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Have you ever had Sex with a Stranger?

In this article, we share the stories written by some of our readers-cum-customers on their wild adventures of having one night stands with strangers. Some really interesting stuff!

This was the question we posed to them – Have you ever had sex with a complete stranger? What’s your story?

Have you ever had sex with a complete stranger? What’s your story?


Mr. Stallion – “Learning more about sex in a swinger club makes it even more thrilling.”

In a swinger club you have sex with people you have never seen before. You look, and, if you like the other couple, you swing.

Or, you simply are there, doing nothing, and a woman approaches you, and touches you. (yes, I know, this is a common male fantasy, and believe me, it happens!)

You need to discover on the spot what she likes and what she do not, and, only after, and sometimes, you do some small talk after sex and you ask her name.

Essentially it is sex for sex’s sake. No other goal than to give and to receive pleasure.

You learn a lot on sex too, because sex in this case is not mixed with sentimental attraction, nor conversation, nor even desire.

So, it is sex only.

And then you may discover also that some people are “sexually good” – I may say that probably not more than one in ten – some are really awful, dull, dry, boring, without any vibration nor interest – another 10% – and 80% are like you and me, with good days if they find a good partner, and just average in other cases.  

But of course, making love to several women in one night gives you a broader view of sex.

You learn the “sex touch”, aka, to know immediately what you will find, and if you should continue with the same woman, or it is better to step aside and wait for a better partner.

Sex Diary of a Desperate Housewife -

Miss Submissive – “Some men wanted to project their fantasies on me.”

I went through a phase in my thirties when I had been jilted by a man and I kinda snapped. I slept with many, many strangers.

A couple of the encounters were scary. Some of the men were classy, many were not, some were fun, some were not, some were cross dressing apparently…. I showed up to a man’s house once and he was wearing lingerie.

Some were trying to play out their depraved little fantasies.

Some were antisocial. Some were insulting. Others were amazed that a sexy woman actually showed up randomly for casual sex. Many were cheating on someone.

Of course, I never realized they were cheating because they lied to me about it profusely. Some had std’s and luckily the only thing I ever got was chlamydia.

Twice. I learned a lot about sex, about myself, about men, it was very compulsive and thrilling and incredibly dangerous. I strongly feel it is an unhealthy endeavor.

When my ex boyfriend learned about my past, even though that’s how we met he called me a slut. I think he was jealous. And an asshole.

Sex Diary of a Desperate Housewife -

Marcus – “It got hot seeing two girls make out in front of me.”

Yes.  In college.  Met a girl at the club.  We were both on alcohol.  We didn’t even flirt or talk more than a few words.  

She was a friend of my female friend from the dorms (Abbie, who was a stunner).  There were 3 females and myself in the group.  

When the alcohol really started to hit, the girls started touching each other (not groping, just lightly brushing a shoulder or running fingers through their hair), then lightly kissing.  I was just sitting there in awe enjoying it.  

The three of them were on a couch and I was on another.  The two couches were facing each other.  

At one point, my friend Abbie and one of the other two girls started really making out.  The other sat there on the side a bit just rubbing the other girls, but apparently felt left out eventually and she came and sat down by me.  

We started kissing, and it almost immediately turned from light kisses to deep passionate ones.  Next thing I know she reached down and grabbed my erection and caressed it through my pants.

After about 10 minutes of doing this, I grabbed her by the hand and led her to the hallway leading to the bathrooms.  

The hallway led past the two bathrooms, then turned a corner where there were two locked doors for staff or storage, then downstairs to a fire exit.  

I had explored the area before and knew it was there.  I led her around the corner and down the stairs.  She clearly knew what I had in mind… why else would I have been leading her to an extremely private part of the club.

Once there we started making out some more.  I was running my hands all over her, but wasn’t going under her clothes just yet.  

She started working at my belt, but was having a hard time because it wasn’t a typical style.  I started to help and she knelt down.  

Once we had my pants open she began to give me a blowjob.  She was good, and I couldn’t let her continue for too long or else the little rendezvous would have been far shorter than I would have liked.  

