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What is the wildest thing you have ever seen?

In this article, we ask our readers and our customers what are some of the wildest things that they have ever witnessed in their lives.

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Alison – “Random nightclub make out between 2 hot individuals”

I was at an event at a nightclub when I witnessed a male topless waiter with a perfect body cross eyes with the hottest girl I had ever seen.

She was a blonde with a 10 out of 10 rack and a skin tight black dress that stopped just after her perfectly proportioned ass, the man stopped in his tracks as the girl walked like a goddam supermodel down a runway.

When she got close she gently placed the backside of her index finger below his bellybutton and ran her nail up his abs and then placed her hand in between his pectorals.

She looked him directly in in the eyes and did the hottest slut drop I have ever seen, then as she stood up she ran her tongue up his body to his mouth.

As the man dropped his service tray and about 3 vodka lime sodas, they made out for about 5 seconds and then left.

I don’t know if they were a couple or not, but I like to think, that was the first time the had ever seen each other.


Jamie – “An unexpected threesome”

I used to work at a restaurant with my (then) wife and one of our friends from high school (let’s call her Lexi). We would often stay after hours to play pool (both of them were managers and had access to the table keys, so we could play for free).

Sometimes, we would all go back to my house and hang out afterwards as the girl still lived with her parents.

Now, there was often a request from Lexi for a massage, as she knew from high school that I gave damn good ones.

One night, while my wife was taking her post work shower, Lexi asked for one. She laid down on my couch, face down, and I straddled her and started.

Shortly into the massage, she started grinding her ass on me. I had the typical male reaction, which obviously pleased her.

I told her something along the lines of “if you keep that up, I’m not gonna be responsible for what happens” and her response was to grind harder.

So I flipped her over and started kissing her and exploring. Things progressed, and when my wife came out of the bathroom, she found me laying back on the couch getting oral from a topless Lexi.

She dropped her towel, grabbed a chair and came over to watch, eventually joining in.

And that was the start of my first, but not last, threesome with my wife and her friends.

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Alonzo – “Daily nude ritual”

Working on the 20th floor of the federal building, saw a woman in the new penthouse across the street come out of the shower and walk around her curtainless living room and even walk out onto her private courtyard.

I never said anything about her daily nude ritual, but the men in the office soon noticed, so she had quite an audience after a couple days of this.


Kitty – “Themed Parties were all the rage.”

I met a guy at the laundromat and we hit it off after he loaned me a quarter to call someone to come and unlock my car, which had my purse with my keys and all my money locked inside because I’m blonde.

His name was Harry (not really) and he said he had parties sometimes and I should come to one. We exchanged numbers and email addresses and that was it.

A couple of weeks later I got an email invitation to a party — the theme was “Deep Fried Trailer Trash”. Promised attractions included deep-fried everything; fire spinners; and Mistress Katya.

Heck, I’m in! I put on my Daisy Dukes and moseyed on over.

I had no idea what I was in for.

It started out tame enough – there were maybe 50–75 people, with several deep fryers cranking out chicken, catfish, shrimp, Twinkies, Oreos, and everything in between.

There was a full bar, tubs of beer, and vats of wine, all free for the taking.

A little section of the yard had the bongs, pipes, and joints, which stayed lit throughout. You could get stoned just by walking past that corner.

As the sun set, the clothes started to come off.

And they kept coming off.

People were spinning fire and dancing mostly-naked around burning metal barrels.

I wandered around this huge yard, which must have been a couple of acres at least, smack dab in the middle of Houston, and found pavilions and tents set up to indulge any interest imaginable.

Harry’s wife, a very nice, plump lady with a gorgeous smile, insisted that I let her bodypaint me. I spent the rest of the evening topless with a colorful butterfly across my bust. Since I still had my denim shorts on, I was one of the more conservatively-clad women present.

Mistress Katya had her own tent, where she had dug stakes deep into the ground with rings attached so she could shackle and otherwise restrain her eager “victims”. She was a sight to behold, in scraps of black leather with her amazing array of whips, chains, ropes, clamps, and other implements. There was a line out the door to participate and an audience of dozens of voyeurs.

There was another tent for people who wanted to Get It On, though I’m pretty sure the scene wasn’t quite what Marvin Gaye was envisioning when he sang the song. It was a tangle of sweaty limbs and grasping hands; I wasn’t sure if I was intrigued or disturbed. They all seemed to be having a seriously good time, though.

One pavilion offered an array of Jello shots and other creative alcoholic concoctions. Some kind of flaming S’mores drink was absolutely delicious — I’ve never seen it since.

I left in the wee hours of the morning with the party still in full swing. I wrote Harry a thank-you note and he was kind enough to invite me to the next several bashes thrown at his house.

I attended —and enjoyed — each and every one. After that first time, I knew to bring my mask and whip.

