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Top 10 Places to have Sex in New York

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, then having public sex is the way to go. In this article, we asked some of our readers to send in their experiences for sharing and wow, what a list of stories that we have had.


Scroll down to find our 21st Century guide of pointers to note before having public sex and for those new to New York City, there is also a section below explaining the dating culture of the famed American city.



it was a night journey and I ended up sitting next to a rather unattractive woman in her mid twenties, she was of hispanic descent but spoke good english with an accent, we chatted about Hurricane Katrina we’d both been through in our respective locations and many other topics, night fell and I’d been told not to remove my shoes

It seems it’s a rule which would get you thrown off the bus. She was sleepy and leaning against me. I had a aisle seat and I put my arm around her so she could lay across my lap to sleep.

It was very dark and almost immediately I felt her hand busily unzipping me and releasing something that shouldn’t be released into a public place, followed by the warm feeling of her moist mouth working away.

This went on for some considerable time. I had however placed my jacket over her to keep things a little less public, keeping quiet as I succumbed to her sucking was not easy and it was undoubtedly the best oral sex I ever had.

She swallowed all the evidence then slept, we both left the bus at the New York terminal. I don’t know her name and never spoke after that day.

Top 10 Places to have Sex in New York -


In a nightclub. Was lounging with a few of buddies, and we booked on of the rooms there. I was flirting with this chick throughout the evening (also knew her from my college days, almost made out with her at a party, but that time I was in a relationship).

So there was a lot of sexual tension between us whenever we’d meet—rather rarely.

That night, I was very aggressively flirting with her and planned to take her back home. At some point, she walked into our room and chilled with us… She was sitting right beside me on a single-person recliner.

A lot of touching started, and horniness reached the crescendo. I told my buddies to please fuck off because I had to talk to her about something.

Yeah, right. Locked the door, and we kept fucking for god-knows-how long. Without a doubt, best sex I’ve ever had. We then also fucked in her car in a very crowded parking lot.

Though the windows had blinds, we were very loud and could see people stopping by. Whatever.

I’ve had handjobs in my calculus a lot of times. I’m certain that’s a key to graduating magna cum laude. If it weren’t for a steady supply of handjobs this super-kinky girl used to give me in the class, I would have performed very poorly in that class!



To your home or hotel room with a consenting partner.

Please don’t have sex in our public parks or squares. I’m all for a good tumble, but that’s just gross.

If you mean “where in New York can I meet people with whom I might eventually have sex if they give me their informed consent?” then the answer is literally anywhere that you meet people. Bars are a popular choice.



The forest is a good low risk place. Also, if you go on a hike and go a little way off the trail you are not likely to be caught and you can hear if someone is coming. A churchyard or graveyard at night is also rather deserted. A park, at night in the big toy tube is also fun.

Regarding the park: clean up after yourselves. Don’t leave used condoms, their wrappers, empty beer bottles, cigarette butts, sexual fluids, or underpants. Bring some paper towels (wet wipes would be better) for wiping things down, and a bag to take your trash away in. My kids are going to play there in the morning.



Best places I have found, you can usually go off the beaten path on a hiking trail by a half mile or so. Parks after dark work as well, as long as you don’t make it obvious by your car being the only one in the lot.

Wherever you go, a skirt is the best option because you can easily hide yourself. If you do positions that look less like sex positions it is also easier to cover up, such as reverse cowgirl while he is sitting on a bench (skirt will make this easy to hide.) Good luck, and you totally kick ass for indulging him!

I wouldn’t be concerned about “shady characters” but parks do have their own unique risks. Homeless people often sleep in parks so any dark secluded location you find may already be inhabited. Also, if it’s the weekend then you can expect to encounter some teenagers getting high.

But both of those scenarios don’t carry any actual legal risk. The cops will probably pass by once or twice in their car but as long as you aren’t in plain sight from any nearby road then they wont see you.

Top 10 Places to have Sex in New York -


I’ve gone to these places and never been caught:

  • top of parking garage
  • pier into the ocean
  • in the ocean
  • backyard swimming pool
  • walkway in front of a lake in a public park
  • car in public parking lot
  • old cemetery (in the car)

Probably some others I can’t think of. I usually get off super fast too thanks to the thrill. Just relax…close your eyes or just look at your partner. Just picture yourself in your bed if you have to!



The many parks all over NYC? The subway trains? The buses? The airplanes and airport toilets in the 3 airports here in NYC area?

Anywhere, where you and your partner/s would deem it fit to do your intimate thing.

Do you actually believe people here will reveal and share these places where you can have casual sex?

And so, upon knowing about these places, are you going to explore them and become peeping toms like seemingly a lot of persons here?

Can you do more beyond being voyeurs, and become more really participative and engaged in these acts, and all other important political, activists’ activities, too?

Get more involved. You can’t just be watching, learning vicariously while everything around you keeps moving, changing, evolving ever so minutely.



Places near the nightclubs – there are plenty of action there.

Many high end nightclubs entice hot girls and models that like to party to their venues by offering them free drinks and VIP treatment.  

While not all girls in NYC are into going to nightclubs, the concentration of them that you will find at high end clubs is higher than anywhere outside of a fashion show.  

These are the current venues of the moment where you will find a high concentration of pretty ladies:

  1. Provocateur
  2. Lavo
  3. Avenue
  4. Marquee
  5. 1Oak
  6. SL
  7. No 8

Top 10 Places to have Sex in New York -


It is impossible to advise you where unless one knows where you live. Have sex any place you will not get caught and arrested for public indecency.