I grabbed her arms and pulled her back into a kiss and then started working at her pants.

I got her pants and panties completely off of her and she slung a leg over my shoulder so I could eat her out.  She was partially shaven, and that allowed me to really get enthusiastic while doing this.  (its hard to be enthusiastic when you are trying to avoid getting hair in your mouth)  She came a few times while I was eating her out before she pulled me back up for more kissing.

After that, she instructed me to “lose my pants” and lay on the concrete.  She then straddled me and sat down on top of me, riding me cowgirl style.  

This was the only time in my life I didn’t use a condom when not in a monogamous committed relationship.  But being high on alcohol and having this beauty sitting on top of me, and riding me bareback was one of the peak sexual experiences of my life.  

She didn’t get too vigorous, mostly she just rocked her hips while on top of me, or slight thrusting on my part while she quickly fucked me from the top.  

We did this for probably close to an hour (amazing we weren’t caught) when my friend Abbie came to the top of the stairs and called down to us.  She couldn’t see us completely, but she could tell what we were doing.  The other girl Abbie had been making out with had to go home, so she was by herself.  She kept talking to us.

Abbie asked if she could come down and I said yes before her friend could respond.  But the girl just smiled, so I figured she was fine with it.  

Abbie came down the stairs and just leaned against the wall watching with her hand in her pants.  

After a bit, Abbie stopped watching, and just leaned her head back with her eyes closed.  She said she loved hearing us fuck.  

We were being pretty quiet, but that was what turned her on, the soft little moans and the slight sound of pounding flesh.  She just kept talking to us.

I just alternated between looking at the girl on top of me, and then Abbie.  I don’t know what caught my attention more, this girl riding on top of me, or Abbie standing there with her hands in her pants.  

I told Abbie she should take her pants off while she masturbated.  She asked why?  I said that with it would be far more stimulating seeing a pussy while one was actually making use of my cock.  

At that she locked her eyes on mine and gave me this terrible look.  I thought she was pissed at me, and could tell immediately that I was beginning to lose my erection over this.  

I decided to play it cool though and gave her my best seductive smile.  

She then gave me a slight smile and started taking her pants off.  At this, my erection was harder than it had been the whole night.  

She got her shoes and pants off and then leaned back and put her hand in her panties.  Of course, I couldn’t see her pussy with her panties still on, but I decided not to press my luck.

Her friend was now watching her as earnestly as I was, while still grinding her hips on top of me.  Her friend then said “panties too Abbie!” and they looked at each other for a moment, before Abbie complied and took them off.  

Then to my shock and awe, Abbie walked over to the other side of the large landing we were on and found a place to lift her leg and rest it while leaning back against the wall again.  

Her upper back was against the wall, but her leg was at least a foot out from the wall.  

This gave us a great view of her pussy and she seemed to enjoy showing us.  Instead of one hand, this time she used both.  She spread the outer lips to give us a great view as she rubbed her clit and thrust a finger, then two, then three in and out.

After about ten minutes of this, her friend asked her to come over and she grabbed Abbie’s now thoroughly wet hand and sucked and licked it clean.  

Abbie had now started using her other hand to rub her pussy.  I then grabbed Abbie’s ankle and directed her legs to either side of my head and told her to sit down.  

I proceeded to eat Abbie’s pussy while I could hear her and her friend kissing passionately.  Amazingly enough, they then decided to switch positions and the friend sat on my face while Abbie impaled herself on my cock.  

After a short period of time, it got pretty frenzied, and the girl on my face came, then Abbie and I came together, while the girl on my face followed us with one more orgasm.  

I just lay there while these two kissed each other softly.  

They eventually stood up and switched again.  This time to clean me up.  

Abbie kissed me tasting her friends juices, while her friend sucked on my receding erection, tasting my juices combined with Abbie’s.  

Once she had finished with my cock, she pulled Abby up leaned her against the wall and cleaned Abby up as well, even inserting her tongue and slurping at the deposit I had made.

At this point, I was rock solid again and ready to go for more, but Abbie’s friend had to go… we had been at this for well over two hours.  I am still amazed we never got caught.

