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Chapter 5: Sex Diary of a Desperate Housewife

This is a continuation in our most popular series, the Sex Diary of a Desperate Housewife.

In this chapter, I reminisce about the day when my conversations with H were blissful, and of course a tryst at a school I once worked at.

It was almost a year ago to the day that I sat in this same booth overlooking the river and the city waiting for his arrival.  

I remembered which beer he liked and ordered it along with my drink.  Memories of last year flooded back quickly and how nervous I was then to finally meet the man I’d been talking to and texting for several weeks.   

Our conversations were fun, meaningful and had just crossed over to flirty before our first date.  The excitement to meet each other grew because I had to postpone our first date a few times.

Unfortunately, the chaos that was my life a year ago made it difficult for me to get away.  When I finally did, we had a great time, had a couple more fun dates, but not as much as he would have liked.  He wanted to spend more time together and he began to grow impatient.  It ultimately became the end of “us” last year.

His life moved forward and so did mine.  

I witnessed his new relationship unfold and evolve on Facebook last year.  

I felt some moments of sadness and regret seeing his life move forward with a cute divorcee.  As the months went on, my life improved drastically and I had a summer for the record books, happy and free.  

I was caught up in a summer romance with a younger man I met and had a goofy grin planted on my face through most of the heat of the season.    

My heart was light and I let go of any “what if’s” I accumulated.

He and I had remained distant friends, and I was saddened to receive his call just before the holidays that his relationship had ended abruptly.   

The woman he dated had a mean streak that she had kept under the surface and she lashed out at him, breaking his heart.  

I was genuinely saddened for him and shocked that things ended so badly for them.

Tonight, as I sipped on my drink and waited for him, I wondered how this evening would go, would he try to rekindle our feelings or was I playing the part of compassionate friend?  

I didn’t know what to expect but I did know I was excited to see him again.   

We had a comfort and could be ourselves with each other from the moment we met and I looked forward to catching up with him.   

I kept my expectations realistic and was just happy to catch up with him.

He found me and greeted me like he always did, he said “hello pretty lady” as he swept his arms around me tightly.  He held me close, planted a kiss on my cheek and smiled knowingly at the cold Heineken waiting for him.   

As he began to speak, there was a sadness in his dark eyes and he reached across the table holding my hands while fighting back tears.   

He asked about my children, new job and we caught up on the past year.   

My questions to him were careful, and he began to share his heartbreak with me. He went on to tell me about how his happiness suddenly unraveled and also how the relationship with his children had eroded beyond repair.

He choked back tears as he spoke but the sadness was obvious in his eyes.  

His hands gripped mine tightly as he confided in me that although he hadn’t made his final decision yet, he was probably moving back to his home country to be near his family.   

I listened objectively and tried to persuade him to heal the broken relationship with his children.   Now, I was the one fighting back tears because this reminded me of my distant relationship with my father.   

I pleaded with him to stay here and mend this brokenness.

I was honest and spoke candidly about his situation.  

We both enjoyed the conversation although it was a difficult one, we could be authentic with each other.  The comfort that we felt was obvious and talking with him felt familiar and safe.   As the evening slipped away, we paid our check and left the restaurant.   

The evening’s winter chill jolted us as we stepped outside and as if on cue, snowflakes began to lightly fall from the sky.   The trees were lit with white twinkly lights and the flakes of snow seemed to dance in the air as they fell.   He slipped his hand in mine as he guided me safely to my car.  


Once we found my car we lingered over our goodbyes.   

I told him that I would miss him and that I hoped he found happiness.  Our eyes met as he grabbed my face and pulled it towards his own as his mouth found mine.   

As our kiss ended, my tears began to fall softly down my cheeks.  My face was dotted with melting snowflakes and tears as I struggled to find the right words to encourage him to do whatever he felt was right.   

He wiped away my tears and felt guilty for being the reason for them.  His arms held me tighter as I buried my face into his chest and vowed to myself to not cry anymore in front of him.   

He planted a tender kiss on my forehead as I searched my pocket for my keys.

I left with a wave and a promise to let him know I made it home safely.  I chose a long route home to see more of the river and to think.   

Inside the privacy of my car and the darkness, I started to cry again.   Crying and driving in silence, fortunately somehow my car seemed to navigate itself through downtown.    

As I crossed the bridge, I couldn’t help but think about how things could have been different and how unfair it all was.   

I was sure that this man and I would have loved each other if we’d had the chance.  The timing of everything seemed so cruel, so unfair and although I tried, I couldn’t help but feel bitter about it.  

Everything was so different a year ago and although we both had feelings for each other, we’d never know what could have been.  This heartbreak changed him and I know it will be a long time before he can be vulnerable again.

Like the time that passed, he was slipping through my fingers and there wasn’t a damned thing I can do about it.   Finding love can sometimes be like catching lightning in a bottle, you can have every possible variable in place, yet if the timing is off, it’s impossible to capture it.  

