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Chapter 4: Sex Diary of a Desperate Housewife

This is a continuation of the previous Chapter of the Sex Diary of a Desperate Housewife.

In this article, we uncover the dirty secrets of a housewife who is left all lonely after her husband is off to work. We present to you her sex diary.

Since so many of you have been asking more about me, here goes – and this should have been Chapter 1 of the Sex Diary of a Lonely Housewife series.

Sex Diary of a Desperate Housewife -

In the article, I reveal a little bit more about myself, as well as my sex experience with the mailman.

Well, as far as you know. I’m 25, live in a major U.S. city, work as a public relations executive, and spend most of my free time pursuing exciting sexual encounters.

Of course, nobody knows this except me. As far as anybody knows, I’m just a well-educated, successful young professional. Attractive, stylish, but totally “respectable.” Which is such a stupid concept: Why is exploring your sexuality not respectable? I choose to live how I want, enjoy who I want to enjoy, and take the ride to wherever it leads.

Yes, I am “hot” (I’ve done swimsuit modeling) — although I don’t really like that word. I’ve never had trouble attracting attention from the male members of the species.

I have to think about how much I want to divulge here in terms of my physical description, so stay tuned. But what I can promise you is that this is going to be one helluva hot diary of my days and nights of sex with all kinds of interesting men in all kinds of fabulous places.

I love to write and I’ve always wanted to write erotica, so I figured why not make myself the protagonist? But be warned: This is going to be very explicit. I’ll tell you all the details, everything relating to the hunt, the encounter and the aftermath. However I will never identify specific people or locations.

My goal is to explore and record the physical and the psychological dimensions of my sexual adventures. Let’s face it, real sex is a brain game. What we imagine, what goes through our heads when we’re fucking, what we remember….

I want you to come along for the ride. I want you to read and comment. If it gets you hot, fine. Want to masturbate? Sure. But let me know what you think about the posts. I’m going to do this for a year and you are my audience. Who knows, if you’re good, I may even end up taking requests.

Sex Diary of a Desperate Housewife -

= = =

When I was 21, I already had 36C tits. Life would never be the same.

There wasn’t really anything awkward about my puberty, I seemed to skip that; I was pretty and well developed right off the bat. Good genes. My mother was, and is, gorgeous. She was also a model and once appeared in a spread in a national magazine.

My dad was a strong-jawed military man with very dark blue eyes and an easy charm. Women were always flirting with him but, to his credit, he was only ever interested in mom. Together, they were a stunning, popular couple; and very nice, modest people as well. You don’t get that too often.

I was an only child and therefore very close to my parents.

One of the first “adult” thoughts I can recall having about them was wondering how often they had sex and how they did it. Some people get grossed out thinking about their parents having sex, but for me it seemed just a natural thing to think about. They were my role models, after all.

We lived in a pretty big house in America (that’s as specific as I’ll get, so please don’t ask!), and our bedrooms were at different ends of the top floor. But sometimes I’d sneak down to my dad’s study after he and mum had gone to bed and sit and listen.

I had a pretty detailed alibi about homework already rehearsed in case I ever got busted. So I’d sit there and listen. Sometimes I couldn’t hear anything — which doesn’t necessarily mean they weren’t having sex, but the sounds just weren’t loud enough to get through the wall if they were. But other nights were different.

Those were the nights things got plenty loud — and mom and dad didn’t sound like mom and dad. They could get very wild; at least in my 13-year-old mind. I actually used to keep notes of what I heard. Here are some in point form:

“Fuck my in the ass!” (Also mum. I remember, literally, almost falling off my chair when I heard this. I had heard of anal sex, but I thought it was something that only porn stars did.)

“Who’s whore are you?” (Dad, of course. Also stunning to me.)

“I should sell your ass to my friends.” (Dad)

“Cover me with your cum.” (Mum)

You get the idea.


The first few times I went back to my bedroom wondering what kind of crazies my parents really were. But over time I came to understand: sex is primeval. It brings out the animal in us. And what we say and do — as long as it’s consensual — is fine. It’s natural. Sex = Life.