About a month later, Abbie and I went and both got tested for STD’s together.  We were clean, so she didn’t bother asking her friend to do so as well.  

Abbie and I dated for a little while, and even included her friend on our lovemaking on occasion.  Our relationship didn’t last through till summer break though, and she moved away when she graduated and pursued her graduate degree.

Sex Diary of a Desperate Housewife -

Austin – “No Regrets”

I only did this one time, and I don’t regret it, either. You’ll understand why when you read on.

I was in a long-term relationship for several years where she and I finally drifted apart and broke up, and after that relationship ended, I didn’t have sex with anyone for nearly a year and a half.

I dated a few women, but things never progressed to that point.

After a while, this got frustrating. One reason I’d stayed with my ex so long is because the sex was still good, even if we couldn’t agree on anything else anymore.

Well, to make a long story short, after a while of not finding what I wanted on my own, I signed up for a few websites.

This would have been easier if Tinder had already been around, but this was a few years before it started, and anyway, I wasn’t looking for a hook-up so much as a “friends with benefits” situation.

I got a few “bites” on the sites, and there was one that I’d overlooked one night, and she messaged me again the next night, saying she liked my picture and telling me she’d like to get to know me better.

The first thing I did was apologize to her for missing her message the night before, and we started exchanging messages back and forth.

This was an interesting situation for me, since this was a black woman and I’m white; I had no problem with interracial dating, but had never done it before.

She had to log off for the night, but the next day, sent me her phone number and asked me to call. I did when I got off work the next night, and we made plans to meet.

I’d never done anything like this, but I was nervous as hell when I knocked on the door.

She let me in, and we sat down on the couch for a minute and sort of sized each other up, then leaned into each other for a kiss.

She must have liked it, because she then said “Want to take this to the bedroom?” After not getting laid for over a year, and now having the chance to not only break the drought, but also have a new experience, I wasted no time following her back there and getting my clothes off.

That lady had me cumming in five minutes.

Then I gave her the relief she needed (she insisted on helping me first), and we just laid there in bed, finally getting to know each other on a less intimate level.

Turned out she was in a similar predicament to me, having been married for 15 years before her husband left her, and she was caught in a sexual “drought.”

Before the night (and some of the morning) was out, I’d cum five more times and she’d had more than she could count. But, in the “truth is stranger than fiction” way that life can be sometimes, we’d also become genuine friends.

And we’ve remained friends for 10 years now, and anytime that we’re both not seeing anyone and “in need,” we take care of one another.

So I had my first and only hook-up with a complete stranger, and my first interracial encounter(s), all in the same night. And ended up finding one of my best friends and best lovers ever.



Many times. Not too long ago I answered an ad from a woman on Craigslist who was staying at a nearby hotel who was in town for business and wanted a “massage” and “only a massage”.

Normally, I would have thought she was a hooker but I lived in a remote rural town and it wasn’t a place where hookers frequent and she was quick to send a photo, and she looked normal, pretty, professional, well dressed.

I was only a few minutes from the hotel and she agreed to let me come over. I like to give massages to women and if it led to something more, that would be a bonus, but I wasn’t counting on it. So I drove over to her hotel wondering if it was some kind of scam.

When I knocked on her door she opened it wearing a nighty that concealed her well but which was short enough for me to see her matching panties below the hem.

I kissed her on the cheek and she told me she had just taken a shower. She led me to the bed and laid on her stomach and said, “Just a massage, ok? It’s been a long day,” and I said sure, that was fine.

Jimmy Fallon was on the TV and I took out my baby oil and proceeded to give her a real massage from her fingertips to her toes, nothing provocative or suggestive at first but when I moved to her thighs and her ass she became somewhat vocal.

Apparently she wanted some attention there.

Of course during all this I was hard as a rock. I pulled her panties off to massage her ass more thoroughly and she moaned a little, just a tiny bit, as I did it. There was no longer any doubt in my mind as to what she wanted.

By now I had been massaging her for quite some time, she was relaxed and soft with worked-in oil and I massaged her ass thoroughly, but to do that I had to spread her legs for her a little bit and I saw her completely.