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Martin – “Loving my crush’s ass”

A woman getting dressed.

In high school my friend introduced me to a girl he was crushing on hardcore, I’ll call her “D”. D was damn fine, hyper blue eyes, five feet tall, ass for a white girl, pale as porcelain,thin as fuck and natural DDD’s.

Actually she was looking forward to a breast reduction when she stopped growing, as magnificent as they were she was already having back issues.

Neither of us had a chance with her, she had a boyfriend, and she only liked older dudes. Me, and her became pretty good friends really fast, we had similar interests in music, and she said it was obvious I fought the urge and at least tried to look her in the eye when we talked.

D invited us to go swimming after school at her house one day, kicked my friend out of her room so she could change but let me stay.

As soon as she closed the door on him she basically ignored me for the next 5 minutes. She undressed completely normal, no dancing, no posing, just striped, then stood in front of her mirror and examined herself for a bit.

Not like playing sexually, just looking at her ass, looking at her skin, sighing at the stretch marks and veins on her chest.

Then she put her bathing suit on, again normal just routine, and as she tied the top in place she finally locked eyes with me and gave me a grin and promptly walked out.

Took me a few minutes to figure out WTF just happened, then I remembered a few weeks ago while having a conversation I’d mentioned I wondered what a woman looks like when she’s getting dressed with no one else around.


Corey – “Stumbled upon a colleague doing naked yoga”

Gotta be back when I started a new job as an office junior. Obviously being new to the company I was putting in extra hours.

Working through lunch, getting in a bit early, staying a bit late etc.

One evening I was later than usual – had a lot of copies to do, and the printer was slow as fuck. Had some time to explore so I thought i’d head up to the roof, to see if there was anything interesting up there. There was.

It was basically a large shed, in good condition, and a light was shining out from under the door. I thought it was weird so I went to check it out.

You know those odd moments when you knock then just open the door anyway? yeh I did that. Barged in and a woman was there doing naked yoga.

She looked up at me and smiled, probably the sexiest smile i’ve ever seen, and said “You must be the new guy.” Never even knew OP’s mom worked at my company.


Josh – “I loved going to my grandparents’ swimming pool.”

My grandparents had a swimming pool.

The kids in the neighborhood would come over on weekends to swim, alongside us grandkids, so the pool was filled with screaming chaps.

One weekend, in my early teens, the college age girl was home on break and swam with us. Of course, she was wearing a bikini, nothing extra special, but compared to what I was used to, and considering my age, it was…. Impressive.

Anyway, after swimming, we would use the basement to change in (two doors to the outside, two sides separated by a wall and the stairs, so it was segregated).

Whoever was last on the boys side would carry the suits over to the other to hang them to dry.

I was last because I was a water fiend (I was always first in the pool, and last out). And since everyone else had been out of the pool for ten minutes, once I changed I just went over, expecting tar side to be empty. It wasn’t.

The college girl was changing still for some reason. When I rounded the corner, she was bent over, her bottoms dropping to the floor, and her top was already off.

I could just see her pubic hair with the light behind it, her tush and lady parts bare to my eyes. She straightened up, and began dressing.

I was frozen. I watched her put on her bra, then step into her panties. It wasn’t until she had her shirt on and was reaching for her pants that I realized I was standing there, staring with my jaw open and the most painful erection I’d ever experienced. I turned and went back to the boys side to wait.

I don’t think she knew I was there or anything, but holy crap was I obsessed with her after that.


Gavin – “Beach days are the best!”

Well one day I was having a great day at the beach with my friends. Pretty standard beach day, sunning, drinking beer, fucking around in the waves.

Well at some point my friends all went back to the beach to dry off, but i decided to stay in the water for a bit. I had a cigarette and lighter in a little baggy in one of my bathing suits pockets, so I lit up and relaxed in the water.

There were these two beautiful women, around my age IIRC and one of them was wearing a tiny little red two piece suit. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and she seemed to be interested in me too, stealing a little glance in my direction every once in awhile.

Well I was just about finished with my cigarette, so I started to head back towards sand when I heard a cute little gasp, and I turned around to see what happened. The first thing I saw was that same hottie with only the lower half of her little bikini, hiding her breasts with her arms. She caught my eye and gave me such a naughty smile, as if she knew exactly what I was thinking.

I went back to my friends and went on with my day, but since then I always think back fondly on that day when I saw OP’s mom at the beach.


Weston – “Camping trips were my favourite.”

In the late 70’s when I was a young boy, my family would go on camping trips because it was cheap, I suppose, but also fun.

One year we camped at a campground next to a beach, and this year my best friend was along.

We were about 11 or 12, and had spent most of the day playing on the beach. It was late afternoon and we were sitting next to a driftwood log.

A VW Beetle pulled up and stopped at the road along the beach and two probably college-age girls jumped out, striped down and ran to the water.