Should you get arrested for coupling in public, your smiling (or not) mugs shots will appear on all of the local online publications.

You both should have very thick skin to tolerate all of the laughs and ribbing others will have at your expense while leaving their comments.

Is part of the thrill for you the chance you might get caught in the act of having sex?

That can be fun and exciting to think about; though, the fallout could be damaging if you are caught by law enforcement and you live in a small community.

Have your fantasy, but not at the expense of both your reputations. I am not being holier-than-thou; I just hope you give that “perfect spot” careful consideration before moving forward.

Having said that, this question is being answered by women who once had risky and fun sex in a crowded bowling alley parking lot, during the dinner hour— I know, I know . . . I take home the floozy-of-the-day award for that one!

Just remember, sex in public can be done if you are very discrete and careful. In the end, you will always have some fun and sweet memories together every time you drive by or go to “that place.”


Couple X & Y

If public sex in your sense is just people around you, we tried srsp and swap. It is in deed sex with people around. We tried this with both people whom we know in real life and srsp with strangers whom we met online, so they are strangers for us.

Yeah, we even tried threesome with a relatively stranger as partner. I would consider that as a public sex as well.

If you mean open sex, then we had sex in balconies, garden in our house, our apartment corridor at 2:30AM, beside car on highway, little deeper in a forest, near a lake at night.

But we never tried having sex in open air in front of some random people who could blackmail us by clicking pictures or could force us into sex. We never even exposed in front of someone whom we meet in daily life and could see with derogatory eyes.

Top 10 Places to have Sex in New York -

Pointers for Public Sex in the 21st Century

  1. Scout it out. Lots of cameras where I live so that’s necessary.
  2. Don’t strip. Easy access, easy escape plan.
  3. Don’t go all out. If you want comfy positions, then public sex ain’t what you’re looking for. Then again, sometimes you find that perfect spot, like a curtained off room in a locked nursing room with a comfy chair.
  4. How public is public? Locked changing rooms are relatively safe, or park benches that overlook the sea (that way, one direction is “safe” from view, unless a sailor has been hiding in the ocean or something)
  5. A story ready for when you get caught. Come out of the handicap bathroom at the same time? You were “helping take her raincoat off because she didn’t want to do it in the cramped girl’s bathroom stall.”
  6. From funny personal experience? Look androgynous xD Gf was giving me a bj in an open field with some crowded pathways nearby. It was a bold and arguably dumb move, and some cops showed up with flashlights. They looked at me and probably thought, “Pfft that report has to be bogus. It’s just two chicks. Come on guys, let’s go.”

Top 10 Places to have Sex in New York -

Dating Culture in New York City

After my experience of living in NYC for six years, three of those as a single 20-something year old, what I can say is that dating in NYC is exhausting, but can also be very, very fun (for the right personality).

I lived in NYC before and during the advent of the now notorious dating apps which changed dating everywhere but no more so than NYC.

To start, the best thing about living in NYC has always been the access to events, restaurants, and the millions of interesting people from around the world that call the city home.

This is NYC’s gift and curse. At first glance, access to so many people is amazing but what I’ve found from personal experience as well as that of those close to me is that it creates unreasonable expectations and a feeling that there’s “always something better around the corner”.

Dating apps have in my opinion gamified this concept and made dating worse and better at the same time.

From the comforts of your own apartment in Manhattan or Brooklyn you can now swipe through the thousands of other game players out there on the market at any time of day. And trust me, dating has become a game for a lot of people.

Ultimately this means you can go on a date every single day of the week with someone different, and I know several people that do just that and even multiple dates in the same day.

I for one could never do that given I have a life but with the wealth of options in NYC, its quite easy to do so if you choose. It’s incredible to have that access at your fingertips as it opens up unlimited possibility to find the “one”.

Unfortunately, on the quest for that “one” a lot of people get caught up in the search for that unicorn which doesn’t exist. What happens (and I’ve been guilty of myself) is that you might end up passing on someone because they don’t meet your lofty expectations on the FIRST DATE whereas if you were anywhere else but NYC you might actually take the time to get to know that person instead of jumping to the next one.

the point is is that a lot of people go on a lot of dates but it’s rare to hear about a second date with the same person and even rarer a third or fourth date.

As a result, there’s A LOT of frustration regarding dating for both men and women and it becomes extremely evident the longer you live there.

Just imagine, with all these dating apps you now don’t have to go out to that crappy sports bar anymore and walk up to that person of interest heart pounding in chest and say something regrettable…oh what a relief!

I personally do better in person than I do on dating apps and love the human aspect of approaching someone I’m interested in as opposed to crafting witty openers on an app which never come out witty or clever.

What I do like about apps is that it gives me an opportunity to meet a new set of women that I may never have had the opportunity to meet just going out since time is finite and I don’t prioritize dating in my life; so in that way I do appreciate the apps.

The great thing about NYC is that there’s something and someone for everyone. For every app user there’s the person that detests apps and will never go on them.

And then there are the people on apps that are seriously committed to finding someone special. What I recommend is experimenting with the process both ways.

Try out the apps and set a high filter for the type of person you’re looking for (its easy to detect a dating gamer) and continue to enjoy everything that NYC has to offer (you should do this regardless) and you may just meet that special someone the old-fashioned way.


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