She gave another tiny moan and I made sure as I paid attention to her inner thighs so that my fingers brushed her lips and asshole and every time I did she moaned a little bit more.

But I didn’t do anything more and then I told her to turn over so I could work on her front.

When she turned over she pulled another pillow over her head so she couldn’t see what I was doing (I have come to learn that for many women the illusion that nothing is happening is necessary to be “bad”).

I pulled the nighty up as far as it would go exposing her breasts and worked her correctly because I like to give massages and because I wanted there to be no question as to what I was doing and because anticipation is the greatest aphrodisiac.

he had her arms up over the pillow covering her face, I assume because she wanted to be detached from what I was doing.

I massaged her breasts tenderly, then harder until her nipples were well worked up and now she was moaning almost continuously and then I took one of her nipples in my mouth, tasting the baby oil and I sucked it up.

She was very enthusiastic about that so I while I alternated nipples in my mouth, I worked my hand down to her lips, which were soaked, and softly massaged all around them, working the oil and her wetness all around but never entering her.

And after a long while of rubbing and sucking her breasts I moved my mouth to her belly and then lower until I was licking all around her lips but just teasing her.

I took her clit in my mouth and entered her with my two fingers and probed her and now she was very vocal, burying her face in the pillow and moaning out load, muffled.

I took my time and brought her clit up to its maximum excitement with my mouth and then I entered her again with my fingers, while my baby finger entered her asshole slowly and finger fucked her pussy and ass rhythmically and she moaned into the pillow “oh my god, his finger is in my ass!”.

She started to cum in my mouth and she raised her hips to me and I sucked and finger fucked her more and then she moaned, “more, more” into the pillow.

I undid my zipper and entered her and pumped a few times and pulled out and sprayed all over her stomach and breasts and all she said was “oh my god, oh my god,” over and over into the pillow,

Then I went down and sucked her to another orgasm, and I worked her over with more of a massage, working my wet cum into her skin as I had with the baby oil, and down her legs and thighs while she regained composure.

And then I asked her if that was an okay massage.

It had been about ninety minutes since I had arrived by that time. We hardly spoke at all the entire time. I pulled the nighty down over her to give her some modesty and she put the pillow back.

Her face was flushed, and she flashed her eyes at me, but I could see she was totally relaxed and smiling gently. “That was an awesome massage,” she said.

I gathered my things and kissed her on the forehead and left her lying on the hotel bed quietly.

When I got home there was an email thanking me for the wonderful massage. She was just a business woman, stressed from the road, who needed a massage and some attention.

Sex Diary of a Desperate Housewife -

Janet – “Craziest Thing that I have ever done”

This is the most craziest thing that has ever happened.

But basically I was in the public library doing some work and I was in a silent study area where nobody can disturb you while your doing your work.

Anyway, this guy entered the room and asked if he could study here, so I was like Yeah of course! He was absolutely gorgeous. I hadn’t a clue who he was but he had such vivid eyes and instantly I just wanted to kiss him right there and then.

We ended up chatting for a while and he leaned over and said look into my eyes, I could feel that the desire was so mutual between us both and we started kissing, it was so hot and exciting because we were in a library and shouldn’t really be doing anything like that.

Things proceeded and one thing led to another, it was the hottest sex! he kissed all down my neck, scratched me and made me feel so confident and damn good. it wasn’t long till my clothes were on the floor and I was bent over the desk.

Luckily we didn’t get caught but wow what a stress relief from all that hard studying ey, I’ll never forget that moment.


David – “Drunk sex with a twist”

I’ve taken home many girls from the bars that I met there that night and never seen them again. But I’ll tell one of the three stories I have that I find worthy of a conversation on this topic.

It was about 1:30 A.M on a Saturday night and I was walking from one of the bars I usually regular to another bar I usually hang out at.

I was drunk but not wasted, but drunk enough to have my inhibitions lowered.

I walk in and there was a decent amount of people in the bar, I scan the bar looking for any ladies sitting alone and I see one being hit on by a guy younger than me.