It’s just past the tips of your fingers – no matter how far you stretch to reach for it.   Love can be as fragile and precious as a perfect snowflake but no matter how much you ache for its beauty to last, it just can’t.

Sex Diary of a Lonely Housewife - Chapter 5

= = =

A young college teacher has to face young, perverted students who are only starting their sexual lives, there’s no way for a young teacher to escape their advancements…

This happened when I worked as English Literature teacher in college. I taught classes for freshmen and sophomores. It was intermediate course and it included watching the classics. For that course there was a specially equipped hall with armchairs placed in the shape of amphitheatre.

On the very top there was a pretty old projector. The movies were played during the day and lunch hours for those who couldn’t make it to a movie because of another class.

Also for the detention students who were doing bad in classes I suggested it would be a good way to spend their detention time with some use.

Back then I just graduated from my masters in Social Science and turned 23.

My private life, to be honest, sucked! Though a lot of guys from my university found me attractive, there were like four or five of them, they were more into my girlfriends, who were more accessible. I had some experience in sex but it was just this one guy I dated in highschool.

Then few relationships that lasted for few weeks the most. Usually it all happened at the parties, where everyone is drunk and guys, really buzzed guys are more capable to want sex, but not good at performing. You know what I’m talking about.

So, before that accident I didn’t have anyone for about three months. Females need to get it out, you know. There are plenty of ways. And I wasn’t a teenage girl anymore, I was 23! So I started changing and it even surprised my own self. I started going crazy for short shorts and skirts, tight dresses, blouses and tops with deep cleavage.

The looks I got from men in metro or in the bus didn’t annoy me at all. In fact, they turned me on.

And what’s more, the fact that I knew my students were checking me out as well, disturbed me most of all. I would notice guys staring at my cleavage, my legs underneath the table. They would even look down and wouldn’t hide the fact they were checking me out.

I would get embarrassed but it would only turn me on more and more each day. I would even unbutton more buttons on my shirts and wouldn’t wear a bra sometimes.

The day that I remembered most of all in my teaching career I was wearing a white shirt that I unbuttoned quiet low. It was May and it got pretty hot in the class. On the button I was wearing a skirt that made my beautiful wide hips outstand for all. I wasn’t wearing nor a bra, nor stockings. That day the movie hall was full.

Most of the students were sitting in the front rows. Only two bad guys from detention sat on the same row as me. The movie began and I’ve seen it millions of times. So I simply started day-dreaming about the prince-charming.

Though at the same time I was thinking about the student who was answering the question during exam… The moment I bent down on the table he looked at my tits so boldly and it seemed like he saw the whole tit.

That thought made my face red, but I knew in the dark hall no one would see it. Just as well as no one would see that my nipples started getting harder from my immodest thoughts. And right that moment I heard someone whispering on my left ear:

“Miss Rouget, can I take a leave? I need to use the bathroom.”

It was one of the detention students and he wanted to pass through me because I was on his way to the door.

“Yes, sure.” – I answered and felt him trying to push his way between me and the chairs. I was so sure there was plenty of space for him to walk through but instead he pushed himself against me. His hips were rubbed against my bum and then he push his hand on my hip.

“Oops, mam. Sorry.” He said that and escaped the movie hall within a few seconds. In like five minutes he came back. And this time he pushed against me a bit harder and put both of his hands on my hips.

“Sorry, I almost fell.” The bold guy was talking absolute lie and I felt him slightly squeezing my hips. While I was thinking what to tell him he has already returned back to his seat. I got the strange feeling.

I felt I had to do something about it. That young bold guy needed a serious conversation on how to behave with ladies. But you know, on the other hand some languor overtook my body… my body which was longing for caresses.

“May I?” I heard a whisper. Before I answered I felt his hands on my hips. “Are you uncomfortable?” he whispered even more quietly.

“No, its ok, go ahead.” I whispered I don’t know why. Right that moment he squeezed me against the desk with projector. This teenager’s hands stayed at my hips and I felt something really hard pressing against my bum.

“What are you doing?” I yelled at him.

“I wanted to see how this thing works, the projector… and you said it was okay.” He said that without a slight excuse, he took his hand away and put it on the projector.

“This button right here… what is it for?” and he squeezed himself tighter against my bum. His left elbow touched my chest and I could feel his hard stud even through my skirt and his pants.

“This… this button shows how much film is left to play. Green means there is more film, red means the film is about to finish.

“How much is left now?”

“Like 25 minutes” and I felt him swinging back and force… and his hand touched my tit.

“That means we got enough time?”

I could tell what his ironic phrase meant but I couldn’t resist him any longer. My nipples got hard under the influence of his fingers. My body betrayed my consciousness and liked what he was doing to it.

“Don’t… please don’t” I whispered and felt I couldn’t resist my desires. My student’s hand got underneath my skirt and touched my bear leg while his second hand squeezed my tits and my hard nipples.

I tried to think about the fact that it was wrong and we could get caught. I even tried to escape. But what could I do? Nothing! I don’t know why but I even got the stupid funny thought that the only way to stop the guy was to turn on the light.

