length of his massive cock. The tip of it was pink, smooth, and dripping with precum.

“Let’s give him a blow job, Sammy. Would you like that, Julio? Do you want us to lick you and suck you up?”

“Blowjob is amazing,” Julio said silently.

After Marcella and I exchanged slutty glances, I crawled on the floor and reached Julio’s cock. He leaned on the wall for support. This guy probably knew that his knees would become jelly as we suck him. Well, he was right about what he expected.

Marcella and I sat across each other. Julio’s large cock was between our faces. Marcella licked the tip of his cock and put it in her mouth, while I was left with his long shaft and with the base of his penis.

I spread my saliva over the length of his hard shaft. My gentle hands lightly squeezed his balls, causing Julio to beg and moan in tormenting pleasure.

I looked at Marcella’s face, and I saw that her cheeks were filled and bulging with Julio’s penis.

I moved beside her. I wanted to pleasure Marcella while she performed a blow job. I reached both of her breasts while she sucked Julio’s cock. I rolled and played her nipples between my fingers. I heard her suppressed gasps and moans inside her throat. I leaned forwarded asked her if I could share Julio’s cock, and Marcella happily gave it to me.

It was my turn to get touched while I sucked his hard dick. Marcella told me to bring my ass up, so that she could finger my wet vagina. In a few seconds, I was getting screwed in my mouth and in my cunt. Damn, it was heaven. Marcella slapped my ass while she wriggled her fingers inside me. She moved inside me like she was going to rip my walls and make me bleed.

But instead of pain, I felt a surge of pleasure tear me apart and blow my mind. My hips exploded with a great pulse of pleasure that flowed through my veins. It felt like I was struck with lightning, and my lips loosened around Julio’s cock so I could shout to my orgasm.

My knees were weak, but I managed to stand up from my position. I turned to Marcella and we kissed each other once again. She was now fully naked, and I happily put my fingers inside her pussy, returning the pleasure.

“I gotta get screwed, baby.” Marcella said before giving me a last kiss. She walked towards Julio, who was now sweaty and feverishly hot. She bent down and claimed his hard cock inside her mouth. Julio bit his lips and closed his eyes, savoring the feeling of Marcella’s warm mouth around his member.

She stopped several seconds later. Julio opened his eyes and looked at her, begging her to continue fucking him with her mouth. Marcella spit on her hand and reached behind her. I saw her fingers penetrate her asshole and loosen it up, preparing for the entry of Julio’s thick cock.

Marcella positioned herself against Julio’s body. He willingly grabbed her breasts to bring her closer to him. Marcella reached Julio’s cock behind her, and I watched her agonized face as she tried to fit his cock into her tight asshole. Julio was pleased with Marcella’s body, and he passionately kissed her shoulder and squeezed both of her breasts.

They started to move. Julio’s cock made its way inside Marcella’s asshole. For the first few seconds, Marcella’s face was a mask of agony. But later on, after a few pumps, she was gasping and moaning in delight and pleasure.

I wanted to give Marcella some pleasure, in the pussy. I crawled and licked her fussy, while Julio screwed her asshole. Marcella cried out in pleasure, like she was being tortured to death. The pleasure must be overwhelming for her, but to me it was merely exciting. I started fingering and pleasuring myself too. I inserted three fingers in, and I imagined that it was Julio’s cock punishing my naughty cunt. Marcella screamed and screamed to a nearing orgasm, and Julio consistently pounded her tight ass.

“Oww! Fuck me!”

Marcella and I came together at the same time. I released my gasp and pulled my lips from her vagina. I kept my eyes open for Marcella and I watched her reaction. Her skin was sweaty and her eyes looked drunk.

Julio held her body and parted his cock from her asshole. She made one last cry as his cock slid out of her. Marcella whimpered and grunted, almost falling on the floor beside me. I asked her if she was alright, and Marcella gave me a tired smile.

“That was the best fuck that I ever had.”

“I want to fuck both of you now,” Julio said boldly. He held his fully-erect cock inside his palm, and it was coiled with bulging veins that were alive and definitely ready for more.

Marcella raised her ass up in the air. I was also on fours. She looked tired, but I could tell that her body was still thirsty for fucking and screwing.

I was the one who got hit by Julio’s cock first. He shoved inside me firmly and quickly, giving me no time to adjust to the size of his cock. I screamed. His cock felt like it was going to tear my tight walls. There was very little pain at first, but as he savagely fucked me and hit my spots, I was tranquilized and washed over by a splash of pleasure.

After several pumps, his cock was replaced by a set of fingers. It was Marcella’s turn to squeal like a pig while he claimed her pussy. She cried like she was getting beaten, but I was sure that this was all out of pleasure. Julio banged her and fucked her like Marcella was some sex machine. Beside me, Marcella trembled and nearly lost her balance. Her cries of pleasure echoed throughout the room. And before I was ready, Julio’s cock was inside me again, pounding my flesh and pushing my body with his thrusts, until I almost lost my balance.

Each thrust from his muscular cock brought me a step closer to my orgasm.

My cunt clenched him excitedly, never wanting to let go. He was large, so the friction between his cock and my pussy gave me sharper sensations. I screamed and I squealed, and I came unexpectedly when he pounded me deeply. I was fucked out of my senses, almost losing my consciousness of time.

After a number of orgasms that I couldn’t count, Julio moved in front of us and he chose to fuck my mouth again. He grabbed hair and shoved his dick into my throat. I gagged and I choked. Before I ran out of sufficient air, he screamed in pleasure and pullled away to squirt his cum all over Marcella’s face and mine. It happened so fast, but in my memory, it was a lingering pleasure.

The last thing that we could remember was the sensation of his thick cum dripping from our faces. Marcella and I collapsed on the floor, panting, embracing ourselves as we trembled. Our skins were loll sweaty and damp. We closed our eyes and we breathed together, half-awake. There was no telling what could happen next. Right now, we just needed to breathe.

We heard the door close and the lights turn off. Nothing could be heard inside the dressing room except our rugged breaths. I pulled Marcella close to me, despite my tired arms. Then, I heard her say, “This was the best fantasy of my life. Thanks for fulfilling it, Sam.”

“You should also thank Julio’s cock.” I laughed despite my fatigue, and then I kissed her lips. I knew that we would share more adventures in the coming days.

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  1. This was a good story, which hummed along at a nice pace. My wife and I both enjoyed it because we have had similar experiences. My wife´s first time with another man, since our getting married, was with a male massage therapist when we were on vacation.

    She enjoyed it so much that, when we returned home, we continued to find therapists who provided her with this level of service. The massages were a pressure free way for her to ease into to the hot wife life-style. Pretty soon we decided she should just “start dating” again and we could save money on the massage costs.

    That was five years ago and she had spread her legs for many other men since then. Basically, her sex life is like that of a single woman, she fucks whoever she wants, whenever she wants. Sometimes, they are “one offs” and other times they are relationships that last some months.

    She enjoys the security of being happily married, but, really enjoys the extramarital sex. She highly recommends this life style to other wives!

  2. Without a doubt, this story reminds me what it would be like to be doing threesomes with my first wife and her identical twin sister. What a rush that was. My mind still wanders to those amazingly erotic experiences. Nothing since has ever come anywhere close to those sexually intense episodes!

  3. Awesome post. With Valentines day only around the corner, I am doing some shopping to find an ideal Valentines gift for myself and my other half.

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