So my sexual views were liberated from the cage that just about every institution in society had locked them into: the church, teachers, the mainstream media (with their hypocritical sexploitation ads), doctors… the list goes on.

I decided right away that sex was a good thing. A fun and exciting and wild thing. And I wanted in!

I lost my virginity less than two months later to one of the guys on the football team (cliche, I know). He wasn’t very good at all (also cliche).

And I was off and running. But I didn’t go nympho. I was choosy. I only slept with three or four boys a year til I was 19, then the number went up a little in college.

In all that time, I only had two serious boyfriends. They were nice, but relationships didn’t do much for me. I kind of like to go it alone and just enjoy the “fringe benefits” that people in relationships enjoy.

I went to Stanford, studied my ass off and did really well. I didn’t become a party girl — that would come later. I wanted to establish myself in a career and get financially stable and independent first.

Which pretty much brings me to the present. Twenty-five, sexually experienced, adventurous and loving it.

And now, with this series, I’m going to spend a year documenting my secret sexual life. Why “secret”? Because I’m aware of the stupid stigma that my lifestyle would bring and how it could affect my career and everything else.

And secret because secret is so much more exciting. It allows you to do much wilder, taboo things and feel like you’re getting away with something.

People who know you see the sweet, educated, professional young woman. And I feel excited knowing that under that surface is a woman who will suck a guy’s cock in a temporarily vacated cop car.

I love my life. And you’re invited to share it with me for the next 365 days. Into the saddle, cowboys.

Sex Diary of a Desperate Housewife -

= = =

I’m not sure how it was possible, but on Friday night I fell asleep on a couch in the middle of a poker party. There were at least 25 adults and another 15 children there, and somehow in the midst of the cacophony, I just passed out.

Totally sober, mind you. Someone was kind enough to put a quilt on me. My boyfriend says I wasn’t snoring, which is a good thing.

Yesterday my friend Y and his wife came over, and I taught him how to knit while his wife did some work. Watching a man knit is weirdly sexy. I kind of wanted to fling the yarn and needles on the floor and sit on his lap, but the wife wouldn’t have approved so I controlled myself.

Speaking of sexy stuff, there’s not much to report on. (Obviously, if knitting can get me hot and bothered. Ha. )

My boyfriend has continued to display pretty much complete disinterest in sex with me, which is par for the course. But since this is how it’s been forever, I’m fairly resigned this is just how it is and is going to be.

Despite the continuing lack of sex together, we’ve been getting along very well.

Funny how that works. I guess I’ll just look forward to the rare occasions when I get to have connected and passionate sex with a friend, instead of beating myself up about the fact that my boyfriend doesn’t seem to want me. It’s lazy, I know.

Someone commented that I have a responsibility to post regularly. Bah, I say. I’m not fond of responsibilities and I don’t agree with that viewpoint.

If I have something to say, I’ll post, and if I don’t, I won’t. If everyone stops reading entirely, then so be it. I don’t want to come across as if I don’t give a hoot about my readers, but I do not feel as though I have some kind of responsibility to keep them entertained.


= = =

I wasn’t sure if he was new, or I just hadn’t noticed him before. I was sitting on the front steps of my home, when he approached with my junk mail. It was a hot day I was sweaty, and when I saw him I realized how unattractive I must have looked.

With sweat pouring from my forehead, and outlining the bottom of my bra less breasts. I smiled at him. “Hello,” I said as I reached out to take the envelopes from his hand. “What are you doing?” he asked as he looked at the paint chips on the step.

Getting ready to paint I told him. He looked to be an x service guy of some type. He had short hair, and a firm build that you only get from working out.

He wore dark glasses so I couldn’t see his eyes. There was something about the way he carried himself I found very sexy.

I decided to write a story about what good sex we could have if we were ever to get together and post here on Hot Sensual Bangs. Then I would tell him about my web site the next time he brought my mail. That way he could read all about my perverse fantasies for himself. Maybe it would turn him on enough to get him to make the first move, I thought.