They splashed around in the water for a bit and then a family came walking down the beach past us hiding behind the log and toward the girls. They covered up with their hands and ran back to the car.

I’ll never forget that, it seems.


Owen – “At the Hotel Bar”

I was at a hotel bar while on a business trip. I was flipping through the news on my iPad when soft voice next to me asked “anything interesting?”.

I look over and right next to me is this beautiful long, jet black hair to her shoulder blades, cocktail dress with a slit up the side, red lipstick and eyes to kill.

All dressed up and nowhere to go. I shut off my iPad and we hit it off. After an hour of laughing, flirting and touching, she paid her tab and got up to leave. ‘

Wait!’ I shouted, ‘I didn’t get your number’ to which she answered “you can get that in the morning, in the meantime how about you show me to your room?!”

I cracked the biggest all right all right all right. I looked at the barman, told him my room number and to tip himself 20%.

We scurried up to my room, my suit jacket hit the floor before the door was shut and we wound up having some of the most explosive sex. She wanted it rough, hair pulled (i felt bad because it was obviously done/prepped well) and name called.

We went on to fuck about 3 more times that night until we passed out. in the morning I awoke to her rummaging for her things.

I rolled over and I saw a note with a number and a lipstick kiss. She didn’t think I would wake up but I did just in time as she was heading out the door.

Wait! I said, don’t you have a name? And with the sexiest head turn and chin drop, she looked at me with those piercing eyes and said “Taylor”.



One time I was in high school chorus and for some reason decided to look back at the Alto section and at that exact moment one of the girls’ shirts just randomly burst open, exposing her very large and beautiful ​breasts.

I mean she was wearing a bra but for a kid who had never seen boobs in real life before it was the greatest thing ever. It was straight out of a shitty anime. Gotta admit though it’s kind of weird OP’s mom sang in our high school choir.

There was another time when I was on my friend’s roof having a cig during his super bowl party; there was a really petite and sexy woman with an incredible rack across the street changing in her bedroom.

She stood in front of her mirror, did a little shrug, then pushed her breasts together. It drove me nuts for hours.



Was staying over at a friends place during a snowstorm, and walked in on his girlfriend changing into her PJs.

Something about the light in her room had this weird candlelight effect, so her tits looked magnificent, and she had brown skin, so it was glowing all over.

I’m not a boobs man, but I was at that moment. Unfortunately, they eventually broke up and I wasn’t friends with her, so I don’t think I’ll get another chance to see OP’s mom like that again.



When I was 22 my then-shy self accidentally stumbled into a small gathering of 3 girls and 2 guys, and was invited into their night when all 3 girls eyed me down and beckoned me to join. Instantly one of them came over and aggressively flirted with me.

I ended up getting my first kiss which was kissing all 3 of them at the same time.

I made out with one of them, then her friend told me in private I should hook up with her, but I didn’t want to because she sucked at kissing and I didn’t find her attractive enough.



She and I had known each other through school (freshman year) and shared mutual friends. We didn’t have any classes together or anything like that so we never spoke. Fast forward to summer vacation she and I message each other on Facebook religiously and end up having a talk about sex. That discussion led to the act of intercourse.

So, she comes over to my house (her brother dropped her off because we were too young to drive) and we eventually sneak over to the empty house next door and go inside.

I knew where the spare key was since the old homeowners entrusted me to look over the house while it was on the market.

Anyhow, we get in there, do things that would make a priest cry, and once we’re finishing up, I look up and see her standing there in nothing but a pair of pink underwear.

I don’t know if it was her dark brown eyes, her pretty smile, or the fact there was a naked female in front of me, but there was something about the picturesque simplicity of this girl, whom I had developed feelings for, just casually standing there giggling like a goofball telling me that I needed to get dressed that made me realize there was nothing more sexy, more beautiful than a woman who has complete trust in you and is willing to let her guard down around you.

Then, once school started she broke up with me because she was embarrassed about us being an item and I never spoke to her again.

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In highschool, on the band bus going home from playing a contest. My very attractive female friend’s older sister, who is even more attractive, decided it was going to be a wonderful game to see how fast she could give me a boner… I don’t remember much about how this all came about, but she grabbed my 15 year old hands and placed them upon her 17 year old breasts.

She’s one of the most attractive and well developed girls i’ve ever met at this point in my life, so of course it took all of 2 seconds. They all laughed. This actually happened a couple of times…

She then decided she wanted a back massage, and held my hand to her boob while asking. Being the genius I am, I said no way! She kept rubbing my hand over her boobs, and asking for a back massage.

Once again, no way!

She keeps doing it and says “Most guys would have said yes by now!” and I responded with “Most guys would be rubbing your back instead of touching your boob by now.”

She then stopped, and i rubbed her back. Looking back, that might have been one of the coolest days of my entire life.


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