And I decided to stop on the thought that I wanted it to finish soon and no one to find out. And surely I wanted to be pleased. It’s been such a long time since I had it. And there I felt him pulling up my skirt. It was a tight skirt and it took him some effort to pull it all the way up.

But he had no problems with my panties. I helped him out. My shirt was already unbuttoned by that time and my hard nipples almost flashed in the dark.

“Do you like it?” said the guy and stuck his hand between my legs. I closed my eyes and bit my lip to keep myself from moaning. God, it was wet!

“Ms Rouget, you are so wet, like you’re some horny girl!” and he stuck his finger inside my vagina.

“Mmmm…” that was the only thing I could pronounce. I started massaging my tits.

“Ms Rouget, do you want me to drive my dick inside you?”


I turned red because I realized that I wanted it. I understood that his finger inside me wasn’t enough for my pussy and that I wanted to be fucked just like that almost in front of the whole class. After all I wanted to reach an orgasm!

“I didn’t hear your answer?” – and the guy said it into my ear like a cruel sneer. His hands were all over my tits and his dick head was pressing against my pussy lips.

“So?” – he asked me again.

“Yes…” – I whispered.

“Yes. “Yes” what? Finish your phrase. I want to hear you say the whole thing.” He was torturing me.

I wanted it so bad. I didn’t care for the words. I wanted to feel dick inside me. I wanted to reach on orgasm. And everything I have done by that time was already so much that saying some words was nothing. And I said:

“Yes, I want to be fucked. I want you to fuck me. I want your dick inside me.” – He quietly laughed and shoved in his penis really fast. His wasn’t so big, but I didn’t need anything bigger back than. I needed hi to keep on moving inside me.

He tried as hard as he could. He fucked me harder and harder and he squeezed my nipples. I even started making upward moves and making moans. All I needed was a few moments to get to the pleasures. And the moment came really fast.

I curved like a cat and came. That lustful teenage guy was fucking me from behind. He was digging my pussy with his dick and his hands grabbed and slapped my ass. Juices were flowing down from my vagina. And finally the hot shot of sperm shot inside me, and my body started shaking in orgasm.

I was exhausted and lied down on the desk with my shirt unbuttoned, my skirt up high showing my ass and my legs wide apart… Shameless! The huffed and puffed up guy left his post and I heard another voice.

“So what, bitch? Are you ready to take one more?” and another dick shoved inside me. That one was bigger and I felt it right away. It belonged to the friend of the first rapist. In the overwhelming passion I totally forgot that there was the third student sitting at the same row…

The second guy was so hard and horny from the show so he fucked me without any foreplay or anything like that. He was saying:

“I see one dick is not enough for you?”

Sex Diary of a Lonely Housewife - Chapter 5

My wet pussy had no problems taking him inside and, to be honest, I actually felt pleasure from the thought I could serve few men at a time. I started getting to my second orgasm.

“Now, Ms Rouget, suck it!” – the student said it so fast and pulled me down on the floor. Before I realized anything I was already standing on my knee. He grabbed my head and pushed his dick inside my mouth.

He was pushing my head up and down with one hand and with his second he was touching my tits.

“Shit! Her tits are so fucking juicy, man! And she sucks like a pro.” He was talking like it was hard for him to breath. He was telling this to the third guy who was starring at us. The third guy said:

“Yeah, I can tell she sucked at least a hundred of cocks.”

He pulled down his jeans and I had to suck one cock while jerking another. The guy with the big fat dick came first.

The sperm shot in my throat and I almost chocked, but I swallowed it. He kept on moving it inside my mouth until I sucked it all till the very last drop. Sure, I have nothing against blow jobs. It even turns me on… but back than I needed the third wave of concupiscence because they have turned me on so bad. One hand slowly went down on my body and reached my clit. I started caressing myself.

Unfortunately the third guy noticed that. The student whom I was jerking said:

“Look at her! She’s been fucked twice and she still wants more. What a slot! Give me your tits, Ms Rouget.” And he started moving his dick on my lips and then on my tits. My tits are very sensitive and when they are being touched, especially if it’s a dick, I get turned on and out of my mind.

The guy got his wet dick between my tits and started moving it. The dick head was right at my face. I couldn’t take it too long and had my third orgasm. He cum as well: salty drops of his sperm covered my face and my tits. I licked off that some on my lips.

“What does the red button mean?” said one of the guys and that made me wake up right away. I came back to my senses and pushed him away. I had only a minute to clean up the mess and put on my clothes while the titles were still playing.

I put on my clothes and stuck my wet panties in my purse. I wiped off my face and turned on the light. Students slowly left the hall. I hoped no one saw anything and no one heard those moans.

But I caught one look at me, And only in the toilet when I looked at myself in the mirror I saw that I didn’t button up all the buttons and that my pink nipple was sticking out.

Those hooligans and I had a few more adventures but not as exciting as that first time in the movie hall. In half a year I got married and left that town.

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