The story goes like this–

I see him on a hot day and I invite him in for a cool glass of ice tea. He graciously accepts my invitation. He walks in my front door with a naughty grin. I smile and flip my hair with a flirtatious charm.

He eagerly slips his arms around my waist and pulls me towards him pressing his body firmly against mine. He kisses me softly on the lips with a warm gentle touch. I stick my tongue in his mouth and they wrap together in a seductive dance.

We both breathe deeply as he pushes me up against the wall and forces my hands up over my head. He kisses me again but this time with more passion as he pushes his hard boner into the crotch of my shorts.

Just feeling how hard he is under his uniform makes me week at the knees. I wanted him to fuck me so badly.

I wanted to call out his name but I didn’t know what it was. I slipped my hands down to his tight ass and gave it squeeze. I pulled him towards me as he thrust his crotch into mine.

Our hips met as we began to dry hump each other and an overwhelming feeling of excitement over came me. I could feel panties getting damp with the lust of my desire.

Then he grabbed at the elastic around the top of my shorts and gave them a hard tug. They almost ripped he yanked them so hard as he pulled them down over my thighs and over my ankles.

He slipped his hand between my thighs his hot breath scorched my ear lobe as he kissed my neck and ear. He cupped the palm of his hand over my pussy and squeezed me. Then with one finger he began massaging my clit. “Oh God, that feels so good,” I whispered.

Sex Diary of a Desperate Housewife -

He pinched it between two fingers and gently tugged it up and down for several minutes. I began panting wildly driven by my uncontrollable sexual urges. He slipped a finger up inside of my wet cunthole and fucked me with it. It felt so good!

He urged my legs apart with his knee and forced another finger up inside of me. I began moaning. He started getting a little rough forcing his fingers deep inside.

He fucked me hard lunging his fingers in and out of me, again and again. “Take it easy,” I pleaded. But the relentless strokes of his strong arm barely slowed.

I reached down and carefully unzipped his pants. He withdrew his fingers from my throbbing cunt so he could drop his pants and step out of them. I was so eager to get him inside of me. I grabbed his cock with both hands and stroked it.

I slid my sweaty hands up and down the length of his firm red dick. He was much bigger than I had imagined. I stooped down on the floor and licked the tip of his cock teasing it with my tongue. He put his hands on the back of my head and urged my lips down over the tip of it. I gladly sucked it into my mouth. I held my lips tightly together and bobbed up and down his shaft as I sucked his tasty knob.

Then with his hands planted firmly on the back of my head he gave a hard thrust and propelled his cock clear into my throat. I almost gagged I was so overwhelmed by his sudden lunge it took all of my will power to control my reflexes.

He slowly withdrew his cock until I could feel the head of it just inside of my lips. Then with another powerful thrust he sent it back into my throat. For several minutes he fucked my throat tickling my tonsils with the head of his enormous cock.

I didn’t want him to get off before he fucked me so I ended the blow job. I slipped my lips up his shaft and over the head of his cock I looked up at him with a smile and he pulled me to my feet. He pushed me back up against the wall and held my hands up over my head.

He felt for my hole with his fingers and began guiding his cock inside of me. I moved my legs farther apart to let him in. I moaned as his thick cock snugly filled me.

He fucked me hard with thrusts that slammed my back against the wall. I tried to move my hips to meet his thrusts but I couldn’t move he had me pinned so tightly.

I looked down and watched his cock appear and disappear inside of me. “I’ve always wanted a woman like you,” he whispered with another powerful thrust. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and kissed me as he continued to fuck me even harder.

I began moaning uncontrollably. My legs began to cramp, and my knees weekend as I reached orgasm. I savored a few moments of bliss as I moaned in pleasure.

Moments later he let out a quiet groan. I could feel his hot cum inside of me, as he pumped me full. We stood for a moment motionless, just trying to catch our breath. Cum began dripping down my legs as he pulled out his wet cock.

So, how many of you mailmen are wondering which horny housewife wrote this? And about who? You?

Don’t worry if it is you. You will know.


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