I order a drink and sit one seat away from her as she’s talking to this other guy. The guy gets up and leaves, apparently she said something that he didn’t like.

I quickly take his seat and start talking to her. She says “So what’s your story?” I can’t recall exactly what I said as I was about four ways into the wind at this point but she says that she was heading out to Las Vegas tomorrow to work on some four seasons restaurant at the Bellagio.

We play the age guessing game and I guessed hers right on the head at 45. Yes this woman was 20 years older than me but did I care? Of course not I was drunk and horny and looking for someone to take home and it was close to bar time.

We make some more small talk and at around last call she says “you wanna go home and watch a movie?” And I say “Sure”.

I obviously know this is code for “wanna fuck after this?” So we finish our drinks and start the walk home. I live about a mile away from the downtown bar area so for most people it’s a long walk but It’s not really that far for me. When we are about 7/8 of the way to my house she has to pee so she unzips her pants and squats right on the sidewalk and pisses all over the place.

At this point I noted that she wasn’t wearing any panties which is a good sign in my book.

We get inside to my house and she uses the bathroom again and I get us some drinks and pop in a movie. She rest her head on my lap as we both start watching the movie (which I think was Fightclub).

Now this is usually about 15 min into the movie the girl would take my head and pull it down to make out with her so this is what I’m anticipating, but it never happened.

Instead we watched three movies back to back (Fightclub, The Crow and Akira). I can hear her snoozing in my lap and I’m getting tired from staying up thinking something is going to happen.

So it’s getting light outside and she wakes up and we chat for a bit longer but she’s on the other end of my couch(not a good sign). I see her pants have a hole in them by her crotch and I make a comment on it and she laughs(good sign).

She says that she’s going back home for some reason I forgot so I figure I fucked up and should have made a move on her when I had the chance.

She say’s she’ll be back in about 4 hours as it was about 11:30 A.M. to “have some fun” which usually means she’s not coming back ever.

So I get up from the couch and lay in my bed and go to sleep thinking about how I fucked that whole thing up. Keep in mind I have to work on this day at like 5 P.M.. Well at about 2 P.M. low and behold she shows up to my house again!

I see she changed into some grey sweatpants instead of her white see-thru pants she was wearing.

I pop in some hentai DVD I had laying around hoping it would get her in the mood to have sex. We both laughed and commented on the movie.

She said “That’s the weirdest porno I’ve ever seen.” The porno was almost over and I can see her arm slowly reaching towards my belt in the corner of my eye, she’s undoing it and gets my dick popped out and starts sucking on it.

She says “Is this OK?” and I say “Oh yeah”. She gave pretty good head for about 2 minutes and then she said “Your turn” and smiled as she flung her pants off.

We started to have sex (unprotected) on my couch in missionary which I really don’t like but whatever I was getting laid.

Also keep in mind the DVD menu music was still playing this whole time over and over but I didn’t care.

After a few minutes of coitus we switched to my favorite position doggy style. I also liked the smell of vagina that was emanating in the air around us, that musky smell, I find it hot.

This woman was good, as I was thrusting her from behind and watching her ass jiggle she was backing up and humping me which felt great.

We did this for quite some time like 15–20 min And I didn’t want it to stop.

We went into my bedroom and started to have sex on my bed. She had her arms wrapped around my neck and I was banging her on my bed missionary style.

I finally came inside her and my cum was dripping out from her pussy which looked hot as hell.

She went into the bathroom to get cleaned up and asked if I could drop her off by the bar we met at. I said “yeah” as this woman had the opportunity to not come back but she did and fulfilled what she said she would do so it’s the least I could do.

I drop her off close to the bar and she says “bye” and I said “bye” and that’s the last of her I’ve ever seen.

Keep in mind at this point it was about 4 P.M. so minus my short nap I’ve been up all night and I gotta work in about an hour so I drive back home and get a little bit of sleep and got up and went to work. It’s a long story but one of the more interesting stories I have.

I do like having casual sex with strangers as I’ve done it in some pretty interesting places. And it’s fun because you know it’s only a one time thing with a random person. It’s not very passionate or romantic but it sure makes for some fun storytelling.


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